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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Somerville, MA as of Aug, 2019


B&M Lawn Care Lawn Services in Somerville, MA

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It’s difficult enough to care for a small lawn in Somerville, MA. It is even harder when you’ve got lots of annoying pests infesting your yard. The Boston area is home to many pests from chinch bugs to grubs to Japanese beetles. These pests can ruin your grass and even destroy your trees.

But the good news is that you don’t have to take care of these pests on your own. You can reach us at B&M Lawn Care if you need assistance. We at B&M will remove all the pests from your yard before they can cause real damage. Our team has the experience and equipment necessary for cleaning out even the most troublesome or stubborn pest infestation at your yard.

Many pests might stick around lawns covered by shade. These include yards around Teele Square and other neighborhoods where the trees are plentiful. The risks associated with having too much shade can be a burden. But we’ll help alleviate the concerns by coming to your home and removing all the pests around your lawn alongside anything else stuck where you are.

Our lawn maintenance team here at B&M will help you identify areas that need to be treated. These include segments of your lawn that feature dead patches of grass or wilting.

Our team will clear out the pests with the appropriate treatments. We use the correct dressings every time to ensure your pests are cleared out while your healthy grass will stay green. Our treatments are also safe to use on lawns that kids or pets might run on.

We’ll also apply seed to your lawn and aerate if necessary. You can also reach us at B&M for help with all the lawn maintenance services you need at any time of year, including lawn mowing and weed removal. You can also contact us in the winter for all your snow removal needs.

Our philosophy at B&M is to ensure quality yard maintenance services are available to everyone in Somerville. We know that you’ve got a busy lifestyle, and you might have a limited budget to work with too. But our experts at B&M will check on your yard and provide you with an estimate for services that you can afford. You may discover when you reach us that you can afford more out of a lawn maintenance service than what you might expect.

You can trust our lawn care services at B&M whether you’ve got a classic yard in Winter Hill or commercial property near Ten Hills. You can also reach us for help if you have a house near the Tufts campus that needs extra care.

The trustworthy effort we’ll put into caring for your lawn in Somerville MA is beyond compare. Contact us at B&M Lawn Care to learn more about what we can do for your yard and to schedule an appointment for services.

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Total Property Care Lawn Services in Somerville, MA

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Our team at Total Property Care can help you get the lawn cut at your home. But we are proficient at doing more than just mowing the grass. You can ask us at Total Property Care to help you with anything your yard requires regardless of the time of year that you need help.

We service lawns around Somerville MA no matter how small they are. Even the smallest strip of land in Powder House Square deserves the best attention possible. We will trim every square inch of grass around your yard. You can ask us to edge the grass around your landscape, mailbox, foundation, and anywhere else that a lawnmower might struggle to reach. We’ll always clean up after we finish, although you have the choice to ask for the grass clippings if you need them for any landscaping purpose.

You can also ask us to aerate your lawn. Aeration allows water, seeds, oxygen, and fertilizer to enter the lawn bed. It will be easier for your grass to clear out carbon dioxide after we aerate the bed. That means the grass will not overheat and potentially die off or wilt. We can aerate your lawn at any time of the year, although we recommend this during the spring season if possible.

We know that you might want your yard in Somerville to look as beautiful as one of the parks in the city. You might not have as much money as the people who operate Conway Park or Foss Park, but you’ll still have a lawn that looks as green and lush when you ask us for yard maintenance help.

We also offer a thorough landscaping maintenance service at Total Property Care. We can help you with designing a new landscape or hardscape. You can ask us to pave any spots that need filling, including any decorative walkways around your lawn. We can also add ground cover or mulch to your landscape. Don’t forget about our weed removal service.

Your irrigation system also needs to work to its best potential. We at TPC can install or repair anything within your irrigation setup. These services work well alongside a drain inspection and aeration service to prevent flooding. The effort ensures your yard will receive the water it needs while also draining well.

All of these services are available with some of the best rates you can find today. We will talk to you about how much it would cost to hire us for help before we start. The estimate and review are free, and you are never obligated to order anything. We want you to feel comfortable with whatever it is you hire for your lawn care needs.

The work we provide at Total Property Care will ensure any yard in Somerville MA that needs extra help will receive the necessary support. You can contact us for assistance with all your yard maintenance needs today.

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Grow'n Mow Landscaping Lawn Services in Somerville, MA

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One of the problems of living in Somerville MA is that you won’t have enough space to create a lawn or landscape that stands out. All the homes around Somerville are packed together to where no one can stand out. As a result, the yards and landscapes are relatively small.

But even the smallest yard in Somerville needs to be cared for well. The quality of your landscape and grass can reflect upon who you are. People would be more likely to respect you if they notice that your yard looks its best.

But you might not have much time to care for your yard on your own. The good news is that our team at Grow’N Mow Landscaping will help you with all the yard maintenance needs you might have. You can ask us for help whether you’ve got an older property in Telle Square or an apartment complex in Davis Square. We also serve commercial sites around Somerville.

We will safely mow your lawn regardless of its size. We can cut everything with a pattern that fits your property’s appearance while cutting every grass leaf. Our team will analyze your lawn to figure out how the grass should be.

You can also ask us to trim the grass around your landscape, your driveway, and anything else that needs care. We’ll trim everything while ensuring we don’t leave grass stains, scratches, or anything else around your property.

Our landscaping service will cover everything surrounding the quality of your bushes, trees, or anything else you have. We’ll cut the ornamental growths and remove all the weeds from your property. Our spot treatment service ensures the weeds around your yard will be killed off without potentially hurting the rest of your yard or any healthy plants where you are.

The thorough work we put into mowing your lawn in Somerville ensures your yard will have the best appearance around. Even better, you won’t have to spend more on lawn maintenance than necessary when you ask us for help. We at Grow’N Mow will provide you with a free estimate to figure out what your yard requires. You will discover that our services are more affordable than you might expect. Seeing how expensive the cost of living can be in Somerville, you’ll need help saving money. Our team will help you every step of the way while ensuring you don’t waste more than what you can afford.

The proper work we provide at Grow’N Mow Landscaping is all about giving your yard the new lease on life that it deserves. You can ask us to come to your home in Somerville at any time of the year to review your yard and determine what it needs for care. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do and to schedule a time for services.

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Quality Landscaping Lawn Services in Somerville, MA

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(overall rating 5/5.148 Reviews)

You’ll love the hard work that we do here at Quality Landscaping. Besides, we wouldn’t put the word “quality” in our name if we weren’t serious about providing the best lawn care solutions around Somerville, MA.

You can contact manager Adam Etwaroo and the rest of us at Quality Landscaping to support your yard. We’ll talk with you before we start working on your lawn. You will discover that we have a great assortment of services for your benefit.

The efforts we provide at Quality Landscaping focus on every aspect of your lawn in Somerville. The problem with many lawn care providers in Somerville MA is that they often focus only on grass cutting. While getting the lawn cut is critical to the beauty and health of your lawn, there’s much more to lawn maintenance than this point. Some lawn mowing providers might not mow lawns the right way.

The good news is that our experts at Quality Landscaping will take a look at everything surrounding your yard. Our team will clean up the bed, check on how wet or dry everything is, and figure out the best height for mowing based on the type of grass you have and the season. Mowing the lawn too high or low could cause harm to the grass leaves. You don’t want to expose your lawn bed to the sun’s rays, nor do you want the bed to become too cold due to excess shade from long leaves.

We’ll also help you with all the landscaping services you need. We can remove weeds from your landscape, for starters. You can ask us for help with clearing crabgrass and other unsavory growths. Our treatments will protect all parts of your lawn and will ensure the roots, seeds, and other features are cleaned out.

You can ask us to clean up all the trees around your yard. Properties near the Tufts campus or around North Cambridge will appreciate this service, what with there being more trees in these parts of Somerville. Our team can trim excess growths and remove weeds and other things that might hurt the rest of the tree. Our effort will clean out all the complex features around your yard.

But your yard will have unique needs depending on the season and your location. A home in Davis Square can be very different from a home in Prospect Hill, for instance. We’ll ensure that your lawn is cared for well before we start. Every house or business site we work on will be inspected before we start working. We’ll identify what your yard requires and then figure out the general cost schedule. The prices for handling your yard won’t be as high as you might assume they could be.

You can ask us for help here at Quality Landscaping at any time of the year. Talk with us to learn more about everything we can do for your yard. You’ll see that the “quality” in our name is more than a brand.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Diane Darlymple Grass Cut in Somerville MA

I was surprised to see the people at B&M Lawn Care come to my home on time when they said they would. The traffic around my house at Magoun Square can be packed at times, so having someone who can show up as scheduled is a huge plus. The team was thorough in trimming the bushes at my front lawn. They also cleaned up the debris after they were finished. They also edged the grass near my sidewalk. Everything looks like new, not to mention there’s no green streaks or stains all around my yard or on my sidewalk.

Bonnie Odell Lawn Care Service in Somerville MA

The people at Total Property Care explained everything that they wanted to do for my lawn in Clarendon Hill before they began working. They gave me the final say as to what I wanted them to do. It’s great to have a team out there that listens to its customers for a change. I asked them to help me with trimming the trees behind my house so their branches would stop getting in contact with my siding. The team cut all the excess growths and cleaned them up after they finished. They also cleaned after themselves when they were done mowing my lawn.

Larry Rhodes Yard Mowing in Somerville MA

The friendly people at Grow’N Mow Landscaping know what they’re doing when mowing my lawn. They always reach my yard in the Powder House neighborhood when they say they will. The team also checks on my yard to ensure they cut to the right height before they start. They clean up after they finish too. I love how the people at Grow’N Mow put in a comprehensive approach to my lawn and keep everything looking like new every time. I would recommend the people here at Grow’N Mow for anyone’s lawn care needs.

Henry Downing Lawn Maintenance in Somerville MA

I didn’t have any problems with the people at Quality Landscaping. They were responsible and understood what my yard needed. They reached my home in Leathers Park to help me with mowing my lawn and with trimming the bushes outside my front door. The team was careful in removing all the weeds around my landscape as well. It is great to see someone out here in Somerville who can help me with my lawn without leaving a mess. The team always reaches my home on time. I don’t have to wait all day long for someone to come over.

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It’s not always easy for people in Somerville MA to have time to take care of their lawn maintenance tasks. People are often busy traveling to and from their places of work or study. It is often difficult to navigate through the streets around Prospect Hill or the Inner Belt to try and get closer to downtown Boston.

With all that travel, it is hard for people in Somerville to have time to mow their lawns. The good news is that we at GreenPal will help you with finding the best lawn care providers in Somerville.

Our app is helping people throughout the city in finding the best lawn mowing providers. We use a simplified approach to help everyone from Teele Square to Ward Two with finding the best lawn care teams in Somerville.

You can list your address on the GreenPal app to find information on who is available where you are. Our app will then list details on the lawn mowing providers you can hire where you are. You’ll get details on the teams that are the closest to your home.

You can then use the GreenPal app to compare each of these teams. You can read the information on the functions each lawn care provider can offer, the many philosophies surrounding their services, and even some personal stories about what they do. You’ll find that the many lawn care providers in the Somerville MA area are all ones that care about the needs you have.

The reviews come from real customers who have hired these teams through the app in the past. Each review comes from people in various parts of Somerville, including those who operate commercial properties around Davis Square among other sites.

There’s never a need to be worried about how suitable the teams on the GreenPal app are. Each organization we list on GreenPal has been certified for work by local entities like the Somerville Chamber of Commerce. Each company on the app has been carefully reviewed to ensure it is legitimate and safe to hire. You’ll never come across any questionable entities that might hurt your yard.

Our app ensures you’ll have more control over your lawn maintenance experience. You can hire providers and switch between them through the app. You can also use GreenPal to get a general estimate for what it would cost to get the lawn cut where you are. You will discover when using the GreenPal app that it’s not all that hard for you to find a team you can trust for your yard.

Download the GreenPal app today, and get started on finding the top lawn care providers that you can trust. You’ll love the outstanding support that we can provide for your home in the Somerville MA area. You’ll especially enjoy having more time for all the things you’ve got to do in Somerville, whether it’s for travel or leisure.

About Somerville Massachusetts

Somerville is a city in Massachusetts, United States.

Somerville Massachusetts is a city in eastern Middlesex County. The town is directly north of Boston and Cambridge and south of Medford and Malden.

Tufts University is on the northern end of Somerville near its border with Medford. Tufts is home to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and has an engineering school affiliated with the Gordon Institute.

ABM Industries is the largest employer in Somerville, hiring about two thousand people every year. ABM is a facility services company that focuses on projects to help buildings acquire Energy Star and LEED certifications. The Gentle Giant Moving Company and Candlewick Press also operate out of Somerville.

The Somerville Theatre hosts concerts and film screenings. The Art Deco theater was built in 1914 as a motion picture and vaudeville house. The theater also hosts the Independent Film Festival Boston every spring.

There are a few MBTA rail stations in and outside the Somerville area. The Assembly and Sullivan Square Orange Line stations are on the eastern end of the city. The Porter station on the Red Line is on the southern end of the city near Somerville Avenue.

The Assembly Row shopping center is on the northeastern section of Somerville. The center is home to various shops and restaurants. The Legoland Discovery Center Boston is also in the complex.

Somerville has a population of about 80,000 within a land area of about 4.1 square miles. Somerville is the most densely populated city in the country outside of the New York, Los Angeles, or Miami metropolitan areas.

Much of Somerville’s northern border is along the Mystic River. The Northern Expressway or I-93 runs through Somerville and leads to Boston to the south and Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire to the north.

Somerville MA was settled in 1630 by John Woolrich. Colony governor John Winthrop acquired 600 acres of land for the region a year later. The city grew as a farming community but would play a role in the star of the Revolutionary War when British soldiers stole gunpowder from the colonists there in 1774. The moment is considered to be a critical event that led up to the war. Somerville grew after the war as a city for farmers and brick makers. Industrialization helped Somerville to grow in the twentieth century, including through the introduction of a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant in 1926, although that plant shut down in 1958.

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