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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Centreville
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Centreville, MD as of Jul, 2019


Pb&J Lawn Services in Centreville, MD

Hired 234 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.235 Reviews)

PB&J is your best bet for amazing customer service and local landscaping in Centreville. Since they joined GreenPal, they have been gaining a good reputation of being a reliable landscape maintenance in Centreville. Their reviews speak for themselves. As your next hire, you are guaranteed a professional in the lawn care industry with PB&J.

They offer basic plans for landscaping, including cheap lawn mowing and affordable landscaping that are hard to beat. Their work has been showcased throughout the D.C. area, but none as much as the neighborhoods in the Millstream Park area.

PB&J has been dedicated to documenting their success. That is why if you are considering PB&J for your next cheap lawn mowing in Centreville, the best way to find out who they are is to visit their profile. There you will see a gallery of their most recent work, from simple lawn mowing jobs to total landscape renovations! Make sure that you know who you are getting when you put money down for your lawn, you can fidn no better than PB&J, so call them or reach out to them through GreenPal today!

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Mb Lawn Services in Centreville, MD

Hired 242 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.209 Reviews)

Welcome to the best lawn care service in Centreville! I have made it my mission to support your lawn care dreams and see them become a reality. I have been doing so for five years now, I look forward to another five serving the D.C. and Centreville area! People from all over the city are hiring me because I take good care of their lawns. This isn’t just a side job for me, it is my full time gig. That being said, you can know for sure that every lawn I take on is cared for with the utmost respect. There’s a reason I call myself a reliable lawn care service in Centreville! The key is care, and I do just that when you hire me. I take care of business parks, homes and parks, and some schools like Queen Annes County High School. There is no building that I am not capable of caring for, if it has grass or plants on it my services are available to you! Thank you for reading about my local landscaping service in Centreville. I look forward to meeting you and showing you how affordable good lawn care can be.

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Tjk Lawn Services in Centreville, MD

Hired 143 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.232 Reviews)

Hello, thank you for checking out my company’s profile. We are honored to serve D.C. and the Centreville area as your reliable lawn maintenance. We are a team of highly trained, trusted professionals and we are looking to take on your lawn! We have been in the business for over eight years, just recently joined GreenPal to expand our reach. No lawn is out of reach for us, I assure you!

We can handle residential and commercial properties of all types. As of now, we have several locations that trust us with their local lawn care in Centreville, including the Bay Area Association of Realtors. We are fortunate enough to take care of several of their listings, always making sure they are in top notch shape to be shown day or night. What about all of you homeowners looking to sell your house? We offer special moving out deals that are hard to beat. Your property will look stunning and will help it sell faster than you could ever dream of.

We also help with general yard maintenance for every occasion. Leaf removal, tree and shrub pruning, winterizing, aeration, and weekly lawn mowing are all available to you seven days a week all year long. The only thing stopping us from doing our best on your lawn is you!

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Flatline Lawn Services in Centreville, MD

Hired 110 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.91 Reviews)

I am happy to help you with any kind of work you might have on your home. When you hire me, you are getting a personal maintenance man for your home. Call me when you need me, or want me, or just want something checked on. I can do it all, being in the game for this long will give you a lot of experience let me tell you. I take care of residential, commercial, and public buildings throughout the area, including the beautiful Mother of Sorrows Church. Take the time to visit it if you want to get a feeling of what I can do with a few clippers and a cheap lawn mower in Centreville.

My prices on GreenPal reflect my affordable lawn mowing services in Centreville, so please ask about my other services. Like the many other landscape maintenances in Centreville, I can do pretty much anything on the yard. What you need I can do, so please reach out. 

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Glen Stevens Lawn Care Service in Centreville MD
Used these guys to take care of my rental property out in Woodstream. We get a lot of attention out there, but unfortunately that means a lot of foot traffic in the backyard. I didn’t need much, just a local lawn mower in Centreville that would take care of the grass every once and awhile. We haven’t had any problems yet, and the service has been great. Will hire again.
Robert Browning Lawn Mowing in Centreville MD
Yessss! I’m so happy with this!! I cannot tell you how long I have been wanting to get my yard redone, I was just afraid of how expensive it would be. You guys showed me that affordable lawn maintenance in Centreville was actually out there, so thank you! It was so easy to find a cheap lawn mower near me that I donated a reliable landscaping job for Bethel AME Church. Thank you so much!
Casey Stewart Lawn Care Service in Centreville MD
Yessss! I’m so happy with this!! I cannot tell you how long I have been wanting to get my yard redone, I was just afraid of how expensive it would be. You guys showed me that affordable lawn maintenance in Centreville was actually out there, so thank you! It was so easy to find a cheap lawn mower near me that I donated a reliable landscaping job for Bethel AME Church. Thank you so much!
Meagan Collick Grass Cutting in Centreville MD
The service is okay, a little overdone if you ask me. But it does get the job done. It took me ten minutes to find a new reliable lawn mower in Centreville and then another day before he actually came out and mowed my lawn. Compare that to the weeks it took just trying to get a quote from other local lawn mowing services near White Banks? No chance, GreenPal all the way.

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GreenPal is the number one site for contracting local yard maintenance in Centreville, Maryland. Over two hundred cities and suburbs throughout the nation are using GreenPal to take the pressure off finding the best deals in local lawn mowing, a number that is fast approaching three hundred.

With upwards of two thousand vendors across the nation joining the service on the other side, it is no wonder that GreenPal is fast becoming a popular app in the online service industry market. GreenPal works just as easily as Uber and TaskRabbit, and can help you find the best deals in local lawn care in Centreville.

Since launching our GreenPal, home and business owners throughout the nation have chosen GreenPal because of our commitment to keep you safe when contracting through our site. Unlike other competitors, GreenPal dedicated a lot of its resources to making sure that every vendor and local lawn mower in Centreville is a legitimate business. We do this by asking our vendors to submit to a rigorous application, one that no scammer on Craigslist can fake their way through. It takes a lot of energy for this, but it is all worth come Monday morning and there are zero complaints or disputes waiting to be solved.

What is it you are trying to do with your lawn? Are you looking for someone to take over the whole process and let them take care of your lawn maintenance for you? Are you looking for a quick cleanup so you can take over from there? Maybe you have a special project in mind something that requires expertise in the local landscaping in Centreville. Whatever it is, you are going to find your next hire right here on GreenPal. Through our website and app you can find anyone from cheap lawn mowing services in Centreville to dedicated arborists and landscapers. Especially in a metro area like D.C there are so many options for you to look through.

The best part is that our results appear local to you. In D.C. alone your results could be as local as Hickory Ridge, Wye Mills, Windward Cove, Ruthsburg, and Jumptown.

Signing up for GreenPal is always free, and takes little more than an email and an address of where you are going to need lawn care. Once you decide on a day, the best in yard maintenance in Centreville will reach out to you. After that, it is all up to you to decide who you go with! What are you waiting for? Local lawn maintenance services in Centreville are ready to meet you and get your yard looking as beautiful as ever.

About Centreville Maryland

Centreville is a city in Maryland, United States.

Centreville is one of the many incorporated towns in Queen Anne’s County in Maryland. It has been the county seat for most of its history, beginning in 1794. Although it is the county seat of Queen Anne’s County, it boasts a small population of just five thousand since the last census in 2010. Centreville is known for its county fair held every summer, the Queen Anne’s County Fair, and it’s surprisingly diverse range of professional sports including the Eastern Shore Baseball League. For book lovers, the Priscilla Cummings novel “Red Kayak” was set in Centreville. The geography of the area is as follows: the landmass of the city calculates to just under three square feet, with an elevation of fifty feet. It has a population density of 1,700 people per square mile.

Surprisingly, Centreville’s name was derived when it became the county seat in late 1782. When the congress that voted on the subject brought it up to attention, the argument was that the county should move its county seat from Queenstown to “somewhere more central.” At the time, Centreville had a name only by association known as Saint Paul’s Parish, and the name stuck.

One hundred years later after that decision, Maryland State brought an Assembly together to vote on the act. The courthouse and government functions of the county finally moved to Centreville from Queenstown, and the county seat was officially made. Why it took one hundred years to do this though is lost to history. Some historians suggest that the town called for more development to take place. The town became incorporated in 1794, and they chose a nearby plantation called Chestertown as the land in which the government buildings would be constructed. The courthouse was moved to the head of the Crosica River, and population slowly boomed over the next few years. The move caused more people to move to the area, eventually becoming the largest town in the Queen Anne’s county.

Source: Wikipedia

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