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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in West Palm Beach, FL as of May, 2019

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Munoz Landscaping Lawn Services in West Palm Beach, FL

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There are many beautiful places around the West Palm Beach area, but these spots can become a little more beautiful when you’ve got a lawn that is also attractive. You will be impressed with how well some lawns can make a neighborhood look all the more enticing. Have you driven along the Riverwalk neighborhood and seen how well the lush green lawns blend in with the artificial lakes in the area?

You can make your lawn in WPB look as attractive as any lawn you’d find in a high-end neighborhood if you hire the best lawn care team in the area. We at Munoz Landscaping want to be your choice when it comes to getting your lawn to look unique and appealing.

We work out of the Wellington View region of West Palm Beach. Our team has been helping homes around all corners of the WPB area and would love to help yours in particular.

We recognize that all lawns in the WPB area are different. The homes around Southside or Parker Ridge might look nearly the same with so many properties lined up in a few rows, but the lawns are always different. Some greens might be more prone to weeds. Fortunately, our team at Munoz Landscaping can identify all the concerns developing in a lawn and fix them to ensure the spot will look and feel its best.

You can talk with us at Munoz about everything surrounding your lawn. We offer a full grass cutting service alongside other helpful solutions for your property from trimming the edges of your yard to removing weeds. We can also cut the bushes around your space if needed.

Our team will ensure you get the help you demand every time. More importantly, we are always there to ensure you’ll get the help you need right away. Our service trucks are fully stocked with all the mowers, trimmers, blowers, and other bits of equipment required for the lawn maintenance process. We won’t travel back and forth to get stuff for helping your lawn. In other words, we’re not going to waste your time when we aim to make your lawn look its best.

We are very interested in helping you with finding various solutions for your lawn. We’ll mainly review every part of your lawn based on factors like how large the region is, how well shade might cause grass to grow, and even spots where the soil might be compacted. Our thorough analysis of your lawn will help us with identifying what’s around your property.

You can reach us at Munoz Landscaping today if you need assistance with getting more out of your lawn. You can talk to us online or by phone to schedule an appointment with us. We would love to provide you with a free at-home estimate to figure out what’s available. Our team is available to help you see what’s around at your home and how you’re going to make your property look beautiful for any use.

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Ocd Maintenance Lawn Services in West Palm Beach, FL

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The West Palm Beach area is notorious for being a rainy spot where the water can pile up in moments. The water can be a threat to any home in the area, especially since there’s a chance that lawns in the area could flood. The concern is worse in neighborhoods like Briar Bay or Riverwalk where artificial lakes surround many of the properties and can make a hard situation worse.

With this in mind, you’ll need to ensure your lawn has the proper form of drainage. This includes ensuring your soil is loose enough to where water can move through without adding more weight on your lawn bed than necessary. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle for long with trying to find a lawn maintenance team who can help you with your lawn. You can reach us at OCD Maintenance when you need help with getting your yard to look its best.

We at OCD Maintenance offer help with everything surrounding your lawn, but our yard maintenance efforts focus on ensuring your lawn drains well enough. We can aerate your soil and offer various soil amendments to enhance how well the space can drain. We will ensure the work we put in allows your lawn to clear water out well enough.

Our work here in the WPB area will focus mainly on ensuring your lawn looks clean and thorough. We will even provide a full seeding service for your yard to ensure the area can have the proper seeds that it requires for the space to grow and stay healthy throughout the year.

We offer many other yard maintenance services for your benefit. You can ask us for help with grass cutting and with removing weeds. We also help with trimming various hard to reach spots around your lawn. The thorough and comprehensive approach we put into the work we offer ensures you’ll have a property that feels its best and looks outstanding. More importantly, we will see that everything looks as refreshing as it did the day your lawn was first planted. We care about seeing that your property looks outstanding and intriguing.

Best of all, we offer our services for people around all parts of the West Palm Beach FL area. Do you have a home in Pineapple Park that might be far off from some of the other spots in the city? Perhaps you have a home in Spencer Lakes near one of the small lakes in the area. You can have us come to your property at any time depending on what you’re available for.

You can reach us at OCD Maintenance today to get the help you need for handling your lawn. We would love to assist you with everything surrounding the quality of your yard and how the space will look and feel. More importantly, you will not have to worry about whether or not the quality of your lawn could be compromised due to a significant storm in the area.

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Express Green Lawn Services in West Palm Beach, FL

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It’s interesting as to how so many properties in the West Palm Beach area all look the same. Visit the Sunterra Hoa area near Haverhill Park, and you’ll notice that the homes feature the same roofing style and the same construction materials and layouts all around. Even the houses in other neighborhoods around it are about the same based on how large they are and their general style layouts.

But look closely, and you’ll see that every lawn is different. Some properties have landscapes that are lush and distinct, while others add paved surfaces. These people will do anything for their lawns provided that their homeowner's associations allow them to do this.

We at Express Green will help you with your lawn care needs regardless of where in the West Palm Beach area you are or how different or similar your home might be to others in your space. We recognize that every lawn in the WPB area is different even if the homes themselves look the same.

Our team at Express Green is available for all homeowners in the WPB area to utilize. We work out of Belvedere Road, which appropriately is right near the Sunterra Hoa neighborhood we mentioned a bit ago.

Our services at Express Green include everything of your yard maintenance requirements. We offer essential lawn mowing services that entail the best mowing equipment in the West Palm Beach area. From standard riding mowers to trimmers for harsh edges and even small push mowers for sensitive surfaces, we have everything your lawn may require for its care needs.

Our team also has a full landscape maintenance service that you can trust. We will help you with everything for your landscape from trimming bushes to collecting leaves. We can also clean out weeds with a safe and suitable process that will not cause damage to your lawn.

The work we offer is available throughout the entire WPB area. We serve people on both sides of Lake Mangonia. You can ask for help with a lawn on Echo Lake or Roosevelt estates, not to mention a yard in Vedado or another far-off spot. We can come to your property at a time that you ask us to go over. We’ll also come to your space even if you are out at work or school. We’ll let you know when we arrive and when we are going to work on things for your lawn. Our goal is to provide a thorough approach to our work to ensure your lawn is cared for correctly and safely.

You can speak with us at Express Green today if you need help with anything surrounding your lawn maintenance needs. We want your home to stand out from the sameness that might stay in your neighborhood in the West Palm Beach FL area. You will appreciate the work we put in at Express Green when it comes to seeing that your lawn will look outstanding and have a style unlike anything else in your neighborhood.

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South Palm Service Lawn Services in West Palm Beach, FL

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Some homes around West Palm Beach FL make for good dividing points between the city and the Pond Cypress Natural Area. Homes around Florida’s Turnpike have controlled lawns that only go as far as they are allowed. Still, these lawns require plenty of care if they are to look as beautiful as the Pond Cypress area.

These lawns need help with their grass cutting needs, not to mention support for trimming their trees and aerating their spaces so flooding will not be a threat in the future. The great news is that our team of yard care experts at South Palm Service is here to help with anything you require surrounding your lawn and how well the location may look.

We at South Palm Service will help you every aspect of your lawn regardless of how little the issue may be. Our team is located at 28th Street in the Northwood Shores region of the city. We have a thorough service that will help you with making the most out of your property no matter what its size or layout might be.

You can contact us at South Palm Service for help with your lawn right now. Our grass cutting team will come to your property and analyze every part of your lawn. We will review things like how long the grass is growing, how damp the surface can get after a rainfall event, any weeds growing around your lawn, and how hard the surface feels. We know that the height of your grass is the first part of yard maintenance, but it is far from the last.

We can help you with several services dedicated to keeping your lawn looking beautiful. You can talk with us for help with things like aerating your field on occasion to allow water to move through without obstruction. We will also help you with seeding your lawn for cases where you need to restore the appearance of your space.

We believe in a thorough approach to your lawn care needs. You can reach us for when you need a lawn mowing service, landscaping assistance, or help with cleaning out anything unusual growing in your space. We’re available throughout all parts of the West Palm Beach area too, including spots like the Palm Club or Villages of Palm Beach Lakes areas where the artificial bodies of water can flood on occasion. We’ll help you with treating your lawn so it will look beautiful while also being ready for any possible flooding concerns that might develop in your area after a while.

Be sure to talk with us at South Palm Service if you have concerns with your lawn in the WPB area. We want to see that your yard has a look that it deserves and that you’ve got a space that you are bound to love for years to come. Don’t forget that we are available throughout the year for services and can come to your property even if you are not there.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Diane Jackson Lawn Maintenance in West Palm Beach FL

My lawn in the El Cid neighborhood has got to be at least fifty years old. The turf still feels beautiful as well, but I’ve had some concerns about what would happen if I tried mowing the lawn myself. Munoz Landscaping has helped me with my grass cutting needs and has been very cautious with my surface. The team is very proficient in mowing and does well with cleaning off my lawn without a problem. I love how the team is prompt and friendly. More importantly, I appreciate that they respect the value of my yard and are willing to care for it well enough.

George James Lawn Mowing in West Palm Beach FL

I asked OCD Maintenance to help me mow my lawn in Pinewood Park, and they came to my property in no time. The thing that struck me the most was how prompt and caring they were. They talked with me about all the things my lawn needed and respected my decisions on what I wanted them to do based on my budget. The team was very positive and didn’t force me into spending more for stuff that I did not require. I appreciate that there’s a grass cutting team in the WPB area that cares about my concerns for a change.

Dwayne Ford Yard Cutting in West Palm Beach FL

Express Green was very courteous with its lawn care services. I talked with Express Green for help with my lawn at Briar Bay and needed help with some dead grass spots. The team reviewed the grass and found some compacted surfaces that needed to be loosened. The team was very thorough in what they were doing and helped me quite well with aerating my lawn and with cleaning out the weeds that were stuck there. They were also very positive about the work they were putting in and cared about the needs that I had. I appreciate the great work that the team here at Express Green was able to do for my lawn and with ensuring the space looks its best.

Tony Willis Lawn Care in West Palm Beach FL

I reached South Palm Service to help me with mowing my lawn in the Stonehaven area recently. I had dealt with some flooding issues there recently, mainly after Irma came along. But the team was very prompt and courteous with what they were doing for me. They reviewed my lawn and assisted me with the necessary grass cutting effort. After they were done mowing grass, they analyzed the surface and helped with aerating the space and with seeding some spots that had worn out from all that fatigue caused by the storm. My lawn is looking greener than ever thanks to their work.

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Have you been trying to find a talented lawn care team in the West Palm Beach Florida area who understands what you require? You might have thought that it would be difficult to find someone who could take care of your lawn quite well. But with GreenPal, you will see that it is easier for you to utilize the best lawn care services in town than you might expect to get out of something of note to you.

Our team at GreenPal has produced a convenient app that helps you to find the best lawn mowing providers in the WPB area. These include teams that are devoted to mowing grass of all sorts, not to mention helping with everything surrounding your grass bed and landscape. You can find teams on GreenPal that will help with aerating your lawn, clearing out pests and weeds, and with seeding the lawn with the proper items for your specific lawn needs.

You can find people who will help you with any property you have. Do you have a large home in Briar Bay that needs to be aerated? Does your home in Palm Beach Lakes need some help with clearing out ant hills? Maybe your Pineapple Park home needs mowing before some special guests come to your property.

Whatever the concern may be, you can reach us at GreenPal to get the support you require. You can list information on where in the WPB area you are located. We will then help you find lawn care providers near that particular area.

You will get information on all of these lawn mowing providers who can help you with your lawn needs. We’ve got full information on quality lawn mowers that you can trust. You’ll find reports on each of these groups with information based on what they have provided. The good news is that all of these entities listed on the site are ones who are registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches among other groups, so you know you’re working with a trustworthy provider of services that has been helping people in your area for years.

You’ll also get information on the approximate charges for services. You have to option to pay for those services through the app too. The thorough approach we put into making the app work is what makes this different from other solutions you might be interested in hiring.

Remember that you’ll find help for your home no matter where in the WPB area you live. You can see details on quality teams for hire in Forest Homes, Pheasant Run, and all the other prominent neighborhoods in the city. The thorough approach offered by the app makes it a simple choice for your benefit.

Download the GreenPal app today so you can reserve the best lawn service in West Palm Beach, Florida. We want you to make the most out of the lawn mowing efforts that you require by finding the top yard care providers in the region.

About West Palm Beach Florida

West Palm Beach is a city in Florida, United States.

West Palm Beach FL is a city located in northeastern Palm Beach County. The city is about 70 miles north of Miami.

West Palm Beach is home to the SunFest festival held every year from late April to early May. The waterfront music festival brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to catch many of the world’s top musical artists from various genres.

The Norton Museum of Art is in the city and is the largest art museum in the state. The museum is home to contemporary American and European art pieces.

The School District of Palm Beach County serves students in the city. There are more than 180,000 students enrolled in schools in the county, thus making it one of the largest in the country. There are four high schools in the district located in the city of West Palm Beach plus seven middle schools.

West Palm Beach is south of Palm Beach Gardens and north of Lake Worth. Both I-19 and US-1 go through the city. Florida’s Turnpike and Military Trail are also important roads that go through the city.

The city has a population of slightly over 100,000. About three-quarters of the people living in West Palm Beach FL speak English at home. The city has significant populations who speak Spanish and French or Haitian Creole.

The climate in West Palm Beach is humid through much of the year. Conditions are typically dry from November to April. West Palm Beach takes in about 62 inches of rain a year, thus making the city the fourth-wettest in the country based on rainfall per year. Thunderstorms are likely to occur in the afternoon hours. Temperatures often reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, although the odds of conditions getting to 100 or greater are often remote.

The Mayaimi, Jaega, and Ais tribes settled the land in West Palm Beach, but they eventually died out from diseases prior to the English controlling Florida in 1763. The city became popular among settlers in the late-nineteenth century. The city was incorporated in 1894, two years before the formation of Miami. The land boom of the 1920s helped West Palm Beach to grow and evolve.

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