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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Glendale
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Glendale, AZ as of Sep, 2019


Garcia’s Lawn Services in Glendale, AZ

Hired 148 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.181 Reviews)

Thank you for choosing Garcia’s Lawn Care for your lawn care needs. I consider myself to be fortunate that so many of you have trusted me with your homes and let me show you the good work that I can do. I have been a local lawn mower in Glendale for over eight years and have served hundreds of homes in Glendale and as far as Melrose Gardens. There isn’t a home in the city I wouldn’t serve, so please consider me the next time you are hiring for affordable lawn maintenance in Glendale. When you think about hiring someone for your home, consider me because I am trustworthy and reliable. I always show up on time (as you will see in all my reviews) and will notify you when I am done. If you leave me any instructions on pets expect that I will follow them to the tee. I pride myself in my ability to leave everything as I left it no questions asked. I don’t understand why so many cheap lawn care services in Glendale don’t do this as part of their basic company mindset, but unfortunately that is not the case. I want you all to know that I am a professional and will act as such. Even if you just want me to come for a free consultation, the time we arrange for is the time I will get there. I will always give you a fair and just price for what you need because I want you to trust me for months and years after. That is why I keep my prices low. I want you to hire me after my first trip and build a relationship with your lawn. That way I can get to know how to take care of it and know what it needs to be the best that it can be. I promise you that when I am done you will be satisfied and happy that you have a clean, sharp lawn cut by a pro. If you need anything, from leaf removal to tree pruning or anything else, know that you can trust me with it all. I have been a reliable landscaper in Glendale for all sorts of jobs both big and small, nothing is out of my range or expertise. I hope that you find a landscaper that works for you, but know that I am trusted throughout the city by many homes and businesses and can do the same for you. Either way, I wish you well and I hope to meet you all in the future to show you how I can take care of a lawn. Thank you!

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Landworx Lawn Services in Glendale, AZ

Hired 223 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.41 Reviews)

Years of experience taught me how to properly take care of a lawn. I can take any lawn and make it better by treating it with everything it needs. Some days you might not need a mowing, and instead of charging you for it and doing more damage than good I’ll reschedule for another day. Tell me that any other cheap lawn mowing service in Glendale would do that for you! Your lawn deserves more than a cheap lawn mower hacking away at your lawn! With all the great options for affordable lawn care in Glendale, you have no excuse hiring someone who is going to treat your lawn like just another source of income. When you hire Landworx, you are getting someone who is going to look at your lawn the way it should: like a unique problem. The soil in every lawn and home is different, and it is my job to figure out what it is lacking! Even if you don’t have a single blade of grass to speak of, Landworx can find the problem and get to work to making it beautiful and lush! I have over fifteen years of experience in landscaping, mostly from working with other companies as a cheap lawn mower in Glendale. When I finally decided to go out on my own and become a local lawn mower in Glendale, I was already well ahead in my education. I know how to manage hilly lawns, how to go over tree roots and how to know when a lawn doesn’t need a lawn mowing just yet. Believe it or not, there are degrees that let you become a master at landscaping, but since I didn’t go to college you should know I pretty much have an honorary degree.

I also do general yard maintenance and debris removal, so if you are one of those people who can handle the yard themselves, call me when you need an extra hand removing all the material from your yard, you won’t hurt my feelings if you think you can handle it!

Please look over my profile for any questions you might have, and please reach out when you have any questions. I offer all sorts of discounts for veterans and students of Grand Canyon University, there is no excuse for people like you to have to worry about cost. I won’t let you have a bad yard just because you can’t afford it. That is just who I am as a reliable landscape maintenance in Glendale.

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Jenn Lawn Services in Glendale, AZ

Hired 253 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.188 Reviews)

If you want to have great grass you don’t have to work hard for it. Don’t spend your hard earned time off by learning about landscaping when there is someone like me who has learned it for you. I will look over your lawn and see what it needs on your first visit. I will look over all the factors that are keeping it from becoming the best it can be. Sometimes it is not as simple as more water or more lawn cuts a month. There are tons of factors like chinch bugs, or shady areas that don’t get enough sun, even over mowing that might be stopping growth, so you need someone who understands it all. I tailor your needs to your lawn, no cookie cutter approach here. I will get to know your lawn well over my time there, and will make sure that I come up with the best approach possible. I am not just your homegrown affordable lawn mower in Glendale. In fact, I have been called one of the best landscapers in Glendale by some of my most trusted clients. Don’t believe me? Well my reviews speak for myself. Just the other day I was finishing up a lawn mowing in Estrella Village where I have been taking care of a lawn for about a year and a half. They came to me with some problems involving a long hot Arizona summer and a desire for better grass. Instead of installing turf, I put my official reliable landscaper in Glendale hat on and got to work. It took time, but it was all worth it when they told me they owe their new beautiful lawn to me. I do it every week in Glendale, and I can do it for you too. All it takes is one appointment to see what you’re missing! If you want great grass you have found the right local yard maintenance in Glendale. Instead of working on your lawn day in and day out, you can just come home to a freshly cut grass. I am an experienced landscaper who has spent years on all sorts of lawns, nothing surprises me anymore. Whether your lawn is bermuda, zoysia, or centipede, it doesn’t matter, I know the tricks of the trade to bring out the best in it. I will make your grass look and feel healthier, lusher, and more beautiful than ever. Just be careful when you hire a pro like me, your neighbors will be extremely jealous!

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Boom Boom Lawn Services in Glendale, AZ

Hired 46 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.54 Reviews)

I started landscaping in 2000 when I decided that the office life was not for me. When I was younger I ran a lawn mowing service in Glendale while I was at Grand Canyon, but never in my life did I think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I had dreams of becoming a businessman, but the kind that wears suits every day. I am still a businessman, but now I get to wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a shirt with my own company’s logo on it. It feels good, and it feels even better now that I have been allowed to promote my business on GreenPal. It has been a hard fought battle to be able to be on GreenPal, but now that I am it feels good. It feels good to know that enough of my clients believed in me to become one of the best landscapers in Glendale, and now that GreenPal thinks the same I am even more happy.

If you are considering getting your lawn cut, I hope you think of me. I am committed to bringing you the best in lawn mowing in Glendale, or anything you need on your yard. I am very versatile when it comes to reliable yard maintenance in Glendale. I have been doing jobs all over the city doing different things, from basic cheap lawn mowing in Glendale or shrub and tree pruning around Orchid Lane. It doesn’t matter what you need done on your lawn, even if you need some advice on what kind of fertilizer you need I can point you in the right direction. You could go to the internet, but that will give you basic answers. Every lawn is different, and you need a pro to come by and tell you what would be best. I offer free consultations, cheap lawn mowing in Glendale, and general yard maintenance that is hard to beat. So if you need anything regarding grass, plants, trees, or gardens, I am your guy!

Please reach out when you have any question on my business. I am not one for words, and this bio is hard to write, but I can talk your ear off about all the things grass can do when it is taken care of. Are grass nerds a thing? If not I will be the first one. I am a grass nerd, and you will get the smartest nerd in Glendale when you hire me!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Araceli Vargas Lawn Mow in Glendale AZ

A lot of trustworthy men and women here on GreenPal. Gerry was one of the few who reached out within minutes of putting in the order on the site, we were talking for a good three days before I decided on him. As far as affordable landscapers in Gilbert that is pretty impressive, I have yet to find a decent lawn care service in Manzanita Manor that would tolerate all my questions. We work again with him next week, so we’ll see how it goes a second time.

Monica Porter Lawn Maintenance in Glendale AZ

I am very pleased with the work done by Raul and his team. They showed good business practice and were friendly throughout the process. I came home one day to find the landscapers in Gilbert playing with my dog before they left, so that was cute to see. I was lucky enough to find him in Rossmore Village but was more than happy to sign up for GreenPal when he told me about his prices through the app. Will be doing business again soon with bigger projects.

Jesse Enzer Lawn Service in Glendale AZ

If I had to describe the work done on my yard with a cliche, it would be this: like clockwork. From the start of the process on GreenPal I figured they would be good to work with, you could tell that they knew their stuff. It was better to higher a local lawn mower in Gilbert than a corporation because of how dry it gets here, but nope, they proved themselves beyond my expectations. My Encanto Village neighbors are asking for his number too, so you can bet they are going to be getting business in the coming weeks.

Judith Allen Lawn Service in Glendale AZ

First off I want to start this review off by saying I was only looking for a one time cheap lawn mowing in Alhambra for my business. The bushes were drying up and the grass was not looking good at all. The palm trees were dying and I needed help desperately. Gerry was the guy I hired through GreenPal, but he saved me so much more. Turns out my drip system wasn’t turning off when I told it to, so who knows how much money I could have lost without his help. I don’t know how he figured what was happening, but it was insanity. Thanks to him we have a good looking front of store and no money literally going down the drain.

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Welcome to GreenPal, the internet’s premiere choice in help with contracting local lawn care in Glendale, Arizona. You have stumbled upon a service that allows you to meet, explore, and contract the best your community has to offer. Just as Uber and Lyft connect you to nearby drivers for your transportation needs, GreenPal helps you get in touch with local lawn care services in Glendale that will fit any type of job you may need.

From general yard maintenance to full scale landscape maintenance in Glendale, GreenPal is committed to bringing you the best lawn care in Glendale. You will find here sole proprietors of lawn mowing services, experienced landscapers, and full service maintenance teams that can tackle any job you may have on your yard. What makes GreenPal so interesting is the fact that their system automatically ranks and reviews these companies based on their performance. Since 2013, GreenPal has been categorizing these local lawn care services in Gilbert to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. No more scratching through the search results to find the best deal, because GreenPal has already listed everything you need to know on their website.

Glendale alone has been fast growing on GreenPal. In this area alone, you can find local results for affordable yard maintenance in Glendale in neighborhoods such as Cactus Wren, Fairwood, Apollo, And Butler. When you sign up for GreenPal, you will have access to every single one.

What has been the key to GreenPal’s success has not been their commitment to better lawn maintenance in Glendale, although that has also been a huge help. It has been their commitment to finding the best companies to compete for your business. Every local lawn mower in Glendale would love to be on GreenPal because it brings the market to them, instead of the other way around. This requires close vetting of the cheap lawn maintenance in Glendale that come in, but it is all worth it when they have zero complaints about the work these companies are performing. Signing up for GreenPal is easy and free, and you can start looking at all the great options for affordable landscaping in Glendale the minute you sign up, so try it today!

About Glendale Arizona

Glendale is a city in Arizona, United States.

Maricopa is home to several of Phoenix’s suburbs, including Peoria, Gilbert, and Glendale, Arizona. The city that is estimated to be about 226 thousand people is northwest from Downtown Phoenix, almost fourteen kilometers away (nine miles). The city resides in Maricopa County in the central portion of the county. As far as government goes, at the writing of this article the city government was Jerry Weiers.

In the late 1800s the area that is now Glendale was nothing but barren desert from the Sonoran Desert. There were few opportunities for settlement at this time, not for settlers nor businessmen alike. The lack of water or sources of water, nor an opportunity for transport by river (airplanes were nonexistent at this time) so even housing profitable housing developments was hard pressed until indoor plumbing was invented. 

William John Murphy, a local from New Hartford in New York Resided in nearby Flagstaff at the time. He was charged with building a forty mile long canal that would be Arizona Canal. The original plans were to have it run from Granite Reef to New River for the Arizona Canal Company, a company that is well known in the Arizona area, mostly for building the canal. The plans for the canal were not pushed through until later that year, burt even then the canal would not be completed until eighty years after, in 1885. The plan was to take the water from a nearby river (New River) and take it down to the area of Flagstaff. The plans were so successful that the area was able to get water for necessary activities, but also the surrounding areas where settlers were beginning to spread out water as well. As territory over water grew, Gilbert, Peoria and eastern parts of Phoenix were settled and established, along with Glendale.

Source: Wikipedia

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