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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Jeffersonville
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Jeffersonville, IN as of Sep, 2019


Baer's Lawn Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Hired 146 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.54 Reviews)

 Put our lawn mowing up against any other in the city, and we will come out on top. Our customer service, experience, and of course technique on lawn care is uncompared. We are one of the few local lawn mowing services in Jeffersonville, In with tried and proven methods to make your lawn beautiful. We are one of the few companies that put in the man (and woman) hours to make every person that contracts us happy with our work.

We provide every landscaping service under the sun. From your basic lawn mowing and pruning, to seasonal mulching and fertilizing we can do it all. We might become the last landscape maintenance in Jeffersonville you will ever need!

That is our goal, at the end of the day. We would rather have a few dedicated lawns than new lawns every week. New and one-time clients are always welcome, but we really like to get to know the soil to improve it. The more often we service your lawn, the better we can understand it and how it responds to our services. You just can’t get that with a cheap lawn mower in Jeffersonville.

We are the cheapest option for yard maintenance near Oak Park, but it is not uncommon for us to head further south into Jeffersonville. As far as we are concerned, you could be in Louisville and still be scheduled for a cheap lawn mowing from us. With enough time to prepare we can be there in no time and give you the very best in lawn mowing.

When you are ready for a free quote and rundown of what your lawn needs let us know. We are very fast at replying to messages and returning our phone calls. Even if you need specific services done, we have networks of landscapers and specific tradesmen that can help you get the job done.

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Oerther's Lawn Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Hired 215 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.48 Reviews)

What is your plan to keep your grass green during the winter? Or are you planning on letting it die out and restart in the spring? If you have the money to restart your lawn every year by all means go for it. But if you want a cheaper alternative.. Come find us. Sure we can restart any lawn from the ground up we know how to do that. But if we just did that we wouldn’t be the best lawn maintenance in Jeffersonville, In. We would just be guys who followed directions.

Our services are more complicated than anything you can find on Google. You will find the basics on the internet, but the real way to grow green lush grass is through years of experience in the field. In fact, trying to grow amazing grass in Jeffersonville depends on the specific part of the city you live in. When we were a new lawn mowing service in Watson, we thought we had it down pat on how to grow green grass, then we got hired in other parts of the city and failed horribly.

We found out that soil changes from block to block, and if you want great lawn care then you will have to find someone who understands that (us). Ask your current landscaper about it, and if he can’t give you an answer on what nutrients your lawn needs lose him! You are wasting your money on someone who will just keep your grass the way it is.

We can make improvements. By the end of a few months, you’ll think we just installed new grass, not grew it. But we do, and we have a great reputation of doing so. If you are interested, check out our profile and see if we are a right fit for you. If you think we are, send us a message! We will send you a free quote and strategy for your lawn care, something that will make you excited about contracting us. See how well we do with just one cheap lawn mowing in Jeffersonville, In. If you like us after that then we can talk about your long term lawn care!

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Green Lawn Control Lawn Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Hired 185 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.232 Reviews)

Call us for when you are in a bind. If you are tired of seeing the muddy brown lawn of death in front of your home, you need Green Lawn Control to flip the script. We are one of the few local yard maintenance services in Jeffersonville, In that is both affordable and expert at what we do. We have a combined experience of over forty years, and every person on the team loves their job. We only hire people who are excited about lawn care, not just bodies to put behind the mower. We think that separates us from other landscape maintenance services in the city.

That is part of the reason so many people trust us with their lawn mowing and landscaping. We love our trade, and will never keep information from you to keep you in debt to us. If you had the time to cut your own grass we know you would, but you have bigger fish to fry. So we step in and help that. If you ask us a question, we won’t think you are trying to take our business, you just want to know what we are up to! And that’s not bad, you should know exactly what your lawn mowing service is doing with YOUR house and YOUR money.

If you can agree with this, we will get along just fine. We are pretty new to GreenPal, but already we are building a good reputation in Jeffersonville. We mostly provide cheap lawn mowing in Jeffersonville to homes, but business and property owners are more than welcome to contact us. We have done a few large scale businesses, and our equipment is tough enough to tackle projects as big as the Woehrle Athletic Complex. That’s a lot of grass, you know that, but we buy only the best mowers that can handle that level of job.

We’d like to thank all of our past clients who have written reviews on us. You have helped us be where we are today, and we are grateful for that. God bless you all, can’t wait to meet you when the time comes!

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Greenway Lawn Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Hired 185 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.163 Reviews)

We do lawn mowing, light yard work, weed eating, and light hauling for all of Jeffersonville. Mature, professional, and always on point with communicating. You will never be left wondering why we didn’t show up. Although we only make an appointment when we know for sure we are available, accidents do happen. But that is no excuse to leave you high and dry and wondering where your money went.

Greenway is a responsible, caring lawn care service, an unmatched competitor in Jeffersonville! With our competitive pricing, experience, and attention to detail, there is no better person to trust your grass with than us.

We started this lawn mowing service in Jeffersonville over eight years ago now, and it has been getting better ever since. We get better with every lawn mowing client we get, and our skills as tradesmen only improve. The bonus about hiring us now is that you are getting the latest model, with all of our practice runs and past experience behind us. Hiring us now means you are getting a craftsman on your lawn, not just someone who owns a cheap lawn mower!

We also advertise on Craigslist, so feel free to find us on there. Our prices never change, and just because we are on GreenPal does not mean we will change anything. Even if you find us on the street and want to talk lawn mowing, we will still offer you the same low price for a cheap lawn mowing in Jeffersonville, In.

We can get your lawn looking like any of the big name golf courses in town. We are notorious for bringing the same lush grass as the holes at Elk Run Golf Club. What used to be trade secrets of yard maintenance services in Jeffersonville, In is now open to everyone with a computer. We just do the best job of implementing them on your lawn. How does this sound to you so far?

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Howard Loesch Grass Cutting in Jeffersonville IN
I’m a brand new homeowner and was so excited to mow my own lawn. And then I realized how time consuming it was. I’m not lazy I’m not saying that, but it was taking me almost five hours to get done from start to finish. I started contracting out my lawn care through GreenPal and have not looked back. I feel a little guilty for using it, but it’s literally so easy to schedule it! I blame GreenPal, but I also blame the guys that come out to the house. They are real professionals, and they do a great job, amazing compared to my weak attempt. I caught them working Vissing Park and they stopped to say hello. And they’re friendly?? Add that to the fact that they are the cheapest on the site? You can’t expect me to pass it up now.
Bernice Gonzalez Lawn Care in Jeffersonville IN
I used Zach and his staff to do some spring cleaning with my trees. They took their growing very seriously this year and one tree was encroaching on the roof. I’ve seen the youtube videos, so I hired Zach to take care of it. Totally professional, and it helps they are an affordable landscape maintenance in Jeffersonville, In. I live way up north in Prather which is technically not Jeffersonville, but I just say I live there to make it easier on everyone. I plan on using GreenPal for all my yard maintenance because there isn’t another website that finds me cheap lawn mowing prices in Jeffersonville. If it ever happens you’ll know I’ll be on it, but GreenPal is killing the game right now.
Sam Phillips Lawn Mowing in Jeffersonville IN
GreenPal saved me some serious money. I just needed a fall cleanup from the pounds of leaves the trees dumped on my yard. I was raking leaves for two days before I got it all cleaned up, and a few days later it was just as bad. I got sick of it and hired Brandon's Landscaping and they took care of everything. Brandon was very professional,made no excuses and kept communication flowing. Even on a day where he double booked by accident he let me know and offered a discount for the confusion. I’m not saying discounts make a company great, but the fact that he let us know does. I fully trust him, and I’m thinking about hiring him to clean up the Walnut Ridge Cemetery. Poor thing is getting overgrown these days.
Nate Anderson Lawn Care Service in Jeffersonville IN
We already set up our lawn care for the rest of the year through GreenPal, most liberating feeling ever. We met with two local lawn mowers near me in Jeffersonville, In and got a feel for them, and once we knew who we were going with we signed them on right away. The review system is great, you can tell they’re honest and thoughtful when a quality company comes around but man, you do not want to piss some of these people off. They will let you know if a cheap lawn mowing service in Jeffersonville tries to pull a fast one. Of all places Utica Elementary reviewed someone and tore them up for leaving the work unfinished. That’s the kind of system I want to see for our government!

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Welcome to GreenPal! You have stumbled upon an internet gold mine, especially if you are someone hunting down the best options for cheap lawn mowing near you. While you may find a few good deals on your own searching through Google, we will be there there are at least a dozen other options in your city than you think. We know because our research has shown this.

As it turns out, most of the lawn mowing services in Jeffersonville, In for instance don’t have and don’t have the time to build an online presence. Either they don’t have the resources, the knowledge, or the time to build a website and run a social media presence. But these are the same hard workers who are in the sun day in and day out providing the best lawn care in Jeffersonville, In that they can.

Believe it or not, the founders of GreenPal were once one of these many lawn mowers out in the field mowing for a living. We knew all too well how hard it can be as a local lawn mowing service to find new clients, especially when you need new clients to keep your business afloat.

The brainstorming started then, but it wouldn’t be until much later in our lifetime that the technology caught up to our ideas. Now, news sources across the nation are hailing GreenPal as the Uber of lawn care, and rightly so!

When you sign up for GreenPal, you will be able to get free quotes from lawn mowers, landscapers, and general maintenance crews near you. It doesn’t matter whether you need a lawn mowing for the day, for the season, or if you want a special project done on your house, GreenPal is going to connect you with them. We have a database of over 2,0000 companies ready to give America the best lawn care they’ve seen. As for Jeffersonville, Indiana, you will have the option to choose from over twenty companies.

How can we be so sure you are getting what you ask for? We take security very seriously, and we refuse to let any company on board if they have not passed our extensive background checks. That includes several random information checks, like equipment and clientele list checks to make sure they are the yard maintenance service in Jeffersonville they say they are.

We do all this so you can have a smooth experience contracting out your lawn care. Homeowners throughout Jeffersonville are finding the best deals in cheap lawn mowing near you, and we are constantly adding new companies to the mix. In fact, one of our smallest operations in Jeffersonville just got his first seasonal contract with Armstrong Farm Apartments, something he thought he could never have done without GreenPal’s help.

What other tools do you have to help you save money like GreenPal? Signing up takes as little as five minutes, and you will not be asked about a credit card until you are fully ready to hire someone. This is how lawn care is supposed to be!

About Jeffersonville Indiana

Jeffersonville is a city in Indiana, United States.

Jeffersonville, IN is a city located in Clark County in the state of Indiana. It lies on the along the banks of the Ohio river, and is often referred to as Jeff. This is due to the two facts that Jeffersonville is both a mouthful to say repeatedly and just as exhausting to type. Jeffersonville sits north of the Ohio River, north of Louisville and I-65. It is the county seat of Clark County.

The city was marked for development and settlement early in its history, mainly because of Fort Finney that once stood where the Kennedy Bridge is today. It was used mainly to combat invading indians, and once the fort proved to be successful, families felt confident enough to make the area their home.

Although it is unclear why Jeffersonville was named as such, it probably ha a lot to do with the fact that Thomas Jefferson became president during that time. This is coupled with the fact that Jeffersonville took notes from Thomas Jefferson’s grid pattern on designing a city. It wasn’t long after the beginning of the nineteenth century that Jeffersonville already established a post office (1803) and a federal land sale office in 1808. Once the War of 1812 ended, Indiana was a popular spot to take root, mainly because of the rich soil and access to the Ohio River.

Springville was replaced as the county seat around 1802 by Jeffersonville, and later Charlestown took the title from Jeffersonville. But after a few short-lived years, residents of the area voted on Jeffersonville as the county seat and it has stayed as such to this day.

Jeffersonville was a key area for both sides of the Civil War. It’s close proximity to Louisville outh made it a major gateway to the rest of the south. Frequently, soldiers, caravans, and supplies could be seen marching south toward Kentucky. The city was so strategic to the Union army that the third largest hospital (Jefferson General Hospital) located near Port Fulton was placed in Jeffersonville. In the coming years, although Indiana was technically a part of the Union Army, the Ku Klux Klan had large meetings in Jeffersonville because of a lack of anti-Klan laws. The strong numbers in Louisville and New Albany moved to Jeffersonville to avoid prosecution. Today, Jeffersonville is quiet about its history with the Klan, leaving it as a footnote. It concentrates its tourism information on it’s proud Union history and commitment to agriculture.

Source: Wikipedia

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