Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Huntington Beach, CA as of May, 2024

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Lezama Gardening Service Lawn Services in Huntington Beach, CA

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Are you in the Huntington Beach CA area and want to find lawn care professionals who can come over to your home on the double to help you cut your lawn? Naturally, you might want a lawn care business that is situated in Huntington Beach to help you with the process. The good news is that you’ve got a team in Lezama Gardening Service that can come out to your space and assist you with keeping your lawn looking beautiful and clean with premium lawn care services and lawn mowing services.

We at Lezama Gardening Service are based out of the Oak View region of Huntington Beach. We are located right off of Beach Boulevard, thus giving us quick access to all the major spots around the city. We will come to your property at the time of your request whether you’re up north in Washington or a little further south in Yorktown.

Our lawn cutting service is thorough and easy to utilize. We’ll talk with you about what you need to get out of your lawn based on the type of grass you have and how well the grass is growing. We can even conduct a soil acidity test if desired. The test will help to see if there are any issues with how your lawn is growing and if it’s at risk of developing weeds.

You can ask us about how you want to get your lawn cut. Maybe you want your lawn to be cut with a symmetrical pattern like what you’d see at Huntington Central Park. Whatever the case may be, you can talk with us about the cutting pattern you want to utilize, the specific height you need to get the lawn cut at, and any watering needs you might require. You can also listen to our recommendations for service to help you see if specific plans or routines have to be put in play when taking care of your lawn the right way.

Our help at Lezama Gardening Service will provide you with a solution for lawn care needs that fits your needs and your budget. Ask us about our regular service contacts. We offer bi-weekly and monthly services. We can schedule specific timeframes for cutting, although you can ask us to adjust those plans as necessary. You could travel to the Ikea across from the Santa Ana River and go shopping while we take care of your lawn too. We’ll clean everything up after we are finished.

Don’t forget that we will provide you with a free consultation before you agree to any of our services. We want you to know what we can do with your lawn and how the space can be maintained and prepared well.

Don’t just trust your yard maintenance services to anyone. Contact us at Lezama Gardening Service today. We proudly help lawns in our home city of Huntington Beach CA and other surrounding areas in Orange County to look their greenest and freshest. We will give you the attention your lawn deserves as well, thus helping you keep your spot looking outstanding and fresh no matter what you’re trying to get out of that spot.

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Johns Care Lawn Services in Huntington Beach, CA

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I’ve always been impressed with some of the beautiful lawns I see along the Orange County shoreline. Those homes are subjected to plenty of humidity throughout the year, what with all those waves coming along. But those homes remain green and lush no matter what they go through. I feel that every home in Huntington Beach CA and elsewhere in Orange County deserves to look as great and refreshing as the ones along the shoreline. My services at Johns Care will help you with getting your lawn to look refreshing and attractive.

I should probably introduce myself now; my name is John Smith (yeah, original, right?) and I operate Johns Care out of Long Beach. I am available to travel out to Huntington Beach off of the Pacific Coast Highway or San Diego Freeway and can cover any spot in between those two roads. In other words, I can cover any home in Huntington Beach.

I serve all types of homes and commercial spots around Huntington Beach California. I can take care of the shared apartment lawns around Beachwalk, the private lawns of Breda, and even the small islands of grass around the commercial spots near Hartlund. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big mansion lawn or a tiny bit of grass outside the Wienerschnitzel on Talbert and Beach, I am able to help with caring for any type of grass field that needs to be cut right.

I can measure each lawn that needs to be cut and brush away any loose bits of grass after I am done. I can collect the grass and clear it from your yard, or you can ask me to provide you with the grass bits. You could even ask me to leave the grass on the curb so a local utility can come to pick it up if you prefer. My services are very flexible and easy to utilize thanks to how well I can adjust my work to fit in with your needs.

You can trust my services at Johns Care when it comes to your lawn. I’ll help you by clearing out leaves, thatch, and anything else that might be stuck on your lawn. I could also help you with washing out any bits of sand that might be embedded in your space, a point that might help if you’re in a spot like Pacific City where the sands can fly around. I am available to help with your weed control needs.

The last thing you’d want to deal with when taking care of your home is to have a lawn that doesn’t look all that appealing. A home on Brookhurst Street should have a lawn that looks green and distinct, not a lawn that looks like it was drenched in whatever it is that Orange County Sanitation station on the other side of Brookhurst handles every day.

Don’t worry about what your lawn in Huntington Beach CA might be like. I’m available to help you out with caring for that space that you call home. Talk with me if you’ve got a home or commercial lawn that needs to be covered.

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Yoons Landscaping Lawn Services in Huntington Beach, CA

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It amazes me to see so many beautiful green spaces are situated all around Huntington Beach CA. It’s impressive to see how Harper Park looks so beautiful even as it stretches past Ellis Avenue. The fields of Good Shepherd Cemetery also look amazing, which is essential for a spot designed to help people honor their loved ones.

These beautiful green fields and many others have inspired my services at Yoons Landscaping. My focus is to ensure that people around Huntington Beach California can get the most out of their lawns. I want everyone’s lawn in Huntington Beach to look as beautiful as some of these larger spots that utilize professional maintenance services.

My team here at Yoons Landscaping is based in Torrance and can come out to your property as soon as you call us. We can also schedule future appointments if needed. Our team offers weekly and bi-weekly services too. Our services have helped people around Orange County with getting their lawns to look outstanding since 1993.

We are the lawn care company that offers everything you need. When you hire Yoons Landscaping, we provide optimal lawn care services in Huntington Beach, California. Our lawn care business has been providing full-scale lawn care services to customers near you. If you want top-notch lawn service, affordable prices, and fast responding customer service, contact our lawn care business.

Yoons Landscaping is a lawn care business that provides customized treatment for your lawn. Our lawn service and lawn care work will leave your lawn spotless, green, and flourishing.

Whether you need lawn mowing services, lawn service, or lawn maintenance, we can help. Yoons Landscaping quality lawn care and lawn service equipment are used by our lawn care professionals. Every lawn care and lawn service staff member applies industry-leading practices. Whatever you hire our lawn service company for, you’re going to get quality lawn care work from the beginning.

Now, you can get quality lawn care in Huntington Beach when you hire us. Get lawn service and lawn care solutions you can count on. With our high-quality lawn care services in Huntington Beach, you’ll create or maintain a beautiful yard and lawn. In addition to delivering property owners with lawn service in Huntington Beach, we serve clients in other parts of California too.

There are some lawn service or lawn care businesses that won’t provide customized lawn maintenance like us. Every property needs specific lawn service and lawn care in Huntington Beach. We make sure to deliver quality lawn care services for optimal results. Let our lawn care company’s solid lawn service experience and seasoned lawn care professionals work on your grass today.

We provide lawn care services in Huntington Beach better than any other lawn care business in the area. You can get Huntington Beach lawn mowing services and other yard work as soon as you’d like.

We offer all types of lawn care in Huntington Beach. We also offer inexpensive lawn care packages that are affordable and require no long-term contract. Get customized lawn care plans when you book us today. 

You can talk with us to get a full quote for lawn care services. We will provide you with a quote on the same day we come over to check on your lawn. You’ll find that our lawn care services are much more affordable than what you might find elsewhere in Huntington Beach.

Our lawn service team will help you with everything you need to have done with your lawn and landscape. We will get the grass cut with the right height and cutting pattern. After this, we will trim and trees and hedges around your yard. The service we offer is thorough and will require as many steps as needed to help you get a beautiful and cleanly-cut lawn that you are bound to love.

Our team is also experienced with weed control and removal services. We concentrate on finding the right treatments for weeds based on the quality of your soil and the type of weed that needs to be cleared out. We focus on precision and control for taking care of your weeds to ensure they will not become harder to manage. Besides, pulling those weeds out on our own would only be counterproductive, what with their seeds possibly spreading around your yard.

You can trust Yoons Landscape with any kind of surface you have. We can work on the fresh and open lawns around Sowers Park and larger commercial lawns along Magnolia Street among other sites. No yard is too big or small for us. After all, we care greatly about seeing that your lawn looks fresh and capable of lasting throughout the year.

Get in touch with me or any of the other professionals here at Yoons Landscape so you can get your lawn treated the right way. We want your lawn to look outstanding no matter what you might do with it. You don’t even require a huge budget to help you get your yard to look outstanding.

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FC Gardening Lawn Services in Huntington Beach, CA

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My name is Fernando Carrillo, and I am the FC behind FC Gardening. But the main focus for a gardening task in Huntington Beach CA isn’t about the guy who is taking care of the lawn, but rather about the person who needs the services the most. My work will help you with getting the most out of your Huntington Beach lawn.

I’ve noticed over the years that regular maintenance can make a difference on any surface. Check out the fields of the Bolsa Chica Reserve. Those fields aren’t regularly taken care of. Then again, it would be impossible to handle those fields in Bolsa Chica. You wouldn’t be impressed with a home in the Island Track neighborhood that had an area that looked worn, would you?

This is where my services at FC Gardening come in handy. I am available for all people around Huntington Beach who need assistance with getting their lawns to look nice. Whether it’s a big area like the Orange Coast or a smaller neighborhood like Colgate, I am available to help people in Huntington Beach with getting their lawns cut.

My lawn cutting service in Huntington Beach CA will provide you with a beautiful surface that is easy to care for any need. I offer useful services dedicated to everything from measuring the grass to reviewing how well the lawn drains. I can also look at the particular cutting pattern you want me to work with. My services are specific and thorough and will cover everything that you might need extra help with.

I am available every week or every two weeks for your needs as well. Let me know about your lawn cutting needs and your work schedule. I’ll find a regular plan for mowing that fits in well with your lawn’s needs while providing an even solution for mowing that is easy to follow.

I am also available to help you with trimming trees, shrubs, and other surfaces around your lawn. I want to help you with keeping other things from possibly growing and becoming harder to maintain than you might expect. I can also look at any weeds that are growing around those areas and find proper treatments that will kill off those weeds without hurting anything else in your landscape.

My services are thorough and easy to afford. You can ask for a full quote on my services before you agree to what I have to offer. My quotes are easy to review and will help you identify a good deal that you will appreciate for your lawn care needs.

Talk with me at FC Gardening if you ever need help with getting your lawn covered right. Besides, you would probably be better off surfing on a nice day in Huntington Beach than trying to cut your grass. I want to help you simplify the process of caring for your lawn by offering a simple service that is easy to follow without being overly complicated or hard to follow or use.

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Michael Samuels lawn service in Huntington Beach CA
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I am so tired after my regular tennis sessions at the SeaCliff Country Club that it is often hard for me to get the lawn cut at my Gisler Park home. But the good news is that Lezama Gardening Service can help me with taking care of my lawn. I have a bi-weekly contract with Lezama to help take care of my lawn. They do well with trimming my yard and with edging some tough surfaces around the spot. They have also helped keep the dandelion problem around my lawn in check. I could probably play tennis in my yard thanks to how well-cut and smooth it is, but I’d rather not risk it.

Tina Adams grass cutting in Huntington Beach CA
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I’ve always noticed when I bring my dog to run around and play at Farquhar Park that my lawn looks nothing as nice as what that spot has to offer. But all that changed when I contacted Johns Care to help me with cleaning up my lawn in the Lake Park neighborhood. John Smith came to my property and helped me with cutting the surface, planning an irrigation schedule and setup, and resolving the weeds around my space. The service was thorough and helped me to get my lawn to look better than it ever has. My dog especially loves rolling around my new green and clean yard.

Sandra Burns lawn service in Huntington Beach CA
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It is never easy for me to take care of my lawn in Summerdale on my own. I have to travel ten miles each way on Warner Avenue to get to my job, and that removes plenty of time from my day. Yoons Landscape is available to help me to get the lawn cut every few weeks. The team is respectful of my lawn and landscape. They will cut the grass, trim my bushes, and review any weeds that are growing while treating them accordingly. The team is friendly and thorough. They also do well in scheduling their services based on my work schedule.

Steven Jeffrey lawn care service in Huntington Beach CA
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I have a bunch of trees at my Krepp/Grand home that divides my property from a nearby warehouse. I’ve had a hard time trying to get those trees under control, as their branches often grow too close to my home. FC Gardening regularly helps me keep those trees and my lawn in check. Fernando does well with cutting the front and back parts of my lawn to an even height. He also works to trim tree branches and other surfaces that are growing too fast. I can ensure that my yard is shielded from the warehouse while also keeping those branches from poking at my property.