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C And R Lawn Care Lawn Services in Phenix City, AL

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When it comes to lawn care, there's an art and science to it. Knowing what to do and how often to do it is the key to a Pinterest or Instagram-worthy backdrop. If you want the best-looking lawn on the block, C And R Lawn Care can make it happen. Our green thumb experts will transform your outdoor space into a green oasis.

Premium Lawn Care Plan For Greener Grass

We're a top-ranked lawn care business serving customers in Phenix City, Alabama, Lee County, and Russell County. From Southside to Huntington Hills to properties near Woodruff Riverfront Park, our company has helped a growing list of customers for over 7 years.

With our premium lawn care plan, we help your lawn:

  • Grow back faster and thicker
  • Block weeds before they sprout
  • Improve grass thickness
  • Grow straighter and healthier
  • Patch balding spots
  • And much more!

Our doors open as soon as early March. We begin by preparing your yard for the spring and summer. Then, we work to feed, water, mow, and seed your grass. Do this enough times throughout the year, and we guarantee you'll own a greener, cleaner, weed-free lawn.

Own The Best Looking Lawn On The Block

We create a tailored lawn service treatment for you, whether that's ongoing lawn mowing services, lawn maintenance, or something else. It all depends on what you're looking for, your budget, and what shape your soil is in. Whatever it is you need, we begin working right away.

Through a combination of grass cutting, watering, fertilizing, aerating, seeding, and basic upkeep, your lawn can get the attention it needs to shine and thrive.

A Beautiful Yard Makeover On A Budget

All new customers get 10% off their first lawn mowing session. We offer 15% off if you sign a month-to-month plan. Best of all, you cancel long-term or ongoing agreements at any time.

So, no matter your situation or need, our lawn care business is here to help you.

Hire C And R Lawn Care for affordable lawn service in Phenix City. 

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No Mow Worries Lawn Services in Phenix City, AL

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It's that time of year again! Lawn care season! Want some help? Our pros can do everything, from mowing to weed control to patching bare spots. We use cutting-edge tools and technology to help you kick back, relax, and enjoy a new lush lawn without breaking the bank.

Equipment We Use To Transform Your Yard

The work we do is only as good as the tools we use. All of the tools and equipment we've invested in have been featured in magazines and earned awards for their quality. You don't have to spend a dime on them. We already use them all.

Here is the equipment we use:

  • Lawn mowing services: We use STIHL lawn mowers for smaller yards and John Deere zero-turn riding mowers for larger properties.
  • Trimming: For trimming the hard-to-reach places, we use a Husqvarna electric trimmer, perfect for reaching fence lines around flower beds, weird angles, and more.
  • Pruning Hedges: We use the STIHL HSA 45 battery-powered hedge trimmer for shaping and pruning hedges.
  • Leaf Blowing: The battery-powered STIHL BGA 57 is perfect for blowing away leaves and small debris on your property, maxing out at 103 mph of the average velocity of air.
  • Edging: Rated one of the best overall edger in the country, we're proud to use our ECHO PE-225 Handheld Lawn Edger.
  • Fertilizing: We mostly use Scott's Brand Turf Builders and Spreaders for most properties in Alabama. We use several products that work perfectly with your warm-season grass.

Those are just some tools we use to get the job done.

Affordable Lawn Care Deals For Phenix City Customers

No Mow Worries provides top-quality and affordable lawn care services in Phenix City, Alabama, Lee County, and Russell County. Whether you're in Bridgewater or own a property near Lakewood Golf Course, our team will drive to you.

We are made up of hard workers carrying years of experience and knowledge of industry-leading practices. Pair this knowledge with our high-quality tools, and we guarantee you'll love the results of our efforts.

Whether we're fixing your damaged grass or handling your lawn care chores, our company does it right the first time. Hire No Mow Worries today. 

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A1 Lawn Care Lawn Services in Phenix City, AL

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Lawn care that won't eat away at your wallet! Our services start at just $39 and come with a complete iron-clad guarantee. If you're not happy with the work we do for you, we'll work to make it right. So, if you're looking to switch lawn service providers or hire a new one, consider A1 Lawn Care.

How Much You Save By Hiring Us

Our services start at just $39. We offer one-time services or routine ongoing help. For your benefit, you get more than one job done at a time, depending on what the task is and what you need. For example, you might need fertilizing and mowing work done over a period of time. We can perform both somewhat simultaneously. We'll help you choose the right option for your needs and budget.

Who We Help

We provide quality and affordable lawn care services in Phenix City, Alabama, and Lee and Russell Counties. With our recurring lawn care packages, you'll have plenty of options for your specific needs.

Visit our business profile for more information and review our long list of services. Hire A1 Lawn Care for affordable lawn care in Phenix City. 

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Blackmon’s Lawn Lawn Services in Phenix City, AL

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Your all-in-one lawn care company! Mowing, edging, weed control, and pruning. You name it, we do it! Have patchy or bare spots? We'll fix them with turf builders and seeds. Have weeds, grubs, and dandelions made your yard ugly? We'll get rid of them in just a few visits. Are you just looking for someone to handle the weekly mowing and yard work? Whatever you need, Blackmon's Lawn can help.

Affordable Lawn Service For All

Here are some of the quality services we offer for all customers:

  • Edging
  • Weed Control
  • Moss Removal
  • Grub Control
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Lawn Mowing Services
  • And more!

Hire Phenix City's Most Reliable Lawn Care Company

We serve all types of property owners in Phenix City, Alabama, and both Lee and Russell Counties. We've worked in local communities like Huntington Hills and even near properties like Lakewood Golf Course.

We work with your budget and schedule. Lawn care doesn't have to be expensive when you work with us. To make your decision even easier, we're throwing in a discount for all first-time customers. Get 15% off for anything we offer.

After years of helping our customers, we're confident you'll love the work we do for you. Our staff is on the other line, ready to answer your questions and get started right away.

If you want greener, healthier grass without overpaying, hire Blackmon's Lawn today. 

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I highly recommend you hire C And R Lawn Care. They've done a great job on my yard near Phenix City Youth Sports Complex. They are thorough and professional. Well worth the investment.

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No Mow Worries is one of the best companies I've ever hired to work on my property near Fontaine Park. I couldn't have asked for a better company. Highly recommended!

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Hiring A1 Lawn Care was the right move for my property. My yard was a mess. These guys came in and did a fantastic job. My backyard near Chattahoochee Valley Community College looks incredible, thanks to them.

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Blackmon's Lawn deserves your business. They have fantastic customer service and a friendly staff that always works hard. My front lawn near Phenix City Russell County Library has never looked this nice.