Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Norwalk, CA as of Jun, 2024


Sparta Landscape Lawn Services in Norwalk, CA

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We're committed to giving you quality lawn care without the added costs. Our lawn care business provides quality lawn care services for great prices. The cost of living in Norwalk CA is high enough as it is. Have you driven along Imperial Highway lately to see how much you’d have to spend for a single gallon of gas out here?

But one thing that you don’t have to spend far too much money on is lawn care. If you hire us, you can get quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services. You might assume that you’d have to pay a small fortune to get a lawn service provider to come to your Norwalk CA home, especially if you’ve got a fancy home near Satellite Park with a large lawn. But you don’t have to spend all that money when you contact our lawn care professionals at Sparta Landscape for help with your grass cutting needs among other lawn care services.

We believe that everyone should get quality lawn care in Norwalk, California. From Corvallis to Thistle, everyone deserves to get lawn care services that are affordable. We want to give homeowners around Norwalk an opportunity to have the greenest possible lawns that they could ever have.

Our lawn care and lawn service team will take a look at your lawn and ensure you get the lawn care services that you need without paying for what you don’t require. We will analyze your yard based on the features your space includes. Our lawn service effort will start with a general lawn care process that covers every part of your lawn. We will check on what spots need the most care based on what is growing the fastest. We can also cut your lawn at a height that is appropriate for your space without risking the surface being cut too short.

You will also get information from us about what we can do for maintaining your lawn the right way. Part of this includes looking at what can be done for controlling your landscape, removing weeds, trimming bushes, edging tough spaces around your lawn, and other lawn mowing services. Our lawn service is very comprehensive and thorough, but we will always ensure that your lawn and landscape maintenance needs are made without forcing you to spend more than needed.

Remember, Sparta Landscape will learn more about your yard maintenance needs by providing you with details on the cost associated with our lawn care services. You’ll know about the cost of grass cutting alongside the added expenses you can ask for. We will never impose hidden fees against you, nor will we try to force you into services you don’t require.

Also, our lawn care company will serve all properties through the Norwalk area. Are you closer to Holifield Park, or do you live in the Studebaker neighborhood? We’ll travel out from our Los Angeles-based center to your home in Norwalk to take care of your lawn needs.

See how Sparta Landscape can help you with producing a quality lawn with our quality lawn care services in Norwalk, California. We are proud to offer a high-class lawn service in Norwalk where we can help you with creating an attractive lawn that you are bound to love. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation estimate to see what might work for you.


Isos Landscaping Lawn Services in Norwalk, CA

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The lawn care team at Isos Landscaping to assist you with all of your lawn care and landscaping maintenance needs in Norwalk, California. We know that every home in the city is unique, but it is the lawns around these homes that make these spots more attractive. Every home has the option to produce an appealing lawn space. But you will require some help with getting your lawn cared for the right way.

That’s where Isos Landscaping can come in play. Our lawn care team will come to your Norwalk home and help you with all your lawn mowing, lawn care, and lawn maintenance requirements. The best part of what we offer at Isos is that we provide a thorough approach to taking care of a lawn so you’ll have the best look possible.

We can deliver any lawn care or lawn service project in the Norwalk area. Do you have a yard with a small walkway going in the middle? Do you have an in-ground pool in your backyard? Maybe you’ve got a complex landscape that you don’t want to spread grass clippings all over. Whatever the case is, we will help you here at Isos with mowing your lawn and taking care of the rest of your space with precision and lawn care.

We love the work that we do here at Isos. We know that plenty of people will be going down your street and noticing your lawn every day. You’ll especially come across those people if you live in the Domart region or another spot near the San Gabriel River Freeway. You’ve got to make the most out of how well your lawn looks. We will assist you in producing the appealing lawn that you are bound to love.

The lawn mowing services and lawn care services we offer are very comprehensive as well. You can trust us for your lawn care services for everything from trimming the branches on a bush or shrub to removing weeds from a garden bed. Whether it entails a small bush in the Pecos area or a larger tree surrounding the Holifield Park area, we take care of every type of landscape feature. Besides, sometimes these landscape points are more noticeable than other things you’ll come across around your lawn.

We’ll also review any possible pest infestations around your lawn. We’ll work on everything from removing ant hills to controlling grubs and much more. Our lawn care packages will cover all your needs and goals.

Don’t forget about our irrigation support lawn care services. We can analyze and control the drainage features around your lawn to ensure there will be nothing wrong coming about within your space. We know that it is not easy for rain to come along in the Norwalk area. That’s why we hard to ensure your lawn is capable of handling the water that does fall in your area. We’ll help you to remove any problems surrounding how well your lawn can take in water.

Reach out to Isos Landscaping for your lawn care needs today. Contact us today for affordable and quality lawn care services.


Tony's Gardening Lawn Services in Norwalk, CA

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The process of taking care of a beautiful landscape or lawn in Norwalk CA is an exact science. You’ve got to keep the grass cut at the right height so the soil bed won’t be exposed and therefore likely to produce weeds. You also have to see the soil is protected well and isn’t compacted to where any effort you put into watering the lawn doesn’t work out well enough.

More importantly, every lawn in Norwalk operates differently. Some people have big lawns with enough room for a few trees. Others like the trailer park in Imperial Village only have a few small grass spots.

The good news is that everyone in the Norwalk area can benefit from the lawn mowing services and lawn care services that Tony’s Gardening has to offer. You can trust our lawn care experts, and everyone here with your lawn maintenance demands no matter how minimal or significant they might be. All of our lawn care services are delivered at the highest quality, but cost a lot less than you'd pay to hire someone else.

Does your home at North Alondra have a few trees that need to be trimmed so they can stop bumping into your house and getting in the way of your windows? Do you have a large lawn that has a walkway that divides parts of the space around? We’ll analyze the quality of your lawn and then figure out a solution for caring for the area that you will appreciate. We concentrate on producing a useful result every time.

Tony’s Gardening will trim, cut, and mow everything around your Norwalk lawn. We’ll plan out a solution for your lawn maintenance needs based on what you have and what will work best. You will only have to pay for what you agree on us handling at your space. We don’t want to force you to spend money on services that you don’t require on your landscape.

We’ll also ensure that we clean up after we are finished. Dead leaves and branches can spread old bacteria to your lawn bed and hurt the space. Meanwhile, all those grass clippings might be annoying after a while. But we’ll make sure those features are cleaned off of your lawn before we are finished. You can also ask us to preserve the grass clippings if you prefer to go in that route and use them on your own.

The best part of contacting our lawn care company is that we are very thorough and precise with everything we have to offer on your property. We know that your lawn is unique and grows differently from anything else on your street. We’ll check on how your lawn is built and figure out a plan for mowing based on how the space looks and how well it can benefit from trimming. You’ll love the result every time.

If you need assistance or specific lawn care services in Norwalk, let us get to work. We are available throughout the city and will help you with all your mowing needs no matter where you are.


Luna Landscaping Lawn Services in Norwalk, CA

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People all around the Norwalk CA have trusted us at Luna Landscaping with their lawn care needs for years. We’ve gotten hundreds of great reviews from our prior clients, many of who have referred our services to other people. The reason for this is because we understand that every home in the Norwalk CA area has different requirements for care. More importantly, we know that people aren’t willing to spend just any particular amount of money on their lawn care needs.

The great thing about Norwalk CA is that it is a city that offers more than enough room for beautiful green fields. Look at the grass around Waite Middle School, and you’ll see that the lawns look attractive and green even after all those kids have run around the surface. The space remains this beautiful because the grass is cut evenly and at the proper height. The controlled mowing patterns used around the lawns also ensure that the grass will look beautiful as it is cut with care.

Don’t you think your lawn in Norwalk deserves the same attention as what a large school can get? That’s what we at Luna Landscaping can help you with. We are available to provide you with a thorough and detailed approach to your landscaping needs that you will love. You can talk with us at Luna Landscaping for help with controlling even the tightest spaces around your lawn.

For instance, you might have a lawn in the New River area that has lots of weeds growing from left to right. You can talk with us at Luna Landscaping to clear out these weeds without hurting the rest of your lawn. We’ll also assist you with aerating your lawn and seeding your space with the proper type of cover so your yard will feel a little more comfortable.

What makes our grass cutting and landscape maintenance services even more attractive is that we will provide you with a fair price for everything we do. We have a full schedule of charges available for all our services. You can compare everything you see with your budget and what you feel is necessary for your work. We will not force you into services that you might not be interested in. Besides, your lawn is a reflection of what interests you the most. We’ll only work on what you demand for your space.

Don’t forget that we are also available for taking care of commercial lawns like the ones around the Sycamore Village area. We offer services to apartment complexes, strip malls, business centers, and any other space that might take in lots of foot traffic every day. Besides, these business spots require beautiful lawns just as much as any additional space.

Don’t trust your lawn in Norwalk CA to any regular yard maintenance team. Talk with us at Luna Landscaping today to see how well we can help you with maintaining your lawn and making this critical space look as beautiful as it can.

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Rudio David lawn mowing service in Norwalk CA
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I needed to get the lawn cut at my home on Mapledale Street, but there were a few ant hills in the area. I was worried that a lawn service would cause those ant hills to spread further. Fortunately, Sparta Landscape came over with a plan to help clear out the ant hills and kill off those spots so the ants would go elsewhere. The team did well with washing off and neutralizing those spaces while also mowing my lawn at the right height. The people at Sparta did very well with taking care of my spot so it would be cut right.

Susan James lawn service in Norwalk CA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Norwalk-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Norwalk-CA lawn-care-services-in-Norwalk-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Norwalk-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Norwalk-CA

I love how Isos Landscaping can help me with mowing grass and caring for my landscape while I am out at work in La Habra. The team always texts me with details on when they’re coming to my lawn and what they’re doing. They do a great job with mowing my lawn off of Foster Road and with trimming the tree that faces the road, so it looks nice for everyone to see. They also helped me with keeping weeds around my home under control, which is a problem I had been dealing with for years before they started working on my space.

Chris Chadwick lawn maintenance in Norwalk CA
lawn-care-services-in-Norwalk-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Norwalk-CA lawn-care-services-in-Norwalk-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Norwalk-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Norwalk-CA

I asked the team at Tony’s Gardening to help me with mowing my lawn on Mapledale Street without getting grass all over my in-ground pool. The team did very well with mowing the space and with keeping the grass from spreading. They ensured the grass was collected and helped me with the cleanup process after they were done. They did well with edging the lawn near the paved surface around my pool, and even then they still ensured the grass would not spill towards the pool. I was delighted with how well the team was able to handle the space without a struggle.

Kim Johnson lawn mow in Norwalk CA
lawn-maintenance-in-Norwalk-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Norwalk-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Norwalk-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Norwalk-CA lawn-care-services-in-Norwalk-CA

The lawn at my house on Hacienda Drive usually looks green and beautiful, but there was a time when it was dying out even after I kept on watering the space. I couldn’t figure out what we wrong, but Luna Landscaping found that I needed to get my lawn aerated. The team explained to me how aeration works and how it can help me with watering my yard in the future. They assisted me with a full process for aerating, watering, and mowing my lawn after we agreed to the service. They were very courteous and helped me understand everything I can do for my space.