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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Wauwatosa
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Wauwatosa, WI as of Aug, 2019


Lazaris Lawn Care Lawn Services in Wauwatosa, WI

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We at Lazaris Lawn Care provide a comprehensive approach to yard maintenance in Wauwatosa that you’ll appreciate. We respect your time at Lazaris Lawn Care, as we know that you might not have time to take care of your yard on your own.

We recognize that you’ve got plenty of needs surrounding the quality of your lawn in Wauwatosa. Homes around the city are subject to many hassles from flooding to leaves falling on the grass to the occasional drought.

Homes around places like Washington Highlands and Hawthorne Glen can bear with problems involving trees and weeds. Areas closer to the Menomonee River can flood if the rainfall gets to be too extreme.

All of these hassles can keep any yard in Wauwatosa from looking its best. But the good news is that our team at Lazaris Lawn Care understands what your yard requires.

We provide support for your lawn throughout the year. You can ask us to clean up your yard during the spring and fall seasons. We can clear out your gutters as well.

Our lawn mowing experts can help you with all your grass cutting needs. You don’t need a massive lawn like what you’d find in Pinelawn to hire us. We can work on smaller yards too. We’re also available to serve commercial properties throughout the Wauwatosa area.

We can also cut any trees, bushes, or other landscape features you have in your yard. We’ll trim dead branches and prune anything that tilts. The work will ensure your landscape will be ready for whatever new growths may come about throughout your yard.

You can ask us to remove leaves from your lawn during the fall and winter. We’ll also aerate and seed your lawn as necessary. We provide a detailed approach to caring for these parts of your yard and much more.

We love providing our friends in Wauwatosa with all the lawn maintenance services they require. But we do more than clean your yard and trim things. We can also remove weeds, edge the grass around your driveway, and even clean snow off of your landscape. The comprehensive approach we offer for your needs ensures your yard is cared for the right way the first time around.

We provide affordable services that you can trust. You can talk with us before we start to learn more about our charges. You’ll find that it will not cost as much to contact us for lawn mowing needs as you might expect. We believe that all homeowners around the Wauwatosa area should have access to useful and affordable yard maintenance services. You can even talk with us about regular contract services if you need someone to come to your yard in Wauwatosa every week or two.

You can ask us at Lazaris Lawn Care for help with your yard maintenance needs in Wauwatosa WI today. We are available online and by phone for reservations, so talk with us to see what our team can do for you.

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Jakub's Lawn Service Lawn Services in Wauwatosa, WI

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People who want to enjoy a round of golf in Wauwatosa WI can enjoy doing so at the Blue Mound or Currie Park courses. It’s enjoyable to spend a good day on the links trying one’s luck. But one reason why people around Wauwatosa love going to these golf courses is that the links look much more beautiful than anything else they’d come across in the area.

People have been asking us at Jakub’s Lawn Service about what it would take for them to get their lawns to look as unique as what they’d find at those golf courses. While we can’t get your yard in Wauwatosa to look like one of the greens, we can help get the lawn cut to where your grass will look clean and even to where you could hit a golf ball off of it if you wanted.

We have a thorough lawn mowing service that you can hire for your yard in Wauwatosa. We’ll cut your lawn based on the type of grass you have and how low it needs to be. We’ll also trim the grass around your foundation, patio, driveway, and other places that a traditional mower might not necessarily reach on its own.

We can also review anything around your lawn that might compromise its beautiful look. Our team at Jakub’s Lawn Service has experience with removing weeds, cleaning out grub infestations, aerating areas that aren’t growing, and installing drains around places that need them. Our work at Jakub’s will keep your lawn from dying, flooding, or otherwise staying dormant throughout the year.

You might have plenty of trees around your property as well. Homes in Golden Valley, Kops Park, and other sections of Wauwatosa particularly have loads of trees. We’ll help you get your trees to look as lush and elegant as what you’d find at one of the golf courses in the city. We can trim dead branches and prune younger trees or shrubs to ensure they grow straight and tall. We will also clean everything off of your yard at the end.

We can come to your home in the Wauwatosa even if you’re not there. You can schedule us to come to your home at any time of the week. We’ll arrive and let you know when we show up. You’ll also know when we leave. Of course, we’ll clean up after we are finished. You can enjoy a round of golf or whatever it is you want to do in Wauwatosa while we take care of all the dirty work.

Besides, our team has the experience and professional expertise to get the job done right the first time. The odds are we know much more about yard maintenance than what you like to think you know.

You can ask us at Jakub’s Lawn Service for help with anything your yard demands today. We want to come to your property in Wauwatosa and help you get your lawn looking as dynamic and unique as what you’d find at the golf courses in the city.

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Lj's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Wauwatosa, WI

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People around Wauwatosa WI use various grass types in their lawns. Some yards feature Kentucky bluegrass, but others prefer perennial ryegrass that won’t spread. Others like fine fescues, especially those who live in neighborhoods like in Hartung Park where the trees produce more shade.

Most people in the Wauwatosa area do not know about what types of grass they have in their yards. But we at LJ’s Lawn Care will help you with getting the lawn cut regardless of the grass you have.

Our boss Lenny Orlowski and the rest of us at LJ’s Lawn Care will provide you with regular grass cutting services in Wauwatosa WI. We’ll come to your yard every week or two if you ask. You can schedule us to come to your home in Wauwatosa at any time, including times when you’re not home.

We can care for any grass style in Wauwatosa. Our lawn mowing team will check on how high up your tall fescue or ryegrass is growing and then identify the best possible height for mowing grass.

We use the best lawn mowing tools in the industry as well. We’ll ensure that every mower and edger we utilize is sharp, clean, and aligned to perfection. We know that just running any mower over a yard isn’t going to do well enough, especially since a worn-out blade can hurt your grass leaves.

You can reach us for help with your lawn if you have a large property. Not everyone in the Meadowood neighborhood has time to cut every bit of grass they have, for instance. That’s why we can come over to get the lawn cut at a time that’s right for you.

But we also cover smaller yards near Washington Highlands and other older neighborhoods in the city. No lawn is too large or small for us.

We can also clean up all the grass leaves that we cut after we finish. Our yard maintenance team will remove all of them, including the ones on your driveway, and ensure that you don’t have lots of green stains from all those clippings. You can also ask us to preserve the clippings for you if you prefer. You could use these to fertilize your lawn if you prefer, but we’ll give you the final say on that.

Speaking of which, we only do the services that you ask us to complete. We will let you know what it would cost for services before we start as well. We will ensure that you only spend money on the services that you know you need and that you’re not going to deal with anything you couldn’t possibly afford.

The work we offer at LJ’s Lawn Care is all about helping you make your yard in Wauwatosa the best in the city. You can ask us for help with your lawn mowing needs and everything else you require for your lawn today.

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Banks Lawn Service Lawn Services in Wauwatosa, WI

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You’ve probably got lots of questions surrounding how well your grass in Wauwatosa can grow. How thick are your grass leaves supposed to be? Can your grass handle shade? Is your yard able to survive a drought? Maybe the lawn needs a little more water than others.

The questions you’ve got can be plentiful and understandable. Fortunately, our team at Banks Lawn Service will assist you with all the lawn mowing needs you might have in the Wauwatosa area.

Our grass cutting team knows what it takes to care for your yard. We’ll come to your home in Wauwatosa and get the lawn cut with the best tools around. We’ll clean up your yard, clean off and align our mower, and then cut the grass. We’ll also edge the grass around your fence or any other place that might be hard for a mower to reach.

We can come to your home every two or three weeks to mow your lawn. We can also check on the quality of your yard to figure out how well your grass is growing, how it is handling water, and many other details.

We provide many other yard maintenance services at Banks as well. You can ask us at Banks Lawn Service to help with trimming your bushes or trees. We can also remove weeds, pests, and other unwanted things around your yard. We’ll always clean up after we finish, plus we can reseed parts of your lawn that might need extra help. You can also talk with us about your snow and ice removal needs if they ever come about in the winter.

We proudly serve neighborhoods throughout Wauwatosa, but you can also reach us for help if you have a commercial property. We can help people who have businesses on Mayfair Road with their commercial lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

You can also talk with us if you have a property near the river in Valley Forge or Hawthorne Glen. We can help you with aerating your lawn and installing new drains. Our work will protect your yard from any possible flooding that might occur along the riverside.

We offer some of the best rates you’ll find for yard maintenance in Wauwatosa WI. We know that not all lawn care providers are going to charge fair values for their services. That’s why we at Banks will ensure you know what you’ll spend on services before we start. We’ll tell you what it will cost without hiding any fees or other expenses. More importantly, we’ll let you have the last word over what you specifically want us to do for your lawn care needs. You’ll never spend more than what you need for our lawn care work.

You can reach us at Banks Lawn Service the next time you need someone to come to your home to care for your lawn. We are available for year-round services, so talk with us today to see what we can do for your yard maintenance needs right now.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Marc Houde Lawn Cutting in Wauwatosa WI

Everyone at Lazaris Lawn Care knew what they were doing for me when they came to my home in the Olde Hillcrest neighborhood. The people noticed how well my lawn needed to be cut, and they helped me with trimming every inch of grass. They did well with trimming all around the place and even cleaned up after they were finished. The careful effort that they provided ensured that my lawn would look outstanding. I didn’t have to worry about any weeds coming about either. The grass was cut evenly without my lawn bed being exposed to anything, which is a lot better than what I’ve done for my lawn on my own.

Julie Maple Yard Mowing in Wauwatosa WI

Jakub’s Lawn Service knows what I need out of my lawn. I have a few places around my yard in Fischer Woods that grow a little faster than others. Some of those spots don’t drain as well as others either. I asked Jakub and his team about what could work for my lawn. They helped me with many things like adding drains around some of the trouble spots around my yard. They also checked on how high the grass was growing and ensured they were careful when trimming everything to the same height. They know how to stay cautious when mowing.

Diana Antonio Grass Cut in Wauwatosa WI

LJ’s Lawn Care has it down pat when it comes to caring for my lawn and with cutting the grass all the way through. The team at LJ’s did well recently with mowing my yard in the Ruby Lawns neighborhood and with trimming around my driveway, sidewalk, and some of those other parts that I can’t reach on my own. I have hired them for a bi-weekly mowing service, and I found that they’re always prompt when coming over. They show up when they say they will, which is a whole lot better than what I’ve been getting from the cable company over the years.

Roosevelt Haley Lawn Mowing in Wauwatosa WI

The people at Banks Lawn Service are very kind and understanding of what I need for my lawn. They have seen plenty of things around my yard in Historic Heights, including dandelions popping up and ice getting all over my landscape. But they’ve been able to help me with all those hassles every time. They are brilliant and understand how well my grass grows. I love how well the team checks on my yard every time they start working. They know that not every task is going to be the same each time they come over to help me out.

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People around Wauwatosa WI have busy lives. They often travel the Zoo Freeway to get to other parts of the Milwaukee area to get to work. Some people might be busy working at the Froedtert Hospital and might not have the time to get their lawns cut. You can’t forget about the many people who travel to UWM, Marquette, or one of the many other higher institutions of learning in the city. The area is pretty busy, and with that comes the challenge of having enough time to care for one’s lawn.

But the good news is that even the busiest people in Wauwatosa don’t have to struggle with their lawns. They can hire lawn care providers that can come to their properties even when they are out at work, school, or wherever else they might need to be. The best part is that they don’t have to spend extra to find those lawn mowing providers. They can use the GreenPal app to find them.

You can use the GreenPal app for your lawn maintenance needs in Wauwatosa. You can download the app for free and start looking for lawn care providers you can trust. You only have to spend money on the actual lawn care services that you hire. Speaking of which, you could pay for those services through the GreenPal app if desired.

You don’t have to be a medical expert at the hospital nearby to know how to use the GreenPal app. You only have to enter your address to find details on lawn maintenance teams that are near your property. You can find quality lawn care providers everywhere from Discovery to West Derby.

You can ask for someone to help you out with any yard you have. The GreenPal app can help you hire a team to come to your home in Cooper Park or to a business you have on Mayfair Road. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find it easy for you to bring someone to your yard.

You can read details on each lawn mowing provider through their listings. Each provider we have has a unique description highlighting the many things one of these teams can do for your yard. You can also check on reviews left by real GreenPal users who have hired these teams. People from Jennings Park, Fischer Woods, and other places around the Wauwatosa area have used the app in the past. Each review will let you know a little something extra about whoever it is you might want to hire for your lawn care needs.

Each of the teams on the app has been certified by local business groups like the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce. You will never come across unusual listings that don’t provide you with many details on what you can get from a service provider.

Download the GreenPal app today to get started in finding the top lawn care providers in Wauwatosa WI. You’ll appreciate how easy it is for you to find a trustworthy team that can mow your lawn.

About Wauwatosa Wisconsin

Wauwatosa is a city in Wisconsin, United States.

Wauwatosa WI is a city on the northwestern end of Milwaukee County. The city is directly west of Milwaukee and north of West Allis. The city has a population of about 50,000.

The Zoo Freeway of I-41 goes through the city. The highway goes north to Fond du Lac and Green Bay and south to I-43.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is on the southern end of Wauwatosa. The zoo is on 200 acres of land. The harbor seal and sea lion shows are highly popular.

The Wisconsin State Fair Park is also around the southern part of the city. The park hosts the annual State Fair.

The Wauwatosa School District operates the public schools in the city. The Wauwatosa East and West High Schools are the largest schools in the district. There are numerous Catholic elementary schools in the area, as well as Lutheran schools such as the St. John’s and Our Redeemer schools.

Wauwatosa WI was formed in 1840 and would be incorporated in 1892. The area grew as an edge city of Milwaukee and was home to factories operated by Briggs and Stratton and Harley-Davidson in the mid-twentieth century. The town is named in honor of Wauwataesie, a Potawatomi chief. The name is also related to the Potawatomi word for “firefly.”

The Milwaukee County Regional Medical Center is also in the city. The Medical College of Wisconsin is in the complex. The Froedtert Hospital is also in Wauwatosa and operates as one of the two Level I trauma centers in Wisconsin.

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is also in Wauwatosa and is the largest pediatric care hospital in the state. The hospital is a Level I pediatric trauma center. The hospital provides foster services for at-risk youth. There is also a large neonatal intensive care unit here.

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is in Wauwatosa WI. The church building is one of the last buildings to have been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The building features a Byzantine influence with a short dome.

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