Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Clearfield, UT as of Jun, 2024


Paragon Park Lawn Services in Clearfield, UT

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Paragon Park recognizes that every yard in Clearfield is different. Just because one home near yours has specific lawn care needs doesn’t mean yours has the same. A house near the Jesse Barlow Park area may have plenty of trees that need trimming on occasion. A commercial site near the Clearfield Frontrunner Station may have a few grass yards that need trimming every few weeks.

Whatever specific goals or needs you have, our lawn care company will help. Our lawn care company provides a range of lawn care services in Clearfield, Utah, and Salt Lake City, Utah

Paragon Park can provide a range of lawn care services no matter what type of property you own. Our lawn care business can provide the assistance homeowners and business operators around Clearfield deserve.

Our lawn care business can serve homes around every part of Clearfield. Do you have a home on Liberty Street near the Hill Air Force Base? We’re available to mow your lawn and trim your landscape. We won’t charge extra for travel expenses.

Our lawn service team operates out of the Anchorage neighborhood in Clearfield. We’re not far from Jenny Lane next to Barlow Park. You’re not going to wait long for us to arrive.

Our workers can travel to your property in Clearfield as soon as you ask. Our lawn service staff can come to your home if you’re away for any reason. Whether you’re going to Ogden for work or busy doing something at the Hill AFB, we’ll be there to serve you.

Our array of lawn care services that cover all your Clearfield home or business needs. We’ll help you mow your lawn, control weeds, and aerate your turf bed. Our lawn service staff can check on your irrigation setup and restore how your yard drains. Let us know what your needs for lawn care are when we arrive. We’ll find a solution that works for you.

You can hire us to clean your yard during the winter. Our lawn care company can remove excess snow from your trees, roof, and other places. Our lawn service team is available to clear snow off of your driveway or parking lot. The winter can be unpredictable, but we’re here to help even when the snow becomes intense. We also provide a deicing service for more massive spots.

Our landscape maintenance work includes help with trimming your hedges and shrubs. We’ll clean up your yard before and after we work on your landscape features. You can also ask about our pruning service. Pruning involves trimming everything evenly to prevent a tree from tilting.

Our lawn care services are ideal for homeowners throughout Clearfield. You’ll appreciate us if you are watching your budget. You’ll never have to worry about what you’re spending, as you’ll find affordable service rates. We will let you know what the approximate cost for work would be before we start. You may find the charges aren’t as high as what you might assume.

Contact Paragon Park at any time of the year. We’re open for your work needs throughout the season, so contact us to learn about what we can do for you today.


Cousin's Cuts Lawn Services in Clearfield, UT

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Thank you for considering our lawn care company. The lawn care services Cousin’s Cuts provides consistently receives high praise and positive reviews year after year. We are confident you will appreciate what we have to offer you. Whether it's lawn mowing services or other lawn care services in Clearfield, Cousin’s Cuts want to show you what great care and support looks like.

Cousin’s Cuts Landscaping was started by two young lawn care workers who wanted to make a difference in Davis and Weber Counties. We started the business to share our expertise. We also want to give residents around Clearfield and elsewhere the lawn care help they deserve.

Our lawn service experts provide quality lawn care services you’d expect from a large business. But we also provide the friendliness and care that a smaller entity would provide. We will do what we can to ensure your yard stands out.

Cousin’s Cuts focuses on individualization. Every yard in Clearfield is different in some way. The homes in Westwood Estates and other areas might look similar to one another, but they have unique qualities and points deserving of your attention. We’ll take a note of how your soil feels and how well your grass grows before we start. We can clean up the leaves and other stuff off of your yard before and after we work.

Our lawn service team also provide other lawn care services like shrub care, mulching, bed clearing, irrigation support, and edging. Our lawn service team plant trees and shrubs around your landscape. We’ll even work on getting the flowers ready in your garden. Our experts will check on how your soil feels and find a level and safe planting spot. You can also ask us about our pruning service. We can maintain the growth of your plants to ensure they grow straight and won’t tilt to one side.

We will care for all your needs in Clearfield, so contact our lawn care company today to schedule an estimate and review. We serve homes around all parts of the city and other parts of Davis and Weber Counties. Our office is in the Anchorage neighborhood on Katies Way, not far from the LDS building and Jesse Barlow Park. We know what to expect out of yards throughout Clearfield, and we’ll use our experience to note what fits your needs.

Our lawn care company can also help you with your commercial yard in Clearfield if you have one. Clearfield is home to many business sites, like the warehouses and offices on Hill Field Road and other spots near the train tracks. The trees and wide-open grass yards around these areas are extensive. The spaces will reflect upon the quality of your property. Cousin’s Cuts can provide lawn care services to your yard with weekly. You can also get bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

You can visit us at to learn more about our lawn care services. You can take care of invoices or estimates with us through the site. We will ensure you get the most out of your lawn mowing and landscape maintenance and lawn care work here in Clearfield.


D's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Clearfield, UT

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All of us at D’s Lawn Care want you to consider us the next time your yard needs help. We respect that your lawn in Clearfield has many unique needs you wish to support. Our lawn care business will arrive at your property every few weeks to assist you with your yard.

Our work gives homeowners in Clearfield the help they request. A home on Bluff Road might have plenty of beautiful trees, but those growths can become challenging to maintain. Our experts will see what your yard can benefit from and provide suitable lawn care services.

Our lawn care company can serve even the most stubborn yards. A neighborhood like Silver Hollow might have new lawns that need extra care. We’ll maintain these yards and more, as we’re ready for anything these properties might experience.

We provide lawn mowing services throughout much of the calendar year. We’ll start around April and finish in October. The timing will vary based on weather conditions. Our lawn care business will provide updates during and after every lawn service job. 

We’ll let you know if we’re unable to access your property due to rain or anything else. We only mow when the turf is dry. Mowing while everything is damp could hurt the turf bed and tear up the grass.

We can clean up the debris around your yard as well. We can remove weeds while protecting the other features around your grass bed. The effort includes removing the roots and seeds from these growths. The work prevents them from growing back later.

Our cleaning work will straighten out your landscape during any season. We’ll prune your trees, trim your bushes or hedges, and remove leaves in the spring and fall. You can also request us if you’re in the middle of a renovation or construction project at your property. We’ll clear out any excess debris around your yard or landscape.

You can also ask us about our deadheading service. The effort entails removing dead flower heads from your plants. The work promotes future blooming, thus restoring the look in your garden as everything grows again. We can remove those old parts from the garden bed as well. Clearing them ensures they won’t litter around and spread old particles that could hurt healthy plants. The service is ideal in the spring when your garden is ready to flourish.

Our work is available for homeowners throughout the Clearfield area. We can provide lawn mowing services to a shared property yard in the Mountain View area or another part near the Weber State-Davis campus. We can also trim a landscape in the Allison Acres region.

The complete lawn service approach we provide at D’s Lawn Care will give your yard in Clearfield gets the attention it deserves. Contact D’s Lawn Care about what we can do for your yard today. We offer a free estimate at your lawn before we start.


A1 Lawn Care Lawn Services in Clearfield, UT

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It’s never easy for homeowners in Clearfield to cut their lawns. Not everyone has the time for this chore. Some people have to get to work in other parts of the Salt Lake Valley. The traffic can be frustrating, and even getting to the FrontRunner train station on time can be a challenge. Those who do have the time to mow the lawn might not know everything about what works.

Our lawn service team at A1 Lawn Care can assist you with your yard care needs in Clearfield. We will check on how your yard looks and find a care plan that fits your property.

We serve homeowners around all parts of Clearfield. You can hire us at spots near the Patriot Hills area and other regions near the highway. We’ll plan a time for arrival that fits your schedule. You will know in advance when we’ll be arriving, so you can be ready for our work. 

We’ll check on every part of your yard to figure out what works. Do you have several trees around a property off of Hill Field Road? We’ll trim those trees and remove the debris after we finish. Do you have weeds building up around your lawn near West 300 N? We’ll find a way to remove them and ensure they don’t return. The healthy grass near the rest of your yard will remain safe. We won’t use any chemicals that might harm you and others near your home.

Our work at A1 Lawn Care is about seeing what suits your turf bed. Our mowing service is also ideal for homeowners. We offer a weekly mowing service, but you can adjust your schedule with us. On-demand efforts are also available.

Our string trimming service will cover the spots that aren’t easy for mowers to access. A trimmer will go along fences, utility boxes, mailboxes, your foundation, and other areas. We’ll remove the grass clippings from your driveway and remove any stains that might develop.

The lawn care services we offer at A1 Lawn Care are about giving your yard a chance to look its best. We also provide some of the best rates for work in the Clearfield area. While people in Clearfield might be gainfully employed, that doesn’t mean they’re going to spend all their money on anything. We recognize this, and we’ll ensure you know what you’ll spend on our services before we start.

Our experts at A1 Lawn Care will see what fits your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn care company can arrive at your property at any time of the year. We offer morning and afternoon appointments for service. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. We can take note of what works for you and how your yard can get the support it deserves.

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Matthew Alonzo grass cutting in Clearfield UT
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I hired Paragon Park a year ago to help me mow my yard. My property in the Sundowner area has been looking great since. They check on how well the grass grows before they start. The lawn care professionals trim everything, plus they ensure their mowing equipment is safe and maintained well. They never delay when working in my yard. The workers always clean the grass from my driveway and sidewalk after they finish. I am glad the people at Paragon Park know what it takes to give my yard a look it deserves.

Reinaldo Butz yard cutting in Clearfield UT
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I never thought that anyone could serve my yard near Jacobsen Park, but the people at Cousin’s Cuts have been more than capable of doing so. They maintain my yard by getting the lawn cut every week during the spring and summer. They clean their mowing equipment before they start. The workers edge the grass near my driveway and sidewalk after they finish. Everything looks perfect, not to mention the people clean up those excess clippings before they depart. They are thorough in everything they do for my yard. I appreciate the work they put in for me.

Amy Kelly grass cutting in Clearfield UT
lawn-maintenance-in-Clearfield-UT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT lawn-maintenance-in-Clearfield-UT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT

D’s Lawn Care has been thorough in supporting my yard near Fox Hollow Park. I contact them every month to trim the hedges outside my home. They always show up when they say they well. The people here know how they can shape those features, and they always ensure the growths stay healthy. They also clean up after they finish. I haven’t come across any weeds or anything unusual around my hedges since I hired them the first time around. They’re also responsible and ensure that they let me know what they’ll do before they start working.

Michael Wiseman lawn mowing service in Clearfield UT
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Clearfield-UT lawn-care-services-in-Clearfield-UT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Clearfield-UT

I am glad the people at A1 Lawn Care were there for my yard when I needed help the most. They came to my yard to trim my bushes, but they did so much more for me. They checked on my turf bed and aerated the sod to help it grow. The workers also added new seeds around my yard to help everything grow. My yard feels refreshed, and the experts here knew what they were doing when restoring everything all around. They have done well for my yard in the Jacobsen Park neighborhood.