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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in La Habra, CA as of Oct, 2019

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Yokums Services Lawn Services in La Habra, CA

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We at Yokums Service are looking forward to working with you to help you keep your lawn looking fresh and beautiful. We recognize that it is often hard for people in La Habra CA to have time to take care of their lawns. With so many complicated roads and lots of traffic around the place, people in La Habra seem to spend all day struggling to get to and from their places of work or study. They are often too tired to take care of their lawns. But we at Yokums Service will assist you with mowing your lawn for you.

We want to help take care of a difficult process that might not be easy to manage on your own. We are available to come out to any spot in La Habra, including some spaces that might not always be easy to get to. Call us for help, and we’ll schedule a time to come over to your property based on your convenience and personal schedule. We will give you the support you require for managing your home or business site right.

Do you have a lawn in Gardez that needs to be cut? Do you have a shared lawn in The Heights that requires an extra bit of help? We’re available to help you with mowing any lawn regardless of where it is, who is using it, or how large that space is. We’ll even mow a small island spot at a commercial site if needed. No lawn is too big or small for us.

Our team is available to assist you with managing all the yard maintenance needs you might have. We have worked with many lawns in the past and understand the many demands that our clients have. We’ve worked on many yards around Harbor Boulevard that have experienced fatigue from some of the construction tasks in the region. We’ve also served clients on Whittier Boulevard where water is often hard to come by.

We provide full irrigation and cutting services among many other points. We can check on how well your lawn can drain as well. The thorough efforts that we put in will help you with getting even the hardest spaces in your lawn cleaned out and fresh.

We will provide a full inspection and no-obligation estimate on our services on the same day we come over. We do this to review how well your lawn looks while ensuring we’ll give you the help you need as soon as possible. Besides, we want you to make the most out of your time without having to waste it on a process that is much more complicated than you might expect it could be.

See what we can do for you at Yokums Service the next time you need assistance with getting your lawn cared for right. Our team is available today to help you with managing your La Habra CA lawn, so you don’t have to waste time that you don’t have mowing the space.

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Vince's Lawn Care Lawn Services in La Habra, CA

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I invite you to take a look at what my services at Vince’s Lawn Care have to offer for your lawn. My name is Vince Gonzalez and I proudly offer quality lawn care solutions for people around La Habra CA and other spots along the Orange County and Los Angeles County border. My work is thorough and detailed and ensures you’ll get your lawn cared for the right way every time.

I’ve always been impressed with how there are so many beautiful bright lawns around the Los Angeles area. Even with there being so many homes and commercial centers, there are still lots of great lawns to find all around. Whether it’s a large park space, a big athletic field like at Whittier Christian High School, or a lush recreational spot like the Westridge Golf Club, I have been impressed over the years with how elaborate and beautiful the fields around the city are. I want to bring the beauty of those spots out to different spots around La Habra California today.

So, what do I have to offer here at Vince’s Lawn Care? For starters, I can help you with aerating and seeding your lawn. I provide a full overseeding process to protect your lawn bed and to allow the space to keep on growing to its fullest potential. Besides, it is important for your lawn to look refreshing and beautiful while being restored to its fullest potential.

I also provide a full lawn cutting service. My yard maintenance service will help you with clearing out even the hardest spaces that might not be easy to manage on your own. I can mow at any height you desire, although I can also review your lawn to figure out what the right height for mowing may be.

I’ll also work with regular edging services. It is often a challenge for homeowners to trim around their landscapes, sidewalks, driveways, and other spots of note. I’ve seen plenty of elaborate landscapes and pool spots in Hillsborough Park that are often tough to take care of, what with those spots being so thick. But the good news is that I can trim any of those surfaces that are difficult to reach with a lawnmower. More importantly, this part of my yard care service will work without damaging any sensitive spots around your lawn. I also ensure everything is cleaned out afterward, thus ensuring you won’t have any annoying bits of grass in your pool if you have one.

Don’t just trust your lawn care needs in La Habra CA to anyone. You can talk with me at Vince’s Lawn Care for help with keeping your lawn looking great. Besides, I wouldn’t put my name on my services if I didn’t have full confidence in how well they can work for your home needs. I want you to see what makes my lawn care service useful and easy to follow while providing a great way to make more out of your space while making it feel comfortable and enjoyable all the way around.

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Garcia Landscaping Lawn Services in La Habra, CA

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I recognize that it is not always easy to get the most out of your lawn mowing chore. It is often easy for people to tear up their lawns when they’re trying to mow them. This problem is especially noticeable in La Habra, a part of Orange County that doesn’t get much rain throughout the year. Lawns that get too dry can wear out in moments, thus making it harder for you to care for a spot.

It is often frustrating to try and get a lawn in La Habra cared for, but I feel that most people aren’t even doing it right. That’s where my services at Garcia Landscaping come in handy.

I have noticed that many homeowners around La Habra try to cut their grass as low as possible. But trying to get the lawn cut to something short only exposes the grass bed, thus killing off roots and potentially causing weeds to grow. My service is all about preventing weeds and keeping the grass looking green and fresh.

Look at the area around Clifton and Olive, for instance. You’ll notice that many of the greenest fields in the area are a little longer than others. That’s because those grass beds are cut at a better height that allows the grass to stay in check while ensuring the grass bed won’t be exposed. My service can help you with getting a lawn as beautiful as what you’d see out there.

I will help you with mowing all the hard spaces around your home that you might need extra help with cutting. My yard maintenance service includes a full review of your lawn and how well the grass is growing. I’ll find a proper height for your grass bed and then mow the space to meet that standard. I’ll also trim hard to reach spots around your lawn too.

Don’t forget about the other services I have to offer. I can also assist you with watering your lawn, adding some drainage spots, and with drying out and killing weeds that need to be kept off of your space. My detailed approach to work will ensure your spot will look fresh and attractive.

I can even mow your lawn with a certain pattern or path as desired. I can get a lawn in East Gregory to include a few curved lines that match up with the roads in the area, for instance. You can let me know about the specific type of lines you want me to mow on your lawn, and I’ll find a way to help you get the lawn cut in the way you see fit.

See what I have to offer at Garcia Landscaping for your La Habra CA home. I am available to assist you with mowing even the hardest to handle spots around your lawn. I will help you with handling the toughest spaces around your lawn no matter how small or large they might be. More importantly, I’ll ensure your yard will remain intact every time I go over it.

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Sanchez Landscape Lawn Services in La Habra, CA

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Everyone in La Habra CA has certain needs for their lawn care demands that have to be met. Some people might want to get their homes to look better. Others might need to move out of their homes and need to get them restored so they will be easier to sell. Let’s not forget about the people around La Habra who want to increase the resale values of their properties. Everyone has various reasons for why they want their lawns to look great, but not all people know what they can do to make them look better. That is where our services at Sanchez Landscape can come in handy.

We can handle properties of all kinds no matter how difficult their lawns might be. For instance, we worked on a residential property in La Corona that had been foreclosed a while ago. A couple purchased the home at a discount. While they saved money by buying a foreclosed property, they were concerned about how much it would cost for them to restore a lawn that hadn’t been touched in nearly a year.

We at Sanchez Landscape were able to reach their home in La Corona and planned a full restorative service. We mowed the lawn at the start, aerated the newly exposed surface and added new seed, mowed the lawn once again, and planned a special irrigation system and drainage plan for the space. Today their lawn looks just like new. Even better, that lawn has helped get the home’s value to move up a little closer to what its original total was.

Our services at Sanchez Landscape are dedicated to helping all homeowners in La Habra get their homes to look better. You can talk to us about anything you need for your yard. We’ll help you to get the lawn cut on demand or every two to four weeks depending on the contract you utilize. We offer various contracts to help you make the most out of your lawn mowing needs.

Also, we can remove weeds safely and carefully. This includes ensuring weeds are dried out and killed so their seeds and roots can’t spread any further in your yard. Our team is available for hedge and tree trimming needs and basic edging needs around your landscape and paved surfaces all around.

Look at any of the old avocado fields around La Habra, and you’ll see how beautiful and detailed they are. We have been heavily influenced by these spots, as they are attractive spaces that are cared for throughout the year and provide you with solutions that you can trust. We want to keep your lawn as green, hydrated, and fresh as what you’d see around the avocado fields. This is even if you’re not planning on growing avocadoes yourself.

Sanchez Landscape wants to help you give your lawn that second life it has always deserved. Contact us for help with getting your lawn and landscape looking outstanding and attractive for any intention. We will do what we can to restore this critical spot at your home.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

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Samantha James Lawn Maintenance in La Habra CA
My work at the El Portal Elementary School requires lots of work on my end. I have to keep tabs on student records, teacher reports, and any other bits of paperwork. It’s easy for me to forget about taking care of my lawn, or at least it used to be. Today, I can contact Yokums Service whenever I need help with maintaining my lawn. The team at Yokums is always there for when I need help. I can get in touch with them and ask about certain services for my lawn based on what I find. They come out while I’m at school and always finish and clean up before I’m finished.
Andrew Randal Grass Cutting in La Habra CA
I contacted Vince’s Lawn Care for help with mowing my lawn in the Glencliff area. My yard has plenty of tight edges that are hard to take care of on their own. The best thing is that I can get out to the LA Fitness just south of me on the Imperial Highway and take care of a good workout while Vince is out there. He does well with helping me to cut the lawn and trim the tight spots around my foundation and porch. My lawn is always clean after I get back home from my workout. He is also easy to call and get in touch with for whenever I need some extra help or I have specific instructions for him to follow.
Ryan Abrams Grass Cut in La Habra CA
My home in Woodlake Village is right along Idaho Street, so it’s easy for people to notice that spot as they drive by. But I can rest assured that my space will look great for everyone to see when I contact Garcia Landscaping for help. The team at Garcia will mow my lawn every few weeks for me and will also help with watering the space. They do a great job with aerating the lawn too. My yard looks nicer than the grass at the Vista Grande Park not far from my home. That’s something that makes my home look all the more outstanding.
Tony Rogers Grass Cut in La Habra CA
I needed help with getting my lawn cut in La Habra for a big open house event at my Park La Habra property. I was planning on moving out and needed to get my yard under control so people could focus on how nice my home is. Sanchez Landscape helped me with mowing the lawn and adding new seed to it so the place would grow a little further. Sanchez also helped trim my bushes and safely removed the weeds from my garden bed. The place looked more beautiful than it had in years. I think Sanchez’s services were a huge part of why I was able to get my home sold off sooner.

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The interesting thing about La Habra CA is that it is a diverse place filled with many attractive lawns. You’ll find common commercial lawns around the Hacienda Village and lush townhome fields around Hillsborough Park. Meanwhile, there are many sprawling residential lawns laid out around the Westridge neighborhood in the south. The diverse landscape of La Habra California makes it an intriguing place to live in Orange County, but it also proves just how essential it is to be cautious when taking care of a lawn in the La Habra area.

Every lawn in La Habra is unique. But the good news is that you’ll find many great lawn care teams in La Habra who can help you with taking care of your lawn. These include many providers that are listed on the La Habra Chamber of Commerce directory. Best of all, you can get access to all of these providers through GreenPal.

We at GreenPal want to help you find a great lawn service provider in La Habra that is available to take care of your lawn and get it cleaned out and cut the right way. Our team is available to give you details on all the useful providers that will help you with cutting your lawn without problems.

You can enter in details on your property to find a service that is near you. For instance, you might list that you are in the Heritage Village area and you need extra help with taking care of your space. List your location and then look through our search results to find a team that is available where you are. You can then choose to reserve a service in the spot you are based out of. The system we utilize here provides you with a simple and useful approach for finding teams that can come to your space without spending all day trying to get where you are.

You can get help from many providers whether you’ve got a large lawn up north in Sierra Vista or a smaller space in the Macy neighborhood. You’d be surprised as to how many service providers can come out to some of the more remote spots in the region like Macy. Don’t forget to look at the reviews surrounding the many providers you will come across when looking for details on what’s available for your use throughout La Habra.

You can find information on what you might spend on services through GreenPal as well. You can compare prices for individual services online, so you know what you will pay before you reserve a service. We focus on providing you with detailed points on what you can get out of service in any situation.

See what we have to offer today when you’re looking for a lawn care service in La Habra CA for all your yard care demands. Our team at GreenPal is available to help you with identifying the right service provider that you can trust.

About La Habra California

La Habra is a city in California, United States.

La Habra is found on the far northern end of Orange County in California. The city is directly north of Fullerton and south of the Powder Canyon region and Hacienda Heights.

La Habra California is known for being a popular site for avocado farms. The Hass Avocado Mother Tree was a popular spot in the city that grew avocadoes until 2002 when the tree died from root rot.

There are many shopping centers for people in La Habra to visit, including the La Habra Town Center to the northwest and Westridge Plaza to the southwest. Various prominent companies like CVS, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, and the Home Depot employ thousands of people in the city every year.

La Habra CA is a part of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. Sonora and La Habra High Schools are located within the city. Whittier Christian High School is a prominent private school located in the city.

The Westridge Golf Club can be found on the southwestern part of La Habra near Westridge Plaza. The course sprawls well along some of the neighborhoods in the area and also has a driving range with some targets found in the middle.

The La Habra CA area was explored by the Portola expedition in 1769 and was part of a larger ranch held by Mariano Reyes Roldan in the nineteenth century. Prominent trader Abel Stearns purchased the land in the 1860s. La Habra was formed in 1896 and would become incorporated in 1925. The city grew as a popular avocado farming site, although residential development helped change La Habra CA over the years.

The city is quickly accessible through Whittier Boulevard or State Route 72 on the northern end or the Imperial Highway on the south. Beach Boulevard or Rate 39 is found on the western part of the city.

La Habra CA has a population of about 60,000 people. The population grew from about 5,000 to 25,000 in the 1950s and has been growing quite well ever since.

Conditions in La Habra are warm throughout the year. The region has a Mediterranean climate that is hot in the summer while being mild throughout the winter.

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