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Lewis & Sons Lawn Services in Trumbull, CT

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We do the green thumb stuff so you can get out there and enjoy a lush green paradise. A lush, green, well-maintained lawn shouldn't be an expensive, time-draining hassle. At Lewis & Sons, we keep your property looking its best without the hefty price tag.

A Greener Yard With Our Help

Are you looking to own the lushest, greenest yard with minimal effort?

It goes without saying; maintaining a healthy lawn takes work. Sometimes your day-to-day holds you back. That's where we step in.

We're here to lend a hand when your schedule gets to be too much. And while you focus on what you need to do, we're tackling all your yard work.

From mowing to maintenance, and even when it snows, you can count on us to be there.

Trusted Lawn Service Solutions For All

Lewis & Sons promises a couple of things:

  • Lusher, green, and weed-free lawns that are easier to maintain over time
  • Services that involve using better ingredients, top-brand equipment, and eco-friendly products to keep your family and pets safe
  • We'll fight off weeds, help grow new grass, and sustain the one you already own

We've done this for hundreds of customers over the years. It has earned us high ratings and praise from them. We guarantee the same level of consistency and support when you hire us.

With prices starting at just $46, you'll get a suite of lawn care services intended to create, enhance, and maintain a lush outdoor space.

Serving All Of Trumbull CT

Lewis & Sons provides affordable lawn care services in Trumbull, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and even New Haven, Connecticut.

We have helped customers in neighborhoods like Long Hill, North End, and even near places like Great Oak Park.

Hire Lewis & Sons today. 


Cutting Edge Lawn Services in Trumbull, CT

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Transform your Trumbull lawn into a green paradise with our help. Cutting Edge is a lawn care business and your expert landscaping partner. We'll help enhance, maintain, and even create a lush green space you can fully enjoy. We specialize in turning neglected lawns into inviting green havens without the hefty price tag.

Lawn Service For All Fairfield County Customers

At Cutting Edge, we prioritize quality in every lawn service we offer:

  • Customized fertilizing treatments for healthy grass.
  • Advanced weed control using top-brand products to combat tough weeds like crabgrass.
  • Selective systemic herbicides for cool-season grasses to prevent and treat weed growth.
  • Expert lawn mowing services with varied cutting patterns and grass-cutting practices for better growth and long-term health.
  • A balanced mix of fertilizers, premium seeds, and soil amendments to develop thriving lawns.

Dealing with your lawn care challenges and chores can be daunting, but with Cutting Edge, you'll have the perfect solutions from day one.

Take The First Steps Today

Cutting Edge serves customers in Trumbull, Connecticut, and Fairfield County, and other nearby cities, neighborhoods, and towns like:

As we continue to grow, so does our base of operations. So, whether you're in Whiteplains or own a property near Tashua Recreation Area, our company is here to help you.

Hire Cutting Edge today. 


Gillette Property Lawn Services in Trumbull, CT

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Dreaming of a yard that turns heads? Unsure where to start? Look no further than Gillette Property. Our experts craft stunning backyards that look beautiful and thrive all season long. Hire Gillette Property for affordable and high-end lawn care today.

Top-Rated Lawn Care For All

With a stack of five-star reviews to our name, we're the company folks rave about for top-notch lawn care. We've got everything you need to take your yard from average to amazing while keeping a smile on your face.

Here are some of what we offer:

  • Precision Lawn Mowing:

When we mow your lawn, we don't just cut grass; we carefully shape and trim your lawn to keep it healthy and looking vibrant. Our precise techniques promote even growth and maintain the overall health of your grass.

  • Fertilization:

Boost your soil's health with our slow-release granular fertilizer. It's packed with essential nutrients that your grass needs to thrive, resulting in a greener and healthier lawn that stands out.

  • Sharp Edging:

Our edging services create clean and defined lines around your lawn, pathways, and flower beds, enhancing the overall appearance of your yard.

  • Weed Control:

We'll take care of those pesky weeds so you can enjoy a weed-free backyard. Our weed control methods target unwanted plants effectively, keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant.

  • Aeration:

Keep your soil healthy and your grass happy with our aeration services. By creating small holes in the soil, we improve air circulation, water absorption, and nutrient uptake for your grassroots.

  • Overseeding:

If you notice thin or patchy areas in your lawn, our overseeding services can help. We'll fill in those areas with quality grass seeds, promoting denser growth and a lush, luxurious lawn.

Our goal is to provide you with a lawn that not only looks great but also thrives throughout the seasons.

Top-Grade Tools for Top-Notch Results

At Gillette Property, we use the best equipment, such as the Black and Decker Turn Mower and Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. Our trusty Cordless Dual String Edgers ensure a clean finish for a result you'll love.

Pass Your Yard Work To Us

Gillette Property serves customers in various parts of the state. We provide affordable lawn care services in Trumbull, Connecticut, Fairfield County, Stamford, and even Manchester, Connecticut.

From serving customers in Brookview to property owners near Old Mine Park, our company will drive to you.

Hire the five-star rated Gillette Property today. 


Redmaples Lawn Services in Trumbull, CT

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The lawn care season is on its way or already here. Get the jump on it before it's too late. The sooner you start your lawn care plan, the better results you see when you look out your window. If you want a beautiful, lush, green, and thriving lawn this year, let the staff at Redmaples help. We handle all the yard work you have, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your outdoors to the max.

Expansive List Of Options For You

Redmaples offers a list of affordable, high-quality lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Snow blowing
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizing
  • Aeration
  • Mulching
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Overseeding
  • And more!

Get all the support you need from one lawn care business, instead of having to shop around or hire multiple contractors.

Who We Serve

Our company is growing and we're proud to announce we're serving customers in Trumbull, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and even Fairfield, Connecticut.

We invite you to visit our business page where you'll see our list of services, prices, and customer ratings. You'll also see our gallery of work in places like Grubler, Hillandale, Trumbull Center, and even near the Trumbull Mall.

Hire Redmaples today! 

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The wonderful staff at Lewis & Sons are incredible. They've done a terrific job since I've hired them. The great thing about them is that they don't force you into a contract. So, I've been hiring them on an as-needed basis, which is great for my budget. My property near Island Brook Park is in good hands!

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I connected with Cutting Edge on the GreenPal app. This came after I did a search for lawn mowing services near me. That led me down a rabbit hole, which is when I found GreenPal. To make a long story short, I hired them after I received their bid. I was genuinely impressed by their efforts and everything they did for my yard near the Trumbull Library.

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This is a fantastic company to hire. The pros at Gillette Property have done impressive work on my backyard near Pequonnock River Valley State Park. They work fast and provide good customer service. This is definitely a company I recommend people hire.

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I highly recommend you hire Redmaples. They've done a great job on my lawn near the Booth Hill Brook Trail. They completely transformed my entire yard in just a few visits. I would never have been able to do that myself. I can't recommend them enough to everyone.