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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lawrence, IN as of Jun, 2018


Foxy Lawn Services in Lawrence, IN

Hired 247 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.178 Reviews)

Hi there, thank you for checking out our GreenPal profile. We have been a dedicated lawn care service for all of Lawrence and Indianapolis for over a decade, and we look forward to meeting you about anything you need. With our experience and skill as landscapers, there is no doubt we can get your lawn to compete with the fairways at Old Oakland Golf Course. How does that sound?We can get your home ready for the market, or clean up your newly bought home after the sell. If that is the case, I will walk you through the whole yard to see if there are any problems. Sure, I can give you a cheap lawn mowing, but that won’t do all the work in the world if there are other problems in your yard. Something as simple as adding a nutrient in to your soil will increase growth tenfold, then we can really get to lawn mowing.

We are looking for at least five new clients to help us out with our spring and summer scheduling. We offer special discounts to those who hire us on for five or more lawn mowings, and we do it all through GreenPal so it’s easier on everyone come paytime. Do you know how many checks I have had to gone hunting for because the cat found it?

Call us for any questions you have about pricing or availability. We do most of our work through GreenPal, so we never miss a message. We can’t wait to meet you! And God bless!

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Rock Solid Lawn Services in Lawrence, IN

Hired 167 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.83 Reviews)

If you need help with getting your patch of dirt to grow something, I am your guy. I have handled some pretty rough lawns, and even though it looks like it isn’t going anywhere for a few weeks, the changes come soon. By the end of two months, you will start to see some fast growth. Don’t you worry!

If you give me your trust, I can show you my skills as the best landscaper in Lawrence, In. Your lawn and yard will look gorgeous in no time, you won’t have to be embarrassed about your yard ever again.

We service over thirty lawns per week every week, and have been keeping up that number for years now. When we first started, it was just me behind the mower, doing my own scheduling and calling and all that. Now we have a few workers and someone to handle the office, and we have GreenPal to thank for that!

I have always found it funny that landscapers and local lawn mowers in Lawrence don’t like sharing their information. Some of the best people in town who can grow grass out of a rock get all weird about it when people ask them what they do. My philosophy is that you guys can find everything on the internet these days, and if you had time to learn how to check the soil contents and the right chemicals to make a soil acidic or whatever, you would. But you don’t have the time, and that is where we step in. We handle all kinds of yards throughout McCordsville, and it is all because people don’t have enough time to do it themselves! We get your time back, and we do it every day in Indianapolis!

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Eco Mow Lawn Services in Lawrence, IN

Hired 64 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.229 Reviews)

We have done it all for Indianapolis. We have mowed lawns and have a thousand pounds of mowed grass under our belt, we know what to do when it comes to weird yards. We only use walking mowers, so if you have flowers or trees in your yards, gnomes or anything like that you can trust us to leave them intact.

Believe me, I know what your bushes and all that means to people, I have hired plenty of people I shouldn’t have to mow my yard. Let me tell you, it is easy to fix a missed patch of grass, but when a cheap lawn mower in Lawrence, In destroys your flowers it’s hard to recover.

You put a lot of work into your yard already, I’m sure. If you care enough to joining GreenPal you care about your yard, we take that seriously. Any new lawn that becomes our responsibility is looked over to see for any problem areas. We can give you a rundown of the soil composition and weak spots in the grass, all to help grow thicker, more lush grass.

Sometimes we get called to mow a lawn that doesn’t really need mowing. What it needs is a little more growing before we cut it. People think that lawn mowing is just giving the lawn a “haircut” but it’s a lot more complicated. When you cut the grass it puts the plant in a state of stress. The grass responds by growing back stronger and thicker. We were able to do wonders on a few lawns in Indianapolis, some lawns in Pleasant Acres. We can go out to any part of the city though, if you trust us enough to reach out we’re glad to help!

Let us know the days you are free and we will work on your schedule. We like to stick to Lawrence if we can, but Indianapolis is our home. Feel free to call us if you have questions or would like a free quote! Make sure to look out for Eco Mow when you schedule through GreenPal too!

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Victory Lawn Services in Lawrence, IN

Hired 141 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.187 Reviews)

Do you want a gorgeous backyard but don’t have the idea where to start? Even if you are just looking around on Google, Victory Lawn Mowing can point you in the right direction. We work specifically with lawn and landscape, but if you want rock installed or some new design of bushes, we have connections throughout the city that will give you the best price. We are the best landscaping in Lawrence, In, but we know the best contractors in all sorts of the landscaping.

All your dreams can be realized! We can take your ideas and put solid plans behind them, get all the logistics worked out. We can install trees, prune your existing ones, and take care of any turf renovations. We recently finished up a job at Parkwood Mobile Park beautifying their grounds, if you want proof of our work you know where to go.

For first time customers of Victory, we have a special discount just so you can see how we work. If you don't like us afterward then you don't miss out on much, but if we do well you got a great deal on a great lawn mowing. You can't lose either way right? 

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Samuel Andres Grass Cutting in Lawrence IN
“It took me a while to actually go through and sign up for GreenPal, but once I did it was smooth sailing! I’ve been needing a tree removed but no one came in with a reasonable enough price. I was going to settle on a local landscaper in Brookhaven but Eco Mow reached out right before. He was one of the three lawn maintenance services in Lawrence, In that sent me a message, but what really got me was his demeanor. Ryan carries himself with professionalism and it shows in his work. I’ve hired lawn mowers and landscapers in Lawrence, In before, but Ryan seems like he knows what he’s doing. ”
Nicole Pfeffer Yard Cutting in Lawrence IN
“My backyard was in desperate need of help, and I was no use. I tried cutting my lawn but ended up cutting too short and killed most of it! I joined GreenPal and put the call out for someone to help me out, Miguel was the best fit. He’s been on our lawn for two months now and he has done wonders! We are so happy with him, we’ll be keeping him on for a while now. Thanks to you all we’ve gotten back on track and can finally start putting the house on the market. I don’t know if GreenPal is like this in every part of Indianapolis, but I was lucky to have a few good lawn mowing services in Orchard that are well worth your money!”
Bob Iverson Lawn Maintenance in Lawrence IN
“Any guy you find on GreenPal is going to be great. There are so many lawn care services in Lawrence, In that will give you a good mowing, no doubt about it. I just use GreenPal because that’s where they are. It takes me like five minutes to find somebody and they are usually there the next day. Best record is a few hours, but that was from a local lawn mower in East Avalon Hills that just had a free day. We lived close by, but it was nice of him to at least attempt to be fast. GreenPal is super simple, especially for someone so slow at tech like me.”
Michael Gorbet Lawn Care in Lawrence IN
“Gary’s Creations and his team are THE best. They completely transformed the yard better than we could have imagined it. We came in with a few ideas, but he is such a professional landscaper in Lawrence that he worked his way around the city for the best deal on materials. He didn’t have to, we would have gladly paid what he thought was a fair budget. He found a small nursery right in Brendonwood that had the best Birds of Paradise flowers. Our front yard looks beautiful now!”

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GreenPal is the slickest, easiest way to contract local lawn maintenance in your city. We have established ourselves across the nation as the number one way to find the best deals in lawn care. Not only do we connect you with local lawn mowers and landscapers in Lawrence, In, we help regulate the prices by allowing everyone the same access to bid for your business.

GreenPal works on one guiding principle: make it faster and easier than any other options contracting landscapers. Even with the power of the internet, the average person is not going to find all the best deals in cheap yard maintenance in Lawrence. This is because companies can pay to jump up on the top ten list, the first page of google. But the thing is, they are competing with the whole internet, not just their lawn mowing friends in the same area.

But on GreenPal, all they are competing with is their colleagues. While you are searching the whole internet through Google, GreenPal minimizes all the effort and shows you just the results. With GreenPal’s platform, you can take care of everything from comparing quotes and paying for local yard mowing in Lawrence, In.

How did we gather all the best options for local lawn maintenance in Lawrence, In? In a way, these companies come to us. After we established a presence in Indianapolis, we were gathering info from lawn mowing services in Kensington Commons!

We have not just made a service for the home or business owner but for the everyman’s company as well. Once they are approved to be on GreenPal, they can have the same space as a major corporation. When you schedule for a lawn mowing appointment through GreenPal, they will be notified at the same time as everyone and be allowed to bid for your business. How much more easy can it be?

When you as a homeowner sign up for GreenPal, you will have access to every possible lawn mower and landscaper near you. As always, it is free and hardly needs a credit card to sign up. You can start comparing the best quotes for yard maintenance in Lawrence the minute you sign up, and will have the option to contract a quick lawn mowing from here until Doomsday! This is how easy lawn care can be!

About Lawrence Indiana

Lawrence is a city in Indiana, United States.

Lawrence is considered to be one of the four excluded cities in Marion County. The term describes the city’s odd geographic location, not for any of the area’s racist or segregation historical ties. As of the population count in 2010, Lawrence boasted a small population of about forty thousand people. In regards to its location from Indianapolis, Lawrence, Indiana resides to the city’s east. Before being called Lawrence, the city had a long history going by the name Lanesville. When it came time to be incorporated, Lanesville was already a burgeoning city in state. Because the city resides in the Lawrence township, citizens at the time voted for the city to be called Lawrence.

Of the forty thousand or so people that reside in Lawrence, there was a total of 17,864 houses. Of that number of households, twelve thousand families resided in these households. With a population density of just about three thousand people per square mile, the city occupied just about nineteen thousand housing units by the end of the year.

The racial makeup of the city is fairly representative of the rest of the area, with the majority (64%) being white, nearly a quarter being African American, less than 1% Native American, 1.4% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 6% from other races. Latinos make up 11% of the population.

Like many towns in Indiana, Lawrence’s close location to Kentucky made it a retreat from certain undesirable laws. A huge instance of this practice was Indiana’s lack of laws regarding the Ku Klux Klan. Couple this with the fact that by the time of the civil war, Indiana had anti-slavery laws in place, and you have a parallel migration of Klansmen and slaves going to Indiana to practice their freedoms. Slaves in Kentucky had just a short run North in order to escape their enslavement. This sparked a lot of heat between Indiana citizens and Kentucky citizens, spurring support for slave hunting laws. The debates circled around the right for an American citizen to retrieve his property, and that hunting down an escaped slave is merely an act of taking back what is theirs.

Source: Wikipedia

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