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B&M Lawn Care Lawn Services in Malden, MA

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Taking care of your lawn on your own can be frustrating. You might not understand all the ins and outs of keeping it in good shape. If you're not sure what to do or just need a hand mowing the lawn on the weekends, we can help. 

Quality Lawn Care For Malden Customers 

Our experts at B&M Lawn Care know every there is to about yard work and lawn care. 

We provide a thorough lawn mowing service as well as maintenance and routine upkeep. Our goal is simple, provide the best lawn service at a price you can afford. 

To provide you with the best results, we use latest market brand lawn mowers. These include mowers that will cut through more grass using rotary blades while evenly trimming everything. We always maintain our equipment and keep everything in good condition. 

Who We Serve

We serve yards of all sizes throughout the Malden MA area. We can work on yards in on Maplewood Street that are larger than most others in the area. You can also ask us for help with a smaller yard closer to Mountain Avenue.

Affordable Services For A Lawn Makeover

The comprehensive approach we provide when it comes to lawn care in Malden is beyond compare. But you won’t have to waste all your money in hiring someone who can help you out. You can ask us at B&M to review your yard and provide you with a free estimate. You will discover that we don’t charge anywhere near as much money for services as you might expect.

Our team can clean up your business site. We can trim trees and bushes around your storefront. You can ask us to mow even the smallest bit of grass near your property too. We know that businesses on Centre Street and other commercial centers will be more attractive when their yards are well-groomed. 

Contact B&M Lawn Care today for all your lawn care needs. 


Donovan and Sons Lawn Services in Malden, MA

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Do you hate cleaning up your yard during the spring or fall seasons? Do you dread mowing the lawn in the summer heat? Keeping your lawn in good shape is tough. If you need some help, our lawn care professionals can help. 

Quality Care For All Customers

Donovan and Sons provides a range of lawn care services for all your needs. Best of all, it won't cost you a fortune. The manager Jamal Donovan and the rest of the crew are available when you need us. 

Spring Cleanup List

What's included in our spring cleanup effort?

  • Removing crabgrass, leaves, branches, and thatch 
  • Removing debris leftover from the winter season. 
  • Clean leaves off your yard 
  • Prevent weeds from sprouting 
  • Clean anything inside your garden or landscape bed.

Whether it's a yard near the Waitts Mountain Park or a property in the center of Malden, we are here to serve you.

Don't Let Snow Hold You Down

We also provide winter services. We can clean the snow and ice off of your trees and other landscape items. 

When it's warm, we'll show up with all the mowers, trimmers, edgers, aerators, and whatever else we need to beautify your outdoors, improve its color, and help your grass grow. 

Keeping Your Malden Lawn Clean

Our team also focuses on cleanliness when taking care of your yard. We don’t want to leave lots of grass stains around your yard after we finish. We certainly don’t want clumps of grass to spread out all around the lawn either. Our efforts at Donovan and Sons will include not only mowing grass but also cleaning up after we finish. Our electric equipment ensures that it’ll be easy to clean up after we finish too, what with us not needing any oil or gas.

In addition to providing services to residential properties, we also serve commercial property owners too. We love caring for businesses in Malden and even Boston. A well-maintained business is always one that is easier to support. More importantly, it makes the city of Malden stand out a little more. Our work is thorough for commercial sites on Charles Street and other roads in the city.

Contact Donovan and Sons today to schedule a time for a free analysis and estimate. 


Fine Cut Lawn Care Lawn Services in Malden, MA

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Want your lawn to look as the ones found in Hunting Field? With all the expansive green fields that are ideal for local baseball and softball events? Fine Cut Lawn Care can make it happen. We provide lawn care services designed to make your grass look better or keep it that way. 

Affordable Deals For Malden Customers

You don’t need a budget as massive as what the local parks or cemeteries have to afford our services at Fine Cut Lawn Care. We’ll let you know what it will cost for services before we start, not to mention we’ll give you the final say over what you want us to do for your yard.

The specific services we offer at Fine Cut Lawn Care cover every part of your yard. We will provide a lawn mowing service that works for every grass type in the city. We can work on long and short grass lawns alike. We’ll figure out the height that we need to cut the grass to before we start working. The effort we put in will ensure your grass is trimmed accordingly without the lawn bed being exposed or harmed.

You can also ask us for help with other needs around your yard from aeration to drain installation. We can add new drains around parts of your yard that might experience flooding when it rains.

Weed Control Services Included

We can also remove weeds from any places around your yard. We’ve seen plenty of dandelions and bindweed plants around the Malden area. But none of these growths are too daunting for us. We can clean out even the most stubborn weeds you might have at your yard in Malden.

Don’t forget that we’re available throughout all corners of the Malden area. We will not charge extra for travel costs. You can reach us even if you’ve got a property on Lebanon Street or another part of Malden that might take an extra bit of time for us to access. The fact that we don’t charge extra for traveling to your home is a part of our promise to ensure the lawn care services we offer are affordable and suitable for your budget.

Contact Fine Cut Lawn Care today. 


SCG Property Maintenance Lawn Services in Malden, MA

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Our team at SGC Property Maintenance is here to assist you with your lawn care needs. We’re available for lawn services and much more. We'll work on intricate projects or simply lend a hand when you need extra help inside or outside your house.

Landscaping & Home Improvement Specialists

The lawn service pros at SCG Property Maintenance have years of lawn maintenance experience. We know how what services and products work best with lawns in Malden, including large yards near Amerige Field and smaller commercial fields on Ferry Street.

We offer all the lawn services that you could ask for in Malden. We can help you with mowing grass, aerating your yard, and removing weeds from your lawn and landscape. We can also clean out your garden bed and trim your bushes, trees, or anything else that needs extra help. Our comprehensive approach to lawn maintenance ensures you’ll have the best-looking house on your block.

More Than Just Grass Cutting

But we do more than lawn mowing here at SCG Property Maintenance. You can contact us for traditional handyman services. We offer exterior and interior services from painting to electrical work and even plumbing services. Our handyman efforts can benefit your lawn too. We can add new drains around parts of your yard that flood after it rains.

We also offer a power washing service. We can clean off your hardscapes, driveway, and other areas that might be tough to wash. Our power washing efforts can work after we finish mowing your lawn, as we can clear any grass stains that might remain after we get the lawn cut.

We can also clean out your gutters. We can clear them out twice a year, although we recommend contacting us for help more often if you’ve got trees directly over your home like what you might have on Proctor Avenue or Mountain Avenue. Our experts can take care of any tree you might have at your property.

Everything we can do for your yard and home at SGC Property Maintenance is all about producing the best possible results. We want to create the most attractive yard in your neighborhood. Whether it entails hosting a social event, bringing people over to a business, or aiming to sell off your house, you’ll need a well-groomed lawn.

Home Improvement Company At Your Service

Get Affordable Services By Hiring SCG Property Maintenance Today. You can ask us online or by phone to come over to take care of all your yard maintenance needs and to schedule a free review and estimate for your yard care plans. We’ll provide you with all the best services that you can hire for your work needs.

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Luz Judkins lawn care service in Malden MA
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It hasn’t been easy for me or anyone else at my apartment complex to take care of our yards here at Malden Towers. But the people at B&M know what to do every time they arrive. They have been coming to our property every three weeks for nearly a year now. They show up when scheduled and always review each bush, tree, and patch of grass before they start working. They’ve been very thoughtful in caring for our yards, but the thing I like the most is that they are direct in letting us know what it costs for services.

Jerome Griffin yard cutting in Malden MA
affordable-lawn-services-in-Malden-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Malden-MA lawn-maintenance-in-Malden-MA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Malden-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Malden-MA

I like how Jamal and everyone else at Donovan and Sons has a vested interest in my yard. I’ve been spurned by far too many yard care teams that claim they’ll help but don’t do much at all. The people at Donovan and Sons understand what I need and always act on it. They clean up after they finish mowing and even edge the ends of the yard without scratching anything. I have hired them for aeration services in the past, and they are naturals in the process. The comprehensive work Donovan and Sons puts in is beyond compare.

Joseph Tompkins lawn cutting in Malden MA
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Malden-MA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Malden-MA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Malden-MA affordable-lawn-services-in-Malden-MA lawn-care-services-in-Malden-MA

I’ve had far too many times in the past where I’ve had someone come to my home to take care of a few tasks and then charge me more than what I can handle. The worst part is that those teams never let me know what they charge first. But Fine Cut is different in that they respect my budget. They tell me what it costs for services before they start. They are prompt in their work and always tell me about what they can do for me. I never come across any surprises when they work for me in Edgeworth.

Terry Sawyer lawn mowing in Malden MA
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Malden-MA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Malden-MA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Malden-MA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Malden-MA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Malden-MA

I’ve been hiring SGC for regular yard maintenance services for about two years now. The team has been a trustworthy service provider that knows what it takes to give my yard a style it needs. They always get the lawn cut to the right height. They also clean out my garden bed, which is a huge deal because my home on Park Avenue has lots of trees all around. Their work ensures that my garden bed looks beautiful without tearing up anything or allowing weeds to grow. The team’s services are also very affordable and never hurt my budget in the least.