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Cny Grass Cutters Lawn Services in Smithtown, NY

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What goes into mowing a lawn? Can’t anyone just buy an expensive lawnmower and do the work themselves? While you could go that route, there’s nothing like having a trained lawn care professional handle your ongoing yard maintenance. Not only do you lose a lot of money buying lawn care equipment, but you also lose precious free time mowing your own grass. Not only that, if you don’t properly cut your grass, use dull blades, or improper technique, you will end up dishing out expensive fees just to get it fixed. Let the professionals at CNY Grass Cutters handle your on-going yard maintenance and lawn mowing chore.

With our cutting-edge technology and trained professional field agents, you’ll get premium lawn mowing and lawn care services. Although we are a small team, we run our lawn care company using high-scale operations and implementing leading industry practices. You’ll get quality lawn mowing, property cleaning, and yard maintenance services from us here at CNY Grass Cutters. If you own property in Smithtown, New York, we offer quality care just for you. We also drive to other parts of Suffolk County and Long Island.

We don’t just do lawn mowing work either. We offer high-quality lawn care and landscape maintenance services as well. Treatment programs like fertilization, seeding, mulching, sodding, and other lawn care services. Our lawn care services are intended to help restore, enhance, or preserve your lawn and yard. Like we referenced, we run our lawn care company as a full-scale operation intended to offer numerous lawn care services that guarantee great results.

We’ve been doing it for years and have become one of the top-rated lawn care companies here in Long Island. Blend our high-quality lawn care services at affordable prices and you have a great deal staring right at you. We provide lawn care services all throughout Smithtown and Long Island. We serve all types of properties. This includes houses, commercial properties, and many other acres of land. No landscaping project is too big or small for our lawn care company.

All of the tailored lawn care solutions provided by CNY Grass Cutters are geared to solve your specific problems. We make sure to help you improve the appearance of your grass, renovate your yard if that is what you want, or handle the chore of yard maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis.

Property owners and residents of Smithtown can choose any of our lawn care services the minute you hire us. You’ll have several lawn care services and options to choose from depending on your needs and goal. Services like lawn mowing, snow removal, irrigation, edging, pruning, weeds removal, raking, yard maintenance, mulching, landscape maintenance, seeding, fertilizing, blowing, bush trimming, sodding, removing trees and branches, yard maintenance, and many other lawn care services.

We make working with us easy. With our affordable prices, numerous options, and a proven history of delivering high-quality lawn care services, you’ll have access to a company that can do it all. Price, quality services, and a strong guarantee of results is a timeless offer. Win back more free time and save money hiring us at CNY Grass Cutters.

You can check out our past work to and see our long profile of positive ratings, our list of lawn care services, and more. We have served many properties in Smithtown, New York, and other properties in Long Island. Many include homes and commercial properties near places like Suffolk County Park, Caleb Smith State Park, Sweet Briar Nature Center, properties along Meadow Road, Arthur H Kunz County Park, and many other areas in Suffolk County.

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Jay’s Landscaping Lawn Services in Smithtown, NY

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Jay’s Landscaping is a one of a kind lawn care company that services property owners in Smithtown, New York. We offer multiple lawn care services to other areas nearby including Suffolk County and other parts of Long Island as well. Jay’s Landscaping is a combination of two companies offering lawn care services and landscaping. We offer both design and yard maintenance. So, if you want to completely transform your backyard, we can help. If you want to improve the condition of your grass, we do that too.

No matter what you need, our lawn care and landscaping services will get the job done right. Get the lawn cut properly, receive careful landscape maintenance, and receive intimate care you’d otherwise find from a larger lawn care company.

We offer all types of lawn care services to dramatically improve the quality of your grass, replace it, preserve it, maintain it, or restore it. No matter what you need, our lawn care services will help you.

With years of knowledge working with property owners throughout the region, our lawn care company has a great understanding of how to provide the proper treatment your lawn and yard will need. Jay’s Landscaping follows the most practical way of getting repeated positive lawn care results. We created lawn care programs and treatments that are targeted for your goals. These specific lawn care services are designed to be adaptive for any specific situation, the condition of your grass, or depending on the project itself.

When you choose Jay’s Landscaping, you’re picking an expert landscaping and lawn care company filled with highly trained specialists who are equipped to handle everything. This is where we stand out from other landscapers, lawn mowing providers, and lawn care companies in the region.

Our full-time team of highly trained professionals follows top practices in the industry to deliver quality results. This applies to every service we offer. From lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and especially landscaping. Additionally, we are equipped with top-level commercial equipment that is rated highly in the marketplace.

Whether it is design or basic lawn mowing, our company will offer affordable prices and bundled deals for any ongoing work. You pay one price and that’s it! You also don’t have to worry about signing any contracts for ongoing yard maintenance services. Once you no longer think you need our lawn care, yard maintenance, or landscape maintenance services, you are free to cancel.

Check out our work in various parts of Smithtown and Suffolk County. You can see all of the lawn care and landscaping work we’ve done on homes and properties near places like Cy Donnelly Park, Park View Elementary School, Saint Catherine of Siena Medical Center, Forestwood Park, Mt Pleasant Elementary School, and many other properties in Smithtown, New York.

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Skaneateles Lawncare Lawn Services in Smithtown, NY

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Skaneateles Lawncare wants to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your future considerations. We are a locally owned lawn care company and we know more than anyone that choosing the right lawn care company isn’t always so easy. Not everyone deserves to work on your lawn but we want to build our case as to why our lawn care company is the right fit for you. First, we treat you as if you were our family. We treat your lawn and yard as if it was our own.

This mentality has been the foundation of our success. Our lawn care services are nothing without first truly caring about you as an individual and not looking at you as a dollar sign. It is this mindset that has helped us become one of the top lawn care companies in Smithtown and other parts of Suffolk County in Long Island. Providing careful and hand-crafted lawn care services are essential to success. Before we even begin, Skaneateles Lawncare learns exactly what you are looking for and provide recommendations based on our evaluation of your property.

Once we learn the condition of your grass and assess your grass, we draw out a course of action that tailors our lawn care services to meet your needs and reach your goal. If you already know exactly what you’d like done, we will skip some of these steps. However, we still recommend our short ten-minute assessment be conducted to ensure you know the status of your lawn and yard.

Improper lawn care services are often the result of skipping this step. Our assessment is free and doesn’t take any additional time. Afterward, we get to work. We provide our lawn care, yard maintenance, or landscape maintenance service. Depending on the lawn care services you need, we will provide the work quickly.

Many lawn care services require more than one visit for successful results. Basic lawn mowing could be done once if you’re looking for a one-time lawn mowing job. No matter what you need, our affordable prices and contract-free treatment plans will no hinder you down. You can stop our treatments at any time and we won’t charge you for work we don’t do.

Our lawn care company has a staff of highly trained lawn care professionals who are ready to assist you. We follow industry-leading practices and use top-quality equipment. We also hire experienced lawn care field agents who know what they’re doing. With the additional training we provide, they will be equipped with both the tools and knowledge to give you what you need.

Speaking of needing things, our lawn care company offers numerous landscaping services to choose from. Services like lawn edging, lawn mowing, snow removal, yard maintenance, sodding, bush trimming, hedge trimming, pruning, mulching, fertilization, seeding, sod removal, dethatching, aeration, landscape maintenance, and other lawn care services. If you need any of those lawn care services or something else, contact Skaneateles Lawncare after getting the free GreenPal app.

Check out the lawn care services we’ve provided on homes and commercial properties near places like Robert A. Brady Park, properties near Brooksite Drive, Landing Avenue Park, properties near Edgewood Ave, Smithtown Landing Golf Course, Blydenburgh County Park, and many other places in Smithtown, New York. As we mentioned before, we offer lawn care services to property owners in other parts of Long Island, particularly in Suffolk County.

Our lawn care services will help you meet your lawn care and landscaping goals. Hire us today or once you are ready. 


Lux Lawns Lawn Services in Smithtown, NY

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Lux Lawns is a lawn care company that offers countless lawn mowing and lawn care services that are best provided to help restore or maintain quality grass. Your lawn and yard needs specific lawn care treatment. We offer customized lawn care and landscaping services for your Smithtown home. Hire us at Lux Lawns for high-quality, reliable, and affordable lawn care services. Endless options to pick from and serving all types of properties too.

If you are thinking about who to hire, we encourage you to check out all our lawn care services and the work we’ve done in Smithtown and other parts of Long Island. Our prices are considerably lower than other landscapers, lawn mowing providers, and lawn care companies in the area.

If you own a property in Smithtown or Suffolk County, let Lux Lawns be your one and only lawn mowing provider and lawn company. We offer you the same level of high care we’ve offered our many happy customers. Our growing lists of pleased clients have raved about our lawn care services and affordable prices.

We do it all. Whether it’s to solve a continuing lawn care issue or to handle some other type of landscape maintenance project, we can do just about anything. Our lawn care services align with your budget, goals, and individual needs.

Lux Lawns has provided numerous lawn care services and has worked on too many properties over the years. With several yards and landscapers we’ve worked on, we are certain you’ll enjoy the lawn care treatment we deliver.

Throughout our time serving clients in Smithtown, we’ve gotten positive endorsements for our quality lawn care services.

Lux Lawns continues to grow as we help more and more people. We’ve grown into a much larger crew of trained field technicians who are well trained in all aspects of lawn care and landscaping. Our lawn care services have been rated at the top for several reasons and our hard-working crew has a lot to do with that.

Our affordable rates are priced more competitively than other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers. One of the best things about our company is that we offer so many lawn care services, each offered through packages or individually as a one-time service. So, no matter what you need, we have your back. Whether it’s power washing, edging, raking, lawn mowing, overseeding, landscape maintenance, snow removal, sodding, weeds removal, insect control, planting, aeration, mulching, yard maintenance, irrigation, fertilizing, and several other lawn care services.

Check out the work we’ve done throughout the city of Smithtown and several parts of Suffolk County. We’ve provided lawn care services to many homes and commercial properties near places like The Cycle Company, properties near The Statue of Whisper the Bull, properties around Edgewood Ave, Nesaquake Middle School, the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference, properties near Grandview Lane, and many other places in Smithtown, New York.

Download the free GreenPal app once you’re ready to get started and Lux Lawns will provide all of the lawn care services you need. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Jenna Smith grass cut in Smithtown NY
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY grass-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY

It’s very refreshing to have a lawn care company like Cny Grass Cutters. After searching for lawn care companies near me I had hired Cny Grass Cutters to come to provide lawn mowing services for my yard and lawn that is near Plymouth Academy right along Plymouth Boulevard. Their company provided some great lawn care work and made sure to walk me through how they were going to do it and what they needed to do before they began. Their lawn mowing and yard maintenance services are priced very fairly and they work really fast. Well-worth every cent I paid for them. 

William Bush lawn care service in Smithtown NY
lawn-maintenance-in-Smithtown-NY grass-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY lawn-care-services-in-Smithtown-NY local-lawn-care-services-in-Smithtown-NY residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY

The lawn care and landscaping services provided by Jay’s Landscaping made the complete renovation project I had much easier and simpler. I only needed to hire their lawn care company for all the work I needed to be done for my backyard. Along with the incredible job replacing my walkway, they handled a lot of the cleanup and yard maintenance stuff. My backyard looks amazing now thanks to them. Jay’s Landscaping never had any problems arriving on time to my home that is near Accompsett Middle School and getting the job done right. I highly recommend them for either landscaping or lawn care services.

Kimberly Marshall grass cut in Smithtown NY
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Smithtown-NY local-lawn-care-services-in-Smithtown-NY lawn-maintenance-in-Smithtown-NY affordable-lawn-services-in-Smithtown-NY lawn-care-services-in-Smithtown-NY

I have nothing but great things to say about Skaneateles Lawncare. As a business owner, Skaneateles Lawncare has been taking care of my lawn and yard for a very long time now. I had originally hired them for aeration that needed to be done. Since then, I’ve had them come by for yard maintenance and lawn mowing services. The great thing about their yard maintenance package is that if I ever have a problem, they are quick to come and solve it. They go beyond what is asked of them and their hard work can clearly been seen when you look at my lawn and yard. 

Dennis Stewart lawn care in Smithtown NY
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Smithtown-NY local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Smithtown-NY affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Smithtown-NY local-lawn-care-services-in-Smithtown-NY

I tried to follow along with a YouTube video to fix some issues regarding mulch and weeds around my lawn. You can imagine it didn’t go so well for me and I figured I might as well hire a lawn care company near me. After learning about GreenPal, I decided to sign up for the app since it was free and that’s where I found Lux Lawns. They advertised themselves as luxury lawn care and they definitely delivered. They quickly addressed my issue I was having and now my lawn near the H20: Seafood & Sushi restaurant right across from Edgewood Ave looks amazing.