Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Monterey Park, CA as of Jul, 2024

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Edgars Gardening Lawn Services in Monterey Park, CA

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My name is Edgar Garcia, and I operate Edgar’s Gardening out of Los Angeles. I provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services around Monterey Park and all corners of Los Angeles County. You can contact me today for help with your garden and lawn care efforts.

The most important part of what I have to offer is that I focus on the specific needs that your lawn has. As beautiful as the lawns around Monterey Park can be, the specifics that go into these lawns are extremely precise and often hard to figure out. For instance, your soil might have a different composition than something else you might notice in your area. Meanwhile, your grass needs a specific amount of water if the surface is to grow and stay healthy.

I will review each of the specific points surrounding your lawn to see what the space requires. Sometimes the area needs to be aerated so water can move through. In other cases, some added seed helps for the lawn maintenance and lawn care process. But whatever the case may be, you can trust my lawn care and lawn service team at Edgar’s Gardening with keeping your yard maintenance efforts in check.

Of course, you can trust us for your lawn mowing and lawn care needs. I offer thorough lawn care services that go through every part of your lawn, including spaces around your landscape. Whether you’ve got several trees in the middle of your lawn in Russel Avenue or you have a small landscape that forms curves around your Newmark Avenue yard, we can help you with mowing the surface the right way the first time around.

I’m also available to travel out to your home no matter where you are in the Monterey Park CA area. Naturally, we’re able to get to spots close to Los Angeles like the areas around Highlands Park or Sunnyslopes Park. But we can also go a little further out towards the Pomona Freeway if needed. Besides, you’d probably rather be at the Shops at Montebello than wasting your time waiting on someone to come out to your home.

On a related note, you can let my lawn care and lawn service team come to your home while you’re out. We’ll text you or contact you otherwise when we come to your property and again when we leave. Our service helps you keep your life intact without forcing you to wait at your home for a lawn care provider to come out and help.

Don’t forget that we’ve got plenty of lawn care and lawn service options for your needs that will keep you from spending more than necessary. We’ll let you know what you will spend on services before we start. You won’t pay more than necessary for lawn mowing services and lawn care services. Besides, you’d rather use that money on buying fashions at Montebello.

I’m excited to offer quality lawn care services around the Monterey Park CA area. Reach out to Edgar’s Gardening if you require lawn mowing services, lawn care services, or anything else.

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Fernando's Lawncare Lawn Services in Monterey Park, CA

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Not every home in Monterey Park CA has a green lawn. You’d think that a city home to a significant body of water like the Garvey Reservoir would have enough water for every yard. But even the lawns around Graves Avenue or other spots right next door in Monterey Park, California might not get the water that they need throughout the year. The greatest struggle here entails the lawn not getting the water it requires from rainfall, not to mention cases where water shortages may be prominent.

With all that in mind, you need to ensure your lawn can handle the water it is getting. That’s where our team at Fernando’s Lawncare is available to help you out. We are a grass cutting and landscape maintenance team that is available to assist you with all of your special lawn care needs.

Fernando’s Lawncare is about everything you need surrounding how well your lawn can be cared for. We offer a thorough approach to managing your yard that doesn’t entail anything too complicated.

We will help you with aerating your lawn in the spring and summer seasons as necessary. We recognize that the soil can become compacted during the winter season. By loosening the soil, it becomes easier for your lawn to take in the water it requires.

We can also help with mowing the grass around your lawn to help the grass bed with taking in the water the space needs. The most important part here is that the grass will be cut short enough to keep your lawn nice but still left long enough, so the grass leaves remain hydrated. More importantly, this ensures the grass bed will not experience excess fatigue that would make the added water the space receives useless.

We’ll also assist you with your specialty irrigation needs. We can help you with everything for irrigation purposes from figuring out a drainage setup to identifying the right places for sprinklers or other materials. We’ll let you figure out where you’re going to place your sprinklers. The key here is that we’ll test the drainage to ensure your lawn can handle the water right and that you can water the space well enough.

All the services we offer at Fernando’s Lawncare are suitable for homes around all parts of Monterey Park CA. Do you have a small property on Ynez Avenue with a few bushes here and there? We’re able to help you with that space. We’re also available to cover lawns near Riggin Street where the soil is known for being compacted throughout the year. No yard is too challenging for us to take care of, let alone too small for us to work with.

Be sure you talk with us at Fernando’s Lawncare for help with your lawn care needs throughout the year in Monterey Park CA. We are excited to help you with managing all of your lawn care needs so your space will be handled well and with care.

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Environmental Landscaping Lawn Services in Monterey Park, CA

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Take a drive down any major road in Monterey Park CA, and you’ll notice a couple of lawns that look worn out versus some yards that are beautiful and green. Travel down Markland Drive around the southern end of the city, and you’ll see a few lawns that look like dirt patches versus some bright green spaces.

Why do some of those lawns look dead? Those properties aren’t attractive because they haven’t been watered well enough or they have too many weeds. Other lawns have compacted soil that will not let water move through. Others might try to get the grass cut on their own but would end up mowing the lawn too short.

It is easy for people around Monterey Park CA to make common mistakes in their lawn maintenance efforts that keep their spots from looking beautiful. That’s where we at Environmental Landscaping come in handy. We are available to fix any space around Monterey Park that has concerns keeping the lawn from growing and looking green.

We can help all types of properties get quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Monterey Park, including ones that have small front spaces like on Crest Vista Drive. We also provide lawn care services to larger lawns situated around the Monterey Park Golf Club and Highlands Park.

The particular lawn care and lawn maintenance services that we have to offer will provide you with the sensible lawn service solutions that you deserve. You can talk with us about everything from grass cutting to irrigation planning. We will help you with everything you require for keeping your lawn looking green.

As our lawn care company name suggests, we can handle landscape maintenance services too. Our lawn service comes complete with trimming bushes and other lawn care work like weed control. We can safely remove weeds from your spot, clear out pests in your space, and much more. We love working hard to care for landscapes all around the city just as much as we enjoy working on beautiful grass spaces all over.

But the best part is that our lawn care efforts will ensure you’ve got the best lawn in the Monterey Park CA area no matter where in the city you are. We recognize that not all people in the town understand what it takes to handle their lawns appropriately. Besides, those errors that people make are the ones that cause their yards to look brown or otherwise dead. The good news is that you can speak with us at Environmental Landscaping to correct the problems you have with your lawn whether they’re natural or issues that you might have caused yourself when trying to handle lawn care services without help.

You’ll love how well we can help you with your lawn care needs at Environmental Landscaping. You can schedule a free lawn service consultation with us to help you with figuring out what you can get out of your lawn and how the lawn care maintenance process will work at your spot.

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The Boss Lawn Service Lawn Services in Monterey Park, CA

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What does it take for a lawn service in Monterey Park CA to be The Boss? A lawn care team needs to have well-trained lawn care professionals on hand who can utilize the newest lawn mowing and landscape control materials. A lawn care team must also be capable of getting to a home on time and without delay. The efforts that go into the lawn maintenance process should also be precise and thorough.

That’s what it takes for a lawn care team to be The Boss. These points are also what we at The Boss Lawn Service have to offer. We will assist you with everything you need help with when it comes to managing your lawn care demands. Our team at The Boss is available to cover every part of your lawn and landscape in Monterey Park CA.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll reach your home no matter where it may be located within the Monterey Park area. We can reach spots as far off as around Sierra Vista Park or near Montebello Plaza. You can also contact us if you’ve got a commercial property on Atlantic Boulevard or another of the commercial thoroughfares in the city.

We offer quality lawn mowing services and lawn care services for homeowners in Monterey Park CA to utilize. We provide lawn mowing services as well as edging services for keeping the toughest to reach spaces around your yard under control. We can trim spots around your porch, driveway, mailbox, trees, utility boxes, or anything else around your property.

Our team focuses on specific lawn care solutions for every type of lawn that we cover. We know that all lawns around Monterey Park CA have different needs that have to be kept in check. You could have a small property on De La Fuente Street, and we’ll still take care of that spot. You may also have a commercial lawn on Garvey Avenue or a larger space adjacent to Barnes Park, and we’ll help you with mowing that area and caring for everything else surrounding your spot. We love to take care of various functions surrounding your lawn and how well the space can grow where you are.

You won’t spend more on lawn care services when you contact us for help either. We are available to help you pay less on lawn care. We’ll help you with mowing your lawn and doing other things based on what you agree upon for lawn care services and lawn mowing services. You will always know what you will spend before we start. After all, we want you to be The Boss of your finances just like how we’re The Boss of your lawn care needs.

We are proud to offer great lawn service solutions for your needs when it comes to taking care of your lawn care demands. You can contact us at The Boss Lawn Service for when you need help with maintaining and caring for your lawn the right way. Talk with us for assistance today, and you’ll see what makes us The Boss when it comes to lawn care solutions around Monterey Park.

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Hyung Ken Ryu lawn mowing service in Monterey Park CA
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My work running a restaurant on Garvey Avenue is anything but easy to handle. The stuff that goes on in my home only makes it harder for me to have time to keep my life organized. Edgar’s Gardening is helping me keep my life a little more in control. The team at Edgar’s always cuts my lawn well and has helped me with keeping my lawn edged around the driveway and patio. They offer aeration a few times a year too. The team lets me know what I’ll pay for services every time soon. Their lawn service is accommodating and has given me a little more control over my life.

Jeffrey Nguyen lawn cutting in Monterey Park CA
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I talked with the team at Fernando’s Lawncare about helping me with checking on my lawn at The Cascades before I planned on installing a sprinkler system. The team reviewed the quality of my lawn based on how well the soil was built. The group also helped me with removing the weeds from my yard, including some old crabgrass spots that hadn’t been cleared out all the way on my own earlier this year. They helped me notice where I need to place my sprinklers, so now I can keep my lawn green throughout the year without it looking rough.

Sue Tran lawn cutting in Monterey Park CA
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I was frustrated with my lawn on Newmark Avenue being impossible for me to care for over the years. I talked with Environmental Landscaping to see if they could do anything to help me out. The team was very thorough in taking care of my lawn and treating the grass the right way. They helped me with a full irrigation setup that included aerating the lawn and fixing the crabgrass in the space. I appreciate how well the team at Environmental Landscaping can help me with the support I require for giving my yard the style it needs.

Tony Ramsey lawn care service in Monterey Park CA
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I love how my lawn on Loma Verde Street looks thanks to the work the people at The Boss Lawn Service can do for me. My yard is cut every two weeks by the team there. They always come to my property while I’m at work at my office in downtown Los Angeles. They give my phone calls to let me know when they arrive and when they leave. I’m impressed with how punctual the team is in that they always come to my spot at around the same time in every case. They always clean up after they finish too.