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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Cleveland Heights, OH as of Jul, 2018

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Just Perfect Lawn Services in Cleveland Heights, OH

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(overall rating 5/5.148 Reviews)

Ask your next hired lawn mower in Cleveland Heights if they do soil treatments. If he say no, then i hate to say it, but you are wasting your time. The sharpest lawn mower in the world won’t make your grass grow back stronger, not without a soil treatment.

Lawn mowing works best when it works in tandem with soil treatment. Believe it or not, when a lawn mower cuts grass, he isn’t doing it just to make it shorter. If he knows what he is doing, short grass does not equal healthy grass. Since grass is a plant just like a flower, if you “prune” the grass with just a little off the top, it will respond like a rose bush will. It will dedicate its energy to sucking all the nutrients from the soil and go into grow mode. But if your soil isn’t right, it can’t get any nutrients. No nutrients, weaker blades, and after a series of lawn mowings to restart that cycle, pretty soon you’ll have hay in your yard.

We can avoid all that when you hire Just Perfect Lawns. We are professionals in this kind of work, and we offer it all with our lawn mowing in Cleveland Heights, Oh. Don’t mess around with amateurs who push a cheap lawn mower around Westlake on their Saturday. I’m a pro, I do this every day of the week. You can hire me any day from morning to late in the afternoon. With enough notice we can get your lawn service for months to come. You won’t recognize what we got!

We mainly work around the Ambler Heights, but Westlake is our home as well. If you need any information you are free to message us on GreenPal, w are pretty good at getting back to people within the day.

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Twin Lawn Services in Cleveland Heights, OH

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(overall rating 5/5.146 Reviews)

Hello GreenPal, thank you for checking out our contracting company! You can trust us with all your lawn care needs. From trees to grass to shrubs to flowers, Twin Lawn is your one stop shop for all things yard maintenance. No trips to Home Depot or looking up the process on Youtube, we are the most affordable lawn care service in Cleveland Heights, Oh. We guarantee you that we are the best deal for local lawn maintenance hands down.

Our experience and skills are unmatched, and our patience for each lawn is our goal. We do our best not to overreach ourselves, so you can always expect a good job. What do you want done in your lawn? Is it something that you have yet to do because of budget? Maybe not the right man for the job?

We offer consultations as well. We have been in the lawn care industry for over a decade, we know who are the right guys for the job. We are not afraid to admit it if we can’t handle the job right, but where we excel we do it well!

Our prices range from thirty to fifty dollars for average sized lawns. The only reason why we charge more for grass over eight inches is because of the care we have to take in order to cut it right. We do this all with you in mind, nothing is out for pure profit! Student at John Carroll University and renting a home? We offer discounts for you as well!

When you are ready to contract the best landscapers in Cleveland Heights, you look for our message after you schedule for GreenPal. It is a simple process to get you the best yard possible, but all it takes is asking for help!

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Atlas Lawn Services in Cleveland Heights, OH

Hired 174 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.151 Reviews)

GreenPal has really helped us get the word out about our reliable lawn mowing service in Cleveland Heights. We aren’t much to brag about, but we are proud of the work we do. We started this lawn care service in Cleveland Heights a little over five years ago, but it was just to get ourselves through the last year of college. We mostly did it for family and friends, but word got out somehow and led us down this path. Maybe God wanted us to be lawn mowers, serve the community this way, and if that is the truth I’ll take it.

We have our base of operations in Coventry Village, where you can find us running around the neighborhoods. We are pretty hard to miss, so don’t hesitate to say hi and talk a while. We are here to serve you all, and if you have a question about how to do things yourself we are in no one to answer your question. Our knowledge is ours to share, and we would love to help you with your own projects! That is just who we are as a reliable yard maintenance in Cleveland Heights!

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Ron's Lawn Services in Cleveland Heights, OH

Hired 251 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.180 Reviews)

Weedeating, general lawn care, leaf removal, Ron's Lawn and Snow does it all. We can have your lawn scheduled with the next few days, three at most. Our quick and speedy lawn mowing is the best in town, and is the best deal for cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland Heights!

We can get your lawn looking clean and spiffy, as good as any park in town. We were actually reviewed recently about mowing a lawn so well that it compared to Caledonia Park. They said it, not us!

The best part about our lawn mowing service is that we take care of you from start to finish. No BS about charging extra for blowing or bagging the clippings, no charging you for the bags, no charging you for the air we breathed, just straight up lawn mowing!

How is that for the best landscape maintenance in Cleveland Heights? If you find anyone who can compare to our prices, we would be surprised. You might even get a discount on your next lawn mowing, who knows.

Thank you to all our past clients who took the time to review us! Every review helps our business and you are our best critics. Call it like you see it, and when you see the best lawn mowing in Cleveland Heights you make sure to let them know it was Ron's Lawn and Snow that took care of it!  

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Shirley Scott Lawn Mowing in Cleveland Heights OH
“Drought did a number on our whole yard right down to the trees. We knew they’d be okay, but the other stuff like our bushes and grass died out by the end of the summer. We were going into the fall with dead grass, and I was not happy about that. I looked around GreenPal for someone with a good winter strategy, and Atlas was the only one that made sense. It was kind of funny how we met too. When I reached out he was close by the house, but he was having lunch at BottleHouse Brewery. He finished his lunch and went right over! Not even an hour after we were on the phone and he walked me through the process, and we hired him the next week. We made it through the winter with actually decent grass, and now that the summer is here it is all looking on the up and up!”
Mark Newman Lawn Mowing Service in Cleveland Heights OH
“I met with Jacob and they made a wise decision to kill my lawn. I was in shock when he first told me that we needed to do that, but he explained the process. Amazing knowledge to know what would happen. We planted fruit trees and they are well on their way, the hedges coming great. I’ve hired them for a couple of cheap lawn mowings for our home near Denis Park, but we set something up for our properties, which is just amazing. I’d say there are a few other reliable landscapers in Cleveland Heights, and it’s good to know they’re getting the recognition for it.”
Ty Mitchell Lawn Care Service in Cleveland Heights OH
“Pretty good group of dudes on here, I’ve been happy with every hire. Makeaway was my first person and he took care of my backyard for a long time. When he went on vacation it was no problem, I just hired someone else and was back on track. As far as cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland Heights goes, you can’t beat it. The system is good to use, which is good for old folk like me. I don’t use the mobile app much just to get the notifications, I use the laptop if anything. I’m on texting with one guy that did a good job on my yard maintenance for a rental property near Cedar Hill Baptist Church. Glad to know I can trust someone I met online for once.”
Lauren Hill Grass Cut in Cleveland Heights OH
“I used to do the lawn mowing at Lake View Cemetery but I have gotten old, and there are some local lawn mowers as far out as Forest Hills, East Cleveland, Euclid, and Shaker Heights. We set them up on a rotating system so everyone can get a piece until the money runs out. I think it’s a nice setup, especially since it’s something for my parents when I’m traveling around. Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad you guys are getting the attention you deserve. I’ll speak your success any day!”

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Do you really need to worry about whether or not the lawn mowing in Westlake you scheduled is going to show up? Isn’t that why you hired someone in the first place? Procrastinating was the reason you called, they can’t use that excuse. That sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it?

We thought so. And we do our best to bring you all the other good deals on local lawn mowing in Cleveland Heights, Oh. We do this in the easiest way you can think of: we made an app.

Now, instead of digging through websites and local listings, you can know for sure what other work your local lawn mower and landscaping in Cleveland Heights look like. After that, it’s all up to you who you hire!

With our integrated systems through Facebook and LinkedIn, tracking down these local landscaping companies is a breeze. Reaching out to a cheap lawn mowing service close by? It’s done! The area around Cleveland is brim full of good soil, and although that means the grass looks great after a rain, it means you have to find time to mow the lawn.

If you find that you are getting busy in your life, you can count on us to help you hire someone as efficiently as possible. We are a small platform, but we believe small apps like this are the future of how the service industry works.

Take it from a group of guys who started this app. We were all working in different landscaping companies, dealing with the same problems. Can we do something better to promote our reliable landscaping services in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights? We could build a website, but then we would have to build a website for every other option for cheap lawn maintenance in Cleveland Heights. We upped the game and created GreenPal, the internet’s premiere platform for contracting the best in lawn care in Cleveland!

About Cleveland Heights Ohio

Cleveland Heights is a city in Ohio, United States.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio is one of the many inner-ring suburbs of the major Ohio city, Cleveland. As of the last census taken in 2010, Cleveland Heights had a population of just about forty-six thousand, which made it as the eighth spot in the ranking of the largest cities by population of the Greater Cleveland metro area. In terms of the rest of the state, it ranks as the twentieth largest cities. It began as a village in the turn of the twentieth century, and did not become an actual city until two decades later.

Most of Cuyahoga County was already settled and/or developing by the time Cleveland Heights came into the picture. Mayfield Road, now another one of the suburbs of Cleveland, was established in 1828. By that time, most of Cuyahoga County was already a spread of settlements, farms, and land divided nicely by contract and governmental oversight. Bluestone, a nearby area, was given name by the mining operation close by that mined bluestone.

 For what, that is a another source of history, but mostly for rock-based projects and housing material. Duncan McFarland was one of the owners that established the quarry where the city of Bluestone currently resides.

None other than John D. Rockefeller acquired about seven hundred acres that make up East Cleveland and Cleveland. Forest Hill Park was included in the purchase, but by that time the Rockefellers donated that land to make the park, donating it to the city. There were many other well-known rich people that made Cleveland their home. Euclid Heights was developed by Patrick Calhoun by the time 1892 hit, and it was around Euclid Golf Course that Mayfield and Cedar roads went out as far as Coventry Road. Marcus Brown began to develop Mayfield Heights south of Mayfield Road and took advantage of building a streetcar. People like Emil and Mary Preyer Hellwig passed over the land, a mistake that would ring in the bells of history.

Source: Wikiipedia 

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