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Logan's Lawn Service Lawn Services in Troy, AL

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A lawn care business that does it all! If you're looking for a company that mows, fertilizes, and gets rid of weeds, Logan's Lawn Service can help. Our company is trained and ready for anything you throw at us. Best of all, we offer discounted prices for ever service.

How We Take Care Of Your Property

As you know, mowing your grass is not enough. There's more involved.

Our seasonal lawn service treatment involves doing the right job at the right time of the year. It will remedy potential grass problems, treat weeds, prevent invasive pests, and keep your grass green and healthy all year.

Here's what our regular treatment program looks like:

  • 1) Early Spring

Pre-emergents: Your grass wakes up from its winter slumber. The first thing we do is apply pre-emergents to ward off weeds before its germination phase. This prevents a majority of their seeds from growing and creates a protective shield in your soil.

Soil Testing: Before doing that, we perform a soil test to check your soil's PH balance and alkalinity. If it's too acidic, your lawn can become exposed to disease or health issues that cause brown patches or decaying grass.

Soil Amendments: If we notice any imbalances, we then apply soil amendments like fast-acting sulfur or lime. These will either raise or lower your PH balance to hit the right balance.

Basic Lawn Maintenance: We rake debris off your property, overseed it if necessary, and mow your grass before late spring.

  • 2) Late Spring

Fertilizing: Fertilizers are food for your lawn. It is the nutrients that help it grow strong and blossom. But, all fertilizers are not built the same. We choose products that your grass type responds to positively.

Weed Control: After using pre-emergents, we apply post-emergents to spot-treat any weeds that do sprout.

Lawn Mowing: We start mowing as soon as your grass starts showing signs of growth. We trim it at about 2 and a half inches to promote straight growth. If applicable, we'll also cut and edge tough corners of your property, especially yards that are on a slope.

  • 3) Summer

Mowing: We continue mowing your yard throughout the summer. In some cases, we'll need to visit your property on a frequent basis.

Fertilizing: We continue to feed your lawn with routine fertilizers. This can last for roughly 7 or 8 sessions every 6 weeks or so.

Water Management: If your grass curls up or wilts after stepping on it, it's time to water it. We'll help you set a proper watering schedule so your lawn gets the hydration it needs.

4) Autumn

Aeration: If we didn't do this in the spring, we aerate your lawn to clear up compacted soil.

Some other services we perform include edging, leaf blowing, testing moss, grub control, and more.

Affordable Packages For Every Property

We're available all season long. We handle the entire lawn care schedule, so you never have to worry about what to do next. Not only is it more affordable, but you'll also get complete month-to-month lawn care services.

Our packages begin at $150 for monthly care. We tailor every treatment to your property's needs and your budget.

Most companies will charge over our starting price just to mow your lawn. Any additional services will cost you extra. We do it all for one affordable price.

Get Quality Care For Your Yard In Troy

Logan's Lawn Service provides affordable lawn care services in Troy, Alabama, and Pike County. We have served all neighbors, such as Orion, South Troy, and other local communities. We've also helped customers near popular places like Troy University and other places in the city.

Visit our profile page to learn more. Hire Logan's Lawn Service for a better-looking yard today. 


J & A Lawn Service Lawn Services in Troy, AL

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Your one-stop shop for lawn care services! If your yard needs attention, but you lack the time, J & A Lawn Service can help. We're a highly trained staff of landscaping specialists with years of experience and training. Maintaining a healthy outdoor space doesn't have to be hard, especially when you hire us.

Get Quality Support All Year

We provide seasonal lawn care plans. These plans are done to maintain an attractive, lush, weed-free lawn all year.

Here's what that involves:

  • Fertilizing: We apply a specific amount of fertilizers depending on your grass type and climate in your area. We use The Andersons Professional PGF Fertilizers with a 16-8-8 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The coated slow-release nitrogen helps promote leveled grass growth. The extended feeding window also allows your grass to stay healthier for longer.
  • Watering: Your warm-season grass needs about 1 inch of water weekly to stay healthy. The best time to water is early morning because it reduces evaporation, especially in the summer. If you don't have an irrigation system, we can install one for you.
  • Lawn mowing services: Ongoing grass cutting is what keeps your lawn looking neat and healthy. But it also helps your grass grow back better and stronger if you do it right. We use our STIHL push and turn mowers depending on the size of your property. We also adjust cutting height based on your grass type.
  • Edging & Trimming: Edging creates a crisp, clean, and neat look on the corners and edges of your property. We also edge around obstacles and boundaries that a mower can't reach.
  • Weed Control: We remove weeds via herbicides, post-emergents, pre-emergents, or manually. It all depends on when you hire us and how many are on your property.
  • Repairing damaged grass: Foot traffic, pets, and damages caused by weather can be fixed by reseeding or a complete resodding. We do our best to find low-cost solutions before resorting to resodding or re-turfing your property.
  • Aeration: Aeration involves removing compacted and hardened soil to allow nutrients, air, and water to reach your roots. We use the Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator to get the job done.

Those are just some of the many options available for you.

Complete Lawn Maintenance For Pike County Residents

We provide services to customers in Troy, Alabama, and Pike County. We serve residential and commercial property owners in Diamond Fields, Woodland Hills, and even near well-known places like the Veterans Memorial Stadium.

From one-time jobs to recurring services, we offer everything your outdoor space could need for budget-friendly prices. Our team of lawn care professionals has been rated one of the best in the city. We're confident you'll love the work they do for you.

View our business page on the GreenPal app for more information.

Hire J & A Lawn Service for quality lawn care in Troy today. 


Milhouse Yard Care Lawn Services in Troy, AL

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Golf course-like lawn care without the expensive price tag. That's exactly what you get when you hire Milhouse Yard Care. We solve your toughest yard problems, fix those ugly patches, get rid of pesky weeds, and mow your lawn without sticking you with an expensive bill.

Stress-Free Landscape Maintenance


  • Having your yard remodeled to your liking
  • Transforming ugly muddy grass into a lush green oasis
  • Having to spend less time and money maintaining your backyard
  • Fixing patchy spots, brown grass, thin grass, and decaying lawns in just a few weeks
  • Spending next to nothing for year-long services
  • Getting rid of weeds, crabgrass, and pests without lifting a finger

Milhouse Yard Care makes it happen. We leverage tried-and-true landscaping practices to turn any outdoor space into a lush, green oasis.

Options For All Your Outdoor Needs

Milhouse Yard Care provides a number of lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Edging
  • Sodding
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing
  • Leaf blowing
  • Power raking and pressure washing
  • And so much more!

Pocket-Friendly Options

Milhouse Yard Care provides affordable lawn care services in Troy, Alabama, and Pike County. From Orion to Woodland Hills to properties near the Troy Arboretum, we have served the community proudly for many years.

As insured and licensed professionals with hundreds of five-star reviews, we'd like to think we're a little good at what we do. See for yourself!

Visit our profile page to read some of our reviews and check out our recent projects.

Once you're ready, our customer service team is here to field all your questions. Hire us whenever you're ready to go. 


Big Koops Lawn Lawn Services in Troy, AL

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Don't let your lawn become the battleground for weeds, pests, and ugly grass! Our five-star lawn care program guarantees thicker, greener grass while obliterating unwanted invaders, brown grass, balding spots, and more. From effective grass-cutting to proper weed control, our treatment program is your ticket to a weed-free oasis.

Build A Healthy Lawn In Weeks

What do you get when you hire us?

  • 5 to 7 rounds of tailored fertilizing applications for greener grass fast
  • Lawn invigoration with aeration services
  • Early spring pre-emergents to thwart pesky weeds and other invasive plants
  • Say goodbye to crabgrass, clover, moss, and weeds as we'll get rid of them before they grow and spot-treat them when they pluck their head out
  • Dethatching services to expertly clear them away
  • Relax and leave the grass cutting to us. We offer bi-weekly and monthly options depending on your budget and needs

All of our lawn care services are catered to your Alabama grass.

Who We Have Served

Big Koops Lawn has helped hundreds of property owners for nearly ten years. We've earned high praise from all our customers because of our customer service and the results we provide them. Now, it's your turn.

Get high-quality lawn care services by hiring us today. We serve customers in Troy, Alabama, and Pike County. Whether you're in Orion or even near places like the Troy Country Club, we are here to help you.

Hire Big Koops Lawn today. 

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