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The Yard Situation Lawn Services in Portsmouth, OH

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Do you have a situation you need help with? For all your landscaping and lawn care troubles, hire The Yard Situation. We fix, improve, and maintain your outdoor space so you can enjoy it to the max. You don't need a big budget to have our lawn care professionals do what we do best.

If you're looking for high-quality and affordable lawn care services in Portsmouth, Ohio, or Scioto County, The Yard Situation can help. We have served our community and nearby cities for years. From Jackson Street to Rosemount, The Yard Situation has a team of trained lawn service providers ready to help you.

Whether we're mowing your lawn or plucking out weeds, The Yard Situation has something for every customer. Your lawn care needs are different and unique. So, we offer a solution for every problem and goal.

Our most popular lawn service solutions involve lawn mowing services on a regular basis.

If we're cutting your yard, we make sure to trim at the right height. Cutting too low can do some severe damage to the root of your grass. We prune to promote proper growth and healthier roots.

Our aeration, overseeding, fertilizing, and water management are done throughout the year. We'll prep your lawn in the spring, keep it well-taken care of in the summer, and winterize it for the colder seasons. Whatever you need, The Yard Situation will do it right the first time.

Our lawn care services are done by our trained experts. They have been in the business for years and have almost a decade of experience and collective knowledge.

After serving close to a hundred customers and counting, we're confident you'll love the work we do for you. Our lawn care services consistently produce great results and will transform your property in no time.

We've done a lot of lawn care work near Portsmouth City Hall and many other places in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Hire The Yard Situation for affordable and quality lawn care in Portsmouth. 


Lawn Addicts Lawn Services in Portsmouth, OH

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(overall rating 4.8/5.240 Reviews)

Lawn Addicts offers reputable, efficient, and affordable lawn care services for all. Whether Lawn Addicts are keeping your grass in good condition or fixing damaged yards, we have the equipment, know-how, and experience to handle any job.

For lawn care services in Portsmouth, Ohio, or Scioto County that won't burn a hole in your pocket, hire us. We're addicted to producing results you actually like. Lawn Addicts don't settle for anything less than amazing.

Our hundreds of five-star glowing reviews have helped us become one of the top-rated lawn care companies in the area. We've helped customers in 6th Ward, Hilltop, and other properties in the region. Our growing lawn care business has even expanded operations in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Depending on your needs, Lawn Addicts will recommend specific lawn service solutions. For some, you'll need ongoing lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance sprinkled with some fertilizing, watering, and more.

For others, they might need more extensive lawn care services. Lawn Addicts performs free site testing. This assessment involves testing your soil and checking for potential issues.

Our free soil testing doesn't take long and won't interrupt your day-to-day. In fact, all of our lawn care services won't affect your daily life. Once we know a little bit about your property and your goals, we'll create a lawn care plan for you.

So, whether we're providing lawn mowing services or fixing damages, careful planning and proper lawn care practices will go a long way to producing the results you want.

Check out the lawn care work Lawn Addicts has done near Shawnee State University and many other places in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Hire Lawn Addicts for affordable lawn service in Portsmouth. 


Clean City Handy Service Lawn Services in Portsmouth, OH

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First impressions are everything. "Wow" your visitors with an eye-seducing green oasis. The helping hands at Clean City Handy Service create picture-perfect outdoor spaces. Clean City Handy Service has achieved remarkable results for our clients and saved them money too.

Clean City Handy Service performs top-notch, effective, and high-quality lawn care services in Portsmouth, Ohio, and Scioto County. We have helped our customers in 5th Ward, Rosemount, and other local communities in the region.

What type of lawn care services are you after? Maybe weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants are taking over your yard. Perhaps your lawn is filled with fallen branches and debris you need help clearing. Maybe your grass has seen some wear and tear from foot traffic, pets, and other things outside of your control.

Maybe your grass is changing color or not growing evenly. Maybe you just need a hand mowing your grass. Whatever you need, Clean City Handy Service offers a plethora of lawn service solutions for every budget and problem.

From lawn mowing services to yard maintenance, our lawn care company does it all. We use accurate digital testing tools to provide low-cost estimates. You'll pay low prices for all our incredibly high-value services.

Check out the lawn care work Clean City Handy Service has done near Spartan Municipal Stadium and many other places in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Hire Clean City Handy Service to makeover your lawn today. 


Grass Tu Grads Lawn Services in Portsmouth, OH

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(overall rating 4.6/5.155 Reviews)

If you're looking for a great lawn care deal, you've found it. Grass Tu Grads will mow, fertilize, water, and keep your lawn in great shape all year. No contracts are needed! No need to hire other contractors. Grass Tu Grads offer a variety of lawn care services in Portsmouth, Ohio, and Scioto County. Our customers are in 3rd Ward, Jackson Street, and basically all local communities in the area.

Our lawn care company has been growing. So, we also offer our lawn care services like lawn mowing services in Cincinnati, Ohio too.

Grass Tu Grads has a menu of services including sodding, dethatching, aerating, overseeding, irrigation management, lawn maintenance, lawn mowing services, edging, trimming, snow removal, fertilizing, and much more.

We serve homes, businesses, commercial properties, and other places like fields. You can cancel any long-term plans since we don't force contracts on our customers.

We encourage you to check out our long list of services and the landscaping projects we've done. We've worked near Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center and many other places in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Hire Grass Tu Grads for lawn care in Portsmouth. 

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Adela Fuller yard mowing in Portsmouth OH
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Portsmouth-OH affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Portsmouth-OH

If you want to hire an incredible company, make sure to go with The Yard Situation. The Yard Situation did a great job on my lawn near Notre Dame High School. I really can't think of a better lawn care company to hire.

Melisa Reilly grass cutting in Portsmouth OH
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-OH affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Portsmouth-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH

I've gone with many contractors over the years, but no one compares to Lawn Addicts. They work incredibly hard and have been amazing since day one. What I enjoyed the most was the results of weeks-long services that made a huge difference. My property near Bannon Park looks so much better now, thanks to them.

Sofia Krueger lawn cut in Portsmouth OH
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-OH the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-OH local-lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-OH

Do yourself a favor and hire Clean City Handy Service. I'm incredibly happy with the job they did in my yard near Mound Park. I highly recommend them to all.

Vernon Guerrero grass cut in Portsmouth OH
lawn-maintenance-in-Portsmouth-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-OH grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-OH affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Portsmouth-OH

This is probably the best business I've hired to work on my property. The amazing customer service is fantastic, and the work Grass Tu Grads has done turned my lawn around. You should see how my property close to Portsmouth Public Library looks now, thanks to them.