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Metros Lawn Care Lawn Services in Florence, AL

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Your dream lawn is one click away. If your lawn could use a makeover or you need a hand mowing the yard this weekend, Metros Lawn Care can help. We're your local "grass healers," experts at turning any muddy, dry, patchy, and ugly messes into green wonderlands. With over 5 years of experience, we're the company people hire when they need quality, professionalism, and affordable prices.

The Greenest Yard On The Block

It's simple to thicken an existing lawn, seed a new one, or patch up balding spots if you follow the proper steps. Here are some of the things we do during the year to beautify your outdoor space:

  • 1) Prep Your Yard: At the start of early spring, we rake dead grass, get rid of twigs, clear away fallen branches, and remove any debris before treating your property.
  • 2) Fertilize: We use premium-grade lawn fertilizers from the start of spring. We apply them every 5 to 7 weeks, depending on the condition of your soil and what type of grass mixture you own.
  • 3) Grass Cutting: The most important part of your lawn care routine; mowing. We cut at about 2 and a half or more inches to avoid scalping your grass and promote better grass growth
  • 4) Weed Control: We attack weeds before they sprout via pre-emergents. We also attack weeds in spring and summer using a high-quality herbicide mixture to keep them away while keeping your grass safe.
  • 5) Core Aeration: Over time, your soil hardens or becomes compacted. This is a death sentence for your grass. By aerating it, your soil can absorb nutrients like fertilizers, airflow, and water to thrive.

These are just some of the services we offer. When done right, your grass grows better, faster, and greener.

Who We Serve

We provide high-quality and affordable lawn care services to customers in Florence, Alabama, and Lauderdale County. From Bentbrook to Greenhill to properties near Deibert Park, we've successfully served the community for years.

We offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. Whether it's a big or small property, our company has the knowledge and tools to get any landscaping job done.

Metros Lawn Care offers affordable packages for all customers. While our prices can change depending on what you need and how large your property is, we'll work with your budget.

Visit our business page for more information. Hire us, and we'll take care of your lawn care chores. 


The Other Side Lawns Lawn Services in Florence, AL

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Enhance and beautify your backyard with our help. If you've been struggling to maintain your lawn this year, we can help. There's no shame in 'DIY-ing' your lawn care chores. But keeping your yard in great shape month to month is not easy. Don't want to deal with the hassle? The Other Side Lawns can help.

Customized Lawn Service For Florence, AL Customers

Let's upgrade your yard. We know maintaining your landscape can be hard. Whether you're pouring in your time or money, it's a daunting task, especially in the summer. Skip the trip to your hardware store, put away your mower, and let our lawn care professionals do the dirty work for you.

Our secret to sprucing up your green space? It's simple. We feed, mow, water, and give it some tendering loving care. Lawn care work is all about balance and timing. It's not just about what you do; it's also about when you do it and how often.

For every customer, we create a customized lawn service plan. That might involve addressing soil conditions, plucking out weeds, or simply mowing the lawn.

Once we learn more about your needs, we'll tailor our services to them to help you save money and transform your outdoors.

Benefits Of Hiring The Other Side Lawns

If you want a company that will:

  • Handle your seasonal lawn care chores
  • Transform your yard into a green oasis
  • Tackle weeds and invasive crabgrass at the roots
  • Feed your lawn with safe products that won't put your pets or family in danger
  • Charge budget-friendly rates

Then you can stop looking. Our lawn care company has been in the business of beautifying our community. We're more than just a lawn service provider. We care deeply about our community and the people we serve.

From day one, we'll build a customized lawn care plan that addresses the needs of your property and your budget. 

Local Lawn Maintenance In Florence

We provide affordable lawn care services in Florence, Alabama, and Lauderdale County. We also serve customers in Montgomery, Alabama. From Pinehurst to Creekwood, we've delivered a five-star experience for our customers. Let's add you to that list.

By hiring us, you get a staff with decades of collective experience. We also equip them with some of the best tools on the market to get the job done right. We got you covered from the initial planning phase to the end result.

Hire The Other Side Lawns today for all your lawn care needs. 


Turner Inc Lawn Services in Florence, AL

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Take advantage of our low-cost lawn care services before your weeds take over. Turner Inc offers a five-star lawn care program to promote thicker grass growth and combat weeds. From mowing to pest control, our treatment program is the key to a greener, weed-free backyard.

Take Advantage Before Your Weeds Do

Here's exactly what you get from our most popular lawn care program:

  • Five to eight applications of fertilizers (depending on when you hire us)
  • Aeration in the fall
  • Pre-emergent application in early spring to prevent weeds
  • Crabgrass, dandelion, and clover removal
  • Thatch removal
  • Lawn mowing services (bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Water management
  • Pest control

This is the perfect combination for every warm-season grass in Alabama.

Affordable Lawn Service In Florence

Our services will make your lawn:

  • Grow back thicker
  • Grow stronger
  • Look greener
  • Become healthier
  • Resist weeds and other invasive plants from the root
  • Look amazing all year

We have helped customers for over a decade. Our top-rated company has been a staple of fast support, quality care, and professionalism. Hire us if you want high-quality lawn care services in Florence, Alabama, or Lauderdale County.

Visit our business page to learn more about our services and recent work. Turner Inc is ready to help you whenever you need us. 


Steve's Services Lawn Services in Florence, AL

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For a greener yard, hire Steve's Services. Your backyard is more than just a nice view; it's a place to host guests and build memories. From landscape remodeling to lawn mowing services on a budget, we can help. Our company doesn't just mow grass; we transform your outdoors.

What We Do Better

What makes us stand out?

  • You get golf course-like services for budget-friendly prices
  • We make your grass look thicker, greener, and healthier no matter what condition it is in right now
  • We tackle common lawn issues using state-of-the-art equipment and chemical-free products
  • We provide flexible pricing options without locking you into a contract
  • Our team is comprised of landscaping specialists with decades of combined experience

Plus, we're also licensed and insured. So, you're always covered in case something happens. Thankfully, we have a spotless and proven track record with hundreds of five-star reviews to prove it.

Lawn Care Work Without The Headache

Our tried-and-true lawn care process always works. After years of serving customers in Florence, Alabama, and Lauderdale County, we know what makes your lawn tweak, what it needs to survive, and how to help it thrive.

With a combination of mowing, aeration, fertilizing, overseeding, and consistent yard maintenance, we'll tackle all of your landscaping goals.

If you're ready for a greener backyard, hire Steve's Services. 

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I highly recommend you hire Metros Lawn Care. They did a great job on my lawn, that is near Broadway Recreation Center. You should definitely hire them.

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From the first day I hired The Other Side Lawns, they've been nothing but incredible. They work hard and always go beyond what's expected of them. My property close to The Children's Museum Scholas has never looked this good.

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If you hire a lawn care company, make sure it's Turner Inc. Their prices might be low, but their work is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to them, my lawn near Blackberry Trail Golf Course got a fabulous makeover. Highly recommended!

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It's almost embarrassing how long it took me to find lawn mowing services near me. It was only after learning about GreenPal that it all changed. I quickly hired Steve's Services, who did a fantastic job for me. My yard near Cox Creek Park desperately needed a professional's touch, and these guys were perfect for the role.