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Curtis Shaw Lawn Services in Youngstown, OH

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Curtis Shaw is a lawn care company serving residents and property owners in Youngstown, Ohio. We like to consider ourselves “lawn care nuts!” We bring passion, energy, and lawn care mastery. We know exactly what it takes to make your lawn and yard look at its best. We can do simple lawn mowing and yard maintenance work. We can also provide landscape maintenance and other lawn care services that will take your outdoor space to the next level.

Through our initial assessments and readings, we make sure to check to see if your soil is compacted or your PH balance is off. No matter what issues you may be facing, the lawn care crew at Curtis Shaw is equipped with the best tools, the right knowledge, and the years of experience praised by our growing list of clients.

Our work ethic is unmatched, and our prices are one of the best in the region. Whether you own a home or commercial property in Youngstown, Trumbull County, or Mahoning County, we offer all types of lawn care services for you. We have provided lawn care services to properties all around the city. From the properties in Northern Heights to the local streets of Glenwood Ave or E Woodland Ave, we have been just about everywhere in the region.

Our affordable prices also give you a vast number of options for providing ongoing lawn care and yard maintenance services. We know one of the biggest reasons customers try to handle their own lawn care work is to save money or because they’re worried about the quality lawn care treatment you’ll receive.

We completely get it. That’s why our lawn care company offers flexible options and high-quality lawn care services. With affordable prices and hard to imitate lawn care and landscaping services, Curtis Shaw provides the most optimal package for you. Curtis Shaw has been delivering high-quality, reliable, and inexpensive lawn care services for years in Youngstown and other parts of Ohio.

We have much to offer you and we encourage you to explore the options we have available. Whether it is expanding your landscape, improving the condition of your grass, or delivering basic lawn mowing services to earn back more free time, we have all that you need. Choose from our services like lawn mowing, yard maintenance, edging, landscape maintenance, installations, mulching, sodding, aeration, irrigation, planting, uprooting, pruning, aeration, irrigation, and many other lawn care services.

Check out the landscaping and lawn work we’ve provided our many customers in the area. You can view them when you visit our profile. You will see all of the lawn care services we provide and read through our glowing reviews. You can see some of the lawn care work we’ve done on homes and commercial properties near places like Fellows Riverside Gardens, The Butler Institute of American Art, Tyler History Center, Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor, Lanterman’s Mill, properties near Lansignville, the First National Bank Building, Gallagher Building, Welsh Congressional Church, and many other properties in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Blake’s Lawn Care Lawn Services in Youngstown, OH

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Blake’s Lawn Care is a lawn care company that offers a vast number of lawn care services and many affordable options to completely change the entire appearance of your entire property. Our fast, high-quality, and premier lawn care services are available for property owners of Youngstown, Ohio, and other parts of Mahoning and Trumbull County. When you receive our lawn care bid, you’ll be able to afford our premium and expansive lawn care services. Get everything you need from our lawn care company when you hire us. It doesn’t matter what type of property you own, we provide lawn care services to residential, commercial, and even industrial properties. Let Blake’s Lawn Care handle all your landscaping needs.

Depending on your objectives and budget, we will work with you to build a concrete lawn care treatment solution that helps you reach your goals faster and for the least amount of money possible. We offer lawn care services that range from helping you get the lawn cut on a routine basis, perform lawn maintenance services to restore fading, or enhance the appearance of your lawn and yard with our proven methods. We offer precision level lawn mowing, edging, trimming, and other yard maintenance services that will keep your lawn looking well-trimmed and healthy all year. Our unique landscape and yard maintenance program offer seasonal adaptive services. In other words, we implement seasonal specialized lawn care services.

Blake’s Lawn Care provides free lawn and yard assessments to learn more about your yard and lawn. We check the condition of your grass and draw up a ground plan that you will approve of. Regardless of whether you know what type of lawn care service you need, this is an important step in your lawn care and landscaping treatment. If your grass is not growing properly or not able to receive provide nourishment, you’ll need some form of aeration and seeding for fading grass. There’s no other lawn care company or lawn mowing provider better equipped than us here at Blake’s Lawn Care to handle all your lawn care needs.

No matter what you need and how often you need it, the lawn care services provided by Blake’s Lawn Care will help you completely without any added stress or worry. We have several lawn care and landscaping services to choose from, all of which are delivered by our staff of trained lawn care professionals. Along with their years of experience, we have made sure to show them how to implement industry-leading practices that generate great results.

Blake’s Lawn Care offers a range of landscape maintenance work and lawn care services. Depending on the type of outdoor space you own, we offer a series of various lawn care services that will meet all needs, problems, and budgets. Get everything like lawn mowing, snow removal, edging, irrigation, seeding, mulching, trimming, insect control, edging, weeds removal, yard maintenance, fertilization, raking, blowing, hedge trimming, sodding, weeds removal, removing trees, landscape maintenance, and many other lawn care services.

When you check out all of our positive reviews, our list of lawn care services, and our past landscaping work. You can see all of the homes and commercial properties we’ve provided lawn care services to which are located near places like Fellows Riverside Gardens, properties throughout Belle Vista, Lily Pond Mill Creek Park, Pioneer Pavilion, Chestnut Hill Pavilion, Stambaugh Park, Delason Park, Henry Stambaugh Golf Course, Stambaugh Charter Academy, properties near Newport Lake, Sheridan Park, Crandall Park, and many other places in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Home Grown Lawncare Lawn Services in Youngstown, OH

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Home Grown Lawncare is your answer for all your lawn care and landscaping needs. Let our many happy customers and our gallery of work showcase what we can do for you. We can build a lawn or yard that shines brighter than an emerald. We could also just take on the lawn mowing chore. We can get the lawn cut the right way or provide groundbreaking lawn care services that can completely transform your landscape into a wonderful haven. Hire Home Grown Lawncare for all your landscaping needs.

With hundreds of properties served and many happy, our lawn care services are different from the masses. We appreciate your consideration and hope to inspire you to hire our team at Home Grown Lawncare.

We serve property owners mostly in Youngstown, Ohio. We do serve other areas in Ohio, especially other parts of Mahoning and Trumbull County. Our team of trained lawn care specialists is equipped with some of the top equipment available in the market. We use cutting edge technology and train our staff to follow industry-leading practices. Better training and quality tools mean better results for you.

With years of experience and many properties served throughout Youngstown, you can expect to receive premium landscaping solutions at affordable prices when hiring Home Grown Lawncare.

We offer all types of lawn care services designed for all types of situations and properties. Even if you own a residential, smaller field, or commercial property, our professional lawn care services will help you. Our fair and competitive pricing is one of the best in the area. We encourage you to compare the prices of other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers near you. You’ll see why Home Grown Lawncare is the first stop for many customers.

We offer snow removal, raking, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, grass cutting, aeration, edging, dethatching, mulching, sodding, topsoil application, weeds removal, irrigation, light installation, seeding, raking, power washing, gutter cleaning, and many other lawn care services. We can also install decorative lights and other installation services for your landscape. We are trained in all aspects of lawn care and landscaping.

Check out some of our lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance work the team at Home Grown Lawncare has provided to people here in Youngstown, Ohio. You can see our work by checking out our profile gallery which features our landscaping work and ratings. We have provided lawn care services to commercial and residential properties near places like The Butler Institute of American Art, St. Edward, Stambaugh Auditorium, properties near Crandal Park-Fifth Avenue Historic District, Mill Creek Park, Ford Nature Center, Youngstown State University, Covelli Centre, properties all across Wilson Ave, properties in Flint Hill, Stambaugh Stadium, properties throughout Cottage Grove, and many other places in Youngstown, Ohio.

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The Lawn Enforcement Lawn Services in Youngstown, OH

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Our landscaping and lawn care company offers all kinds of outdoor solutions for you. The Lawn Enforcement is like your landscape’s bodyguard, stylists, and doctor all wrapped into one. We provide lawn care services that improve the appearance of your property, make it healthier if necessary, and protect all year long with a careful yard and lawn maintenance. Get quality care for your Youngstown, Ohio home, or commercial property.

The Lawn Enforcement offers top-tier lawn care services at affordable prices. We have provided lawn care services all throughout Ohio as well, but we focus more of our attention to property owners in Mahoning County, Trumbull County, and Youngstown, Ohio. We have served properties in dense areas near Youngstown University or Smokey Hollow, and as far as Decamp Road and Schenley Ave. We serve all corners of the city and drive to nearby cities too.

We give you the attention of your lawn, yard, and grass needs. Our lawn care company provides you with an abundance of options that will vastly improve your property’s entire outdoor appeal. Let us enhance your grass and make your property the envy of all the other homes near you.

The lawn care services here at The Lawn Enforcement are very unique. With our years of training, expertise, and results, we have helped property owners change the entire look of their property. Simple and complex changes that add beautiful and lush grass. We provide protection from environmental elements. We also just can just simply get the lawn cut every two weeks. No matter what you need, our lawn care company can help you.

We can vastly improve, renovate, and preserve your lawn and yard. Along with providing specific lawn care services during various times of the year, we offer premier lawn care services that will give you the results you want and that is easy on your pockets.

The Lawn Enforcement provides basic work around your lawn and yard. It also provides more complex and landscape maintenance work. It doesn’t matter how small or big your property is, our lawn care services will cover all acres of its exterior. Along with trimming, blowing, and edging, you’ll have access to a big list of lawn care services to choose from. Some of our lawn care services can be retained for the long-term if you’re interested. We offer no contracts and you can stop our services at any time. All of our lawn care services are affordable. So, whether you need us for a one-time job or ongoing yard maintenance, you can hire us without any worrying.

Regardless of the lawn care services you request from us here at The Lawn Enforcement, we offer many to choose from. Many services like edging, lawn mowing, snow removal, irrigation, raking, aeration, seeding, garden bed management, sodding, weeds removal, turf management, insect control, power washing, mulching, dethatching, branch trimming, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services.

Check out some of our landscaping and lawn care work on homes and businesses near places like Foster Art Theater, properties in Erie, Kyle Park, Metro Parks Par-3 Golf Course, Pioneer Pavilion, Williamson Elementary School, South Side Park, Slippery Rock Pavilion, Edith Kauffman Quarry Garden, Youngstown Playhouse & Youth Theatre, properties in Warren, Homestead Park, Lansdowne Airport, properties in McGuffey Heights, Bailey Park, and many other places in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Joy Mizell lawn care service in Youngstown OH
local-lawn-care-services-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-care-services-in-Youngstown-OH lawn-maintenance-in-Youngstown-OH affordable-lawn-services-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Youngstown-OH

The staff and the owner at Curtis Shaw are some of the most honest and hard-working people I’ve ever met. Their lawn care services for my property that is near John White Park along Gray Ave really made a big difference. They are really a rare company that takes their time making sure you’re happy and that their lawn care work is done right. They have an amazing attention to detail and their customer service made interacting with them a joy. If you hire Curtis Shaw, you won’t be disappointed. 

Jasmine Richards grass cutting in Youngstown OH
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-care-services-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Youngstown-OH

As a single parent, I find trying to juggle chores around the house and tending to my lawn a difficult task. I can’t seem to find any time to get the lawn cut or do any yard work. So, when I found Blake’s Lawn Care, you can understand how happy I was to find an extra helping hand. Their lawn care services and their reliable workers have taken care of all of the yard and lawn work. Their prices are very fair too and I have only great things to say about their work ethic. They always show up on time to my home that is near East Branch Library near Drake Ave. You should definitely hire Blake’s Lawn Care. 

Jamie Devenski lawn maintenance in Youngstown OH
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Youngstown-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH

The lawn care services I got from Home Grown Lawncare were amazing. They really saved my lawn, yard, shrubs, and grass from some of the problems it had after lesser quality work I got from another lawn care company. I worked with another company for several months and it seemed to make things work. Home Grown Lawncare came in and was able to stop the damage and provide excellent work for my lawn that is near the Pacentrano Club. My plants are thriving and my so is my lawn thanks to Home Grown Lawncare. 

Joseph Conner lawn cut in Youngstown OH
lawn-maintenance-in-Youngstown-OH cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Youngstown-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Youngstown-OH

My home that is near Taft Elementary School and Pemberton Park needed some lawn mowing work and general yard maintenance. My grass seems to grow fairly quickly sometimes and I am in constant need of lawn mowing and lawn care services. I have worked with other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies in the past, but no one compares to the excellent work I have gotten from The Lawn Enforcement. Their professional lawn care services have definitely resulted in some fantastic results and I couldn’t recommend them enough. If you want a lawn care company that knows what they’re doing, you should hire The Lawn Enforcement.