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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Maple Heights, OH as of May, 2018

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Twin Lawn Services in Maple Heights, OH

Hired 229 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.198 Reviews)

Bedford and Maple Heights have been my home since I was a kid, I have been mowing them for that long too. We are officially going into our eighth year of business, but my experience as a professional landscaper in Maple Heights goes back way farther than that.

I used to do odd jobs like junk removal with my truck, but after a while I felt like I could do more. So I applied all my knowledge from weeding and mowing lawns with my dad and really learned how to do things. Now, I am proud to say that I have served the majority of Bedford and Maple Heights with the best lawn mowing in town.

We do leaf removal in the fall, scheduled lawn mowing year round (special deals in the summer!), and free evaluations. If you trust our opinion enough, we will tell you honestly what your lawn needs from start to finish. In most cases it’s just a lawn mowing, but if the soil is wrong that might be why you can’t get a good green lawn.

All that can be taken care of, but if you just hire a cheap lawn mower in Maple Heights all he’s going to do is cut the grass. We’ll do that too, but we do it in a way that makes it grow. Trust me when I say there’s a difference. Let us know if you want help with your lawn, you won’t be disappointed hiring Twin Lawn Care for your home.

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Yard Art Lawn Services in Maple Heights, OH

Hired 57 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.121 Reviews)

Schedule Yard Art for your next lawn mowing a get a consultation on your status! Summer is coming up! Get your watering plan in check. Without a routine you will either forget and dry out your lawn or overwater and drown the grass, either way you lose! Let me figure out what to do with your lawn like a professional landscaper in Maple Heights should. Anyone who calls themselves a decent landscaper, especially here in Maple Heights, should know how to water. Cleveland is really tricky with the weather. I make sure there isn’t going to be a random rain on the same day I am set to water your lawn, how much would that suck?

That is the kind of service I’m talking about! That is just guaranteed when you hire us, but for some cheap lawn owners in Maple Heights that is extra. No way, not with Yard Art.

Message one of our grass pros for information, no matter what the question is. I have all this knowledge on landscaping, but it doesn’t make great party conversation trust me. Asking me what to do with your lawn is talking my language.

Consider hiring us when you need a trim on your lawn or when you are about to start a big project. Since we are a small local lawn mowing service in Maple Heights, Oh, we can give you an honest opinion about bigger projects. Then you can go to the landscapers educated and ready to get a better price. I mostly do homes, but I do mowing on Evergreen Memorial Cemetery from time to time when they schedule me. Other than, I hope you find what you are looking for, and if it is the best lawn mowing in Maple Heights, I hope you find me!

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Leo Lawn Services in Maple Heights, OH

Hired 31 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.32 Reviews)

Leo Lawn Care is your dedicated team of landscapers ready to tackle any job. We have experience in all kinds of jobs, from simple tree removal to special designs in lawn. We can get your lawn to compete with Kerruish Park if you want!

Lawn mowing is done through our GreenPal, so our prices reflect that. As a cheap lawn mowing service in Maple Heights, Oh we find it easier to go through GreenPal. However, if you are looking for something more complicated, talk to us on the phone about what we can do. The first thing we will always do is look over your lawn. We will not not touch a tool to your grass without first knowing exactly what it needs. If any cheap lawn mower you hire in Maple Heights, Oh gets to your house and goes at it without going over it, get rid of him. You might be saving money on the front end, but when he kills your lawn cutting it short you’ll use it to restart the whole process. If you don’t hire me the first time, I’ll be there to help you restart the second time.

Some of my favorite jobs are ones where I start from scratch. Not saying I like bad lawns, but it’s when I can show the city what I can do. You’d be surprised how many cheap lawn mower in Maple Heights can’t grow decent grass.

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Green Missions Lawn Services in Maple Heights, OH

Hired 132 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.94 Reviews)

Like overgrown grass, Green Missions stands out among the rest. Professionally trained since 2011, opened business since 2013. We service over thirty lawns per week and hold seasonal contracts with almost half of those. If that doesn’t tell you anything about our quality I don’t know what to tell you!

We are one of the most trusted landscapers and lawn mowers in Maple Heights. We try to stay around thirty lawns in order to ensure we do a good job on each one. We would much rather service fewer people who trust us than strangers. Sounds weird I know, but that is our style. All that means for you is that you get cheap, professional lawn care for months and years to come.

We handle our business through GreenPal, message us anytime for a quote on our lawn. No lawn we have mowed yet has gone over sixty bucks, and that was for almost an acre of green grass. All that means is you get cheap lawn mowing in Maple Heights every day of the week.

Our home base is close to Benhoff Park, but we service all of Maple Heights and Eastern Cleveland. We can go to different parts of the city, but we know that there is always good options for local lawn mowing in every part of Cleveland. GreenPal has really helped us become a well-known lawn mowing service in Maple Heights, we can’t wait to show you how we do business!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Stacey Bogden Yard Mowing in Maple Heights OH
“I own a property in the same spot as The Hone Barber College, and they had someone come out once a week to trim the bushes and trees outside. I had no idea you could do that sort of thing through an app! I tried it pretty soon after for my own properties and it worked like a charm. I’ve hired seven times already, but I’m probably going to sign a seasonal with Atlas. They are the closest local lawn mowing service in Maple Heights that I can get, makes it easier on me. ”
Ken Hamilton Lawn Cut in Maple Heights OH
“Kinda cool to have something specifically for this, I don’t know why I would have it other wise lol! The joke was on me though, because we ended up traveling for softball games way more than we expected. Thought we’d Give GreenPal a shot after seeing it on the news, and it went pretty smooth! Wyatt's Landscaping was best lawn mowing quote I got anywhere close to Maple Heights, but I found someone from our St. Martin’s Tours Church parish! He got the job right away and we kept him on for the two more months that we were all over the place. ”
Sam Benson Yard Mowing in Maple Heights OH
“I actually use GreenPal a lot for my properties just on the outskirts Maple Heights. I used to do a lot of work around the Bedford Green Apartments setting them up with maid and local landscape maintenance in Maple Heights. It took me hours tracking down the right lawn mowers, especially during the work day because *guess what* they’re mowing lawns. I just send them emails through GreenPal and they get to it when they can, we schedule something the next day and that’s that. It’s a great service! I’m glad you guys got it figured out!”
James Weston Yard Mowing in Maple Heights OH
“We had terrible luck looking for reliable landscape maintenance in Maple Heights. One guy stopped showing up after one day (this was after him saying he was the best landscaper in Maple Heights). We found one guy mowing a neighbor’s home, so we got his price. He lasted a month. Of all places we found this one local lawn mower near Gaines Funeral Home trimming their bushes, and he has been with us ever since. I don’t know why it took one local yard maintenance in Maple Heights online to outshow any of the old school guys, but here we are. ”

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There’s no need to spend more than five minutes looking for contractors. It doesn’t matter whether it is roofing, plumbing, maid services, or lawn mowing services in Maple Heights, with today’s technology your local choices for cheap lawn mowing and other services should be readily catalogued for your convenience. We can’t speak for other aspects of the service industry, but when it comes to local lawn care in Maple Heights, GreenPal has you covered.

When we first started GreenPal, we wanted to do two things: let the real professional landscapers in every part of the US get their recognition, and help them get in contact with their potential clients.

With these two goals in mind, we have been able to find cheap landscaping services in Maple Heights for all sorts of citizens. Milkovich Middle School has even used GreenPal a few times. We have homeowners who are just too busy with their lives contracting quick and cheap lawn mowing, rental homeowners who want to keep their place looking nice, and the casual gardener looking for help. With GreenPal, every company, no matter if they are sole proprietors or LLCs, can have a space online to promote their business.

The best part is that our review system is tied to transactions. No one can pay for a review on GreenPal. That keeps reviewers honest, and our ranking system can do its work. On GreenPal, lawn maintenance services as far out as Garfield Heights, Bedford, or North Randall will have their due if they are providing their neighbors with the best lawn care. If they aren’t and don’t continue to improve, they slowly disappear from the search results.

This is just one of the many ways we made GreenPal so airtight secure. While other sites like Craigslist don’t do much to show you how legit each result is, GreenPal takes it as priority. This, along with our application process, is one of the many ways we strive to make the best experience possible. Every yard maintenance in Maple Heights worth its salt goes through a rigorous application process, one that few scammers can get by. It takes extra steps to verify each vendor, but we see it as a necessity for bringing GreenPal into the tech age we live in today. This is how lawn care is supposed to be!

About Maple Heights Ohio

Maple Heights is a city in Ohio, United States.

Maple Heights, Ohio resides in the populous county of Cuyahoga County, just outside of Cleveland. It boasts a meager population of twenty-three thousand, but proves to be an interesting community compared to the rest of the suburbs in Cleveland. As of the last United States Census in 2010, Maple Heights clocked in a population of twenty-three thousand people making it one of the smaller suburbs of the industrious Ohio city. Of that population, six thousand families resided in Maple Heights. Nine thousand households were reported, as well as a population density of 4,475 per square mile. In a stunning turn of demographics for this state, and unlike the surrounding suburbs like Westlake, Maple Heights boasts a minority-majority population of about 68% African-American residents.

One of the first settlers to the area is marked as Benjamin Fitch, a citizen from Connecticut in 1813. By that time, Ohio had only been officially recognized as a state for ten years. Four years after, a John Dunham came on to the scene in 1817, building a road that was named after him and still is to this day. This is the same road that provides access to the Ohio and Erie Canal between Cleveland and Akron. Because of Dunham’s road, and because it led to the only connecting piece of land between the two areas, populations grew around the area on both sides.

It was stimulated even more when the Pittsburgh Railroad opened up a station and depot in the Bedford Township area, and the again when the Connotton Valley Railroad was completed in 1881.

Maple Heights quickly became an incorporated village by 1915, and has kept its original boundaries as when it came into being, a statistic that few if any suburbs and town can claim. For those that have lived in Maple Heights long enough, the parts of town are known as the Akron light rail stops that was in their area. Cleveland’s immigrant population, a group of people that consisted of Italians, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, and some French, spilled into Maple Heights. This gave Maple Heights enough of a population to qualify as a city of Ohio in 1932. After World War II, Maple Heights saw a huge boom of homebuilding, and virtually every piece of land was taken to build homes and communities for single family and middle class housing. The area saw its biggest population in the seventies, but has steadily been declining ever since.

Source: Wikipedia

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