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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Shaker Heights, OH as of Jul, 2018

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Ron's Lawn Services in Shaker Heights, OH

Hired 112 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.169 Reviews)

Ron's Lawn and Snow aims to provide the best experience possible when you hire us. Hiring someone to make your yard more beautiful can be stressful as it is, so we aim to take away as much stress as possible. We do this by keeping communication up and barriers down. When we are on your lawn, we are an open book. Ask us anything regarding our methods, our opinions on how well your lawn is doing, you name it!

We service over thirty lawns per week sometimes, and in the summer it gets real crazy. We have been on GreenPal for over a year, and each month is something new. We are able to really expand what we are capable of because people like you are trusting us with their lawn care in Shaker Heights.

That means a lot to us, and when you choose us over our fellow landscapers we do not take it lightly. We want to do you right so that you will be proud of your home, nothing less!

We also handle light landscaping work like leaf removal and tree pruning, but if you are looking for something more in depth let us know anyway. We can take care of the more cosmetic stuff, but some people in Boulevard might need a little more heavy duty work. We have people for that, so don’t miss out just because we mainly do cheap lawn mowing in Shaker Heights.

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Twin Lawn Services in Shaker Heights, OH

Hired 205 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.176 Reviews)

You can have the best in the business when it comes to yard maintenance. The proof is on our profile, Twin is the best landscape maintenance in Shaker Heights you could ask for. Our handiwork is all over Shaker Heights. Homeowners, business owners, even buildings like the Hanna Perkins Center all trust Twin with their landscaping. Why don’t you?

Has this happened to you? Have you hired a cheap lawn mower in Shaker Heights and never hear from them? It happens more than you think, unfortunately. I hate to admit it, but the old system of contracting lawn care in Shaker Heights doesn’t keep companies responsible. Since they answer their own phones and all that, they can “forget” about you whenever they want.

As your reliable lawn care service in Shaker Heights, Ohio, you have our word that we will keep to the appointment we set. No funny business, no excuses. If you call us to show up for a day, you can expect that we will be there bright and early and ready to service your home.

Ask us about veteran and senior discounts! We run promotions all the time, we would hate for you to miss out on a great deal just because you didn’t ask. Other than that, when you are ready to have the best landscapers in Shaker Heights near you, look out for our message when you schedule a lawn mowing on GreenPal. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Continental Lawn Services in Shaker Heights, OH

Hired 47 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.58 Reviews)

We will mow and trim perimeter edges, blow away all clippings (or mulch if that’s what you need). Our high power blowers will leave your yard spotless, it will look like you photoshopped your lawn. Every surface, whether driveway, walkway, or perimeter around the bushes will be taken care of with precision. We are Shaker Heights’ best lawn mowers. With our best in class equipment and commitment to excellence, there is no better deal for cheap lawn mowing in Shaker Heights!

We started our company in Fernway, when we were just a couple of kids looking to make a living. When we found out how much people don’t want to mow their own lawns, we decided to make a company and continue doing that. What started as a few extra dollars a week turned into a salary, and now we are one of the most well known landscapers in all of Shaker Heights!

Don’t let our age fool you, we are capable of handling any hard labor on the yard. Need your bushes trimmed? Done. Need some permits to remove some trees? We will take care of that! We do it all, and we do it to take it all off your hands.

For those of you in the greater Cleveland area, you are in luck. We signed a few contracts for seasonal lawn care all over the city. So even though we live in Shaker Heights, our days are spent going all around Cleveland doing what we do. Now we just need to convince you that we are the right guys for the job.

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Amg Lawn Services in Shaker Heights, OH

Hired 234 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.129 Reviews)

I am your go to option for local lawn maintenance. I have lived in Cleveland and Shaker Heights all my life, I know how the soil works and what it needs to grow great grass. How many other landscapers can say this?

I do way more than just lawn mowing. I see lawn mowing as just the tool to get your grass looking the best it can. I do bush trimming and light landscaping as well, but my main thing is providing cheap and reliable yard mowing in Shaker Heights. I can build your lawn from scratch, from yellow hay to lush green. With enough time, there is a possibility that you won’t even recognize your house after I get done with it! What are you afraid of?

If you have any fears of stress about your lawn, then you might also have stress about finding the right lawn maintenance to help you out. Totally understandable. There are so many options that you can’t go wrong, but choosing the wrong guy can leave your yard ruined. I offer free quotes and consultations to anyone who wants to know, and I do this before I touch your lawn with a blade. Once I have gained your trust, there isn’t a lawn in Malvern that will look better than yours! So what are you waiting for!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Elizabeth Becerra Lawn Mowing in Shaker Heights OH
“You can’t go wrong with any of these companies really. My husband and I try out someone new every time we need a lawn mowing done, it has yet to fail us! GreenPal does their job that’s for sure. We had our trees pruned, some bushes transplanted from one end of the yard to the next, and it looks like they’ve been there all along. We live way out in Sussex and it has been fun seeing which of these reliable lawn maintenances in Shaker Heights actually mean what they say. So far we haven’t been disappointed, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone hires out their lawn care for years!”
Will Poisson Lawn Mowing in Shaker Heights OH
“Worth the storage space that’s for sure. It’s real niche, but I use it almost every week to maintain contracts with local lawn mowing services in Shaker Heights. I own a few rental homes throughout the city, and it is so much easier to go through GreenPal than dealing with the lawn maintenance services in Shaker Heights personally. There are too many working parts when I dealt with them myself. I had a few problems where I would hire someone and they wouldn’t show up for days after, and I paid him because I thought he did the job. At least through GreenPal they have to send pictures of the job when requested. It’s so easy now, I even donated a landscaping for Hathaway Brown School for my kids.”
Heather Brown Yard Mowing in Shaker Heights OH
“I thought the reviews were made up. There were several in a row for AMG that seemed to good to be true, so I tried looking for them on Yelp. Turns out they were just one of the best yard maintenance in Shaker Heights, according to Yelp. That sold me, and I hired them for a quick consultation on some rotting palm trees I had in my yard. Mr. Paroska was friendly, respectful, and never pushed a contract on me. We talked about my budget, said we’d think about it, and he left. I called him a few days later and he was out in our yard that afternoon. He did a great job! He’s become my go-to guy for anything in the yard, it just works out so well that he lives close to us in Ludlow.”
Gladys Lucy Lawn Mowing in Shaker Heights OH
“Great service every time I hire! Thank you Dorenkott Landscaping for all your help! They were so easy to work with, I never felt pressured to sign in to anything. We used GreenPal only because we found like two options ourselves, and we thought there was way more to find. We neglected our yard for years and it got so bad the city issued us a citation lol oops. We found a local landscaper near us eventually. Matt has been awesome, and he cleaned up our yard better than we ever could. We worked out a deal with Laurel School too, so now both our home and our kids’ school gets cheap lawn mowing every other week.”

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Have you had any problems contracting local lawn care? If you have spent more than ten minutes of your day looking for great deals on local lawn mowing in Shaker Heights, Oh chances are you are wasting your time. It is possible to do it yourself: either looking through phone books, online, or running around on Craigslist, but we are here to tell you that those days are over.

With GreenPal, all those results you are looking for are brought to you on a silver platter. We do all the guesswork and hunting for the best deals in lawn care. All you have to do is sign up for GreenPal and get it done!

In Shaker Heights (as well as the rest of Cleveland) there are over twenty different lawn maintenance services that are ready to take on your business. These results are the same companies you might find on your own, but you are much better off finding them on GreenPal.

Why? Because on GreenPal, everyone is looking for a good deal and options to fill their schedule up with lawn mowing appointments. That is the beauty about GreenPal! People like you are looking for the best yard maintenance in Shaker Heights, and the same companies are looking for people who need lawn mowing! See how great GreenPal can be for everyone?The best part about is that we have worked hard to bring you local results, as close as your own neighborhood. Not only do we have a page dedicated to Cleveland, but we have hyperlocal results. From Ashby Manor to Lomond, Moreland to Onaway. We were even able to find such local results for Shaker Heights in the small little community of Malvern!

So if you are looking for a neighborly, friendly landscaper to help you with your lawn, look for them on GreePal. Each result is locally sourced, checked, and verified to make they are who they say they are. With our rigorous system, there is no excuse for you not save some money contracting local lawn care through GreenPal!

About Shaker Heights Ohio

Shaker Heights is a city in Ohio, United States.

Shaker Heights, Ohio is a city that shares the Cuyahoga County with major cities such as Cleveland. It boasts a population of just under thirty thousand, and is a suburb of Cleveland. In accordance with the rest of the city, Shaker Heights is considered to be an inner-ring streetcar suburb, skirting just around the eastern edge of Cleveland. Shaker Heights was separated from the greater Cleveland area in 1911 when citizens living in the area voted to separate themselves as a community within the larger city. By the next year, Shaker Village was established, and soon the name became Shaker Heights. The initial developers of Shaker Heights, the Van Sweringen brothers, envisioned Shaker Heights to be a haven from the busy city life.

Shaker Heights is also considered to be one of Cleveland’s older suburbs, called the inner-ring. The community borders Beachwood, University Heights, Highland Hills, and Warrensville Heights. It is also a member of a consortium that consists of northeast Ohio suburbs. For what reason this type of group exists, it is unknown.

For one reason or another, the Shaker Heights neighborhoods are all named after the elementary schools. They are anchored as such because in early development, the designers of the community set out elementaries schools first and simply used them as reference points while discussing the city. The term “Heights” in the name refers to the sudden increase in elevation where Shaker Heights resides, from 950 ft elevation around the area to 1050. The term “shaker” refers to the influx of Second Appearing Christians, who believe Jesus, a Middle Eastern jew who fought for the poor, would appear to them first: a group of wealthy, land-hungry Americans. 

Source: Wikipedia 

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