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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Pomona, CA as of Sep, 2019


Lopez Landscape Lawn Services in Pomona, CA

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The heat that comes along the Pomona CA area during the summer season can be intense. The temperatures can reach triple digits in some cases. It is often a challenge to try and keep your lawn hydrated during this time of the year, what with the severe heat keeping your lawn dry.

But the problem surrounding your lawn that you might not be thinking about is that your Pomona CA lawn is not taking in water appropriately. The yard might have compacted soil or another concern causing the water to be unable to move into your lawn bed. There’s also the threat that might come with mowing your lawn too short in that doing so would make the lawn bed hotter, thus dehydrating the grass.

These are problems with lawn-mowing that many people struggle to think about or consider. But you don’t have to bear with these issues when you contact us at Lopez Landscape for help with your Pomona lawn.

We are available to take care of lawn mowing efforts no matter where in the Pomona area your home is. We can serve homeowners from up north around Foothill Boulevard to further south in the Philips Ranch area. Larger homes around the Fairplex area are no problem for us either. We’ll give you the help you require for keeping your lawn looking as attractive as it should be.

The specific services we have to offer at Lopez Landscape include many dedicated to keeping your lawn looking striking and distinct. We will help you to not only mow your grass but also help you with many landscape maintenance plans. We offer help for everything from trimming spots near your landscape to removing old weeds around your space. We will also help you with maintaining any walkways or other features in your yard that you need extra help with managing.

The most appealing thing about what we offer is that we put in intense attention to detail over everything we do. We know that every lawn in the Pomona CA area is different. Lawns in the Ganesha region are much larger and require an extra bit of care for ensuring every tree and shrub is treated well. Meanwhile, the green spots around Lexington Hills can grow out of control and need to be handled with the utmost care. You can ask us for help here at Lopez Landscape regardless of the needs or concerns you have surrounding how well your lawn will be cut.

Don’t forget that we work with every budget in mind. Contact us even if you’re on a tight budget. We’ll help you find a plan that fits in with what you can afford. You may be surprised as to how affordable our services are.

Ask us at Lopez Landscape if you need assistance with making the most out of your Pomona CA lawn. We’ll help you with getting your yard to look attractive and unique no matter how intense the process for caring for your lawn might have to be.

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Garcia Landscaping Lawn Services in Pomona, CA

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Thank you for checking out what we at Garcia Landscaping have to offer for your lawn mowing needs. We are available to help you with the grass cutting needs you might have in Pomona CA.

Our team at Garcia Landscaping operates out of East 3rd Street. We’re available to help people around all parts of Pomona from Mission-Reservoir to the Spadra region. The comprehensive approach that we provide to our clients around all parts of Pomona makes us a trusted and beloved service provider in the area.

But what types of services do we have to offer anyway? You’ll discover when you contact us at Garcia Landscaping for help that we’ve got many lawn maintenance services that you can trust. We provide necessary grass cutting solutions, but we also offer full landscape maintenance plans that all homeowners can enjoy.

We also provide help for clearing out pests around your lawn. It doesn’t take much for an ant hill or a grub infestation to ruin your yard. Fortunately, you can talk with us at Garcia Landscaping about getting rid of these pests. We will find solutions for clearing out these pests without risking the health of your lawn. Best of all, our service does well for resolving the problems you have without those pests being likely to come back to your home.

We are available to help you with your lawn throughout the year. Also, we will keep your yard clean no matter what we do. We can clean the grass clippings we produce during the grass cutting process from your lawn, but you could ask us to keep them if you wish. Meanwhile, any tree or bush bits that we trim will be cleaned off from your space. Our goal is to get every last leaf from these spots from crowding up your lawn.

We want to give you the greenest and most attractive lawn in the Pomona area. We know that not everyone in the Pomona area can be lucky to have something as naturally beautiful as the public green fields around Phillips Ranch, but we do what we can to make your space more attractive. You’ll find that your lawn will look greener after we take care of it than it did when we first came to your area.

We should also mention that our services are very affordable. We can come to your space and mow it right and clean it off without charging you a figurative arm and leg for the services we offer. The work we provide is sensible and will ensure your space will look attractive without being hard to manage or take care of on your own.

See how our team at Garcia Landscaping can work for you when you need assistance with making the most out of what your lawn requires in Pomona CA. We will come to your property no matter where in Pomona you are and then take care of all your lawn mowing needs the right way. The thorough approach we have to offer will make a real difference.

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Valenz Landscaping Lawn Services in Pomona, CA

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We at Valenz Landscaping want to be the trusted hometown lawn care provider that you can hire in Pomona California. We know that your lawn has many things that need to be cared for the right way. That’s why we focus on a comprehensive approach to treating your grass right. The work we put in always focuses on giving you the controls that you need for making your space more attractive and unique.

We can get to your home as soon as you contact us. We work out of East Mission Boulevard, which is right in the central part of the city. Therefore, it will not take much for us to get to your home in Pomona. You can contact us for on-demand services if you’ve got a sudden need for taking care of your lawn.

Maybe you have visitors coming to your home on short notice. You might have a property on the East Side that needs to be renovated, and your lawn is a part of the work you need help with managing. You could also have a home in Wilton Heights that you’re trying to sell and you need to ensure that house will look attractive. We’ll come to your home to help you out no matter what the specific needs you have for your home and your maintenance needs might be.

Everything we can do for your home will focus on ensuring your lawn is cared for right. We are available for homes all over the city from Bonita Village to Yorba and everything in between.

We work with many solutions for your yard maintenance demands. The grass cutting service that we offer focuses on ensuring that your lawn is cut evenly and carefully the first time around. The work includes seeing that your yard looks more attractive than it did before we started working on the space. We will also help you with watering and aerating your lawn while figuring out the proper seed that you need for your area. Your yard will look green and appealing while adding the classy touch you demand.

But we are also available to help you with more than keeping a space looking nice. We can also prevent various problems in your lawn from getting worse. We will remove old weeds from your lawn, clear out ant hills and other infestations, and fix any spots that are developing flooding spots. The latter point entails loosening up your soil so the space will not feel stuffy or otherwise hard to care.

Our team at Valenz Landscaping is here to help you with giving your lawn in Pomona California the style and appearance it deserves. Contact us for help today to see how your yard in the area can be treated right. You may be surprised with what you will get out of your lawn after you call us for assistance with your space. The work we offer for your yard will make a real difference when you see what your yard looks like versus what you’ve had in the past.

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My Big C Lawn Services in Pomona, CA

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What is My Big C, and what can it do for your lawn in Pomona CA? You’ll find that your lawn will look more attractive when you get that Big C to work for you. You’ll make your yard the envy of everyone in Pomona CA when you get the Big C to assist you with caring for your lawn the right way.

I should probably be specific about what the Big C is. I’m Casey Davis, and I operate My Big C out of Roosevelt Avenue in Pomona CA. I’m not sure why people started calling me the Big C, but that’s not the concern right now. What you can call me instead is the best lawn service provider that you can contact for help in the Pomona CA area.

I’m available to care for lawns around all parts of Pomona. I’m open to care for yards around the Lincoln Park Historic District, for instance. I can help with edging the grass around the foundations, mailboxes, sidewalks, patios, trees, and other hard to reach spots around lawns. I don’t want any place on your lawn to look longer than it needs to be. Of course, I won’t make these spots look short either. Every cut I make will be just right.

I’m also available to cover larger properties in the Rancho Palmores region. I can work with flat and curvy lawns alike. These include lawns that have curves produced by unique landscapes.

Long story short, I’m available to care for every type of lawn in the area. You can talk with me about mowing a small surface at your yard or even a big lawn around the outskirts of the city. I’m also available to mow commercial property lawns and apartment complex yards. People around Quail Creek, Hacienda Park, Jasmine Court, and many other spaces around the Pomona area have heralded me for how well I can handle their lawns the right way. You might be surprised at what I will have to offer for you as well.

Get in touch with me here at My Big C if you need assistance with your grass cutting or landscape maintenance needs. I want to be the lawn care provider that you can trust in Pomona CA. After all, the Big C entails more than just my name. It also entails the care, control, comfort, and convenience that come with the services I have to provide for your spot.

Even better, you won’t have to worry about that one C that no one likes to talk about when it comes to finding lawn care providers. I offer quality services that won’t cost more than what you can afford to spend. Contact me today for a free estimate to see how well your lawn will be maintained. I want to give you the best service possible so your lawn will not look worn out or otherwise hard to serve. After all, you deserve this for the quality of your yard in Pomona.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Paul Joseph Lawn Service in Pomona CA

My home near Cal Poly-Pomona regularly used to keep on developing one weed after another. But after Lopez Landscape came to my property and reviewed the space, I discovered that my lawn was too compacted and that I kept on mowing the area too short. Their advice has helped me out quite well, but their actions have been even better. I love that they do well with mowing my lawn without worrying about the grass being cut too low. The team has also helped me with cleaning out the weeds at my property. Suddenly, my yard looks clean without all those annoying spots getting in the way.

George Fox Grass Cut in Pomona CA

I had to recently fix up my lawn after it had dealt with a huge crabgrass infestation. But I didn’t want to give up my bowling league action at Oak Tree Lanes. Fortunately, Garcia Landscaping gave me an estimate for how much it would cost for them to remove the crabgrass from my lawn on Sunset Crossing Road. As it turns out, the cost is not prohibitive like I thought it could have been. The team did very well with removing the grass and with cleaning it off. I found that I could also afford their regular grass cutting service without having to sacrifice my bowling fun.

April Vance Lawn Care Service in Pomona CA

My lawn at The Arbours keeps on getting dirty from all the emissions produced by the cars that go by on Bonita and Garey. But I don’t have to worry about that thanks to how the folks at Valenz Landscaping always help me with keeping my lawn looking nice. The team does well with mowing my yard at the right height while also keeping the lawn bed aerated so I can water it well as needed. They are very friendly and will always prevent my lawn from wearing out too much. I appreciate how the team at Valenz does well with my grass so the area will not look worn so much.

Kim Gregory Grass Cutting in Pomona CA

I love how My Big C gives me the help my lawn needs every month. I’ve been using his services every month for nearly a year for handling my lawn in the Golden Arrow area. I asked him for help the first time around when trying to clear out some of the dead spots around my lawn. He has helped me with aerating my yard and with seeding the places that were dead. He’s also done well with cleaning out ant infestations around my space. I love the attention to detail that he puts into my work every time he comes to my home to take care of my yard maintenance needs.

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The struggles that you will come across when trying to maintain your lawn in Pomona CA are very significant. You deserve to trust your yard to one of the expert terms in and around the area who can help. You can find many lawn services in and around Pomona CA that will help you with fixing your lawn up right. We at GreenPal will help you to find the teams in the city that will assist you the most.

You can use the GreenPal app to help you find a lawn care team for your home even if you’re in one of the toughest to reach spots in Pomona. Maybe you’ve got a home at Carriage Walk on the northern end of the city. You can enter in details on that property and then find points on yard maintenance teams who can make it out to where you are.

You can also use the GreenPal app if you’ve got a specialty lawn. You might have a lawn on Phillips Boulevard situated along a commercial property, for example. You can ask any of the providers listed on GreenPal for help with mowing one of these spots.

The best part of what we offer here at GreenPal is that we can help you with finding teams that are easy to trust. You might have come across many yard care and lawn mowing services on Craigslist that promise great services. But while Craigslist can be useful for many needs, finding a lawn service isn’t necessarily one of them. Instead, you should use the GreenPal app to find a legitimate team that will come to your Pomona home to help you out. You’ll find many groups listed with the Pomona Chamber of Commerce when you see what’s on the GreenPal app.

Each of the groups has some reviews attached as well. These reviews come from people who used GreenPal to reserve and pay for their lawn care needs. Each analysis can provide you with some extra details to give you an idea of what makes these groups in and around Pomona so special.

Do you have weeds sprouting up all around your spot in Montvue Park? Do you have an in-ground pool at your property in Ganesha and you need someone who can safely mow around it? Perhaps you’ve got a home in Peachwood with lots of curves that need to be edged. You can find many lawn care teams through GreenPal to help with each of those functions. The versatility of what you’ll come across with the GreenPal app makes it an ideal solution for when you need to care for your lawn the right way.

Download the GreenPal app today to find lawn services near your Pomona CA home. You’ll discover that there are plenty of legitimate and useful yard mowing and landscaping maintenance teams for you to trust when you look at what the app has listed for your use. You’ll be glad you used GreenPal to find a team you can enjoy.

About Pomona California

Pomona is a city in California, United States.

Pomona CA is on the far eastern border of Los Angeles County. The city is about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Residents in Pomona can find many events to enjoy throughout the year at the Fairplex. This site in Pomona is home to the Los Angeles County Fair and the Pomona Swap Meet, an event that also includes a classic auto show and marketplace.

The NHRA Auto Club Raceway is also in the city and is home to many drag racing competitions. Other attractions in the city include the Pomona Fox Theater, the American Museum of Ceramic Art, and the dA Center For the Arts.

The Pomona Unified School District operates various schools in the city, including the Pomona and Diamond Ranch High Schools. The City of Knowledge Islamic School is also in the city and serves the Islamic community in the city. The Western University of Health Sciences is in the central part of Pomona.

Pomona is also the home for the offices of La Opinion. The daily newspaper serves Los Angeles County and is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the country based on circulation and online traffic.

Pomona CA is in the midway point between the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire. The cities of Chino, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga are direct to the east of Pomona. La Habra and West Covina are both to the west.

The San Fernando Freeway or I-10 and the Daniel Fraembs Memorial Highway or State Route 71 both go through the city. The Pomona Freeway or Route 60 goes through the southern part of the city.

Pomona is one of the largest suburbs of Los Angeles based on population. The city has a population of about 150,000. Close to 40 percent of the population is under the age of 25.

Pomona CA is on a site that was once occupied by the Tongva people. The city would be settled in the early nineteenth century. The city would be named Pomona in honor of the Roman goddess of fruit and would eventually become a citrus grove city. Pomona was incorporated in 1888 and would eventually grow in size, even becoming a movie previewing location in the 1940s to test how films may play out around much of the country.

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