Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Milford, CT as of May, 2024


Wolgast Landscaping Lawn Services in Milford, CT

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When it comes to the well-being of your yard, worry no more! Wolgast Landscaping is here. Our experts are dedicated to improving and maintaining a lush, green, and healthy outdoor space in Milford and Bridgeport without charging insane prices. Pass all your lawn care chores and worries to us today. 

Complete Landscape Maintenance Solutions 

From neighborhoods like Candlewood Heights to properties as far as New Haven, Connecticut, our lawn care company does it all. From lawn mowing services to pruning shady trees, we provide a range of lawn care services for anyone in Morningside or another densely populated part of Milford.

Whether your grass growing too fast or not growing evenly enough, we follow a proven combination of fertilizing, hedge trimming, edging, mowing, water management, and routine yard maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape. 

Other Lawn Care Services For Every Budget 

Our other lawn care services include: 

  • Removing weeds from your landscape 
  • Trimming and edging the grass near your driveway 
  • Power washing your sidewalk and patio
  • Pruning newly planted or old trees and branches
  • Trimming hedges
  • Snow removal in the winter 

Affordable Yard Work Without Any Contracts 

Whether you own a home on Welches Point or somewhere else, we'll provide all the lawn care services you need without locking you into a contract. 

Contact Wolgast Landscaping online or by phone today for all your yard maintenance needs in Milford. 


Palm Coast Green Lawn Lawn Services in Milford, CT

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In Milford, Connecticut, you'll find countless beautiful homes, especially near Pond Point and Long Island Sound. If you ever felt a tingle of envy, we can help. Palm Coast Green Lawn is here to make your lawn look good and rival some of the beautiful landscapes in the area. 

Elevate Your Backyard With Our Green Thumbs 

Whether it's a small yard in Ryder Woods or a sprawling lawn in nearby neighborhoods, we're dedicated to providing top-quality lawn care services. 

Our green thumb experts will get rid of unwelcomed weeds, patch up bare spots, improve grass color, and promote faster growing grass. Whatever you need, we're here to help. 

Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Services 

We offer several lawn care services to address all your landscaping needs. From mowing your yard to aerating your soil to blowing away leaves, we have you covered. 

Get them once and individually or get our complete lawn service treatment which includes bundled services done throughout the year. We offer budget-friendly payment options and deals for all customers.

Attentive To Your Outdoor Space 

Own a private pool in Beaverbook? Do you have hardscape or lighting features? No matter what job we do, we'll never leave a mess or ruin your lovely outdoor space. Plus, we're licensed and insured, ensuring you're always covered no matter what we do. 

Effective Yard Drainage Options

If you reside in Buckingham Gulf Pond, or even near Long Island Sound, we offer effective aeration services to prevent water runoff, puddles, and damages from harsh storms. Plus, our aeration services also improve your lawn's ability to absorb nutrients and water, ensuring greener grass all year. 

Affordable Rates For Lawn Care Services

Palm Coast Green Lawn provides lawn care services that don't break the bank. Get a free, no-obligation estimate to see if we're a good fit. You'll see why hundreds of property owners rate our prices as one of the fairest and best in the area. We'll always accommodate for your budget and needs. 

Contact us today for all your yard-related needs. Say goodbye to envy and enjoy a green lush outdoor space by hiring us today. Get quality lawn care in Milford and Fairfield, Connecticut.


DPB Landscape Lawn Services in Milford, CT

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At DPB Landscape, we're here to make your lawn look better and thrive. From tackling weeds to providing routine lawn mowing services on a bi-weekly basis, we're here to do the things you have no time for or can't seem to figure out. Give your lawn a complete outdoor makeover in just a few weeks by hiring us today. 

Simplified Lawn Care Services For Your Milford Yard 

We provide affordable lawn care services in Milford, Connecticut, and also in Danbury, Connecticut.

With so many things to do in and near Milford, such as sailing on the Housatonic River or taking a day trip to New York City via the Metro-North New Haven line, the last thing you probably want to do it spending your weekends cutting grass or trimming hedges and bushes. 

Pass those time-consuming lawn care chores to us. We'll do it all for a great price too. 

Routine Lawn Mowing Services Without A Contract 

We provide lawn mowing services using our battery-powered STIHL lawn mowers. All of our products are battery-powered, quiet as a mouse, and never leave any gas stench after a job. 

For the best results, our lawn service crew always alternates cutting patterns, trims above 2 inches or more, and maintains our rotary mowers to ensure we never use dull blades for any job. 

Included with our lawn mowing services, is debris removal, tree pruning, and yard maintenance. We have provided these services to property owners in neighborhoods like Stetter Woods or Grassy Lane. We use our leaf blowers, rakes, and other equipment to keep your property in pristine condition.

Flexible Scheduling And Prices 

We know your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible deals and scheduling all year. Whether you own a property near the Connecticut Post Mall or some other place, we'll come to you on time. Plus, we offer affordable prices for every lawn service solution. 

Contact the pros at DPB Landscape for complete lawn care services done on a budget. Hire us today. 


Turf Angels Lawn Services in Milford, CT

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Need lawn care services in Milford, Connecticut or New Haven, Connecticut? Chances are, your backyard needs a lot of attention to stay in great shape and look good. Ever wanted your grass to look as nice as the ones you seen near the Subway world headquarters in Milford? We can make that happen. 

Year-Long Lawn Maintenance For Budget-Friendly Prices

We have worked for property owners in Milford, including the various rental houses you might find near the Long Island Sound. Homes in Pond Point or Morningside require careful yard maintenance and ongoing lawn mowing services. Our lawn care experts at Turf Angels can help with everything. 

The lawn care services include lawn mowing service for every square inch of your property. We will mow based on the best height for your turf bed. We also use the best-quality electric mowers in the marketplace. 

Say Goodbye To Pesky Weeds 

Weeds, nutsedge, and dandelions are annoying and a pain to get rid of completely.  We will eliminate them for you. Through pre-emergents and spot treatment, we get rid of the roots, seeds, and current infestations with safe products. Our weed removal service is fully organic, so we never use potentially harmful weed killers in your yard.

Support When You Need It 

Our scheduling system means you can hire us in Milford at a time that’s right for you. We can schedule at a time that is right for you and provide updates as we work. From lawn maintenance to routine support, we do it all for a great price. 

Contact Turf Angels for a free estimate for any of our lawn care services. 

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Jim King lawn cut in Milford CT
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Milford-CT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT

My rental property on Gulf Street requires regular lawn maintenance so that it will look its best for my renters. Wolgast Landscaping is always there to help me with trimming my grass and with cleaning up after the trees. They come to my home when I ask them to, which is usually a few days before my next renter comes over. The team always sends me pictures of what they are doing. I appreciate how they care about my yard and that they complete the work that they say they will finish. I’m not spending anywhere as much as I would for other services either.

Donna McGuire grass cutting in Milford CT
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Milford-CT affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Milford-CT affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Milford-CT

It has been tough for me to find a good lawn care company in Milford, but Palm Coast has been more than capable of assisting me with all my unique yard maintenance needs. The people here always come to my home in Rustic Acres when they say they well, although they always let me dictate when they need to arrive. I am particularly happy with how well the people at Palm Coast clean up after they finish working on my yard. I have lots of trees around my Rustic Acres home, so the fact that they can clean up after those trees is a plus.

David McClain lawn service in Milford CT
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Milford-CT lawn-care-services-in-Milford-CT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-care-services-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Milford-CT

The people at DPB Landscape are among the most amicable that I have found in the Milford area. I appreciate how the people at DPB can help me with maintaining my yard in Naugatuck Gardens. They are very persistent in mowing my lawn and in trimming the bushes near my windows. The bushes are cared for well, as they trim everything to the same height. The bushes aren’t obstructing my windows either. The people here always clean up their work after they finish too, which is ideal for ensuring my yard will stay looking clean after every task they complete.

Kerri Ramsdell lawn cutting in Milford CT
affordable-lawn-services-in-Milford-CT affordable-lawn-services-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-care-services-in-Milford-CT local-lawn-care-services-in-Milford-CT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Milford-CT

No one in the Milford area has been able to handle my yard on Cooper Avenue like the people at Turf Angels have been able to. They are always there to help me with removing all the weeds and other unhealthy things from my yard. They trim my bushes evenly and always clean up after they are finished. I never have to wait too long for them to show up either. They are straightforward about when they will come to my yard. I don’t even have to be at my property when they come over either.