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Carmichael Lawncare Lawn Services in Miamisburg, OH

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The road to greener, healthier, and better-looking grass is a long one. Carmichael Lawncare can drive you to that destination faster. Our lawn care business will fix, repair, and maintain a healthier landscape. Before you know it, Carmichael Lawncare will transform your outdoors into the best-looking one on your block.

Our lawn service business provides lawn care services in Miamisburg, Ohio, and Montgomery County. We have helped customers in Highlands, Crains Run, and other local communities in the region. Due to its location, we also serve much of the metro area in and near Dayton, Ohio.

Need help with the nitty-gritty lawn care stuff? We'll help you by simplifying everything. And it will help you save money too.

Everyone has a different reason why they hire us. What do you need? Once we learn what that is, Carmichael Lawncare gets to work.

For the most part, there's a lawn care schedule everyone should follow. The type of work you get in spring tends to be different in late summer. If you want a complete makeover to fix fading, patchy, and damaged grass, the sooner in the year you hire us, the better.

So, in the spring, we get your grass ready for the summer and help it grow. We combat weeds, remove dead debris, apply pre-emergents, overseed patchy spots, and more.

Throughout that process, we provide lawn mowing services, lawn maintenance every month, and other yard work. Whether your grass is in good or bad condition, this seasonal schedule is important for the overall health of your landscape.

You might think this is expensive. Thankfully, we offer affordable lawn care packages for year-long care. All without signing any contracts. Cancel any ongoing agreement at any time.

No matter what you need, what yard problem has, or what type of lawn care services you want, Carmichael Lawncare offers the best in value and price.

Carmichael Lawncare has done lawn service work near Meadow Lake Park and many other places in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Hire us for quality and affordable lawn care in Miamisburg. 


Jagged Edges Lawn Lawn Services in Miamisburg, OH

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Why hire Jagged Edges Lawn? We follow healthy mowing practices. We breathe life into your roots and literally prevent weeds from even sprouting. We fix thinning, uneven, and patchy grass using grass-specific fertilizers, seeds, and other products. More importantly, we offer wallet-friendly, top-notch, and five-star lawn care services.

If you've been looking for a good deal for lawn care services in Miamisburg, Ohio, or Montgomery County, Jagged Edges Lawn can help. Whether you're in Belvo Estates, Fair Meadows, or any neighborhood in the area, Jagged Edges Lawn is ready and willing to visit you.

Our staff has the "Stanford-like training" in lawn care. They follow industry-leading practices that top companies around the country use. In fact, look at any sports stadium, resort, golf course, etc. The same techniques that craft beautiful, paradise-like emerald grass.

We use the same tactics, tools, and lawn service solutions, and you'll pay a fraction of the price for them. The helpful customer service team at Jagged Edges Lawn will answer your questions and set the expectations from the moment you hire us.

Depending on what you need, we will make a lawn service treatment plan specific to your needs. Most of our lawn care services involve aerating, fertilizing, overseeding, watering, mowing, and more.

When you provide lawn mowing services, we use top-brand STIHL products. Our turn mowers are used for larger properties, and our lawnmowers are used for homes and smaller landscapes. We regularly maintain and change our blades so that we don't harm the roots of your grass.

Look at our past reviews and projects to get a good idea about what our lawn care company can do for you. We've done work near Miamisburg Community Park and many other places in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Hire Jagged Edges Lawn for high-quality lawn care in Miamisburg. 


Stripezz Lawn Services in Miamisburg, OH

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Your landscape will naturally go through wear and tear. If you don't get it ready for the different seasons or treat it often, you're asking for problems. Stripezz is more than a lawn service provider. We offer a helping hand. We know those long to-do lists stack up, and keeping up with your lawn care needs is not easy. We can help.

Whether we're providing lawn mowing services, getting rid of weeds, or keeping everything in order, our lawn care professionals will do it right the first time. Plus, we don't lock you into a contract.

So, you can choose any of our long list of lawn care services including edging, lawn maintenance, weed control, lawn service, fertilizing, aeration, sodding, overseeding, and more.

We provide quality lawn care services in Miamisburg, Ohio, and Montgomery County. We help customers in all local neighborhoods, including South Historic District, Heincke Woods, and many others.

When tackling weeds, crabgrass, or other invasive plants, we use safe herbicide treatment in tandem with a scheduled fertilizing plan. When we're mowing your grass, we make sure to cut it at a proper height and angle. This way, we're not slicing the roots of your grass that make them harder to grow.

In the spring, we're gearing up your yard for growth and the summer heat. We fertilize, overseed patchy spots, and treat potential grass diseases. In the summer, we're providing regular lawn mowing services, applying soil moisture to protect from UV rays, and keeping pests at bay.

In the fall, we're back to regular fertilizing, aeration, if necessary, and other critical lawn care services to get your lawn ready for the winter. Speaking of the winter! The snow here in Ohio can be brutal. We offer snow removal and cleanup services during the winter.

Stripezz has samples of past work and reviews that we encourage you to check out. We've done work near Mound Science and Energy Museum and many other places in Miamisburg, Ohio.

This includes properties in Dayton, Ohio.

Hire Stripezz for a complete makeover of your lawn today. 


The Landscaping Man Lawn Services in Miamisburg, OH

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Owning a beautiful outdoor space begins with knowing what to do and when to do it. If you're new to the lawn care world, have some experience, or you're too busy to do your outdoor chores, The Landscaping Man can help. We take the stress off your shoulders.

We offer lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Miamisburg, Ohio, and Montgomery County. We have helped customers located in Washington Place, Waterstone, and several other local communities.

The Landscaping Man offers two categories of services. The two are lawn care services and lawn maintenance. Lawn care involves protecting the health and appearance of your grass. The maintenance portion involves routine stuff like cleanup, raking, lawn mowing services, and other upkeep work.

Looking for a little bit of both? The Landscaping Man provides lawn care packages offering a combo of both. While providing lawn mowing services, we can also remove weeds, feed your grass, and more.

The year is long, and if you're not doing what you should be doing when you need to, you'll start seeing your grass fade color, grow weeds, start to bald, and more. With a proper year-long plan from us, which you can cancel at any time, The Landscaping Man will ensure your lawn looks great, becomes healthier, and remains that way.

We've been helping customers for years. We offer you the same reliability, professionalism, and affordable prices.

We've completed work near Miamisburg Mound Park and many other places in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Hire The Landscaping Man for top-notch lawn service in Miamisburg. 

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I hired Carmichael Lawncare for lawn mowing services. I found this excellent lawn care company on the GreenPal app. Totally pleased with the end result. After a few weeks of work, my lawn near Benner Park looks amazing.

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The professionalism, quality, and outstanding services I get from Jagged Edges Lawn are worth every penny. I'm happy I went with them because they've been doing a great job in my yard near Harmon Field. Highly recommended!

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If you're already going to hire a lawn care provider, go with Stripezz. They are terrific and do fantastic work all the time. Their prices are perfect for me, and I couldn't have asked for a better company for my lawn close to Riverfront Park.

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The Landscaping Man is wonderful. I hired them for regular maintenance, and they haven't disappointed me. They always show up on time at my property near Mound Golf Course, and the customer service is always there to answer your question.