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Redvtag Construction Lawn Services in Sidney, OH

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When you have things like weeds, grubs, pests, grass disease, crabgrass, and other common outdoor issues, a one-size-fits-all solution could just make things worse. If you want rich green, weed-free healthy grass, you need to approach your lawn with a tailored plan. Redvtag Construction can help with that.

We take the hard part of lawn care and make it easier. If you want quality and affordable lawn care services in Sidney, Ohio, or Shelby County, Redvtag Construction offers great prices and quality care.

We serve customers in East Sidney, Fairgrounds, and other local communities in the region. We can also serve your home or commercial property if you are in Dayton, Ohio.

The first thing we do before any job is to identify your grass type. Most Ohio grass are Kentucky Bluegrass, fine fescue, and ryegrass. You might even have a combination of two or more. How you treat your lawn is just as important as what you do.

Once we identify your grass type, we test your soil. Some companies don't do this, and their customers pay the price in the long run.

With soil testing, we can correct nutritional deficiencies in your grass, balance its PH levels, and prevent common grass diseases.

With these findings, we can implement the right lawn service plan. In most cases, we jumpstart your lawn with proper fertilizing. We usually use Scott's Turf Builder or other products based on its needs.

If the weather permits, we can start a little before April, but Ohio weather is not always lovely. Ultimately, when you hire us is important too. If you hire us in the spring, we can set your grass to grow, maintain it in the summer, and prep it for seasonal changes in the fall and winter.

Our lawn mowing services will keep your grass well-trimmed. With added yard work, we'll help it grow back stronger every time we visit. Our other lawn maintenance services involve bagging your clippings, edging, trimming, and water management.

Our weed control and yard maintenance services will kick weeds to the curb, control pests in the summer, root out grubs, and much more.

Our lawn care professionals can create a rich green haven in no time. We've served our customers for years and have amazing results to show.

Our prices can't be beaten, and our contract-free offers are probably the best deal in town for lawn care in Sidney, Ohio.

We've done work near Tawawa Park and many other places in Sidney, Ohio.

Hire Redvtag Construction for lawn care in Sidney. 


Elevated Landscape Lawn Services in Sidney, OH

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Can we make your lawn look better in just two weeks? With the right lawn care plan, we can transform your outdoor space. We elevate your yard to another level. With our simplified lawn care regimen, we create lush, soft, thick, and vibrant green grass with little effort and investment on your part.

Get high-quality lawn care services in Sydney, Ohio, or Shelby County with our help. We provide services to customers in Riverbend, Hidden Valley, and other local communities in the region.

When you are in the thick of things, it's easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Lawn care work can be confusing. There's more to it than mowing it or watering it often. It's even frustrating when you're doing what you've been told to do, but nothing seems to improve or fix some common issues.

Elevated Landscape brings out the best version of your outdoors. If you want the most optimal results for your grass, we recommend taking up our lawn maintenance and lawn care offer.

In some cases, we can make your lawn look better in just a few weeks. To do that, we start our lawn care services by fertilizing your grass using triple 12 fertilizers. This not only feeds your grass with crucial nutrition, but it also prevents weeds and other invasive plant species.

Either Scott's Brand products or a version of Granular Prodiamine can do the trick. This will bring out a rich emerald green color with proper lawn maintenance. The pre-emergent solution will be paired with liquid prodiamine to ward off weeds that are too hard to control.

If your property already has too many weeds, our weed control solution rids them over time. In some cases, we manually uproot them if we know they won't harm your grass. Perennial weeds are hard to eliminate, but we use herbicide treatment to safely remove them and keep your grass healthy.

Afterward, we maintain your property with ongoing lawn mowing services, irrigation management, and regular fertilizing when necessary. We overseed and aerate on a needed basis. Our lawn care team will recommend the services that best suit your goals and the needs of your property.

Our lawn care packages don't involve signing contracts. You can cancel the lawn care services Elevated Landscape provides without any penalties. Our affordable prices have helped our customers get the lawn service treatment they need without the stress.

We've done work near the People's Federal Savings and Loan Association building and many other places in Sidney, Ohio.

Hire Elevated Landscape for high-quality and affordable lawn care in Sidney. 


Jones Land Maintenance Lawn Services in Sidney, OH

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Whether you have no time or you're on a tight budget, Jones Land Maintenance can help you. Jones Land Maintenance offers affordable and high-quality lawn care services. From mowing yards to keeping them free of weeds, our services are perfect for all property owners in the area.

Take advantage of our discounted prices for first-time customers. We perform lawn care services in Sidney, Ohio, Shelby County, and most places leading towards Dayton, Ohio.

We use a carefully planned and proven 4 four-step lawn care program. Through the combo of providing lawn mowing services, fertilizing, aerating, seeding, and watering your landscape, we produce a wonderful green oasis.

The experts at Jones Land Maintenance have years of experience helping customers get rid of their weeds, treating grass disease, and restoring landscape.

For every season, we have a specific lawn service treatment. During the warmer parts of the year, we help your grass grow, rid it of weeds, and maintain it with good services. Most grass types in Ohio are cool-season grass, so maintenance needs to be done as soon as the weather gets warmer.

We gently shake it up with specific fertilizers, water management, and lawn mowing services to help it grow strong. If you like the idea of having beautiful grass all year long, hire Jones Land Maintenance. We even offer winter services like snow removal. So, after a snowstorm, our team can blow away snow off your driveway, walkways, and sidewalk.

Check the lawn care work Jones Land Maintenance has done near Sidney Auto-Vue Drive-In Theater and many other places in Sidney, Ohio.

Let Jones Land Maintenance build a beautiful lawn today.


Grasscut Lawn Services in Sidney, OH

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Our routine lawn care and lawn maintenance services are guaranteed to create a green outdoor haven. If you peak out your window and don't like what you see, let Grasscut create a better-looking yard and lawn.

We provide lawn mowing services in Sidney, Ohio, and Shelby County. We have served customers in Eagle Glen, Sidney South, and other local neighborhoods in the area.

We offer dual lawn care packages. You can hire us for basic yard maintenance or more comprehensive lawn care services. Doing some landscape remodeling? We can work alongside other contractors to protect your grass and match your newly remodeled outdoors.

We offer many high-quality and affordable lawn care services including edging, sodding, overseeding, mulching lawn mowing services, watering, pressure washing, snow removal, fertilizing, aeration, and more.

The pros at Grasscut are ready to help you when you need it. Our customer service staff is excited to hear from you and walk you through every step of the process.

Read through our many reviews to see what our joyful customers have said about us. Grasscut wants you to be 100% comfortable hiring us. We make that easier for you with our no-obligation, contract-free lawn care services. From lawn mowing services to essential yard work, pay less than average by hiring Grasscut.

We've done work near Shelby County Historical Society Museum and many other places in Sidney, Ohio.

Hire Grasscut today for top-notch lawn care in Sidney. 

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Opal Walton lawn mowing in Sidney OH
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They're honestly one of the best lawn care companies I've ever hired. My parents asked me to find them a company a while back. They dread mowing their yard. I don't blame them. After hopping on the GreenPal app, I was amazed by how fast I found Redvtag Construction. Long story short, this awesome company has been helping my parents for almost a year now, and their property near Sidney High School looks terrific.

Danielle Erickson lawn service in Sidney OH
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Don't miss your opportunity to hire Elevated Landscape. They've been excellent since day one. I hired them to get rid of the weeds on my property close to Deam Park. After a year, I haven't even seen them grow back. Highly recommended!

Leigh Roberson lawn service in Sidney OH
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Jones Land Maintenance has helped me maintain my landscape for a few months now. It's always a pleasure to interact with their friendly staff. Their knowledge about lawn care is so impressive, and they always go out of their way to explain things to me. Truly a pleasure having them serve my home that's near Flanagan Sports Complex.

Dorothy Bell lawn mow in Sidney OH
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I highly recommend you hire Grasscut. I did research for lawn mowing services near me and found GreenPal. I figured I'd give it a shot and haven't been disappointed. Grasscut was the first and only company I needed to hire. They did a great job for me, and I think you should hire them too.