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Howells Lawn Care Lawn Services in Franklin, WI

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Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a source of pride. However, mowing the lawn yourself can present a few challenges. Cut it too short, and you risk damaging it. Not treating it right will stunt its growth and lead to unsightly patches. And not providing proper balance of fertilizers, water, and attention can cause stress on your lawn. If you need a hand, Howells Lawn Care can help. 

Proper Lawn Care From The Start

At Howells Lawn Care, we'll mow your grass at the appropriate height and provide the seasonal yard work your landscape needs to thrive. Mowing at the appropriate height protects your grass bed while fertilizing and water management helps your grass grow faster and thicker. Not to mention it also keeps weeds away. 

One other issue you might have with grass cutting entails the quality of a mower. You might have a dirty mower, a dull blade, or a weak body that leaks gas or oil among other fluids. We always ensure our equipment is in good condition. We clean our mowers and inspect their blades before every task. We also use electric equipment that will not leak anything, not to mention it won’t produce annoying fumes.

Serving Residential Properties In Franklin

Homes in Saint Martins have lawns that are easy to spot from any street in the area. You’ll need to keep your grass looking outstanding, as you don’t want people to judge you over what your property looks like.

Meanwhile, properties in Security Acres and elsewhere in the city often feature vast landscapes with lush decorative miniature trees and bushes that must be trimmed to the right sizes. You might struggle to maintain these landscape features to the point where you end up trimming off more than desired. But our experts at Howells Lawn Care will restore your landscape features accordingly without risking anything excessive.

Long List of Services

We also provide services such as aeration, weed removal, drainage support, and yard pest control. Our aeration services are suitable for all homes including the ones near Lake Lore, Lake Brittany, or any of the other bodies of water in the Franklin area. With flash storms being so prominent in the area, you can never tell if your yard is going to flood or not after it rains. 

Contact Howells Lawn Care today to learn more. We can schedule a free appointment and provide a quote on the spot. 


Midwest Snow and Lawn Lawn Services in Franklin, WI

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Need lawn mowing services in Franklin, Wisconsin? Own the nicest lawn on the block. You can own your own comfortable and relaxing oasis like the houses in Victory Creek. From grass cutting to basic upkeep, we'll keep your property in great condition all year.

Seasonal Lawn Care Services

We are available throughout the year to provide a range of lawn care services. 

We can help you in the winter season with all your snow and ice removal needs. We can clear the snow out from your driveway and other paved areas, not to mention the fragile places in your landscape. We can also brush the snow off of your trees and your roof to prevent excess snowfall from adding undue stress on your trees or roof. The extra mass could damage your property if you don’t resolve the issue soon enough.

Snow & Winter Services

Our snow service is helpful for people in Briarwood and other parts of the city that may be a little further off the beaten path. You should not have to wait all day for help if you’re in a remote part of Franklin. Our experts will reach your house as soon as possible after you call us for help with cleaning up your yard.

Spring & Summer Services

Midwest Snow and Lawn is available during the spring and summer. We can clean up the leaves in your yard and then mow to the appropriate height. Our team can also aerate your yard, remove weeds, and trim areas near your landscape.

We cover everything that you might need for your yard in Franklin. We work well for homeowners in all corners of the city, including in the larger homes in the Kaitlin Woods area. People with smaller yards like in the Hidden Lakes section of Franklin can also benefit from the thorough and hard work that we can put in.

Our prices are also flexible for all customers. Contact us today for affordable lawn care. 


Golden Touch Lawn Care Lawn Services in Franklin, WI

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Want to head out to Tuckaway to hit a bucket of or play a full round instead of mowing the lawn? Maybe you want to travel out to downtown Milwaukee. Whatever you like to do on your free time, the last thing you'd probably want to do is yard work. If you're looking for help with your lawn care chores without spending a fortune, Golden Touch Lawn Care can help. 

Affordable & Time Saving Lawn Service

Golden Touch Lawn Care can provide a range of services for an affordable price. We serve commercial properties and traditional single-family homes, but we can also serve apartment complexes. These include communities in the Foresthill Highlands and Loomis Road areas.

Every yard we serve will receive the specific standards for care that it deserves. It takes plenty of things for your yard to grow well. You’ll have to confirm your grass is growing and that your turf bed isn’t flooding after it rains.

Upgrading Your Yard 

Our goal at Golden Touch Lawn Care is not just to cut your grass. We also focus on removing weeds and other unhealthy growths that might appear all around.

Golden Touch Lawn Care want to provide you with the precise care your yard needs. We’ll review your yard before we start every time we come over. There’s a chance your yard’s care needs might change in between each session. Our experts will figure out the right plans for mowing and caring for other things based on what you need. We will confirm that whatever you have is maintained well.

24/7 Winter Services 

We can remove snow from your yard, your driveway, and your trees or other landscape features. The yard maintenance work we put in doesn’t end when your yard becomes dormant for the winter season. We’ll see that your yard stays healthy and that snow mold and other weather issues won’t be a threat to your yard.

You can reach us at Golden Touch Lawn Care to help you with your lawn mowing needs today. We are available to provide you with the support you need for making your yard look its best. We can schedule a time for visiting your house and for checking on what you require out of giving your yard the appearance and style it deserves.


K&K Lawn Specialist Lawn Services in Franklin, WI

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There are far too many rules to when it comes to your lawn. For instance, you’d have to avoid removing more than a third of your grass leaves when mowing. You’ll also have to avoid mowing when the turf is wet. Let’s not forget about the risks that come with mowing your lawn with a dull blade. If you want your lawn cared for the right way, it may be time to hire a professional. 

Affordable Lawn Care 

K&K Lawn Specialist is available for all kinds of services, including lawn mowing. Get one-time lawn service or hire us every few weeks to get the lawn cut. We recommend that you reach us every seven to ten days. 

We’ll care for your yard no matter how intense the conditions might be. You can especially ask for our help if you have a home in the Hidden Lakes area or any other parts of Franklin that might be at risk of flooding.

Seasonal Options

We can also aerate your yard in the spring, review your drainage system in the summer, and remove snow in the winter. Everything we do at K&K is all about ensuring your yard stays healthy throughout the year. Remember that even when your grass isn’t growing, your yard still needs to be maintained well enough. 

We can help you regardless of the property type you have. You can even reach us if you have a private pool in Stonewood. 

We also serve commercial properties, particularly the ones on Loomis Road and other places in the city. Our lawn care team can provide you with regular bi-weekly or monthly contract services for your business lawn maintenance needs as well. Our contracts come with special discounted rates.

Contact us at K&K Lawn Specialist for all your lawn care needs. 

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Brenda Randolph yard mowing in Franklin WI
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Howells Lawn Care helped me with mowing my lawn in the Briarwood area last week. I was going to have an open house for my property, and I needed someone who could come over as soon as possible to help me out. I hadn’t had my lawn cut in nearly two months, but the people here didn’t judge. They got the lawn cut and also trimmed the areas around my front door, my mailbox, and some of those other spots their mowers could not reach. The grass looked healthier and more refreshing than it ever has, and my guests were particularly impressed.

Raul Mendoza grass cutting in Franklin WI
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Franklin-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Franklin-WI

The people at Midwest Snow and Lawn were very helpful in giving my yard a look I had been trying to get for years. Everyone here understood what my property in Victory Creek needed, including how they could remove some of the annoying weeds in my yard. I had been dealing with thistle plants around my front yard for years, and they keep growing back even when I remove them myself. Everyone at Midwest helped with drying out the weeds and with clearing out the roots and seeds so nothing would grow back. Their work was extensive and precise.

William Coe grass cutting in Franklin WI
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Franklin-WI cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI

The experts at Golden Touch have a great way with lawn maintenance. My house in the Puetz neighborhood had a bunch of weeds growing all over the place, but the team was able to dry the growths out and remove them while ensuring the roots and seeds were killed off. They added new grass seed in the places the weeds used to be. It used to be that my house had dandelions that kept on popping up a few times each year, but that is no longer the case thanks to everyone at Golden Touch. It’s a whole lot easier for me to care for my yard now thanks to their work.

Norma Hilton lawn mowing in Franklin WI
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Franklin-WI local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Franklin-WI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Franklin-WI local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Franklin-WI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Franklin-WI

The team at K&K understands what my yard in Deerwood needs. No one else has been able to mow my lawn as well as the people at K&K have. I’ve run into far too many companies in the past that assume that shorter is better. Everyone at K&K knows what height my grass needs to be cut. Thanks to them, my lawn looks greener than ever, not to mention no weeds are popping up at random all around. I encourage anyone in Franklin who’s having a hard time with maintaining their lawns to contact K&K to see how the team can help them with their lawns.