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Thear Lawncare Lawn Services in Trotwood, OH

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Lawn care services for everyone's budget and every property. If you want good, high-quality lawn care services in Trotwood, Ohio, or Montgomery County, hire Thear Lawncare. We provide seasonal lawn care and lawn maintenance services without charging an arm and leg.

We also serve customers in local communities like Shiloh, Englewood, and other nearby areas. This includes serving residential and commercial property owners in Dayton, Ohio.

Our lawn care services are perfect if you own a home or commercial property. We use our Husqvarna MZ61 turn mower for larger properties, usually used on commercial locations and fields. For homes, we use our Husqvarna W520i battery-powered lawnmower. So, if you need lawn mowing services, we got you covered.

In addition to the lawn mowing services, we offer other services that can repair damaged grass, patch up spotty grass, remove weeds, remove grubs, remove debris, uproot small trees, and much more.

We use grass-specific fertilizers. Your grass type determines how much maintenance it will need, how it should be trimmed, and what type of fertilizers are best for it.

We take these things into account when you hire us. So, no matter what you hire us for, we'll provide the best possible lawn care services for you. From weed control to core aeration, you'll get the whole nine yards when you hire Thear Lawncare.

The friendly customer service staff at Thear Lawncare will answer all your questions and provide support for any lawn service treatment.

On the field, our trained lawn care professionals provide the friendly face and proven expertise to makeover, repair, or simply maintain a beautiful outdoor space. If you have any questions for the team Thear Lawncare or need more specific services, feel free to ask.

We encourage you to look at everything we've done in the past and the hundreds of five-star reviews. We're happy to answer any questions and begin right away.

We've done work near North Broadway Park and many other places in Trotwood, Ohio.

Hire Thear Lawncare for affordable and high-end lawn care in Trotwood. 


Pro Lawn Lawn Services in Trotwood, OH

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If you were to follow a gourmet recipe correctly, the food will look and taste amazing. The concept is the same with your lawn. When you mow, water, and feed it properly, your grass will look incredible. These are the three ingredients to a healthy lawn. But, just like a recipe, not everyone is Gordon Ramsay. Likewise, not every lawn care business is built the same.

At Pro Lawn, our horticulture knowledge is how we stand out and where you can benefit from the most. As one of the highest-rated lawn service providers near you, we offer high-quality and affordable services, guaranteed!

Horticulture expertise is what sets us apart from a regular lawn service company.

Essentially, we follow a proven science for max grass growth. We know what makes it tick, what to feed it, and how often it needs lawn care. In your case, that means fewer weeds, fewer grubs, less grass disease, and more rich, thick, and lush grass.

So, if you want professional lawn care services in Trotwood, Ohio, or Montgomery County, consider us. We also help customers in Denlinger, Stillwater, and other local communities.

If you're experiencing problems with your grass, need ongoing lawn mowing services, or have a landscaping project that requires our services, Pro Lawn has the manpower and tools to get the job done.

Our lawn care services consider all the extremities of your situation and geographical positioning. A good lawn maintenance plan always considers the condition of your landscape, its drainage power, what season we're in, how much sunlight it gets, and more.

Lots of companies just blindly mow grass without giving it a second thought. Remember the food recipe example? What you get at the end is a weed-filled, badly damaged yard. Don't take the risk.

Hire Pro Lawn for high-quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Trotwood. Best of all, you'll save money and not be locked into any contract.

We've served properties near Wolf Creek and many other places in Trotwood, Ohio.

Pro Lawn is ready to makeover your lawn today. 


Lawn Tackler Lawn Services in Trotwood, OH

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We'll tackle your landscape's biggest problems. Lawn Tackler is an established lawn care business providing high-end services for insanely low prices. In times of high costs and never-ending bills, we want to make things a bit easier for you.

Get high-quality, trustworthy, and affordable lawn care services in Trotwood, Ohio, or Montgomery County. We can help you if you're in Winding Ridge, Englewood, and other neighborhoods in the city. We'll even go to you if you're in Dayton, Ohio.

Taking care of your lawn really is a year-long thing. Every season, we provide the right proper services to keep weeds at bay, keep your grass green, and avoid long-term damage.

We usually start in the spring. This is usually when your grass starts turning greener. For some, we'll need to overseed certain patches of your yard. We also begin the lawn mowing and fertilizing work. We also issue a recommended watering schedule.

If you don't own an irrigation system, our trained technicians can install one. Our lawn care and hardscaping knowledge offer double the benefit. We'll be able to install a functioning sprinkler system without damaging your grass. You're not going to find too many lawn service companies that offer all these services.

In the summer, we're mowing often and mowing high. We use lawn mowers with sharp blades and avoid ruining your grass. We also fertilize your grass, keep invasive weeds at bay, and water frequently.

The fall is where we begin to cut back the lawn mowing services and prep your grass for the winter. Our affordable lawn care packages cover all these services throughout the year. So, if you want year-round care, we're happy to help.

Check out what Lawn Tackler has done for property owners and read through our happy customer reviews. We've completed lawn service projects for property owners near Hara Arena and many other places in Trotwood, Ohio.

Let Lawn Tackler be your go-to company for quality lawn care in Trotwood. 


Francis Lawns Lawn Services in Trotwood, OH

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Far too often, the number one culprit of damaged grass was a lawnmower with dull blades. You would think all lawn care companies ensure they maintain your mowers. That's not always the case. Don't gamble on the health of your wonderful-looking yard. Hire Francis Lawns for lawn service done right.

Not only are the services we provide performed at the highest standard of industry-approved care, but you're paying a fraction of the price.

There's really no catch. Because we follow industry-leading practices and use cutting-edge tools, we're able to work more efficiently. Since it requires less manpower and time, we pass on the savings to you.

However, don't mistake speed for rushed work. Unlike other lawn service providers, we don't stuff our schedules. Meaning we spend more focused attention on your property.

Save time and money by hiring Francis Lawns. We have an established company with a solid reputation and want to help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.

We offer lawn care services in Trotwood, Ohio, and all properties in Montgomery County. This includes customers in Denlinger, Winding Ridge, and other nearby communities.

We offer several services including lawn mowing services, weed control, sodding, pruning, fertilizing, aeration, edging, overseeding, and more.

We've done work near Moss Creek Golf Club and many other places in Trotwood, Ohio.

For the best deal on lawn care in Trotwood, hire Francis Lawns. 

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I don't often leave reviews, but I had to make an exception for Thear Lawncare. They did a great job on my property near Madison Lakes. They ultimately got rid of the grub problem, and I'm grateful for their assistance.

Katrina Boone lawn care in Trotwood OH
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If you want a real professional company that takes its jobs seriously, hire Pro Lawn. I'm blown away by the fantastic results of their labor. My yard close to Dry Run was not in the greatest shape, but they did what they had to do and now I can't believe how great it looks.

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I highly recommend you hire Lawn Tackler. They deliver exceptional services. The lawn mowing services and maintenance bundle is not expensive at all. The services have really enhanced the look of my whole front lawn near Westbrook Village Park. Highly recommended!

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affordable-lawn-services-in-Trotwood-OH affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Trotwood-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Trotwood-OH affordable-lawn-services-in-Trotwood-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Trotwood-OH

Calling Francis Lawns the best lawn care company near me wouldn't do them justice. The attention to detail and incredibly hard-working staff have been worth the investment. They always show up on time at my property near Moss Creek Golf Club. I highly suggest you hire them.