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Jakub's Lawn Service Lawn Services in Brookfield, WI

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There are many things that you’ll need help with when it comes to getting your lawn looking its best. But you might not be fully aware of some of the points that go into yard maintenance. You might not consider how well your grass can take in water or how shade from trees can make an impact. Let’s not forget about how a long-term drought in the Brookfield area might negatively influence your lawn.

The good news is that there’s no need to worry. We at Jakub’s Lawn Service recognize all the complicated and detailed points that you should consider when it comes to taking care of your lawn in Brookfield.

We at Jakub’s Lawn Service are based out of the Mayfair Meadows neighborhood in Brookfield. We’ve been serving yards in and around the Brookfield area for years. More importantly, we recognize that every yard in the city is unique in some way or another. You’ll find lots of trees around Glen Kelly, but the yards a little closer to Lynndale aren’t going to be impacted by trees as much.

We plan a unique and individualized approach to every yard that we care for in the Brookfield area. You can contact us for assistance with everything from mowing grass to aerating your lawn bed. We can also remove weeds and other unwanted growths and features from your yard. You can ask us to work on both broadleaf and grass weeds, among other things around your grass as well.

We offer a full tree service for your needs as well. Our tree service can help you with covering any tree you have on your lawn, from newer ones that need to be pruned to other trees that require regular trimming. We will clean up after your tree no matter how much we trim off. Our tree work is useful for homes that have satellite dishes, roof windows, solar panels, chimneys, or other important things on their roofs.

Our team can reach your home when you ask us to for a one-off service or a regular weekly or bi-weekly effort. We can schedule a time when we can come to your property. You’ll find that we offer flexible schedules for services. We can arrive at your home if you aren’t there too.

You don’t have to wait too long for us to show up either. Our Brookfield-based team is here to help you even on the same day that you contact us if you reach us early enough.

You’ll especially appreciate how affordable our services are. We can provide you with a convenient approach to yard maintenance without making you pay more than necessary. We can give you a free estimate to see what you can hire based on your budget and preferences.

Talk with us at Jakub’s Lawn Service if you need extra help with your lawn maintenance needs. We’re available throughout all corners of the Brookfield area and are here to help with whatever task you require.


Green Shot LLC Lawn Services in Brookfield, WI

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Your lawn in Brookfield WI might not be as healthy as you assume it could be. Your yard might have a green look to it, but many concerns can keep your yard from staying that way. Our team at Green Shot is here to help you with keeping your green lawn looking beautiful.

Our team can assist you with general lawn mowing services. But we do more than get the lawn cut where you are. We can also aerate your lawn during the spring or fall seasons. Aeration is necessary for ensuring your lawn doesn’t become flooded. We’ll confirm the soil is loose to allow water to go through when it rains or when you water your lawn.

You can ask us for help with your drainage system as well. A poorly functioning drainage layout can be hard to support. A lawn that doesn’t drain well could be at risk of flooding. We can clean out any existing drains around your yard if needed. Even places far from a natural source of water like in Dominic Heights need to drain out well, as there’s no telling what the weather in Brookfield might bring. Our experts at Green Shot will ensure your lawn is cared for well.

We are also available to provide a thorough weed removal service. We can remove broadleaf weeds in your landscape like dandelions, carpetweeds, and bull thistle. We’ve seen many beautiful landscapes in Rubywood and other neighborhoods, and we know that many of these landscapes can look worn if they have weeds all around. Our team will clean out any weeds we come across and ensure they do not attempt to come back in the future.

We at Green Shot can also remove grassy weeds from your lawn. It might not be easy to find crabgrass, rattails, wild canes, or yellow foxtails until they grow further and take over your yard. But we can reach your yard and clean these growths out before they get worse. We’ll ensure that the rest of your grass is kept safe. Also, we’ll confirm that the roots, seeds, and other features surrounding these weeds can be removed.

Don’t assume that we’re going to try and force you into certain services either. Our experts will review your lawn and let you know what we recommend. You’ll have the final say over what you want to get for your yard. You will also know what it will cost for us to care for your yard. You’ll discover that we have some of the best rates for services in the Brookfield area.

You can ask us at Green Shot for help with all the lawn maintenance requirements you have for your home in Brookfield, WI. We are available for services throughout the year, so get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your property. We’ll take care of all the concerns around your yard, including the ones that you might not be fully aware of.


EZ Lawn Care Lawn Services in Brookfield, WI

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When was the last time you tried to get the lawn cut at your home on your own? You probably struggled with far too many things. You might have had a hard time handling your lawn mower. The mower might have been too heavy or otherwise hard to push on your own. The need to clean off the mower and maintain its fluids can also be frustrating. Even a reel mower might be too heavy to push around.

It is hard enough to mow your lawn on your own in Brookfield. You’ve got the option to hire one of many lawn mowing providers in the area. But who are you going to hire, and how can you pay for it?

We at EZ Lawn Care will give you the best care possible. We have been mowing lawns around Brookfield and other parts of Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties for years. Our lawn mowing experts recognize everything your yard will require.

But we also know that people are often hesitant to hire lawn mowing providers because they are afraid that these services might be far too expensive for them to hire. But that won’t be the problem when you reach us at EZ Lawn Care for help. We will let you know what it will cost for our lawn mowing work based on the time of year you need help and how large or complicated your yard may be. You’ll discover that it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much to hire us for your grass cutting needs as you might figure.

We cover lawns of all sizes around Brookfield. We work on large lawns in Elm Knoll and smaller ones in Elm Crest. You can also ask us for help with yards that are covered by trees like in Racewood. We have experience with yards of all sizes and styles, not to mention we can work on yards that might be difficult to care for due to all that shade that might get in the way.

We do more than get the lawn cut at your home in Brookfield. We can also aerate your yard during the appropriate times of the year. You can ask us to help you with removing weeds and with cleaning out thatch, crabgrass, and other unwanted growths around your grass. We can also clean off leaves, branches and other things that come off of your trees during the fall season.

You can also ask us to help you with other yard care tasks like managing the drainage around your yard or with cleaning up your landscape. We can even clean up any garden bed you have by removing old leaves, cleaning out weeds, and replacing any groundcover features you have. The work we provide will keep your flowers and other plants safe and not at risk of possible harm from the work we put in.

EZ Lawn Care will provide you with the best lawn mowing service in Brookfield, WI. Call us or visit us online to learn more about the quality work we can provide for your lawn in Brookfield.


JP Exterior Services Lawn Services in Brookfield, WI

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The outside of your home is critical to the quality of your home in Brookfield. Whether you are trying to make your home stand out or you’re trying to sell your property, you’ll need to look at the quality of what’s on the outside. The good news is that our staff at JP Exterior Services will help you with giving your yard the best look you could ever hire. We proudly provide a quality service that you can afford no matter what your needs for help may be.

Our experts at JP have seen everything there is to spot around the Brookfield area. We’ve seen things from overgrown weeds around Acre Homesites to trees that tilt in Columbia Gardens. We’ve been able to fix all of these problems and many others.

You can ask us at JP Exterior Services for help with many tasks surrounding the quality of your yard. We can get the lawn cut where you are and also aerate the bed as necessary. We can also trim the grass around your fence, patio, and wherever else you might need extra help at.

We’ll also remove the weeds around your yard as they come about. We can help you whether you’ve got broadleaf weeds or grassy weeds. Our work will dry out the weeds and help kill off their seeds before they can potentially spread around your yard.

You can ask us to trim your trees, bushes, and other landscape features. Our yard maintenance team can measure your growths and figure out how to trim them. We’ll only take care of these trees based on what you ask for. Our tree service works particularly well in North Ridge and other neighborhoods where the trees are plentiful.

We’ll also prune any growing trees or plants at your yard. The pruning process will help keep your trees or other growths even without potentially tilting. Your trees will grow straight like they are supposed to. You can ask us to help you with this effort regardless of the types of trees you have at your property or where you have planted them.

You’re not going to waste your entire budget on lawn care services when you contact us for help. We at JP Exterior will let you know what it would cost for services before we start. You will know what it costs for every task we offer based on the intensity of the work, the size of your yard, and other features. You have plenty of other things that you might need to spend your money on in Brookfield. We’ll ensure that you only spend money on the things that you know are necessary for the quality of your yard.

Ask us at JP Exterior Services the next time you need help with your yard in Brookfield. We are available to help you with many of the lawn maintenance tasks that you need assistance with in the region. We’ll help you regardless of the concerns you have surrounding your yard.

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Richard Turner lawn service in Brookfield WI
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The team at Jakub’s Lawn Service was very kind as they helped me with my lawn in Caroline Heights. They didn’t waste their time coming over. They had all the materials they needed for mowing my yard when they showed up. The employees also talked with me about how they can cut the grass and confirmed with me what pattern the grass had to be cut in. The thorough effort that they put in was particularly useful. I appreciate how Jakub and the rest of his employees were able to get everything right for my lawn the first time around.

Linda Beatty lawn mowing in Brookfield WI
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brookfield-WI grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brookfield-WI lawn-maintenance-in-Brookfield-WI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Brookfield-WI affordable-lawn-services-in-Brookfield-WI

The people at Green Shot were beneficial in mowing my lawn. I hadn’t gotten my grass cut in nearly three months due to some issues with my mower and because I couldn’t afford to get a new one. But the people at Green Shot never judged, as they reached my home in Arcadian Estates and got the lawn cut quite well. They were very prompt, and they didn’t charge anywhere near as much as I would have expected. The team did a better job mowing grass than what I’ve done in the past on my own.

Elizabeth Benson lawn care service in Brookfield WI
local-lawn-care-services-in-Brookfield-WI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brookfield-WI local-lawn-care-services-in-Brookfield-WI lawn-maintenance-in-Brookfield-WI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Brookfield-WI

EZ Lawn Care provides services that are as easy as the company’s name says they are. The team at EZ worked on my lawn in Marian Heights by cleaning off the leaves and branches from the grass bed and then by mowing every inch. They also edged the grass around my landscape, fence, and driveway. The best part of EZ’s work is that they cleaned up all the grass leaves after they were finished. I am glad that my driveway and patio didn’t have lots of scratches or green grass stains after they finished all that work they put in.

Linda Smith lawn care in Brookfield WI
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I like how the people at JP Exterior Services work on my lawn every two weeks. The team at JP comes to my home in the Westmoor Park area when they say they will. They do well with cleaning up my lawn, mowing the grass, and cleaning out all the grass clippings. They have also been helping me with trimming my bushes and some of the other growths around my yard. The team is comprehensive and careful with all the things they do for me. The best part of their work is that they are friendly and recognize that my yard always needs extra help.