Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Rutland, VT as of Apr, 2024


Fetzer’s Mowing Lawn Services in Rutland, VT

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Fetzer’s Mowing is a one of a kind lawn care company that offers complete lawn care treatment services for your lawn or yard. Our prices are hard to be and our lawn care services are even harder to match. Our seasonal lawn care services adapt to the times, the weather, and the current condition of your grass. Fetzer’s Mowing offers customized lawn care services that will help improve the condition of your grass, enhance its appearance, and make it glow greener than ever. Our full-scale programs are bundled to help you save money and to ensure you get the best possible lawn care treatment for your individual landscaping needs.

Property owners in Rutland, Vermont can have their lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, hardscape installations, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services completed by our reliable lawn care company. Fetzer’s Mowing will do everything in our power to make sure you get quality lawn care treatment.

We can fix all lawn care issues, help with minor landscaping work, and help you handle ongoing lawn mowing work so you can get back quality time with your family, hobbies, or even a day to just relax. Our lawn care services can help improve conditions of damaged grass, restore fading grass, tend to garden beds, safely remove weeds, apply soil and fertilization treatments, safely uproot plants or trees, clean up debris, install fences, or irrigation systems, trim hedges, and much more.

No matter what you’re chasing after, we offer premium lawn care services that impress everyone and makes your outdoor space a great place to relax. Our affordable prices make it easy to quickly get the lawn care services you need without stressing over your finances. Our competitive lawn care bids are backed by better quality services that many other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers can not replicate.

We have been saving money for people of Rutland for many years while also transforming their properties into a wonderful haven. Get more free time back and hand off the chore of mowing your yard or lawn to us at Fetzer’s Mowing. A good majority of lawn mowing providers and landscapers don’t really offer the blend of great prices and high-quality lawn care services.

Not only do we offer landscape maintenance, aeration, dethatching, irrigation, fertilizing, snow removal, sodding, mulching, weeds removal, planting, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services, but we also make sure we provide optimal lawn care services specific to your yard’s condition and current state.

Our team of well-trained and professional lawn care experts handles all types of lawn care issues. We’ve been changing terrible looking lawns and yards and making them into a wonderful sight to look at.

Hire Fetzer’s Mowing by signing up for the free GreenPal app. You will be able to take advantage of our discounted lawn care services. We also offer yard maintenance and landscape maintenance plans for long-term lawn care treatment. These plans can be cancelled at any time. You can see our positive reviews, the landscaping work we’ve done, and compare the prices of other lawn care companies when checking out our service page.

You can see some of our landscaping projects on properties near places like Flagship Cinemas, properties along Route 4, Pine Hill Park, and many other areas in Rutland, Vermont.

When you hire us for any lawn care service, we will begin working on your scheduled day and time. Our open schedule availability ensures we meet you at the time you request. Contact us today for any of our lawn care services after downloading the GreenPal app.    


Hefes Lawn Lawn Services in Rutland, VT

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Hefes Lawn is a locally owned professional landscaping that offers a vast number of hardscape and softscape services for property owners in Rutland, Vermont. Our many years of hard work and results have helped us become one of the leading lawn care companies in the region. We don’t like to think of ourselves as just another landscaping and lawn care company. We strive to make real changes for your outdoor space and make a real impact in your life. Our affordable lawn care services will help ease the burden of your pockets while also giving you quality work. You can receive a variety of landscaping and lawn care services when you contact us today.

Usually when you pay for a service of any kind it, and the price is low, it comes with a catch. Either the product or service is lower in quality or you get some bland results. Hefes Lawn is different. We provide high-quality landscaping, yard maintenance, and lawn care services.

Through our systematic approach, we reduce the cost of our services by implementing leading industry practices. We perform lawn care and landscape maintenance services the right way and with the best equipment so that our services come at a lower cost. We’ve been doing it for many years now and have lead to our positive results and reputation right here in Rutland and other parts of Vermont.

Our highly focused lawn care services and landscaping services have helped make positive changes for property owners in Rutland, Vermont. We’ve completely restored unkempt lawns and changed the entire look of various properties.

Other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies haven’t come close to matching our clear, high-value, and premium softscape and hardscape services. If you want quality lawn mowing, hedge trimming, pruning, mulching, yard maintenance, and much more, Hefes Lawn can help. We also offer premium hardscape services such installations and landscape maintenance for your outdoor space.

We have provided the highest standard of lawn care services to our clients and our high positive ratings completely prove our assertions.

If affordable edging, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, hardscape, landscape maintenance or lawn care services is what you’re looking for, Hefes Lawn has a vast list of lawn care services that you can pick from to resolve all your landscaping issues. We work to meet all of your goals, solve all your pressing issues, and deliver efficient lawn care services that will leave your lawn looking fresh, green, and more lush than ever.

If you need core snow removal, mulching, dethatching, sodding, aeration, bug control, irrigation installation, fertilizing, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, landscaping, or anything else for your lawn or yard, you’ll be receiving quality lawn care services from a company with a solid reputation.

So, we really want you to help you get your free time back and let our team at Hefes Lawn provide cost-effective lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services for your yard and lawn.

We’ve been providing lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, edging, mulching, snow removal, yard maintenance, softscape services, a series of hardscape services including installing walkways and fences, and just about every lawn care service you can think of in the city of Rutland and other parts of Vermont.

If you’ve been searching for lawn care companies who can provide affordable lawn care services, Hefes Lawn has everything you need. We are able to handle any lawn care problem or size of your project. Check out some of our work on properties near notable locations like Rutland Country Club, Wonderfeet Kid’s Museum, Whites Playground, Mac-Sam Tennis Courts, and many other places in Rutland and Rutland County, Vermont.

Contact us or hire us after you download the GreenPal app and we will begin assisting you. 


J&D Landscaping Lawn Services in Rutland, VT

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Nine years in the lawn care industry and we are committed more than ever to keep providing premium lawn care services to property owners in Rutland, and various parts of Vermont. J&D Landscaping is a professional lawn care company with over nine years of experience. Our result-led background and our numerous happy customers is a testament to the great landscaping results we’ve delivered for all of our customers throughout the years. We can help assist with any major landscaping project or provide basic lawn care services as our team is well-trained in all aspects of landscaping and lawn care.

Our affordable deals and packages for continuing landscape maintenance and yard maintenance give you several budget-friendly options. No matter how long you need landscape maintenance or lawn care services, we offer prices you’ll be comfortable paying.

It also doesn’t matter what type of property you own. It can be a commercial or residential property, we offer a wide variety of lawn care services for the great people of Rutland and other parts of the state of Vermont.

Our long list of great testimonials and results give you a snapshot of what kind of support you’ll receive from us. Not only will you get great landscaping and lawn care services, but our clients enjoy the easy process partnering with J&D Landscaping for our unwavering customer support and premium lawn care services. If you check out the work we’ve done throughout the region and even lawn mowing, landscape maintenance and yard maintenance on properties near Rutland Bowlerama Inc, properties near Eddy Pond, Rutland Free Library, properties along Easterly Ave, and many other places in Rutland, Vermont.

J&D Landscaping has a longstanding reputation for providing the same high-quality lawn care services. Our consistency has been lauded by many of our clients and customers. We can provide you the same level of care for your lawn. We can get you the results you’re looking for even if you’re budget is a little smaller or you feel your lawn can’t be saved.

We have a team of heavily trained landscaping and lawn care professionals who only use the best tactics and the best equipment. We invest in both our employees and tools so you can receive great lawn care services.

People tend to favor J&D Landscaping because of our high-tier lawn mowing, pruning, hedge trimming, edging, mulching, fertilizing, dethatching, snow removal, aeration, yard maintenance, and our many lists of lawn care services. We also make our lawn care services affordable and tailor it to meet your needs. No matter what you decide, we are sure to meet and possibly surpass other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers in the region.

J&D Landscaping delivers effective lawn care services for your yard and outdoor space. We will help you pick the best service for your lawn and yard if you are unsure what your lawn needs. Our wide number of lawn care services include snow removal, aeration, irrigation, mulching, dethatching, grass cutting, sodding, lawn mowing, edging, shrub trimming, yard maintenance, seeding, and much more.

If you’re in the need for any of those services, download the free GreenPal app to hire us today.


Hudson Lawn Mowers Lawn Services in Rutland, VT

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(overall rating 4.9/5.82 Reviews)

Hudson Lawn Mowers is a lawn care company that offers various lawn mowing and landscaping services for commercial and residential property owners in Rutland, Vermont. Along with the residential properties, we offer extensive landscaping services for commercial and business properties. There isn’t anything we can’t do on your lawn or yard for the most part. If you have a property in Rutland, let the team handle your lawn care, landscaping, and lawn mowing needs. Whether it’s just to have someone get the lawn cut on a frequent basis, handle the weekly lawn maintenance, or work on a more comprehensive landscaping project, Hudson Lawn Mowers can help.

We’ve provided lawn care services to many outdoor and landscapes in the city of Rutland. We have provided a vast number of lawn care services throughout the great state of Vermont and most of the surrounding areas in Rutland County. Throughout our time servicing clients in Rutland, we’ve received non-stop praise for our high-quality lawn care services and the affordable rates people pay. Closing in on almost a decade of collective experience, hiring us means you’ll be getting a lawn care company that can outperform against many other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies in both service price, delivery, performance, and results.

Hudson Lawn Mowers have delivered high-quality, reputable, trustworthy, and premier lawn care services for years with great results. When we first started we mostly did lawn mowing, edging, and basic cleanup for many properties. We’ve grown to a much larger team of trained landscapers and field technicians who are very well trained in all aspects of landscaping. Our lawn care services have been ranked on the top for many reasons and our hard-working staff has a lot to do with that.

Our affordable fees are priced more competitively than other lawn mowing providers. The great thing about our lawn care services is that we offer so many for you to choose from. So, no matter what you need, we have you covered. Whether it’s snow removal, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, edging, sodding, weeds management, mulching, landscape maintenance, pruning, irrigation, fertilizing, and several other lawn care services.

If you hire us for ongoing yard maintenance, you’ll have a staff of trained lawn care field experts ready to help you with all your lawn care needs. We are especially knowledgeable of the codes and regulations regarding installing irrigation systems. Let us know what type of lawn care services you want done and we’ll make sure to get you the end result you’re looking for.

We’ve provided lawn care services to many properties around Rutland including homes and properties near places like Pine Hill Park, Vermont State Fair, Paramount Theatre, the Franklin Conference Center in Howe Center, and many other places in Rutland, Vermont.

Download the free GreenPal app to get your next lawn mowing, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, or some other lawn care service done for your lawn and yard. Hudson Lawn Mowers is ready to answer all your lawn care-related questions. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Manuel Brown grass cutting in Rutland VT
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Rutland-VT lawn-care-services-in-Rutland-VT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT affordable-lawn-services-in-Rutland-VT

The wonderful lawn care services I received from Fetzer’s Mowing was provided to me very fast and it really made a big difference on my property. My yard along West St near East Creek needed proper lawn care services. When I did a search for lawn care companies near me, I discovered GreenPal and quickly downloaded the app. The app worked well for me and I was able to quickly hire Fetzer’s Mowing for some lawn mowing work. They worked very fast and were extremely technical in how they mowed my grass. They told me that cutting the lawn in a specific height makes a big difference in how it grows. I’m very grateful for their lawn care services. 

Eve Benefield lawn maintenance in Rutland VT
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT affordable-lawn-services-in-Rutland-VT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Rutland-VT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT

I own a home that’s within driving distance to Vermont Farmer’s Winter Market. After doing a search for lawn care companies near me, I found Hefes Lawn company’s information and decided to hire them through the GreenPal app. The hiring process and the work were so streamlined and easy that I barely even spoke to the owner but they understood clearly what I needed done on my lawn. Their lawn care services have made a big difference on my property and I’m glad I hired them. I even hired them for more frequent yard maintenance work to ensure I keep my lawn in mint condition.

Mary Valenti yard mowing in Rutland VT
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Rutland-VT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT

J&D Landscaping is a great lawn care company. They sit down and take the time to really learn about what you are looking for and properly assess your yard or lawn to make sure you get the best possible treatment available. I hired them to help with several lawn care services that are way too long to list, especially with all the yard maintenance work that needed to be done. J&D Landscaping outperformed my initial expectations and went above and beyond to ensure I get the results I was looking for. 

Darryl Baines lawn care in Rutland VT
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Rutland-VT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT affordable-lawn-services-in-Rutland-VT affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Rutland-VT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rutland-VT

It was a bit hard trying to find lawn care companies or lawn mowing providers near me. Where I live, which is close to Pine Hill Park, it’s not easy getting any lawn care company to come to our yard to get the lawn cut. After doing some research to try and find lawn care companies near me, I found GreenPal. The app has been a lifesaver and so has the fantastic team at Hudson Lawn Mowers. All I wanted was someone to regularly mow my lawn which I never had time to do. Hudson Lawn Mowers were happy to help and have been doing a great job for our yard and lawn for several months now.