Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Waterbury, CT as of May, 2024


Carefree Landscaping Lawn Services in Waterbury, CT

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Imagine for a second, someone takes a ragged razor and gouges the top of your head with it. Completely passes over it like a lawnmower. Leaving you with a grotesque scalp and mangled hair. Quite possibly, it may never grow back the same. You’d give Ruby Rhod from “The Fifth Element” a run for their money for having the worst hairstyle ever. This example is exactly what can happen to your lawn. When it doesn’t receive proper care, you’ll end up with lingering problems, fading grass, and damage to your grass that costs thousands to repair.

We’re talking about bank account draining damages. From basic lawn mowing to pulling weeds, a lot of harm can come to your lawn if it’s not done correctly.

This can happen for many reasons. Rusty lawnmowers with dull blades can slice your grass and rip into the integrity of your landscape. Landscapers performing rushed jobs can miss potential problems. Inexperienced lawn care workers can provide work that doesn’t do you any good. Even lawn care services that are not tailored to your geographical location, not factoring the condition of your grass, or not dealing with lawn’s specific needs will cost you.

This can all be avoided.

The team at Carefree Landscaping has been delivering superior lawn care services for property owners in Waterbury, Connecticut. We provide tailored lawn care services specific to your needs.

You may need a lawn care company for an array of reasons. No matter what that reason is you’re going to mastery level lawn care services. We serve properties all throughout Waterbury and New Haven County in Connecticut. We have become one of the top-rated lawn care companies in the region and our growing list of customers helps affirm the type of company we are.

We don’t just pass lawnmowers over your property. We don’t do half-hearted work. We provide a deep level of lawn care services that focuses on surface-level work and deep-rooted ones. We provide lawn care services that are customized for your lawn and yard. Like crafting a custom suit, we customize our lawn care services specifically for your outdoor space.

With the expectation of our snow removal services, we provide a free lawn and yard assessment. Before any work begins, we make sure to map out a proper lawn care program for you. In order to effectively provide yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, or some other lawn care service, this vital step is necessary. It doesn’t take up any of your time and its free when you hire us.

This is a step many lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers often skip. That’s where a lot of your troubles begin. Carefree Landscaping provides this important feature in all our lawn care and landscaping services. It is provided by our staff of lawn care professionals. Carefree Landscaping’s team has years of experience and are trained to follow industry-leading practices. These practices and techniques are used by some of the most successful lawn care companies in the nation. Combine that with our quality tools and you’ll have guaranteed results.

We provide all types of lawn care services. Things like snow removal, weeds removal, edging, lawn mowing, pruning, trimming, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, sodding, mulching, raking, pressure washing, planting, uprooting, aeration, irrigation, dethatching, regrading, and many other lawn care services.

Check out our lawn care and landscaping work throughout Waterbury and New Haven County. We have provided work on homes and businesses near places like Mattatuck Museum, Brass Mill Center, Fulton Park, Western Hills Golf Course, East Mountain Golf Course, properties along Yankee Expressway, Post University, Chase Collegiate School, Rowland Park, Chase Park, Waterbury Hospital, and many other properties throughout Waterbury, Connecticut.

Use the free GreenPal app to hire Carefree Landscaping and we will help you as soon as you’re ready. 


Arborlife Lawn Services in Waterbury, CT

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Professional lawn care services at affordable prices. That’s what we offer you here at Arborlife. Serving property owners for several years and receiving high-praise for our work year after year reaffirms our love for this type of work. We want to provide you with the same level of care and professional treatment when you hire us. We provide a vast range of lawn care services for property owners in Waterbury or New Haven County in the state of Connecticut. Get premium lawn care services at affordable prices today when you hire Arborlife for your next landscaping project.

We offer premier, top-tier, and affordable lawn care services for your business, home, or any type of landscape you own. Arborlife’s numerous landscape maintenance and yard maintenance services are designed for all types of properties and all kinds of needs. We offer our lawn care services at a rate many can afford. Despite the savings you’ll get from our lawn care company, we provide the highest quality of landscaping and lawn care services.

We have transformed all throughout Waterbury. From the streets along Watertown Ave to the end of Prospect Road, we have provided lawn care services all throughout the city. We even drive to other parts of the state if you are in a reasonable distance.

Our lawn care services can help improve conditions of damaged grass, enhance fading grass, remove debris, fix or install an irrigation system, apply topsoil and seeding treatments, remove weeds, provide aeration, trim shrubs, and much more. No matter what you ask of us, we will provide a customized lawn care solution for you.

Arborlife offers quality lawn care solutions that will turn any poorly conditioned outdoor space into a safe place for your family to relax in. Arborlife’s affordable prices are one of the best in the area and it is in a better price range than other lawn mowing providers, lawn care companies, and landscaping businesses.

We have been helping people save money and time with our lawn care services. Get more free time back, solve all your lawn care issues, and hand off the chore of mowing your lawn or yard to us at Arborlife.

Choose from our many lawn care services. We offer landscape maintenance, dethatching, irrigation, fertilizing, snow removal, sodding, aeration, mulching, weeds and crabgrass removal, seeding, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services, we make sure we provide optimal lawn care services specific to your lawn’s current state. You won’t have to look elsewhere for more landscaping and lawn care services.

With our affordable pricing and discounted payment options, you can get ongoing work for weeks, months, for one day, or for the whole year. Check some of the lawn care and landscaping work we’ve provided homes and businesses near places like East Mountain Golf Course, Scott Road Park, Washington Park, Roller Magic Waterbury Skating Center, Rolling Mill Playground, properties along Washington Ave, Duggan Elementary School, Silas Bronson Library, Brass City Charter School, and many other properties in Waterbury, Connecticut.

When you hire Arborlife for any lawn care service, we will begin once you give us the go-ahead. We can remain contact-less and our lawn care company can share updates of our work through messages. We’d love to learn more about how we can help you.   


N&J Lawn Care Lawn Services in Waterbury, CT

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Thank you for considering the lawn care company at N&J Lawn Care. Get lawns and yards that look just like the ones you’d see on a fancy website or visiting a resort. We have the tools, the team, and the record for delivering high-quality results. Get the same expert lawn care services when you hire us at N&J Lawn Care. Your Waterbury or New Haven County property deserves quality care. We are the company that can do that for you.

If you own property in Waterbury, Connecticut, N&J Lawn Care is now offering customers a long list of lawn care services. Get beautiful makeovers without the expensive prices or fees. Our lawn care company has been delivering high-quality lawn care services for many years. We’ve built a solid reputation for wonderful clients. Take advantage of our affordable prices and discounted offers. First-time customers get dips on discounts for all of our lawn care services. Long-term customers get rewards, discounts, and much more.

We take care of you as much as we take care of your lawn and yard. Hiring N&J Lawn Care means you can save money on our services and avoid having to get the lawn cut yourself. Along with getting premium landscaping and lawn care services, you’ll also get customer assistance with fast response times.

N&J Lawn Care hires credible field agents that are completely trained to deliver high-quality lawn care and landscaping services. When you hire N&J Lawn Care, you should anticipate receiving great lawn care services from a group of highly specialized lawn care experts.

We have decades of combined lawn care experience and yard maintenance knowledge that has aided us in perfecting our lawn care work. We can quickly and effectively provide customized landscape maintenance, edging, garden bed maintenance, lawn mowing, and yard maintenance services with positive results.

We have worked for many customers and property owners. We offer our extensive list of lawn care services for people who own homes, condos, commercial properties, and many other types of places with a lawn or yard. N&J Lawn Care has provided lawn care services for many years throughout in Waterbury, so we know the local needs better than much other lawn care and lawn mowing providers.

N&J Lawn Care allows you to choose from a wide selection of lawn care services such as, weeds removal, seeding, yard maintenance, mulching, hedge trimming, core aeration, mulching, pests control, sodding, weeds removal, lawn mowing, and other landscape maintenance services.

N&J Lawn Care encourages you to check out the lawn care work we’ve provided many properties in Waterbury and New Haven County. Along with our positive reviews, you can see much of the landscaping and lawn care projects we’ve worked on. You can see the homes and commercial properties we’ve worked on which are near places like Huntingdon Avenue Playground, Waterbury Municipal Stadium, John A. Coe Park, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Naugatuck Valley Shopping Center, properties along Meriden Road, properties along National Ave, Valley Mall Manor, properties throughout Bunker Hill, and many other places in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Get all the lawn care services you need from the team at N&J Lawn Care. 


Hr Nation Lawn Services in Waterbury, CT

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Hr Nation is a full-scale lawn care company serving property owners who welcome all Waterbury and New Haven County property owners in Connecticut. If you’re interested in getting a lawn care company that can provide reliable care for your lawn or yard, consider our record. We have served hundreds of homes and commercial properties throughout the area. We’ve received many five-star reviews and positive praise. You can benefit from our lawn care services too. Pay inexpensive prices for our high-quality lawn care services today!

It doesn’t matter what type of property you own or what lawn care services you need, we have grown to specialize in many landscaping work. Our lawn care and landscaping services are implemented for residents in Waterbury, Connecticut. This includes lawns and yards in other parts of the state, particularly in New Haven County.

Our landscaping and lawn care services will provide year-round care. We offer services that are beneficial during all times of the year. Our expert lawn care services ensure we can locate issues you may be unaware of, analyze the current condition of your grass, and see which lawn care services would help you reach your lawn care goals faster. We first learn about your end goals and then create a specific lawn care treatment plan.

Once you approve, our team will begin working. Even our landscaping design begin with first creating a plan that you love and caters to many of the factors surrounding your property. We will seek to understand your preferences, list our several options depending on your particular landscaping project, and provide an affordable estimate for you.

Everything from the tools we use to the colors of the plants we add, or even the specific lawn care service you request from Hr Nation will be based on your specific requests and needs. We are transparent about the equipment we use and even share some tips from a company that follows industry leading tactics.

Our high-quality, reliable, and premium lawn care services will help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.

Hr Nation is the professional lawn care company you want if you’re looking for quality care. Avoid any expensive errors and avoid hiring other lawn care companies that can’t back up their promises. Hr Nation has a solid record for delivering great landscaping and lawn care results.

With our endless reviews, we have become one of the top-rated lawn care companies in Waterbury. Check out some of the work we’ve done here. We’ve provided a range of work on homes and properties near places like FJ Kingsbury Elementary School, properties along the James H. Darcey Memorial Highway, Thomaston Ave, Waterbury Pool, Driggs Elementary School, Palace Theater, properties near W Main Street, Library Park, properties along Wolcott Street, and many other places in New Haven County and Waterbury, Connecticut.

Get all the yard maintenance and lawn care services you need from us at Hr Nation.

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Gretchen Hite grass cut in Waterbury CT
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If there’s ever been any company that I would highly recommend for lawn care services and yard maintenance services, it would be the fantastic people at Carefree Landscaping. Their names may say they are carefree, but they are anything but that. They’ve provided fantastic landscaping, yard maintenance, and lawn care services for my property that is near Rehoboth Apostolic Church along Branch Street. Carefree Landscaping has been working for us for quite some time now and they have not disappointed at all. Get these guys to work on your lawn or yard and you won’t be disappointed. 

Robert Ellison grass cut in Waterbury CT
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Waterbury-CT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT affordable-lawn-services-in-Waterbury-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Waterbury-CT lawn-maintenance-in-Waterbury-CT

After partnering with the great lawn care company at Arborlife, I’ve seen some fantastic changes throughout my lawn and yard. My grass is actually green now. Before Arborlife worked on my property that is near Abbott Terrace Health Center along Kingsbury Street, it was fading into a lot. I wasn’t even sure what was going on with it until they came and inspected it. After some time, the lawn care and yard maintenance services they provided me significantly changed the look of my lawn and yard. The prices are also very affordable, which is why I was able to contract them for so long. We definitely lucked out hiring them for lawn care services and we’re certain you will too.

Jacqueline Fitzgerald lawn mowing in Waterbury CT
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Waterbury-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Waterbury-CT grass-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Waterbury-CT

I don’t know how to express in words the amazing lawn care work and communication I’ve received from N&J Lawn Care. had hired N&J Lawn Care to come to help me deal with ongoing yard maintenance and lawn mowing work for my property that is near the Country Club of Waterbury. I wanted someone to handle ongoing lawn care work and yard maintenance. N&J Lawn Care was outstanding and made sure to handle all my requests without batting an eye. They worked until I was happy and had open communication throughout the whole process. 

Dwight Lang lawn care in Waterbury CT
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Waterbury-CT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT grass-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Waterbury-CT

This lawn care company has excellent knowledge of landscaping and irrigation systems. I had requested the lawn care and landscape maintenance services from Hr Nation after searching for lawn care companies near me. My lawn and yard were in need of several lawn care services like grass cutting and pruning. However, I was having issues with my irrigation system. They repaired the issue quickly and without compromising the appearance of my lawn. Alongside that, their lawn care services have made my lawn and yard near Naugatuck Valley Community College look much better than ever.