Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Coronado, CA as of May, 2024


Triple Crown Landscaping Lawn Services in Coronado, CA

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One of the most significant hassles of living in Coronado is having to wait all day for lawn service providers to arrive at your property. Traffic on the Coronado Bridge can make it tough for some lawn care companies to come over on time. It’s even harder to get a lawn service provider to show up near the Grand Caribe Shoreline and other parts of southern Coronado.

But you don’t have to wait all day for a lawn care provider when you contact Triple Crown Landscaping. Our lawn care business arrives on time and provides top-quality lawn care services, lawn mowing services, yard work, weed control, and more.

We can provide lawn care services even if you're not home too. So, you don't have to feel like your day is interrupted because of us. After providing the lawn mowing services or lawn care services you request from us, we can update you with photos once we're done. Our lawn care crew always cleans up after themselves, so you’ll come home to a beautiful and clean yard.

The specific lawn mowing services and lawn care services we provide cover everything. From fixing damaged grass to tending to seasonal lawn care services, we do it all. Our most popular lawn care services involve mowing lawns, trimming hedges, pruning bushes, and of course removing weeds. We can also aerate turf beds, manage your irrigation system, and more. We mostly provide lawn care services in Coronado, including properties in the Coronado Cays area, among other segments of the Silver Strand.

We provide thorough lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance service as well. Our landscape work includes coverage of the beautiful trees around your property. We can clean up whatever leaves your trees shed. We will also remove the weeds and other growths that might show up.

Do you have any new trees at your house? We can prune your trees to ensure they grow evenly. Proper pruning is necessary for facilitating the tree’s healthy growth pattern, so the tree will not tilt or favor one direction as it develops. We do this to give your yard the help it requires when growing.

One of the best parts of our lawn care services is that we’re not going to make you spend more because of how long it would take for us to get to Coronado. Some lawn care and lawn service providers in various industries add travel surcharges to their rates. These include charges for traveling to remote parts of San Diego County, like Coronado. But we’re never going to charge you anything like that.

To us, travel surcharges are unfair and unnecessary. You'll only be paying for the lawn mowing services or lawn care services we provide, not on the effort needed for traveling out here. Besides, you probably have enough expenses in your life as it is.

Contact Triple Crown Landscaping to learn about our lawn care services. We can transform your home into a wonderful green haven. Our lawn care professionals are here to serve you. We’ll see that your home receives the help and support it requires every time.


Ready Fix Handyman Lawn Services in Coronado, CA

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My name is Jiro Nakamura, and I operate the Ready Fix Handyman, a lawn care business out of San Diego. I am excited to provide my quality lawn maintenance and lawn care services to people throughout Coronado and other parts of western San Diego County. I respect every unique lawn service need that you have for your home in Coronado, as I can serve all your indoor and outdoor renovation and maintenance requirements at your home.

My Ready Fix Handyman business is relatively new. But as you’ll see when you hire me, I have years of lawn service experience. I’ve been serving homes around San Diego County for years with other lawn service providers. I provide exterior and interior lawn care services for all homeowners around Coronado. But it is my lawn mowing services and landscape maintenance services that stand out from everything else I do.

When providing lawn mowing services, I use eco-friendly electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers. These yard maintenance machines produce less noise and won’t create annoying emissions. They are quiet and clean, not to mention they won’t be at risk of leaking oil, gas, or other harmful fluids that might stain your yard and maybe even hurt the grass structure.

You will also appreciate the reasonable rates that I charge for several lawn care services. One of the most significant problems that so many lawn mowing and lawn care providers in Coronado have is that they charge exorbitant amounts for their services. Some will even inflate their charges when traveling to a far-off place like Coronado. But my lawn care services come with affordable rates that I won’t raise due to travel.

I am available to help you in the summer by checking on your lawn’s drainage system to ensure it can take in water. I can also work in the winter to apply treatments around your yard to ensure weeds won’t grow and sprout. You can even contact me for assistance in the rare event that it does snow in the winter. I take pride in providing services to everyone around the Coronado area during every season.

My lawn care work is a small part of everything I can do for your property. Are you planning an extensive renovation task? I can do everything for your home, from replacing light fixtures to installing new sinks or faucets around your property. Let me know what your house requires, and I’ll find a way to care for it. You can even talk with me about planning a schedule for a more elaborate renovation project. No task is too complicated or long-term for me to support.

Contact me today to learn about what I can do for your home in Coronado. My work as the Ready Fix Handyman will give your Coronado property the best look possible without overpaying for lawn care services. 


Waterwise Landscape Lawn Services in Coronado, CA

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Do you have a rental property in Coronado? The city is home to many rental properties that are used by tourists interested in spending some time in the area. It takes plenty of effort to get one of these houses ready, including work for getting a lawn to look its best.

You might not have time to get to your rental property in Coronado to get it ready for the next guest. But you can ask us at Waterwise Landscape to help you with maintaining your property before someone can arrive. We’ll get the lawn cut at your house and clean everything up before your next guest arrives.

We serve homes around all parts of Coronado, including houses near the Isle of Eduardo. We can arrive at your home at the time you ask us to come over. We don’t mind traveling across the Coronado Bridge to access your house. We take pride in being able to do this, as we know that not all lawn care providers in San Diego County are willing to spend the extra time traveling to Coronado.

You can request our lawn care team to arrive at specific times based on when people might show up. We also provide regular contract services where we can visit every few weeks to serve your yard. Our contract work is ideal for residents in Coronado who need consistent support for their yards.

Our lawn care and lawn service work will help you get your precious time back. We know that you’ve got plenty of things going on in your life in Coronado, whether it entails traveling to San Diego for work or planning around at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course. That’s why we can serve your lawn even if you are away for any reason. We can arrive at your property and send you a message when we show up. We can also give you notes surrounding what we are doing for your home and when we leave.

We can also provide lawn care services to commercial property in Coronado. Businesses around Glorietta Bay often stand out because they have beautiful lawns and landscapes around their entrances. You’ll need to keep these parts of your business site maintained well if you want people to come and support your company. The great news is that we can plan a thorough maintenance task for your property. We can trim your bushes and groom all the decorative features around your business site so everything will stay appealing all around.

There’s never a need to worry about what you can get out of a lawn care service in Coronado when you ask us at Waterwise Landscape to help. We want to help you with your home’s yard maintenance needs, whether you have a house of your own or a rental property. You can access us online or by phone to learn more about how we can assist you with your work needs.


Family Landscaping Lawn Services in Coronado, CA

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How much money did you spend on your home in Coronado? The odds are you probably spent enough to where it would take years for you to pay it off. After all, Coronado is home to some of the most expensive homes in California.

With all that money you spent on your house, you will need to ensure it looks beautiful all around. The effort includes maintaining your lawn and ensuring the grass stays healthy. You don’t want a bunch of dead spots, anthills, weeds, and other unsavory things showing up and ruining your yard.

Fortunately, we can provide the lawn mowing services and lawn care services you need for an affordable price. Before we start, our lawn care team plans out a routine lawn service solution that fits the needs of your lawn. We'll share all the details of our lawn care plan so you can give us a thumbs up before we start.

We will mow your lawn, aerate the turf bed, and remove any weeds or pests around your property. Our lawn care services don't include dangerous chemicals like pesticides or gas. We use electric mowing equipment and organic pest and weed treatments for your property.

Do you have a property in the Coronado Cays area? You don’t want your home and its private dock to be ruined by an unappealing lawn. We’ll aerate and seed your yard in the spring, and also mow it every few weeks at your discretion. You can ask for regular biweekly or monthly services, or you can ask for one-off support as necessary.

Maybe you’re a little further north in the Lincoln neighborhood on the Silver Strand. You might have a lawn that takes an extra bit of time to cut. There’s a chance you don’t have the time to care for your yard by yourself. The concern is true if you work outside Coronado and need to travel a bit every day. We’ll save you time and trouble by mowing the grass for you. We’ll trim the grass to the correct height. We’ll also plan a mowing pattern that adds a nice touch without adding undue stress to your yard.

Our work at Family Landscaping is all about giving you the help your property deserves. But you will never have to spend more money on services than you can afford. You can ask us to let you know what it will cost for all the services we have to offer. We will only charge you for what you ask us to do for your property. Life in Coronado is expensive enough as it is already. We want to help you hire services that fit your life and budget alike.

You can reach us at Family Landscaping by phone or online. You can schedule an appointment for services with us today. We want to give you the service that you deserve every time you ask for help.

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Triple Crown Landscaping gives my Rendova Circle yard the love it needs every time they show up. I need plenty of help with getting my lawn trimmed, and this amazing lawn care company is there to cut the grass and edge the areas near my garden. I love how my lawn stays green, plus they clean up the clippings when they finish. They are also very responsible, as they ensure the grass clippings will slip towards the ocean as they work. I also appreciate that they use battery-powered equipment that is good for the environment.

Shelby Poole lawn mowing service in Coronado CA
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I had a big renovation project at my home near Sunset Park this past spring. I wanted to install an outdoor fountain around my property, plus I needed to restore my back porch. Jiro was available to help me with all the things that my yard needed. He removed the old wood around my porch, checked on how well my fountain pump could link to my electrical setup, and even maintained the drainage around my yard. He was thorough in his lawn care work, and he cleaned up the nails, wood bits, and other debris around my yard.

Irene McBride lawn care in Coronado CA
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Waterwise Landscape has been providing lawn care services to my property near the Palm Plaza area. I have been using Waterwise’s services every month for nearly a year. They aerate my yard in the spring and fall, and they trim the grass near my driveway. They remove all the leaves from my garden as well. My favorite part is that their garden cleaning work ensures my bed stays clean without worrying about whether the flowers will be safe. I never have to worry about whether or not they’ll help me in giving my yard the help it needs.

Cecil Tower yard mowing in Coronado CA
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The lawn care experts at Family Landscaping respect the needs I have for my home in the Gator Beach area. I never have to worry about whether they’ll do a good job or not. They always show up when they say they will, which is a huge deal out here in Gator Beach. They check on how my grass is growing, plus they cut everything based on how high up it should be. The people here always clean up after they finish their work so they won’t litter all those grass clippings around my property. They don’t charge me too much, like some of the other utility providers I hire for my home.