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Raupp Company Lawn Services in Newington, CT

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As winter bids farewell and spring ushers in, your lawn is going to need some attention. If you want a lush, green, weed-free lawn that thrives throughout the lawn care seasons, Raupp Company can help. We'll help enhance your yard's beauty while fortifying the health and strength of your soil.

Our Process For Bringing Out The Best Version of Your Lawn

Weed resistant. Thick growth patterns. Emerald green colors that pop. With our help, your lawn will look good and thrive.

Here's how we make that happen:

Spring Renewal

  • Just as you freshen up your home in spring, your lawn also needs a cleanup session, especially after a long winter. We begin by clearing away any winter debris like sticks, rocks, twigs, dead grass, and yes, even small and mid-size branches. Using a fan rake, leaf blower, and other tools, we'll clear away smaller debris to begin preparing for our lawn care treatment.

Fertilizer Feast

  • As your lawn starts donning its green attire again, it signals the right time for a nutrient boost. However, premature fertilization can be counterproductive. We deliver deliver timely, slow-release granular fertilizer applications tailored for your lawn's optimal nourishment. We usually use 10-5-5 or 5-10-15 fertilizers, depending on what type of grass you own. This healthy combination of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will help your grass grow green and healthy.

Mowing Properly

  • Mowing frequency and the right height influence grass growth rates. We avoid cutting more than a third of the grass length to prevent stress-induced scalping. We also maintain our mowers by sharpening blades and adjusting cutting heights to promote better grass growth.

Weed Removal

  • A thriving lawn acts as a natural weed deterrent. Our weed control services involve applying pre and post-emergents at the right time of the year.

In addition to the services listed above, we provide a plethora of other lawn care services. From overseeding in order to revitalize your lawn's vigor and density to aerating annually to help your soil absorb the proper nutrients, our full-treatment lawn services will keep your property in the best shape possible.

Own A Golf Course-Like Backyard

With our help, you'll enjoy a lush green oasis. Hire us for affordable lawn care services today.

We serve homeowners and commercial property owners in Newington, Connecticut, and Hartford County. We also serve customers in New Britain, Connecticut.

So, whether you're in Moodus or own a property near Indian Hill Country Club, Raupp Company is here to help you.

Visit our profile page for more details about us, our past projects, pricing, and more.

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Father & Son Service Lawn Services in Newington, CT

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With Father & Son Service by your side, we'll help your lawn grow thick, green, and vibrant. Using the best tools and the proper lawn care techniques, we'll build an emerald green carpet that's free of weeds and safe for your family to enjoy. All while saving you money!

Wallet-Friendly Lawn Care For Newington Customers

The rate for standard lawn mowing services can be as high as $55 in your area. Our prices start at just $42. Plus, our other lawn care services are less than what our competitors charge.

We're the company to hire if want top-quality lawn service without dishing out a fortune.

Who We Serve

We provide services to all types of properties:

  • HOAs
  • Apartment complexes
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial businesses
  • Municipal Properties

All first-time customers qualify for our 10% discount for first-time lawn mowing services. You'll get a 5% discount if you sign a long-term agreement. Any ongoing lawn maintenance services can be cancelled without penalty.

Helping All of Newington CT

We provide affordable lawn care services to customers in Newington, Connecticut, Hartford County, and even in Hartford, Connecticut.

We have provided five-star services to customers in neighborhoods like Frog Hollow, Broad Book, and even near places like the Newington Arena.

Hire Father & Son Service to transform your lawn today. 


Green Blade Lawn Services in Newington, CT

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Is your yard in disarray? Or do you need a hand mowing your yard this weekend? Whatever is on your to-do list, our green thumb specialists will take care of it. When it comes to lawn care, our company has been the go-to expert people trust for quality care and affordable prices. Save big when you hire Green Blade.

Lawn Service Tailored To Your Budget and Needs

Here's a quick overview of all the lawn care services Green Blade offers:

  • Lawn mowing services (edging included)
  • Routine Yard maintenance (leaf blowing, clippings removal, etc)
  • Weed control (using safe pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment)
  • Aeration (on an annual basis)
  • Fertilizing (branded products perfect for cool season grass)
  • Snow removal
  • And much more!

We offer several lawn care packages to help you get the most out of hiring us. Our packages bundle several services together, helping you save.

Whether it's treating damaged grass, patching up spotty spots, removing weeds, mowing your grass, or all of the above, we'll help you pick the right treatment for your needs and budget.

Your Top-Rated Lawn Care Company

We've been helping customers in Newington, Connecticut, Hartford County, and Enfield, Connecticut.

Whether you're in Blue Hills, Collinsville, or own property near Lucy Robbins Welles Library, our company will drive to you.

Visit our profile page for more information. It's available to view from your GreenPal app.

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Girard's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Newington, CT

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Spring, summer, and fall are pivotal for maintaining a green, weed-free, and healthy lawn that thrives all year. When you hire Girard's Lawn Care, we implement industry-leading lawn care practices to cultivate thick, dense grass that withstands almost everything mother nature throws at it.

Spring Lawn Care Practices For Greener Yards

Spring is the best time for your lawn to develop sturdy roots and get ready for the growing season.

Our complete spring lawn care services are tailored to foster new growth and nurture a stunning lawn that flourishes throughout the summer.

Here's how we do it:

  • We prepare your grass for the spring by implementing a strategic lawn care regimen. This includes debris removal, applying pre-emergents, overseeding, fertilizing, and more.
  • Pre-emergents help combat weeds prior to their germination phase.
  • Our lawn care work can change depending on how often it rains and how much your grass has grown. In most cases, we will still mow your grass, add seeds on patchy spots, and much more.

This is just a small sample of the work we do in early spring.

Aeration and Reseeding Included

Fall serves as an opportune moment for lawn aeration and reseeding, especially following the rigors of a hot summer.

By proactively aerating and overseeding in the autumn season, you preemptively support a thriving lawn come springtime. This also eliminates the guesswork of timing and ensuring optimal grass growth.

Yard Maintenance All Year Long

Whether it's a one-time job or ongoing maintenance, we simplify your lawn care routine. We'll help you pick a lawn service that's right for your budget and lawn care needs.

With an essential plan in place, you can enjoy a better-looking version of your outdoor space. If your lawn is already in good shape and you just need a hand keeping it that way, we can help with that as well.

Our main goal is to enhance the health and look of your yard with our tailored lawn care services.

Affordable Services For Hartford County Customers

We serve customers in Newington, Connecticut, Hartford County, and Wallingford, Connecticut. This includes serving customers in neighborhoods like West Simsbury, Moodus, and even near places like Kelsey House Museum.

For all your lawn care needs, hire the pros at Girard's Lawn Care. 

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I can't think of enough nice things to say about Raupp Company. I'm very happy with all the work they've done in my backyard near Badger Field. From the very first day, they've provided wonderful customer service. You should definitely hire them.

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I highly recommend you hire Father & Son Service. They've done a great job on my lawn near Mills Brook Farm. Their lawn care services are pretty inexpensive, which is great because I'm trying to save some money in these trying times. Highly recommended!

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After doing a search for lawn mowing services near me, I began seeing some articles promoting GreenPal. I decided to check it out and try the app for myself. I'm so glad I did! I was able to connect with Green Blade and hire them right away. They did everything I asked of them in a timely manner. My home near the Lucy Robbins Welles Library is in great shape, and it's all thanks to them.

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If you're going to hire a company, I recommend you go with Girard's Lawn Care. They work fast but never rush. They provide amazing customer service and always respond to your inquiries. My yard near Beacon Hill Park has never looked this good.