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Here are the Best Landscaping Services in Lexington, KY as of Jul, 2024


Bryans Lawn Care Llc Lawn Services in Georgetown

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Bryans Lawn Care & Landscaping of Lexington, KY, is a local landscape design and maintenance leader. They serve neighborhoods such as Tates Creek, Bryan Station, and Picadome to surrounding areas, including Georgetown, Frankfort, and Paris. Their design team provides expertise for single-family homes, horse properties, and those growing crops. They handle planning, construction, project management, and waste hauling from small projects to complete exterior renovation. Landscaping is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to fit the homeowner's budget. Various seasonal services include gutter cleaning, pest control, weed removal, soil audits, and power washing. Added services include deep cleaning, replanting, and painting.

Services Offered:

Bryans Lawn Care & Landscaping provides affordable landscaping in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas from Georgetown to Richmond. As a locally owned and operated business, we love to plan for adding beauty and curb appeal for properties ranging from single-family homes to sprawling horse farms. 

Landscape Design Services

Our landscape design team is ready to plan for small projects, patio installation, and designing rows of crops, flower gardens, and areas for horses and livestock to roam. We handle project management, delivery, installation, and the aftermath, including dumpster rental and waste hauling. There is planting or installing mulch, gravel, rock, or pavers to replace worn or unused areas or as part of a significant renovation.

Landscape maintenance is available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for local properties of all shapes and sizes. We are ready to plant or replant large trees, offer stump grinding, and spread the compost around the property to provide more nutrients to the soil. In addition, we work with rows of crops, whether for personal or commercial use, maintaining irrigation systems and providing extra watering if needed.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Seasonal services include soil audits, gutter cleaning, pest control, and weed removal. Our soil audits help to determine that each portion of soil throughout the property has the proper nutrients and is free of diseases and unwanted pests. We can handle waste hauling, whether upon request or as a regular task.

As a local leader, our fully insured team of professionals takes care of cultivating, trimming, and pruning a wide variety of native plants, shrubs, and flowers. 

Free no-obligation estimates at your property allow us to show how we can achieve your landscaping goals while meeting your budget. You can schedule us for a trial using the GreenPal App!

For residents of Jeffersontown, in search of exceptional lawn care, and those in Covington, needing expert grass cutting services, we suggest considering esteemed local service providers. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, these specialists ensure your lawn remains vibrant and well-maintained all year round.


Clean Mowing Lawn Services in Nicholasville

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Clean Mowing & Landscaping Services of Lexington, KY, is known for providing essential landscape maintenance for local homeowners. This locally owned and operated business serves clients in town near the University of Kentucky campus, or Nicholasville, Paris, or Versailles. They are prepared to care for native trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants throughout the entire outdoor living space, whether a single-family home or farm. They know where and when to perform a soil audit, clean the gutters, and remove weeds. Pest control and power washing are available, whether seasonal or “as needed.” In addition, they take care of fertilizing and planting or transplanting annuals.

Services Offered:

Clean Mowing & Landscaping Services provides reliable landscaping in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas from Nicholasville to Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester. Our goal is to provide landscape maintenance your property truly needs instead of trying to sell extra services to homeowners on a budget. 

Core services include care for native trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants, whether a garden spot or spread throughout the outdoor living space. Proper cultivating, trimming, and pruning add and maintain the desired professional look year-round. We can plant or transplant annuals, along with adding or planting organic mulch to help the soil and add to your property's beauty and curb appeal. 

* Native Trees

* Flowers

* Shrubs

* Plants

* Cultivating

* Trimming

* Pruning 

Seasonal work is determined beforehand, creating an agenda for almost every visit. Gutter cleanings happen each quarter unless storms require more frequent ones. Soil audits are planned based on your yard or garden area and irrigation system. Fertilization and weed removal service is included. Pest control is available from weekly to quarterly, depending upon the property. Power washing keeps the sidewalks and driveway clean, along with the house's exterior, garage, shed, and fences. Regular clients count on Clean Mowing for snow plowing and removal whenever a snowstorm hits.

Landscaping Farm & Horse Properties

Landscape maintenance for farm and horse properties is another of our specialties. Our team of professionals understands the difference between maintaining grass for horses to train and allowing livestock to graze easily. We offer plans ranging from daily (five to seven days per week) to monthly, depending on the needs of your property and your budget. 

It’s easy to get started with us. We are happy to do a one-time trial run so you can see how we care for your property. You can schedule us for a free estimate at your property to allow us to consider your landscaping goals while meeting your budget. Either way, you can book it using the GreenPal App!

Ready for a stress-free lawn? GreenPal goes beyond Lexington! We offer affordable lawn care in Louisville, reliable yard care in Bowling Green, and trusted landscaping in Owensboro.  Our network is growing across California and Louisiana, connecting you with local lawn care pros. 

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Always Green Llc Lawn Services in Lexington

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Always Green LLC in Lexington, KY, provides residential and commercial landscape maintenance. They serve neighborhoods such as Lansdowne, Tates Creek, Meadowthope, Eastland, and others. This locally owned and operated business provides full service, including fertilizing, weed removal, pest control, soil audits, and gutter cleaning. For commercial clients, including apartment and condo complexes, they care for the entire property while being available to work separately with individual units to maintain a consistent look. They work with property managers and HOAs. Additional services include deep cleaning, power washing, painting, and waste hauling. Daily service is available for commercial clients, with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans available for residential.

Services Offered:

Always Green LLC provides inexpensive landscaping in Lexington, KY, and surrounding communities from Frankfort to Winchester to Richmond. As a locally owned and operated business, we care for residential and commercial clients. 

For single-family homeowners, our weekly to monthly landscape maintenance plans include scheduled gutter cleanings, soil audits, pest control, weed removal, and fertilization. Our team of professionals is an expert at cultivating, trimming, and pruning native plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees throughout each season. We can plant or replace mulch, gravel, or pavers, whether to help the soil or add to your property's beauty and curb appeal.

Our Additional Landscaping Services

Additional services include power washing, deep cleaning, and painting. Deep cleaning can be Spring cleaning or preparation for an addition or renovation. Power washing includes everything from the sidewalk and driveway to the garage and shed exterior to hard-to-reach windows and trim. 

Painting projects can be scheduled and range from touching up trim and railings to the entire garage, shed, or house exterior, whether planned in phases or completed within the shortest possible time frame.

Serving Commercial Clients

Commercial clients include entire apartment and condo developments. We can care for plants and trees from the perimeter to courtyards to common areas such as parking lots, sports courts, pool, clubhouse, and lobby. When allowed, we can work separately with individual units to retain a consistent and professional look throughout the complex. 

Painting for commercial properties ranges from parking lines, railings, and trim to building exterior(s). Deep cleaning, whether seasonally scheduled or a separate project, can include minor construction, dumpster rental, and waste hauling. Power washing includes signs, guard walls, and parking garages.

Whether for a trial run or daily (for commercial clients), weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly landscape maintenance, you can hire Always Green directly through the GreenPal App!


Younger Landscaping Lawn Services in Lexington

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Younger Landscaping of Lexington, KY, provides expert landscape maintenance services, specializing in working with aeration and irrigation systems year-round. They serve communities from the downtown area to the U. of Kentucky area to Bryan Station, Griffin Gate, Wellington, and many others. Whether your property has a flower garden, large yard, horses or livestock, or crops growing, proper irrigation is crucial to its success. In addition, Younger is ready to cultivate, trim, and prune native plants, shrubs, and trees of all sizes. Landscape maintenance also includes planting mulch and maintaining gravel, rocks, or pavers. Deep cleaning and power washing services are also available.

Services Offered:

Younger Landscaping provides cost-effective landscaping in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas ranging from Richmond to Georgetown and Winchester to Frankfort. Since we are locally owned and operated, we understand how important your property’s irrigation system is to its beauty and curb appeal. Our team of fully insured and experienced professionals is ready to work with everything from a simple sprinkler to an underground drip irrigation system and anything in between. We make sure there are no dried-out or soggy areas. Soil audits are also a part of our services, allowing us to ensure no diseases, unwanted pests, or problems with the soil in place. We can add soil to create slopes to help with drainage if necessary. If the amount of space or the budget does not allow for an irrigation system, we can help water your garden or crop area.

* Soil Audits

* Pest Control

* Gutter Cleaning

* Weed Removal

* Leaf Blowing

There is more to our years of expert landscape maintenance than irrigation. It starts with cultivating and trimming your native plants, shrubs, and trees. We ensure no branches or twigs hang over a sidewalk or entrance area. Your flowers should bloom when expected, especially if you have annuals in your outdoor living space. If you have horses or livestock on your property, we ensure that nothing could cause harm or hinder their ability to run or graze. 

With Younger, you can also count on us for the other components of your property. Instead of an open area or simply adding curb appeal, we can plant (or replace) mulch, rocks, or pavers. Power washing includes the driveway, walkways, and the exterior of a garage or shed. We also offer deep cleaning services, including debris removal, dumpster rental, and waste hauling, taking care of your project from start to finish.

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