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Green&Clean Lawn Services in Zion, IL

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Are you frustrated with your lawn care chores? Have you done everything right, but your grass won't cooperate? If your grass is starting to look like garbled Gerber baby food, it may be time to hire a professional. Whether your packed schedule is holding you back or you're not sure what to do next, Green&Clean can help.

We're a top-ranked lawn care company serving the city of Zion, Illinois, and all of Lake County. We're the team people call when they need their grass trimmed and their weeds to disappear. We're also the company people lean on when they have more complex issues.

If you find yourself in the first camp, we recommend our routine lawn maintenance package. This package includes a combination of services for seasonal lawn care, perfect for customers who just need a hand every so often.

This can consist of grass-cutting, watering, fertilizing, dethatching, and more. We can also edge those tough corners, trim your bushes, manually remove weeds, and do leaf blowing to keep your backyard clean.

For more complex issues, we recommend our month-to-month lawn service package. This is for customers who have damaged grass, patchy spots, invasive plants, grass that has run amock over your sidewalk, fading color, rust, and other issues a Google search just can't solve.

What goes into our month-to-month lawn service treatment?

Depending on what you need, we conduct a site assessment, test your soil, and figure out your immediate needs. Afterward, we'll perform tailored lawn care services.

We recommend you hire us as soon as early spring to get a handle on things and start the process of fixing and improving your entire outdoor space. If you've always wanted grass as lush and green as a golf course, consider hiring the highly trained staff at Green&Clean.

Whether you're in Zion West, Bartleets Sheridan Lakeview, or even near Lebanon Park, we're ready to help you.

Hire Green&Clean today for affordable lawn care in Zion. 


La Joyita Landscaping Lawn Services in Zion, IL

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Does your yard double as a child's playground? Over time, your yard will take a beating, especially if it's endured the brunt of foot traffic or mother nature's wrath. While your grass blades can endure some punishment, it can only take so much before it shows signs of damage or decay. La Joyita Landscaping wants to prevent that from happening.

If certain areas of your yard endure a lot of foot traffic, there are steps we take to help you protect your grass all year.

Besides performing routine lawn care services, there are steps you can take to keep your lawn in the best shape, even if your pets or kids treat it like a playground.

First, a simple way to minimize wear and tear is to grow resistant grass varieties. Some species withstand foot traffic and stress better than others.

We recommend growing perennial ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass. Not only are they strong, but these grass types also withstand Illinois weather, are affordable, and are easier to take care of. Plus, these are also the most common grass types in Zion.

The second way to protect your grass is by aerating your soil. Lots of foot traffic or thatch build-up compact your soil. This blocks air pockets and prevents nutrients from flowing through your soil. Eventually, your grass can start to decay.

We recommend aerating yearly, so your soil gets airflow and nutrients. It will promote stronger, thicker, and greener grass to grow properly.

Our last tip is easy. When it rains, avoid walking on your grass. Again, you can find yourself blocking air pockets on your soil and causing a build-up of dirt.

If all else fails, consider installing an artificial fall-safe turf so that your kids, pets, friends, and family have a dedicated spot they can enjoy without ruining your lovely lawn.

If you need help repairing, improving, or maintaining your lawn, consider hiring us.

We've helped customers in Zion, Illinois, and Lake County for years. With our long list of affordable lawn care services, we can provide full-scale solutions for all your outdoor needs.

Whether you're in Shepherds Crossing or even near Zion-Benton Public Library, we are ready to serve you.

Hire La Joyita Landscaping for quality lawn service in Zion today. 


Estelas Greens Lawn Services in Zion, IL

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Are you slowly killing your lawn? It's easy to make mistakes. Caring for your yard can be simple, but it's not always easy. One wrong move can ruin it or completely kill it. Here are some ways you could be ruining your beautiful lawn.

Number one: overwatering your grass. While watering your grass is important, too much of it can be its death sentence. Not only that, the amount of water you apply needs to be timed correctly. If you miss the window to water it, you risk drying it. But, too much watering will drown it and lead to fungal growth.

We recommend a scheduling the proper amount of water during the week. We also suggest keeping an eye out for weather conditions. You don't want to water your grass on the same day it rains. As a leading lawn service provider, Estelas Greens can help with this. We'll help you set a proper watering schedule specifically for your grass and even help reduce your utility bill.

Number two: mowing your grass too short. This is probably the most common issue we see often. Cutting your lawn too short weakens its roots and makes it harder to grow back.

We recommend cutting it at one and a half inches, depending on what type of grass you own. We also recommend keeping the blade on your lawn mower in good condition. Dull blades can ruin your grass and rip it from the foundation.

If you hire Estelas Greens for lawn mowing services, we perform accurate grass-cutting practices. We cut at the right height, follow a proper growing pattern, and help promote even grass growth.

Number three: neglecting soil health. Do you remember the last time you tested your soil? Have you ever tested your soil? Soil testing is the equivalent of your going to your doctor. Neglecting this can lead to improper grass growth, fungus, and invasive plants like weeds.

By determining the PH level of your grass, we can test for its nutrient content. Knowing what it needs can help you deliver the right lawn service. Before any treatment, Estelas Greens provides a free soil test. This allows us to tailor our lawn care services for your property.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and rather have our lawn care company work for you instead, we're here to help.

Estelas Greens provides affordable lawn care services in Zion, Illinois, and Lake County. From Harbor Ridge to Stonebridge Crossing, we provide services to all parts of the city. We've even expanded our operations in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit our business page to see all the lawn care work we've done in the area. You can see our reviews and most of our work near Shepherd Crook's Golf Course and other places in Zion.

Hire Estelas Greens for all your lawn care needs.


Cesar's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Zion, IL

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Cesar's Lawn Care is a local, family-run company providing high-quality landscaping and lawn care services in Zion, Illinois, and Lake County. We not only make your outdoors look amazing, but we also help you save money too. Our high-quality services come at a discount thanks to the eco-friendly tools we use and our efficient process.

You can have healthy green grass without paying a fortune. Just hire Cesar's Lawn Care. We’ll take good care of your yard or lawn, keep it clean, and even tackle those head-scratching issues.

We have a vast number of affordable lawn care services including edging, power raking, fertilizing, overseeding, aeration, lawn mowing services, and more.

Depending on what you need and what shape your property is in, we’ll map out a customized plan for your property. No two properties are the same, so treating yours differently from others is important. If you have an excessive amount of tall grass, uncontrolled weeds, or have some other issues like balding spots, we recommend clearing this up before beginning more seasonal services like fertilizing or aeration.

To go over your options, contact our customer service staff today. We offer free site visits before any job and provide direct quotes. Plus, we don't lock you into a contract. So, you’re free to hire us any time for as long as you need us without being locked into any contracts.

Plus, we offer discounts for first-time customers. So, you can get affordable lawn mowing services in Zion, Illinois, and Lake County by hiring Cesar's Lawn Care today. Our lawn service team has worked on properties in Sheridan Hills, Zion West, and even near Ophir Park.

Leave your lawn care needs in the hands of our green-thumb experts. Hire us today! 

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We couldn’t have asked for a better lawn care company. These guys know their stuff and work hard. My yard close to East Elementary School has never looked this incredible. If you’re looking for a hard-working company, I think you should hire Green&Clean.

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Usually, I don’t leave reviews for anything, not even my Amazon purchases. But, I had to make an exception for La Joyita Landscaping. Their prices are fair, and their lawn mowing services are outstanding. Additionally, they keep everything nice and clean after every job on my lawn near Hermon Park Community Center.

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I highly recommend you hire Estelas Greens for any yard work. They have done a great job on my property near David Park. I love that you’re not forced into a contract. They make it so easy for me and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!

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If you are going to hire a lawn service provider, we recommend Cesar’s Lawn Care. They are incredible! The staff is super friendly, and their work in my backyard near Elmwood School has been fantastic.