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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Hamilton, OH as of Apr, 2018


Better Cuts Lawn Care Lawn Services in Hamilton, OH

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Better Cuts Lawn care is proud to serve Hamilton, OH and the greater butler county region. We pride ourselves in Quality, care, and affordability. We are your one stop shop for Landscaping, grass cutting. trimming, and yard care. If you need it done, we will do our best to provide to your needs. We have dedicated and hard working men who are ready to provide the best possible service to you and make you feel like family. 

We have been in this business for a long time, and with that have gained a lot of experience in what it takes to be not only a cheap option for landscape maintenance, but to be the best, and most experienced in the region. It is not easy being a small local business. We do not have the same manpower and reach as large corporation. What we do have is care for our fellow Ohioans, and the promise that we will give you the best possible service.We grew up near Hamilton,and most of our friends went to Hamilton high school and cannot think of a better place to live. 

Not only do we love our community, we also love to work hard. We are proud to offer our services to cut your lawn using only the best equipment. We have powerful riding, and push lawn mowers, quality edging equipment, and even precision tools for the tightest corners, and toughest to cut places. We want to make sure we get everything cut to perfection. This makes us the best, and quickest service in Hamilton Ohio. We believe in hiring young men with aspirations. We try to hire college students and young fathers from the local region. We hope to provide jobs to these young men who are currently studying at local schools like Ross high school and New miami high and will one day go to university.  

When you decide to get a free quote, no contract, no BS, no hassle. We are here. GreenPal is the easiest way to contract our services, looking for checks under doormats and having to keep coming back and calling customers was never fun, so we prefer to make it easier for you to pay and for us to get paid for our honest labor. 

We are based in Johnstown now, but we serve mainly Hamilton, and are available in the whole greater butler county area. 

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Fourteen Forty Lawn Care Lawn Services in Hamilton, OH

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Don't stress about your lawn any longer! We are here to provide the best yard care service you've ever had. your lawn will start to look like the 8th green at potters park golf course (smooth as can be). Our company is local to the Hamilton and Butler country region. we are located off Camargo road, near the intersection of highway 71 and 275. We accept all appointment. Make no mistake, we will fit you in. Your yard work, is our responsibility along with the smile we promise to bring to your face. 

We are able to schedule many more lawns for a regular cutting schedule and dozens more for one time cuts. We have people for larger landscaping jobs, and specialized teams just for cutting grass, and trimming edges. They are trained to give you the greenest, and smoothest looking lawn in the whole neighborhood. 

Through our extensive landscape, and grass care experience, we recommend monthly cuts in hotter times like summer, and then scheduled cuts every two weeks in spring and fall when the grass is growing faster. this will help your lawn focus its energy in being greener and healthier instead of expending it all on old growth. We are looking at you landscapers at Miami University Hamilton. Cut that grass!

If you are looking for a Cheap landscaper to do the job, but still want quality, we are your affordable lawn care specialists. Our experience, coupled with attention to detail is not attainable anywhere else. We not only want your lawn to be happy and healthy, but you too. We will treat you like family and give you our best care for the lowest price. 

GreenPal is the easiest and most streamline way of contacting us and setting up an appointment. Don't worry, we've worked with them for years now, and they are a time saver for you, and for us. no paperwork, no contracts, just great service. 

Our lawn mowers are revved and ready to cut your lawn in no time. Call or message us today!

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J.T.D Property Main Lawn Services in Hamilton, OH

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We are your best lawn mowing service in Hamilton Ohio. It doesn't matter what you call it, mowing, cutting, trimming, or any other verb for it.We do it. Your yard is our yard for the time we are there. We give the care for your lawn that we would want. We are the cheap yet reliable landscaper we would want if we were hiring. We are like your friendly neighbor next door, except we have a lot more experience with what it takes to put a smile on your face as you look out on your perfectly manicured lawn. The best part. The experience we have comes at little cost you, and a good feeling that your money went toward supporting a local business. 

There are a few practices we use to make sure your lawn is not mutilated by unhealthy techniques that some of our competitors unfortunately use. 

We make sure to avoid scalping your grass.this is the foremost important. Scalping is when you cut grass too short. This make sit so the grass is open to infection to disease and weeds. neither are what you want. The grass would become weak, spotted, and less able to choke out unwanted guests. Cutting grass too short or more than twice a months in non-peak seasons can lead to the roots not developing as much as the need to grow  green and strong.

We also make sure our mower blades are sharpened and kept well maintained. most companies do not bother sharpening the blade, which means your grass get ripped, rather than cleanly cut. you've probably seen grass with jaggedly cut edges. this is due to someone using a blunt lawn mower blade.The jagged edges turn brown on the top.Nobody wants a partially brown lawn.  We make sure your lawn is cut cleanly and smoothly so that it can heal faster and look more evenly cut. 

We make sure to adjust the height of our mowers for shady spots. The reason being that in shady spots, your grass needs to be slightly longer to have enough leaf to soak up what little sun it gets for energy. This practice of giving slightly more height to grass in shady parts will allow it to grow brighter, greener, and stronger, allowing for it to choke out weeds. 

J.T.D Property main is at your service no matter what. use the Greenpal website or app to schedule a one-time cut or set up regular visits. It is the most convenient form of payment,and scheduling we have ever used. Call us today and get your lawn professionally taken care of at a low price. Soon your lawn will look as fresh as Schwartzwald Park over by Berkeley square. 

Located just out of Dayton Ohio. 

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Ground Command Lawn Services in Hamilton, OH

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If you can think of a lawn problem, we have probably dealt with it hundreds of times. Ground Command will order your lawn to heal and grow stronger than ever. We deal with long grass, weeds, patches, browning, dead spots, grass disease and more. I believe you have found your grass cutting, lawn caring, landscape doctor. Now, i don't need to work at the Forth Hamilton hospital, but I don't have to in order to heal your yard, and nurse it to health and happiness. 

fFor anyone with a suffering, unruly, overgrown, or even a well kept yard, call us. We are here to help whether you are unable, unwilling, or would just like the convenience. A cheap lawn mowing option that is local and affordable is right before your eyes. We are quick, and can get anywhere in and around Hamilton from Fairfield to Seven Mile to Monroe and around. We are mobile, fast and ready to cut, trim and edge your lawn. The best landscape maintenance company around. we are based in West Chester Township, So we can get around anywhere in the region quickly. 

I love my job. most people would not think of being a landscaper or doing yard work for affordable prices as fulfilling or even fun. I do. I pride myself in putting a smile on people's faces. i love to see the customer happy when we arrive and tame their lawn. It makes it so satisfying to see children playing, and dogs rolling around in joy on a healthy lawn.People, not grass is what this job is all about. A home is a place to feel comfortable and relaxed. We provide a green space that you can enjoy and escape the smells and sounds of the city for a few moment. you'll get the feeling that your yard is as beautiful as Joyce park. 

Any other landscape job you might need like, trimming, pruning, planting, uprooting, we can do. just ask us and we will quote you for it. we want to make sure your grass and the rest of your garden play nice. Your trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, vegetables, and any other garden plants will be taken care of by our specialists. 

Please feel free to go through the scheduling process on Greenpal. They send us the date, time, and scheduling you set up. It is all automated and simple to use. it will get your payments to use in a safe and trusted way, that ensures quality of service to you and use. 

We can service Fairfield, Hamilton, Johnstown, Millville, New Miami, and more in the butler county region. 

We can also help with out with Grass Cut in Fairfield, Oh and Lawn Mowing in Covington, Oh

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 19 reviews)
Sandy Rowe Yard Cutting in Hamilton OH
“Our lawn was a complete mess, and my husband just could not be bothered to mow the lawn or rake the leaves off our driveway. I tried hiring some of the local neighborhood boys for some lawn maintenance, but they just didn't do a good job. I fortunately was able to find the best lawn care service I have ever received with Better Cuts Lawn Care. They were so nice, and went above and beyond in their service. My lawn has never been better. They even suggested ways I could go about improving the landscaping in my yard and gave me affordable quotes. I have them come over monthly and it is affordable for me since I cannot do it myself and my lawn ends up looking so pretty. I love this service. I highly recommend them. I think I saw them working on the Miami University Campus too, when I went to visit my grandson.”
Timothy Carson Grass Cutting in Hamilton OH
“I threw out my back recently at my job at the Greenwood Cemetery and so lawn mowing was was out of the question for me. Seeing as I cannot work much for now, I really needed a Cheap, affordable, and especially reliable landscaper to service my property with care and quality. I searched for a local company near me in Hamilton, OH. I found Fourteen Forty Lawn care. If you are looking for some down to earth, stand up guys, you found them. They are always on time with their yard mowing. I can't thank them enough for the help they have given me during my painful recovery. ”
Nellie Griffith Lawn Mowing in Hamilton OH
“I live near Woods park, just off Millville avenue and the trees here really clutter up our yard with leaves. Not that my yard isn't already a mess of it's own. Not to mention, my grass grows like crazy. I really wanted to find a local business near me in Hamilton. I love to support local businesses, I truly believe they are the foundation of our country. I wanted the best lawn cutting and landscape maintenance company that was willing to care for me on a tight budget and with no contract. I live alone and work retail, so I cannot afford expensive. you know how it is. Anyways, J.T.D Property main came to my place and cared so well for my yard. It really brightened the whole place up. I highly recommend them to anyone. especially if you love small local businesses. ”
Roderick Soto Lawn Care Service in Hamilton OH
“The name serves the service justice. Ground Command literally commanded my lawn to be clean, beautiful, and enjoyable to look at. The best part is they are near me in Hamilton, just by the Butler county Regional Airport . They always come on time and have been mowing my lawn for about 3 months now. I can tell you, my neighbors are jealous at how great of a job they have done on landscaping. My yard was an eyesore, and now it's enjoyable to look at and not an embarrassment. There is not better service to choose to cut your grass for the reliability and affordability they offer.”

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GreenPal has a simple mission, but an important one. We are here to get you the best lawn care, for the more affordable prices, and by the most reliable landscapers in Hamilton, OH. We have done what other sites do not do. we are not just a simple directory filled with hundreds of entries. We have a proprietary system that will find the closest local lawn care companies and pair them with the best customers like you. We wanted to make sure the People of Hamilton had the best Contracting options in all of Butler county. 

Look at GreenPal for just a moment. It is not some old website form the 1990's. We don't just list all landscaping companies nearby and call it good. we take looking for yard work and mowing lawns seriously. We use proprietary algorithms, technology, and the power of today's internet to be the "Uber" of lawn care. Sounds great right? We review and select only the best grass cutting services possible so that you get the quality you deserve. 

The companies we connect you with are local, small businesses. many of them have kids that go to local schools like Highland elementary school, and some of the landscapers even graduated from Hamilton high school. They have families, are hard working, and love their community. That is why we paired up with them to help the surrounding area with love and care. Many of these small businesses do not have the capital to pay for fancy advertising or get listed in all the possible papers, and phone books. They would go bankrupt trying to advertise through these ancient forms. We instead provide the solution in Hamilton Ohio. 

We use Google maps, your phone, your computer, our services, and the internet to bring you a quicker, easier, and faster way than ever before. Do not worry, like we said before, not only are the companies that will contact you, local, they are also screened and determined to be trustworthy, reliable, and of quality service. We take your safety and privacy very seriously. your information is secured through our payment system. This means you just set it up and the lawn service will get paid the price they agree too and you will not ever get swindled. 

Scamming is non existent through GreenPal services. If any of our service providers do not live up to quality expectation, or try to perform any malpractice, we suspend their service immediately and they are removed forever from being able to continue working through our service. thousands of lawn mowing services, landscape companies, and yard care specialists are interviewed, and screened before we choose the best and most trustworthy ones for every region we are located in. 

Many untrustworthy companies have listed themselves in local web pages under various names to escape bad reviews in Fairfield, Hamilton, Johnstown, New Miami, and other regions hoping to trick potential customers into high priced work for low quality before disappear behind more fake company names. After our screening, interviewing, sorting, and vetting, only the best, affordable options are left to be paired with honest hardworking customers like you. along with our screening, you can report any unlawful practices to the local Chamber of Commerce

Please, sign up for free with GreenPal in less than 5 minutes and see what we mean. You will not be dissapointed by our service. All you need to get your grass cut in no time is an Email and Street address. No contracts, no obligation. The only time you have to enter a credit card is when you are ready to order from one of our trusted local lawn services.  

About Hamilton Ohio

Hamilton is a city in Ohio, United States.

Hamilton Ohio is a city of 62,000+ inhabitants who are proud to sport the local motto of " An Award Winning Community". In the southwestern corner of Ohio, Hamilton is located just above Cincinnati and is part of the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area.  There are three national historic districts in Hamilton that provide rich cultural history. They include: Dayton lane, German Village, and Rossville.

The city of Hamilton is currently going through a revitalization by supporting the arts. Hamilton was in 2000 announced as the "City of Sculpture", which was the beginning of many sculptural installations in the city. Pyramid Hill Sculpture park is home to a majority of these pieces of fine art ,and is a proud addition to the community. Hamilton is also home to one of the greatest little league teams of all time.

The West side little league in Hamilton Ohio Has gone to the Little league world Series 4 times, and has won Nine state championships. This was only possible because of the strength of the small community of Hamilton residents and their huge hearts.

Hamilton is named after Alexander Hamilton, and was founded originally as a military fort, Fort Hamilton. It was a supply station for troops during the Indian war. It was not until 1857 that Hamilton, OH officially became a city. In 1859 Abraham Lincoln himself arrived at Hamilton station, now a historically preserved location. He gave a campaign speech to support his then friend and politician who was running to be the Ohio state governor. At this spot, and during his speech, Abraham Lincoln previously quite unknown was announced as a possible candidate for US Presidency.

Later the City of Hamilton became a Center of manufacturing vaults, safes, machines, locomotives, and all supplies needed to build train tracks. The city became a 20th century industrial giant. As of recent The city has settled down, and is a Quiet, yet busy community with cultural value for all who pass through.

source: Wikipedia

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