Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Kennedy Township, PA as of May, 2021

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Steel City Hauling Lawn Services in Kennedy Township, PA

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With our prices, there is no excuse for you to have an unkept lawn. We specifically make our lawn care services in Kennedy Township affordable to ensure that everyone with a lawn is able to afford us. We see ourselves as long term landscapers, not one and done jobs. Patience is key to our landscaping, don’t buy into quick schemes of “greener grass in two weeks.” That probably isn’t possible unless they know something I don’t, or they get a good deal on green spray paint at Home Depot.

Our green thumbs have been working for Kennedy Township and Pittsburgh for over six years. From boys’ and girls’ sports complexes like Fairhaven Park, to homes big and small, Steel City Hauling will get your lawn looking beautiful for months and years to come.

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Freshscapes Lawn Services in Kennedy Township, PA

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Freshcapes is a professional Kennedy Township landscaping service that will get the job done right the first time. We do offer redoes, but that is out of professional courtesy. Our aim is to do every job right the first time to prevent that. If you want an affordable lawn mowing in Kennedy Township, we are your guys. We are family owned and operated, run by family for families. From basic standard yard mowing, to custom designs, to the grand backyard aesthetics of someone with specific tastes, Freshscapes has your back. Mckees Rocks and Kennedy Township have been our home and under our care for over a decade. We are a group of landscapers who’s passions are plants and nature. I set out to start this business in order to provide anyone who comes to me happiness through natural beauty. I a m strong believer in planet Earth, and that the future lies in plants. I want to improve my community through the green of the earth, and I will keep doing so until I return to the Earth myself. Thank you for taking the time to read about Freshscapes, I look forward to providing you with the best lawn care in Kennedy Township you have yet to experience.

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Dls Lawn Services in Kennedy Township, PA

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Everyone wants that fresh cut lawn feeling, especially in the summer. But if you feel like some local yard maintenance services in Kennedy Township are out of your budget, consider Freshscapes for all your lawn care needs. We offer every service under the sun, from tree services to soil turning. Our lawn mowing is the best around, just ask Mt. Calvary Cemetery. We were tasked to weed whack and clean up the grounds of the cemetery, and now it is the beauty of what it is today. If we can do that for a cemetery can you imagine what we can do for your lawn?

With over fifteen years of experience in landscaping in Kennedy Township, Freshscapes can handle any job you could think of. The only limitation is your imagination. If budget is an issue we will work as best we can to make everything work within your limit. Give us a call or message us through GreenPal for a free estimate.

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Xcuisite Lawn Services in Kennedy Township, PA

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(overall rating 4.4/5.180 Reviews)

Xcuisite Lawn Care is your trusted local lawn mower in Kennedy Township. Fall cleanups, summer lawn care, whatever you need. I am more than a dude with a lawn mower. I was just that for a long time, but I have paid my dues. My work on golf courses like Vietmeier Golf Center have taught me how to really handle a lawn. I do much more than cut it, and if a local lawn mower in Kennedy Township sells you just a lawn mowing you are getting ripped off.

Xcuisite Lawn Care is set to give you lawn mowing, but more than that I do lawn growing. Cutting the grass is just the first step in my process. After that, I can do soil treatments and watering schedules to make sure your lawn is green all year long (yes, it is possible to keep it green all year long! Ask me about winterizing your grass!). If you have any questions at all, please message me. I will consult any question for free. I know that if you had the time to cut your own grass you would, but you want your life to be doing something else more than lawn mowing. Luckily for you, I dedicated my life to be the best landscaper in Kennedy Township, cutting grass and landscaping is my calling! Come be a part of the best lawn care in Kennedy Township and you won’t be disappointed.  

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Jorge Contreras Grass Cutting in Kennedy Township PA
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So grateful to the gentlemen at Helping Brothers with their help on my home. I was preparing to sell it,but the realtor suggested we clean up the yard first. I had no idea what to do, the most outside work I’ve done was succulents in pots. I looked all over as far out as Stowe Township for a local landscaper in Kennedy Township, but when I found GreenPal the entire process from start to finish took three days. Brian knew exactly what to do to make my grass better, and we sold the house in two months!

Andrew Schultz Lawn Service in Kennedy Township PA
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I live in Windgap but I hired a cheap lawn mower in Kennedy Township to come out. He quoted me for a good price, so I paid for his gas to come out. It worked out, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this. I know what I like in my yard, but I’m getting older and can’t hack it anymore. I went ahead and hired C&J for the rest of the year and as long as he’s willing to help me, I haven’t looked back since.

Megan Sotelo Lawn Cut in Kennedy Township PA
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If you would have told me I would be using an app to contract lawn maintenance in Kennedy Township, I would have laughed in your face. Joke is on me though, because here I am using GreenPal almost every month to clean up the yard. I even use to hire a local landscaper in Kennedy Township to go out to my parents’ in Fairywood. I’m very happy with the service, and so far they have delivered great lawn care, the kind you’d expect for top tier yard maintenance in Kennedy Township.

Vanessa Bliss Yard Mowing in Kennedy Township PA
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After all the problems I’ve had with local lawn care services in Kennedy Township I’m pretty sure you could have sold me a phone book with better options and be happy with it. Who knows how you guys found these guys, but I have hired three of the best lawn mowers in Kennedy Township to date. Very friendly, and they cleanup the grass after they cut it. Totally worth it, especially for someone like me who lives way out inMoon Run.