Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Shorewood, WI as of Feb, 2023


Grass Clips Lawn Services in Shorewood, WI

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The homes around Shorewood are among the most beautiful in Milwaukee County. You’ll find sprawling houses that surround the lake and smaller ones near Oakland Avenue that work well for today’s young professionals. You can ask us at Grass Clips to help you with your lawn mowing needs no matter what home you have in the Shorewood area.

We can work on lakeside houses on the shore of Lake Michigan. We have been working on many homes on North Lake Drive for years with grass cutting services. You can also reach us for when you need help with trimming the trees and bushes around your yard. We can clean up all the leaves and other features from your yard as necessary.

We can also cover smaller yards closer to the river. These include yards near Maryland Avenue that are a little smaller. Just because you don’t have a massive grass yard doesn’t mean you can’t hire us at Grass Clips for help. It is often difficult for people to cut small yards because of all the turning and edging required in some small places. But you can ask us to care for all those things that you need help with cutting and caring for.

Our experts at Grass Clips understand all the ins and outs surrounding caring for your yard. We can come to your property and get the lawn cut to the best possible standard. We can help you with mowing grass, edging the grass around your landscape or fence, and with trimming trees. We will clean your yard before we start and then clean once again after we finish. You can ask us to provide you with the grass clippings left over after we finish if you prefer.

Our rates for services are also affordable. We offer quality rates for lawn mowing and landscape maintenance because we know that life in Shorewood can be expensive. You’ll find that our lawn maintenance contracts for weekly or biweekly services may be cheaper than what you’re paying for some of the other things you hire for your home needs.

We can also come to your home in Shorewood at a time of your choosing. You can ask us to reach your home while you are out at work or school too. We can let you know when we come over for work and when we are leaving. All you need to do is let us know what you want us to complete for your yard. We’ll also clean up after we are finished taking care of your yard.

We at Grass Clips want to help you with all the outstanding lawn care needs you might have in Shorewood WI. You can ask us at Grass Clips to schedule a time for services today. We’ll provide you with an outstanding service every time you contact us for help with your yard.


Rescue My Landscape Lawn Services in Shorewood, WI

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Many problems can threaten your lawn and landscape in Shorewood, WI. Flooding can develop in the area whether it’s from the Milwaukee River or Lake Michigan. You may also come across various weeds that can get in the way of your yard, including crabgrass infestations that may appear after the winter season. A drought could also be a dramatic concern that can keep your yard from growing as well as it should.

All of these threats are prominent concerns that homeowners in Shorewood should know. The good news is that these problems don’t have to hurt the quality of your yard. You can ask us at Rescue My Landscape to help protect your lawn. We offer help for homes from Kensington Boulevard to Edgewood Avenue.

We offer a comprehensive approach to lawn care at Rescue My Landscape. We can get the lawn cut and trim the grass around your driveway, patio, mailbox, and other places around your yard. Our work will keep your grass at the best height possible. The work ensures that the grass doesn’t produce too much shade to where weeds could develop.

We can also aerate your yard in the spring to allow water to flow through the lawn bed without flooding. You can ask us to add new grass seed during the aeration process too. Our seeding work is perfect for homeowners who have large segments of grass that aren’t growing as well as they should be.

Our landscape maintenance service includes support for everything from removing weeds from your garden to cleaning out leaves and branches. Our work will give your landscape enough room to breathe. By removing the weeds, we will ensure your landscape features will not be at risk of wearing out. Weeds and other unwanted growths can deprive your flowers, bushes, and other landscape items of the nutrients and water that they require. We’ll ensure that those weeds are cleaned out and that they won’t grow back. More importantly, we’ll keep the plants around your landscape from being at risk of harm.

All our services at Rescue My Landscape will keep your yard in Shorewood looking as beautiful as it should. You will not spend lots of money on our service either, as we offer some of the best rates for lawn care services in the Shorewood area. We’ll let you know what it would cost for services before we start working on your yard.

We can work on lawns of all sizes as well. You don’t need a fancy lakeside property or a distinguished Frank Lloyd Wright home to hire us for help. We can work for you even if you have a smaller property in Shorewood.

You’re never going to have to worry about how well your yard will look and feel when you ask us at Rescue My Landscape for help. You can hire us for your yard maintenance needs in Shorewood today.


Mr Nice Guys Landscaping Lawn Services in Shorewood, WI

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Your Shorewood WI lawn needs more than regular mowing. You will need extra help with keeping your yard looking clean and refreshed. You can ask us at Mr Nice Guys Landscaping for help with everything your yard requires. We serve all homes around Shorewood from Lake Bluff Boulevard to Maryland Avenue.

The lawn mowing service we offer at Mr Nice Guys Landscaping is perfect for your yard. We’ll mow your grass to the best height possible. We’ll trim the grass on the edges as well. You can ask us to preserve the grass clippings if you wish.

But there’s much more to lawn maintenance than lawn mowing when you reach us at Mr Nice Guys for help. We offer a thorough lawn aeration service to remove the old plugs around your grass bed. Aeration allows oxygen to enter the grass, not to mention water can reach the roots. The effort also makes any fertilizer you add to your yard more effective and beneficial.

We provide a seeding service for yards around Shorewood as well. We can identify the unique grass type in your yard and then apply new seed based on what you have. The new grass growth around your yard will support a healthy look all the way through. Our work is useful for homes that have been hurt by weeds, pests, and other things that might have gotten in the way in the past.

Speaking of which, we can also clean out weeds around your yard. We work on grass and broadleaf weeds alike. We can kill off weeds and reseed whatever segments of your lawn we’ve treated if necessary. Our team can also clean out grubs and other annoying pests that might hurt your grass roots.

Our work will cover everything your yard requires, but we also recognize that every yard maintenance task will be unique. We can review the quality of your yard to figure out what it demands before we start. We will then provide you with a thorough estimate for services. You will only be charged for the services that you ask us to complete. We know that not every property in Shorewood needs the same things, which is why we work our hardest to give your yard the help it needs.

You can also ask us for help if you have a rental property on Lake Drive. We’ll come to your home and give you reminders of when we take care of the work at hand. We can also send images of our work to you if you prefer. Everything we do at Mr Nice Guys is all about ensuring your yard is cared for well and that the grass looks its best.

You can ask us at Mr Nice Guys Landscaping for help with all the outstanding lawn care and maintenance needs you have. We are available for all your needs throughout the year, so contact us online or by phone to learn more about what we can do for your property in Shorewood.


EZ Lawn Care Lawn Services in Shorewood, WI

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It is frustrating for people in Shorewood WI to try and care for their lawns on their own. It’s even harder for people to cut the grass if they’ve got lots of trees all around.

Homes on Edgewood Avenue, Lake Drive, and other places where the trees are plentiful are often a challenge to mow. The massive trees in these parts of Shorewood will scatter lots of leaves and branches all around. It is often hard to clean these off without possibly tearing up the grass bed.

The added shade produced by those trees can make the lawn mowing process even harder. Some shaded spots can grow a little faster than others, not to mention they may be prone to weeds.

Our grass cutting experts at EZ Lawn Care know that many things will go into the lawn mowing process. You can ask us at EZ Lawn Care about how we can take care of your yard no matter what it might look like.

Our work at EZ Lawn Care entails many things dedicated to keeping your yard looking its best. We will start by raking your grass before we get the lawn cut. The raking process will remove leaves, branches, and other things that trees might spread around your yard. Our experts have the experience and knowledge needed for raking your yard without possibly tearing up the grass all around.

We will then get the lawn cut to the necessary height. We’ll review your grass and figure out the proper height for cutting. We will then help with the grass cutting effort and also trim the grass around the edges as necessary. Our work will ensure your grass is cut as evenly as possible.

We can also provide you with a thorough landscape maintenance plan. We will clean the leaves out of your garden bed and also trim your bushes and trees. We’ll clean up everything we cut after we are finished.

Our team will cover all the needs you have for your yard in Shorewood. We can also work on commercial lawns on Oakland Avenue. Our commercial yard maintenance service can come to your property every few weeks to clean everything up. We’ll cut the grass, trim the bushes, edge the grass around your paved areas, and also remove weeds and anything unusual that might grow around. Our work will keep your lawn healthy without risking significant problems.

All of these services come with some of the best values you’ll ever find. We offer top-rate services for all budgets. You can ask us about what it would cost for us to help you before we start.

You can reach us at EZ Lawn Care for help with all the distinct lawn care needs you might have in the area. We will assist you with ensuring your yard in Shorewood WI is cared for well enough. We will see there’s no problem surrounding how well your lawn can be cared for.

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Norma Bautista lawn cutting in Shorewood WI
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The friendly people at Grass Clips understand what my yard needs every time. I appreciate how well the Grass Clips team has helped me with cutting my yard in the Newton Avenue area. The team does well with trimming the grass around my patio and with cleaning up the leaves from my landscape. The team is cautious with ensuring my yard looks beautiful. They do well with cleaning up the driveway after they are finished too, which is ideal given how massive my driveway is. There are no grass stains leftover when they finish caring for my yard.

Evelyn Ambrose lawn mowing in Shorewood WI
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Shorewood-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Shorewood-WI affordable-lawn-services-in-Shorewood-WI

My business on Capitol Drive has been getting a whole lot more business ever since the team at Rescue My Landscape helped with restoring the bushes outside. They helped me with trimming the grass and with cutting some of the growths around my bushes. They also removed the old weeds that had been growing near the store’s entry door. The grass is still healthy, and the bushes look better than ever before. I am glad that the team at Rescue My Landscape was there to help me with my business yard and bushes when I needed help the most.

Donald Demarco lawn maintenance in Shorewood WI
lawn-maintenance-in-Shorewood-WI grass-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Shorewood-WI

The team at Mr Nice Guys understands what my yard needs more than anything. They helped me with all the things that I needed for my yard, including mowing the lawn and trimming my bushes. The team talked with me beforehand about what my yard required and how they would go about the work. I learned quite a bit from them about how my yard works. It turns out that there’s a whole lot more to lawn maintenance than keeping the grass short. My yard on Prospect Avenue looks more beautiful than the others around the area thanks to their work.

Terry Nagel lawn mowing in Shorewood WI
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Shorewood-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Shorewood-WI local-lawn-care-services-in-Shorewood-WI local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Shorewood-WI

EZ Lawn Care has been helping me with maintaining the quality of my yard on Newton Avenue for a little over a year. I know that it would be difficult for my home to look as beautiful as the Frank Lloyd Wright house a few blocks down, but the team at EZ does everything they can to keep the lawn healthy. They do a great job with cleaning up the grass before and after they work on the lawn mowing effort. They have been very effective in cleaning up some of the weeds around my lawn as well. I appreciate how well they work.