Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Spring Valley, CA as of Oct, 2021

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Trey's Ultimate Landscape Lawn Services in Spring Valley, CA

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Your lawn in Spring Valley likely has many features that need regular care. But you probably don’t know what your yard requires. The good news is that we at Trey’s Ultimate Landscape can assist you with all your yard maintenance needs.

Trey Vaughn and the rest of us at Trey’s Ultimate Landscape are available to help you with all the lawn care needs you have in Spring Valley. We operate in the western end of Spring Valley near the Bancroft Ranch neighborhood. We have years of experience in serving the classic houses around the region, but we’re also available to maintain homes in all the other parts of Spring Valley.

Do you have a traditional ranch house in the Casa De Oro neighborhood? Are you trying to maintain a commercial property in the Jamacha Junction region? Our experts at Trey’s Ultimate Landscape are here to serve you.

We can assist you with all the special lawn care needs you have here in Spring Valley. We offer a complete mowing and edging service, plus we can trim even the most troubling parts of your yard, including areas near your driveway or other hardscapes.

Our tree trimming service will help you with whatever trees you have around your yard. We can maintain carrotwood, eucalyptus, pine, ficus, and gum trees, among many others you’ll find in San Diego County. We’ll always clean up all the branches, leaves, and other stuff left around your yard after we finish.

Our tree pruning service is also ideal for newer trees. Pruning is necessary for ensuring a tree will grow straight and will not favor one side, thus preventing your trees from being at risk of harm.

We love serving people around Spring Valley, but we also understand that not everyone in town has an unlimited budget. That’s why we always provide people in Spring Valley with the best rates around. We can talk to you about what it costs for our services before we start working on your property. You’ll discover that we offer some of the best rates for assistance in the county. You can finally afford to hire a great lawn care provider in Spring Valley.

We don’t charge extra to travel to your property. You can request our work even if you live in the Highlands Ranch area or another remote part of Spring Valley. We know that everyone needs the best yard maintenance services around, even if they live a little further off the beaten path. You can request us to access your property at a time of your choosing as well. We’ll let you know when we can arrive and serve you.

Our work at Trey’s Ultimate Landscape focuses on giving your yard in Spring Valley the help it requires. You can contact us today to learn about our care services. We want to be there for you when making the most out of your yard in Spring Valley.

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Gurus Lawn and Yard Service Lawn Services in Spring Valley, CA

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You hear the word “guru” get tossed around all the time these days. But what is a guru? Specifically, it’s a person who is an expert in something and is highly influential. A guru is a person who understands many things in one’s field and is trustworthy.

You’ll find gurus for everything, including for lawn maintenance. Our experts at Gurus Lawn and Yard Service live up to the name. Our workers care about what you require out of your yard in Spring Valley.

Our professionals at Gurus are proud to call Spring Valley home. Our office is in the central part of the city, specifically near Jamacha Boulevard. We are near La Presa Elementary School in particular. We know that yards in the area can be challenging to maintain, as evidenced by how some of the grass fields around the school campus have become worn over the years. But our team at Gurus Lawn and Yard Service will identify what works for your yard and find solutions that fit your demands.

You can ask us at Gurus Lawn and Yard Service to cover all the outstanding needs your yard in Spring Valley holds. Do you have a lawn in the Mount Miguel area that is on an incline? We can plan a mowing pattern that ensures your grass is trimmed evenly.

Maybe you have an elaborate landscape in Dictionary Hill that needs extra support. We can remove weeds, clean out leaves, and trim branches around your property. We’ll provide a clean look while adding a stylish appearance all around.

We also provide help for some of the more in-depth projects throughout your yard. You might have a yard that to be aerated, for instance. We can plan a full aeration and seeding service during the spring and fall seasons.

We can also remove crabgrass, thatch, and other stuff that builds up around your yard. Your lawn in Spring Valley could develop these unwelcome growths during the winter season. We can safely clean all of these issues out and then apply new grass seed all around in the spring. Our work will ensure your yard is ready to look its best when the summer season comes around.

All of these services at Gurus will fit your yard’s needs in many ways. But you’re not going to have to spend all that much money on your yard. You can ask us at Gurus to review your property and plan a free estimate for services. We can schedule an estimate based on how well your grass is growing and the specific projects you want us to support.

Our experts at Gurus Lawn and Yard Service work hard to ensure they live up to the company name. They are gurus in the lawn maintenance field. You can contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment for a free review and estimate. We would love to discover what your lawn needs and how we can help.

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Sandoval Landscaping Lawn Services in Spring Valley, CA

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Landscaping work in Spring Valley entails many points that must work. These aspects of lawn care are not always easy to manage by yourself. That’s where we at Sandoval Landscaping can come in handy.

Our professionals at Sandoval Landscaping respect the specific needs you have for your lawn care needs. We can provide you with all the special landscape maintenance services your yard in Spring Valley deserves.

We can serve your yard no matter how detailed the work may be. Do you have a home on Lakeview Avenue with lots of trees all around? We can trim every single one of those trees and clean up after them all.

Maybe you have more of a traditional lawn on Sweetwater Road. No task is too ordinary for us at Sandoval Landscaping. Every yard has unique needs that have to work no matter what. We’ll find a solution for your yard that ensures you have the best style in the area.

We can start by mowing your grass. Our lawn mowing team can figure out the proper height for your grass and trim everything to the best possible standard. We can also clean off the grass clippings, although you can also ask us to leave them if you prefer.

Our tree and shrub service covers all your needs. Our landscape maintenance experts can plant new trees or shrubs and trim existing ones. We also provide a pruning service that keeps your landscape features in check. Pruning helps ensure your trees and other plants grow straight and don’t develop incorrectly.

We can install bark, decorative stones, and other groundcover items. We’ll clear out the sod in any place you request it, plus we will remove it from your property after we finish. We can weed any part of your yard that needs extra help too.

Our irrigation team can also care for your sprinkler system. We can repair and clean your irrigation setup. We’ll also review the drainage features around your yard and clean them out as necessary.

We love providing homes in Spring Valley with the special yard maintenance services they deserve. But the best part of our work is that we can work within your budget. We respect that you have concerns about your yard, but you might not have the money for everything you require. We’ll provide you with a thorough estimate for services to figure out how much it would cost to hire us for your yard. We will also let you select the services you want to utilize. You’ll have full control over your yard care work here at Sandoval Landscaping.

Contact us at Sandoval Landscaping today to learn more about what we can do for your yard. We can plan a free analysis and estimate to identify what you could enjoy having for your Spring Valley yard. Our team at Sandoval wants to give your yard in Spring Valley a quality style that you will appreciate.

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Dao's Landscape Lawn Services in Spring Valley, CA

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We at Dao’s Landscape realize that not every property in Spring Valley can look as beautiful as the grass fields around Dictionary Hill. But our experts can do everything we can to ensure you have a piece of heaven in Spring Valley. Your yard is a significant investment, and we want to ensure you make the most out of everything.

Our professionals at Dao’s Landscape proudly serve homes around every corner of Spring Valley, from the small lawns in Sweetwater View to the sprawling fields near Bancroft Point. We proudly provide a comprehensive approach to lawn care that ensures you’ll have the best yard in the city.

It’s fine with us if you don’t know how to get the support you need for your yard. That’s where we at Dao’s Landscape can come in handy. We recognize the many intricacies that come with caring for your yard. We will help you with any plot of land you hold from the Bay Terraces neighborhood down south to the Campo Road area up north.

The work we provide at Dao’s Landscape will vary based on the situation. You might have a few dandelions and other weeds that need removal. Maybe there are a few ant hills or other pest infestations that are causing trouble. We’ll review every part of your yard and find a care solution that works. Whether it entails power raking your yard, adding a soil amendment, or removing weeds, we’ll find an answer to your yard maintenance issue that fits.

Our lawn mowing work also gives your yard the outstanding appearance it deserves. We want to give your yard the best chance to grow. We’ll give your yard a look that will remind you of the beauty of Dictionary Hill, not to mention it will not produce weeds or attract ants and other pests.

Our grass cutting experts have experience with every grass type in Spring Valley. We can mow Zoysia grass beds while preserving their thick root structures. We’ll also mow Bermuda grass beds that won’t wear out.

We at Dao’s Landscape respect your desires for your yard. That’s why we only start working after we complete a full review of your yard before we start. We’ll inspect the grass bed and your landscape features and then identify a treatment plan that fits. We do this to ensure you only receive the support you require, not to mention we’ll also provide you with a more accurate estimate for services. Speaking of which, we have some of the best rates in the city, so you can afford what we have to offer.

There’s never a tough time to contact us at Dao’s Landscape for help with your yard in Spring Valley. You can call us today or access us online to learn about what we can do for your yard. We want to show you how our experts can help you with all the needs you hold.

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Sara Boudreau yard cutting in Spring Valley CA
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I love how Trey’s Ultimate Landscape helps me with my yard every two weeks. I have been using their lawn mowing services for about a year, and they always give me the same great results every time. They trim my grass evenly and clean up the clippings. They also edge the grass near the ends of my lawn. Their work is comprehensive and thorough, not to mention they never delay when they arrive at my home in the Loma Rancho neighborhood. I am grateful for how Trey and the rest of his workers do so well for my yard.

Colleen Watts lawn mowing service in Spring Valley CA
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Spring Valley-CA lawn-maintenance-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Spring Valley-CA

The people at Gurus Lawn and Yard Service are more reliable than all the other lawn care providers I’ve tried hiring out here in Spring Valley. There are far too many companies out there that only think about getting the lawn cut as short as possible. The people at Gurus know how high the grass at my Highlands Ranch is supposed to be. They always clean up the grass clippings, and they even edge the turf around the ends of my yard when they finish. The people here are comprehensive and respectful of how well my yard needs to look.

Gregory Workman yard cutting in Spring Valley CA
lawn-care-services-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Spring Valley-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Spring Valley-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Spring Valley-CA lawn-care-services-in-Spring Valley-CA

Sandoval Landscaping provides my business on Jamacha Road with regular lawn maintenance service every two weeks. I hired them for a contract service two years ago, and they’ve made a difference over all that time. They keep the grass clean and even, and they mow to where weeds won’t spread out around my yard. They always trim the shrubs near the entrance to my business as well. I can trust them to access my property when they say they will, not to mention they always let me know if there’s an issue they ever come across.

Jeff Jackson lawn cutting in Spring Valley CA
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Spring Valley-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Spring Valley-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Spring Valley-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Spring Valley-CA

Dao’s Landscape gives my yard in the Lamar area the help it needs every time I hire them. I hire them every season for different things, from aerating my yard in the spring to removing branches and leaves in the winter. I also ask them to help me with trimming my trees and landscape features in the spring and fall. Their comprehensive work is tidy and professional. I love that they respect my budget. Their rates are the most sensible that I have ever come across here in the Lamar area. I would recommend Dao’s Landscape to anyone who needs extra help.