Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Oak Creek, WI as of Jun, 2024

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HnS Landscape Lawn Services in Oak Creek, WI

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Serving customers in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, our company provides a range of unique lawn care services for every need and budget. There are far too many intricacies that go into the lawn care process that go overlooked. Not by us! HnS Landscape is here to ensure you get the best service possible from start to finish. 

Who We Serve

We cover homeowners around all parts of Oak Creek, include people who have some of the most massive lawns in the city. People in the Fairfield area have sprawling lawns that often take an extra bit of time to maintain. The trees all around often make it harder for people to clean up their yards and keep everything looking brilliant. But we have more than enough time to care for all the unique yard maintenance demands you might have.

Top-Quality Lawn Care From A Hard Working Staff

Our lawn care team is based out of the College Heights neighborhood of Oak Creek. We are near Falk Park and Johnstone Park. Our team is available to come to your home in the Oak Creek area no matter where in the region you might be.

The specific variety of lawn care services are prefect for every need and budget. We provide traditional lawn mowing services along with other lawn care services. From aerating your yard to overseeding it, we do it all.

Free Soil Testing

We can test your soil to figure out its pH level. We provide lime treatment if there’s a concern. Keeping the pH level consistent and balanced is critical for ensuring your yard won’t develop weeds or become a haven for pests.

We can also control all the unique problems that might build up around your yard. We will remove chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, fungus, nutsedge, and other threats. Our treatments will prevent pests from bothering your yard, not to mention you won’t risk bringing in any of these annoyances into your home.

Get A Free Quote 

We serve new and old homes alike throughout Oak Creek. Modern houses in the Saint Johns area can benefit from what we have to offer, not to mention older properties closer to the highway. Every yard has unique needs to support. 

Our work is tailored and customized for your specific needs. We will also provide you with a quality service based on your budget. You will discover that offer plenty of helpful services that will fit your budget, not to mention you will always know what it will cost for lawn care services before we start.

Contact HnS Landscape today. Get your free estimate when you contact us.

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Artisan Landscaping Lawn Services in Oak Creek, WI

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Hate doing yard work? If you're not a fan of cutting grass, the heat, or cold we can help. At Artisan Landscaping, we provide all types of lawn care services for budget-friendly prices. Get the support you need without spending a fortune. 

Local Lawn Care Without the Expensive Prices

We're based in East College Avenue in Oak Creek, not too far from New Coeln and the airport. We'll make your yard look so good that even people flying in will marvel at its beauty.

We know it can be difficult for you to get the lawn cut or do any of your lawn care chores, especially if you have a yard in Carrollville, a yard with lots of trees all near Parkway Estates, or even if you're juggling a busy schedule. We can help with that.

Our lawn care staff will clear out all the leaves that have fallen on your grass at the start. We’ll then figure out the appropriate height for trimming based on the turf you have, the time of year, and how well everything is growing. Our work will ensure the grass is trimmed well without risking harm. We will also trim the ends of your yard and any spots near your landscape as necessary.

Complete Lawn Mowing Services 

After mowing, we usually recycle your grass clippings in your yard. It acts as a natural fertilizer and it's something we recommend unless there's too much thatch. You also have the option to let us clean off all the grass clippings if you prefer to take that route.

We offer a grub control service that entails aerating, seeding, and watering to ensure grubs will not destroy your grass from the inside out. We also provide weed and crabgrass control services to keep your yard from possibly experiencing harm.

Affordable Lawn Service For Oak Creek Customers

We conduct free soil testing before we start. Our analysis will identify unique issues or nutritional deficiencies. for lawn maintenance that you might not have ever expected to find. We will only provide you with the services that you specifically request for your yard.

Contact Artisan Landscaping for lawn care services today. Our lawn service staff will keep you from wasting your time or doing things the wrong way.

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Chad's Lawn Service Lawn Services in Oak Creek, WI

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Own a yard in Oak Creek that needs some work? If you're starting to notice unusual spots, thin grass, or even dead patches, it might be time to hire a professional. We'll help you tackle your lawn care chores while also fixing common issues that arise during the year. 

Lawn Service For Every Chore & Problem

Chad’s Lawn Service provides complete lawn care services. From yard work to weed control to lawn mowing services, our company does it all. 

We can eliminate any lawn diseases, grubs, and weeds too. Your yard could develop leaf spot or snow mold during the coldest times of the year. You might also spot brown and summer patches when it gets warmer. We'll help treat all those issues. 

Professional Services All Year

Not sure what to do next?  Contact Chad’s Lawn Service to talk with you about how these threats, how they can develop around your yard, and why they might persist where you are. We will find solutions for resolving these concerns if they ever appear around your yard.

We want to ensure your yard stays looking green and bright. We can mow your lawn every few weeks and trim your trees. We can also groom your bushes and other landscape features. Homes on Puetz Road, Studio Lane, and other places that feature elaborate landscapes will appreciate the services we have to offer for your needs.

Who Our Lawn Care Company Serves

We serve Oak Creek area and pretty much the entire region. Our headquarters are next to the interstate on 20th Street. We are in the College Heights area and are available to help you with any yard you occupy from Carollton to Willow Creek Estates.

We can check on the quality of your yard and figure out a plan for care based on what your yard might require. We provide helpful services throughout the year, not to mention you will never spend more than necessary on what we have to offer. We offer for bi-weekly or monthly contract services with special discounts available. 

Winter Services

Our services are flexible and helpful for all the specific needs you may have for your yard. We also provide services during the winter season for help with clearing out snow, ice, and other things that come with the time. We will ensure that your trees aren’t weighed down with loads of snow and that your landscape won’t be hurt by ice. We even offer de-icing and salt solutions for commercial properties in the area.

Chad’s Lawn Service for all your lawn care needs. Get the services you need for your yard by hiring us today. 

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Heinz Lawn Care Lawn Services in Oak Creek, WI

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Want to make your lawn in Oak Creek, Wisconsin look its best? Homeowners in Quail Run could add new trees in their yards or install new garden beds and walkways. People in the Jenna Prairie Estates region could also build new landscape designs which featuring sprawling vines, lengthy bushes, and vibrant flowers. Heinz Lawn Care can help you transform your backyard. 

Complete Lawn Care & Maintenance For Oak Creek Customers

Looking to remodel your backyard? Heinz Lawn Care can transform it to your liking. We provide everything from lawn mowing to aeration to weed removal and everything else you might demand out of your property.

We serve yards around all parts of Oak Creek, including commercial lawns in the Howell Avenue area. Your property is a precious investment, and your turf is a part of what makes it worthwhile. Our experts will plan a yard maintenance schedule that fits your property’s demands.

Lawn Care Solutions All Problems

What kinds of lawn care issues can we fix for you? Here are just some of the problems we can fix with the right lawn service plan: 

  • Grass damaged by foot traffic
  • Grass damaged by bad yard mowing 
  • Weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants
  • Grub invasions
  • Compacted soil 
  • Bare spots & decaying grass
  • Thin grass or tall grass 

We use a simple process to figure out what's wrong with your grass and address those issues. Whether we're applying fertilizers, aerating your soil, or simply mowing your grass, we'll tailor our lawn care services to create healthy, green, weed-free grass. 

Tried And True Process 

Once we analysis your property, we'll map out a proper lawn service treatment. This may involve figuring out what the best height for cutting your grass is or how kind of fertilizing application we need to apply to your property. 

Our company is available from spring to fall. Our spring season will clear out any thatch, snow mold, or other unsavory growths that might come about during the dormant season. We will also clear the leaves off of your lawn, your landscape, and any garden beds around your house.

We can help you with all your yard care needs whether it entails an apartment complex in Oak Park or a smaller home lined by trees in Camelot Park. We love providing homeowners in Oak Creek with the help they need for keeping their yards attractive.

Affordable Deals For All Lawn Care Plans

We offer affordable rates for all properties, including commercial lawns. We will work at the designated time you choose and then clean up before we leave.

You will only pay for the lawn care services you need. Our experts at Heinz Lawn Care have earned some great reviews over the years. We'd love to add you to that list.

Contact Heinz Lawn Care today. 

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Glenda Smith lawn cut in Oak Creek WI
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I appreciate how the people at HnS Landscape can come to my home on Old Ryan Road even while I am out at work. The team mows my lawn every month, but they always take their time when doing so. They know how high my grass is supposed to grow, not to mention they ensure that their mowing won’t cause my turf to break apart. I have not seen any weeds around my yard either. I have never had much luck with trying to care for my yard on my own, but the people at HnS understand what needs to work every time they come over.

Joshua Holler grass cutting in Oak Creek WI
affordable-lawn-services-in-Oak Creek-WI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Oak Creek-WI local-lawn-care-services-in-Oak Creek-WI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Oak Creek-WI cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Oak Creek-WI

No one has been able to help me with my yard in the Garden Place area quite as well as the people at Artisan Landscaping have been able to. The people at Artisan know what they are doing when mowing my lawn. Everyone here makes sure the grass is cut well and that there’s no stains or bits of grass clippings all around the place when they are finished. They even trim the areas near my fence. I haven’t seen any streaks, scratches, or other things around the region thanks to what they do. They are precise and careful with everything they do for my yard.

Joseph Hutcherson lawn maintenance in Oak Creek WI
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Oak Creek-WI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Oak Creek-WI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Oak Creek-WI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Oak Creek-WI local-lawn-care-services-in-Oak Creek-WI

The great people at Chad’s Lawn Service have been providing me with a monthly lawn mowing service at my home in South Verdev for nearly a year. The people here have been very cautious in grooming my yard, not to mention I’ve never seen a weed pop up around my yard. They always ensure my yard looks beautiful, plus they keep the grass near my landscape and my fence looking clean and even. The team at Chad’s cares about what I need above everything else and never second-guesses what they are doing for me every month they arrive.

Ryan Delgado lawn mowing in Oak Creek WI
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I haven’t found anyone else in the Oak Creek area that knows how to take care of my yard as well as the people at Heinz Lawn Care have. The team comes to my yard every two weeks to mow my lawn. The experts also trim the grass near my fence and foundation. They let me know when they are coming beforehand, and they are always willing to adapt their schedules based on the quality of my grass. My yard has the best look out of all the properties in the Old Ryan Road area. I would recommend the team at Heinz Lawn Care to anyone who needs help themselves.