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Ken&Sons Lawn Services in Athens, AL

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Hey there! At Ken&Sons, we're all about making your yard look its best without the hefty price tag. We'll boost your curb appeal and keep your yard looking great all year. Whether it's mulching, edging, grass cutting, weed whacking, or something else, you can count on us to do it right.

A Complete Lawn Care Plan For You

Every yard is different. They all have unique conditions and characteristics. So, that's why they need a customized treatment. That's why we create a customized plan to address those specific needs.

What's included in a plan?

  • Knowing what fertilizers work best for your grass type
  • Establishing mowing patterns and cutting height
  • Balancing water intake
  • Testing your soil's PH balance
  • Patching bare spots
  • Applying the right seeds
  • Removing and preventing weeds using pet and family-safe products
  • Mowing, feeding, watering, and performing everything your lawn needs to thrive

We do it all for you. From mowing to edging to weed control, we'll keep your property in great shape and fix any issues it may have with our complete lawn service treatment.

Multiple Options For Every Budget

Sometimes all you need is someone to cut your grass or pluck out some weeds. We offer one-time services or long-term lawn maintenance packages that meet every need and budget.

Serving Customers in Limestone County

We provide affordable lawn care services in Athens, Alabama, and Limestone County. From Tanner to Bethel to properties near Jimmy Gill Park, our company serves all our customers with professionalism and quality care.

We've earned hundreds of positive reviews thanks to our attention to detail and the positive results we've provided for our customers.

We invite you to visit our business page to learn more about our services, review our testimonials, and check out our recent projects.

Hire Ken&Sons for quality lawn service in Athens. 


Anything Outdoors Lawn Services in Athens, AL

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Own the greenest lawn in your neighborhood! A good-looking lawn is a year-round job, which is why Anything Outdoors provides season-to-season lawn care services. Not only will we mow your grass, but we'll also add the nutrients to ward off weeds, patch up bare spots, and keep it green.

Customized Lawn Service Treatment

What's included in our seasonal services? It comes down to "the big three;" fertilizing, mowing, and weed control. With our complete lawn service treatment, you'll get the following:

  • Slow-release granular fertilizing to give your grass that green shine fast
  • Promote solid and vibrant roots that growthicker grass and block out weeds
  • Weed prevention with pre-emergents and removal through manually pulling or using weed killers
  • Yard mowing to promote leveled and better grass growth
  • Aeration services to help your lawn breathe and absorb nutrients
  • Topdressing to level surfaces and prevent thatch buildup
  • Treating patchy spots, decaying grass, grubs, thin grass, and more

The Best Treatment For You

What can we do for you? Yard work is not always cut and dry. It may seem obvious that you need to mow the lawn, but sometimes other issues, like bare spots or dying grass can be a head scratching problem.

Our team will assess your lawn care needs and provide the recommended treatment. So, whether it's to mow your grass or provide aeration, we'll perform services based on what you see and our own professional recommendations.

More importantly, we work with your budget.

Flexible Yard Work For Your Budget

We provide affordable lawn care services in Athens, Alabama, and Limestone County. We work with your budget. Once we settle on a job, we'll provide a customized treatment that works for your budget and address your specific lawn care needs.

Whether it's mowing your yard or hydroseeding your front lawn, we'll keep your property healthy and green all year.

From Cowart to Mill Creek to properties near Athens Limestone Wellness Center, our staff has helped a long list of customers in the area.

Visit our business page, which is in the GreenPal app. You can read our reviews, look through our recent landscaping projects, and more.

Hire Anything Outdoors to transform your lawn today.


L&D Services Lawn Services in Athens, AL

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Everything your yard needs to look great and blossom! You're looking for a company that knows what they're doing. You need a staff that works hard and won't give you the runaround. You also need a company that won't nickel and dime or squeeze every penny out of your pocket. Don't settle for less! Hire L&D Services for affordable, top-quality lawn service.

Hire A Top-Rated Company

Our business was built with one intention- to provide the best care for our customers. For a decade, we've earned top ratings and the respect of our customers. We believe in our landscaping services so much that we offer a money-back guarantee.

So, whether it's mowing or ongoing lawn maintenance, our business provides an iron-clad guarantee. We're confident you'll love the work we do for you, or you get your money back.

You'll be hiring a team of lawn care professionals with extensive training and decades of combined experience.

We've even earned top-performing ratings from our happy customers. Let's add you to that list.

All The Services Your Athens Yard Will Need

We offer a long list of lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Resodding
  • Mulching
  • Leaf blowing
  • Weed and grub control
  • Water management
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • And much more!

Hire us for a one-time job or request recurring help. Any ongoing services can be canceled at any time.

Who We Serve

We provide lawn services to customers in Athens, Alabama, and Limestone County. It doesn't matter if you own a property in East Limestone or near Robert Allen Tinnon Park; our company will come to you.

Not only will we perform high-quality services, but we'll save you some money too.

Make the no-brainer decision. Hire L&D Services for affordable and quality lawn care in Athens. 


Cannon’s Lawncare Lawn Services in Athens, AL

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Give your lawn the best care by hiring Cannon’s Lawncare. Hiring the right company is not always easy. With so many options, why should you even consider us? Even your neighbor's kid could run a lawn mower. So, what makes us special? It's simple, we keep your grass in good condition now and in the future while also making it less expensive to take care of. Find out how by reading further.

Freedom From Lawn Care Chores

The humdrum of yard work can be soul-sucking and energy-draining. We make your life easier.

By providing lawn care services that get results, we make it easier for you to maintain in the long run and less expensive when working with a lawn service provider like us.

We create a healthy routine that keeps your grass in great condition, improves soil health, strengthens your roots, and keeps away invasive plants like weeds or crabgrass.

Plus, on days you just don't feel like it, our staff is on-call to help you. Best of all, we'll help you save with our budget-friendly landscaping services.

Saving Your Grass & Keeping It Healthy

Depending on what you need, we'll create a plan of action. Maybe you need grass cutting on a bi-weekly basis or need more extensive help improving the look of your lawn. Whatever it is, we offer a huge lineup of services, including fertilizing, mowing, watering, lawn maintenance, and more.

We serve clients in Athens, Alabama, and Limestone County. We have helped customers in Brookwood, Fieldstone, and even property owners near Athens State University.

Get everything you need for your outdoor space by hiring Cannon's Lawncare today. 

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I highly recommend you hire Ken&Sons. They've been excellent since day one. The staff did a great job in my yard near Jimmy Gill Park. They're great at what they do, and I recommend them to everyone.

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I'm eager to write a review for Anything Outdoors. They did a fantastic job on my property, which is close to the Robert Beaty Historic District. Their staff is professional, friendly, and works hard for you. You can't go wrong hiring this company.

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