Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Point Loma, CA as of Oct, 2021

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JG Lawns Lawn Services in Point Loma, CA

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It is understandable if you are concerned about whether or not people can come to your home in the Point Loma area for your lawn maintenance needs. The traffic around places like La Playa and Wooded Area might be challenging to manage. There’s also the concern about Point Loma being remote from everything in San Diego County. But the good news is that you’ve got an ally in Point Loma who can reach your home here at JG Lawns.

Our team at JG Lawns can reach your home at your request. You can ask us to reach your property at any time of the week or month. We’ll come to your home and bring all the necessary yard maintenance materials to your door.

The problem with so many lawn care providers in Point Loma CA is that they don’t bring all their equipment with them. This causes those teams to drive back to their headquarters to pick up the stuff needed for the task at hand. The practice wastes time and some dirty companies will go as far as to charge you extra for travel costs.

You’re never going to have to worry about us at JG Lawns going back and forth to get the equipment needed. Our service trucks and vans are staffed with all the mowers, seeders, aerators, blowers, and trimmers required for your lawn maintenance needs. We’ll ensure that everything is here for whatever task you need help with, even if it is a job that you did not expect to require.

You will not have to spend any extra on travel charges when you reach us at JG Lawns. We will let you know about how much you would have to pay before we start working on your yard. Our schedule of charges is transparent and will be discussed before we start. You’ll find that our services are among the most affordable in San Diego County. More importantly, you will be pleased to discover that you can afford more for your yard than what you might have expected for your place.

We are here to help you with any lawn type you might have in Point Loma. Do you have a rental home or cottage in Yacht Harbor? Maybe you have an apartment space near Point Loma Nazarene University. Our team at JG Lawns will come to your yard and care for everything your area requires.

Don’t forget that we also offer short windows for arrival to your place, thus ensuring you don’t have to stick around your home all day to wait for us. We’ll also come to your home if you are out at work or school and clean up before you get back.

You will appreciate how we at JG Lawns will ensure you’ve got the help you need. Contact us at JG Lawns today for assistance with giving your yard in Point Loma the attention it deserves without having to wait or worry about whether someone can show up to your house.

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Star Green Landscape Lawn Services in Point Loma, CA

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What have you been looking for when finding a lawn care team in Point Loma CA? Maybe you need someone available to help you with your basic lawn mowing needs. Perhaps you need a team available to help you with producing a new landscape. Whatever the case might be, you can talk with us at Star Green Landscape for help.

We are one of the oldest lawn care providers in San Diego County. We have been serving homes in Point Loma and elsewhere in the county since 1990 as a division of Star Green Golf.

Our efforts at Star Green are all about ensuring every part of your yard care needs is handled right. We will help you with reviewing every part of your yard, including looking at how well the landscape looks and how well we can add new features around your property. You can ask for assistance with getting a new deck ready, producing a shed space, or even help with managing the landscape around your garage among other places.

We offer help for all types of masonry work. The effort includes looking at any stones, bricks, or other features that need to be added for your hardscape. Our job at Star Green is all about seeing that the landscape maintenance process is managed evenly and carefully.

You can also talk with us about getting your lawn cared for. Our team is available to help you with all your lawn mowing needs from trimming the grass around your foundation and patio among other places. The things we have to offer will ensure you’ll make the most out of your lawn space.

You can get help for anything at your Point Loma home regardless of where it is located. Perhaps you have a home in Wooded Area that is small in size but needs some extra attention. You can reach us for help with getting your yard in this part of the city cared for well. You don’t have to worry about whether or not we can travel to a place like Point Loma that is a little further from other spaces in San Diego County. We’ve been around long enough to cover properties here and elsewhere.

We also cover properties on the bay. Our experts at Star Green know that you’d probably prefer spending time at the Southwestern Yacht Club than being stuck mowing your lawn all day. But you can reach us at Star Green to come to your home in San Antonio Place or any other place near the coast for help. Our team will figure out the right plans for managing your yard.

You can ask us at Star Green Landscape for help with all the particular yard maintenance tasks you need help with at your Point Loma CA home. You will love the work that we have to offer here at Star Green. We focus on ensuring your yard is maintained right and that everything looks beautiful.

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RM Landscapes Lawn Services in Point Loma, CA

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Your need for finding a top-rate landscape and lawn in Point Loma CA doesn’t have to be hard to satisfy. You can reach us at RM Landscapes when you need someone to come to your home to assist you with all your yard care needs. We would love to go to your home in the Point Loma CA area to find solutions for how your yard is to be maintained and how the place will look all around.

Our team at RM Landscapes will help you with all the things you require at your home. We will assist you with landscape maintenance projects at the start. The work includes reviewing any block walls or retaining walls at your site. We’ll discuss the stone masonry around your property and find solutions that you can trust. The most important part of what we offer is that we’ll keep everything needed for your yard organized.

We also provide services for traditional lawns around Point Loma. You can ask for help with caring for any type of yard in the city, including yards that feature everything from tall fescue grass to St. Augustine grass and all in between. We will help with mowing grass to the proper height and also with aerating your yard in the spring and fall seasons. The comprehensive approach we will provide for your property ensures you will get the help you require.

We know that you might want your property to look as thorough and beautiful as what you might see at the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. We will help you with checking on the quality of your yard to see how well the grass is growing and how you can get enough water to move through your place. Our efforts will help you with figuring out what is necessary for your work.

You can also ask for our help with your lawn care needs if you’re in a place like Liberty Station or Yonge Street where the properties are a little more organized. We know that all the houses in the city are different from one another. But the good news is that our team will help with keeping your yard controlled and will ensure that the place isn’t disorganized.

You can also talk with us about finding out what it would cost to get services from us. You will discover when you reach us that we offer some of the most affordable services in the city. The comprehensive approach we will provide for your yard care needs in Point Loma will be not only thorough but also easy to afford and enjoy where you are.

You can reach us at RM Landscapes for your needs today. We are available to help you with everything you require surrounding how well your yard looks and what you can get out of your place. Contact us online or by phone today to learn more about the services we have to offer and how we can assist you with your site in particular.

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Dao's Landscape Lawn Services in Point Loma, CA

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My name is Tan Dao, and I operate Dao’s Landscape in San Diego County. I am available to help you with all the unique needs you have surrounding the quality of your yard in Point Loma CA. I am open to helping you with your yard needs regardless of how many thousands of square feet your yard might be.

I can assist you with getting all the hardscapes around your lawn cared for as well. You can reach me at Dao’s Landscape for help with installing a new sidewalk surface or with getting cracks around your driveway filled. I am also available to help with installing retaining walls and even with getting the ground ready for a new fence space.

You can also have my team and me come over to restore the quality of your grass lawn. I know that it is next to impossible for people around Point Loma to take care of their yards. After all, it is often difficult for people to travel from Sunset Cliffs to other parts of the county for work and school among other things. But we can reach your home and assist you with mowing your lawn and with trimming spaces that are a little closer to the rest of your home. Your home will look beautiful when we are finished taking care of the place. You might even see your bright green lawn from up in the sky as you take off from the San Diego Airport.

We will also apply new seed around your yard and aerate the surface as necessary. I recommend contacting us for these services during the spring and fall season when it becomes easier for your yard to take in the nutrients it requires for growth.

You can also talk to me about our weed removal service. Removing weeds by hand is never a good idea, what with the process possibly causing weed seeds to spread. My team will utilize a safer solution that kills weeds for good without ruining the rest of your yard or landscape. I want to provide you with a thorough approach to handling what’s at your place.

I also want you to know that we at Dao’s Landscape will see that you don’t spend more money on services than necessary. We at Dao’s will let you know what our services cost before we start working on your place. You can ask us about our special discounts and offers, including exclusive deals for long-term contracts with us. You can save money on our services if you sign up for bi-weekly or monthly lawn mowing support. I can also come to your place on demand if you prefer, including when you are not at your property. Whatever the case may be, I’ll be sure your yard is cleaned off well before we leave.

You can ask me at Dao’s Landscape for assistance with your lawn maintenance needs today. I am here to assist you with all the outstanding needs you have for your Point Loma CA home.

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Gwendolyn Logan lawn mow in Point Loma CA
lawn-care-services-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA lawn-care-services-in-Point Loma-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA

The people at JG Lawns helped me with getting my yard cleaned up and looking beautiful. They came to my home in the Yacht Harbor area and cleaned out the excess sand that had brushed up in my grass bed. They were cautious with the grass blades and ensured they would not tear up anything around my grass bed. They also talked with me about the weeds around my yard and helped me with removing them. I thought that some of my fescue grass leaves were naturally thicker than others, but it turns out that they were weeds all along.

Scott Farrell yard cutting in Point Loma CA
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Point Loma-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA lawn-care-services-in-Point Loma-CA

My home in Sunset Cliffs is a little further off from the rest of the city, but the people at Star Green didn’t care. They came to my home and helped me with repairing my lawn. They were able to help with aerating a part of my yard that had died off and also added new seed in the area. They also restored my irrigation system and cleaned out the sprinklers so they could start working again. My yard is taking in water once again and is growing as it should. I appreciate the thorough work that they have put in for my place.

Joseph Rhodes grass cut in Point Loma CA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Point Loma-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Point Loma-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Point Loma-CA

I have a home near Point Loma High School that had a few dead spots of grass here and there. I thought the grass was dying off because of all the pollution from the cars and buses going by the school. But RM Landscapes helped me to review my yard, and they found that my lawn was worn because the place wasn’t aerated well enough. The people at RM helped me with aerating my yard and with adding new seed to my fescue lawn. They were very positive in what they were doing and let me know what I needed for keeping my place looking attractive.

William Spivey lawn service in Point Loma CA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Point Loma-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Point Loma-CA lawn-care-services-in-Point Loma-CA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Point Loma-CA

Tan and his team were very persistent in getting to my home near the Loma Portal area not long ago. They came to my house in the timeframe that they said they would come by at. Their window was only about 30 minutes, which I was pleased about. They cleaned up after they finished cutting some surfaces around my bushes too. I love how the team was thorough in caring for the place and didn’t waste their time with anything. I would recommend them to anyone who needs extra help with caring for their yards without waiting for a while.