Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Inglewood, CA as of Jun, 2024


Luna Landscaping Lawn Services in Inglewood, CA

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Thank you for considering Luna Landscaping for your lawn maintenance and lawn care needs. We offer the best lawn care in Inglewood, California, that you can trust. Get extremely affordable lawn care services and lawn mowing services that will leave your lawn looking new.

Our lawn care business is based right here out of Inglewood on 84th Street, just off of Circle Park. We provide grass cutting, lawn service, lawn care, and landscaping services to people in and around all parts of Inglewood. But what are those lawn care services that we have to offer in particular?

Luna Landscaping offers some attractive lawn service solutions for your lawn care and yard maintenance demands. We will help you with everything from mowing your lawn to removing weeds to trimming any spots around your landscape that you might struggle with managing on your own. No matter what lawn care services or lawn mowing services you need, our lawn care company has your back.

We know that the process of taking care of your lawn isn’t all that easy to work with. We get that homeowners all around the Inglewood area bear with problems like trying to get enough water out here or with keeping the weeds near you from getting in the way. The emissions from the planes out of LAX aren’t going to help much either.

That’s where the lawn care services at Luna Landscaping come into play. We have a thorough approach to yard maintenance, lawn service, and lawn care services that you will appreciate utilizing. We will help you with everything on your lawn with the goal of ensuring your grass remains green, and everything grows as you wish.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on any of our lawn mowing services and lawn care services. We will help you with your lawn care needs with affordable rates that are always discussed before we start our services. You don’t have to hit the jackpot at the Hollywood Park Casino to afford our lawn service work. Of course, we can serve people with significant properties in the area, particularly ones owned by people who did hit those said jackpots.

Our work is available for people around all parts of Inglewood CA to utilize as well. If you’ve got a spot on Medici Lane that overlooks the construction of that new football stadium, for instance. What better way to greet the Rams and Chargers than with a lawn that looks as fresh and green as the field those football teams will play on?

What makes our lawn care services and lawn mowing services even more exciting is that we will help you with your lawn care needs even when you need them right away. While we do offer convenient contract services for coming to your lawn with a regular schedule in mind, we also offer on-demand services if needed. You can contact us right away if you ever have immediate concerns over your lawn and you need someone to get out there as soon as possible without any real worry.

The versatility of our services at Luna Landscaping and our affordable charges make us one of the most trustworthy lawn mowing providers in Inglewood California. Get in touch with our lawn care company today so we can help you with getting your lawn taken care of well enough.


AP Gardening Lawn Services in Inglewood, CA

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Have you noticed how so many properties around Inglewood CA are different from one another? You might assume the properties around Van Ness Avenue and from 2nd to 8th Avenues all look the same, but there’s a vast difference between each one. Some places have in-ground pools in their backyards, while others have elaborate landscapes featuring beautiful trees and shrubs all around. Some places have custom-built walkways around their areas too.

But while these properties can be different, there is indeed one thing that unites all of these spots together. We can mow each of these properties at AP Gardening. We will help you with all your mowing and landscape maintenance needs regardless of how your home in Inglewood CA might be.

We offer a comprehensive lawn care and lawn services approach to grass cutting and other lawn services that all homeowners in Inglewood will love. Our lawn care company can help with mowing grass, trimming hedges, and removing weeds among other unwanted growths. We also offer a comprehensive lawn care and lawn service approach to maintaining your lawn based on how well the lawn looks and how the features around the space may be arranged. The work is all with the goal of producing a more active approach to caring for your yard without struggles.

You will appreciate how we can clean up after each task. Have you tried the get the lawn cut on your own only to struggle with brushing all those grass clippings out of the way? Even when you do so, you’ll have lots of green stains stuck along your driveway and other paved surfaces. We at AP Gardening will help you with simplifying the cleaning process so you won’t struggle with those annoying stains or with having too many bits of grass flying all over the place.

You can also contact our lawn care company for help with your lawn no matter where you are based in the Inglewood area. We have our office right here in the city on West Century Boulevard, so it will not be tough for us to reach your property when you ask for services.

Our lawn service team at AP Gardening has access to all major parts of Inglewood from Hollypark to Fairview Heights. You can also reach us for cases where you need help with a commercial lawn in your space. We’ll help you see no struggles with your space. Whatever lawn care services you need, you can trust us.

Our rates for lawn care services and lawn mowing services are also very easy for you to afford. You can contact us if you have specific needs for your lawn that need to be supported in any way you see fit. Our lawn service work will help you with managing whatever you have without forcing you to spend more on things that you don’t require from us.

You are bound to love the lawn care and lawn maintenance services we have to offer at AP Gardening. Get the lawn cutting and maintenance work you need to be done so your lawn will produce the beautiful style that you want to get out of it.


Florentino Galicia Lawn Services in Inglewood, CA

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Some of the properties around Inglewood California look intimidating. At Florentino Galicia, our lawn care professionals understand this. We’ve been supporting people with their lawn care needs for years out of our office on Venice Way. But we know that while some homes might look rough, their lawns don’t have to be this way. Lawns deserve the attention that they require for keeping a space looking healthy and appealing. The good news is that you’ve got an ally here in Inglewood who will assist you with all the unique lawn maintenance and lawn care demands you have.

We work hard at Florentino Galicia to help people with caring for their homes and deliver the best lawn care services near you. We know that lawns that look rough and tired could be suspicious spaces. These include more than just places that are filled with weeds, pests, and dead grass spots. These are also sites that could be targeted for thieves and others who want to engage in criminal activities around the area.

Don’t risk your home being a haven for people who want to break in and do bad things. Talk with us at Florentino Galicia for help with your grass cutting and lawn maintenance needs.

We have been helping people around the entire Inglewood California area with their lawn maintenance requirements. You can talk with us about everything from Inglewood Park to West Hillcrest. We do well with everything surrounding ensuring you’ll have the help you need in any situation with maintaining your lawn the right way.

We’ll help you with every aspect of the lawn care process no matter what your lawn might be like. We want to give you the help you demand grass cutting, edging spaces around a porch or foundation, removing weeds around the front part of your lawn, and much more. You can also ask us for help with loosening the soil around your yard and ensuring water can move through the space well enough when you need to water the area. We want to give you the control you require for keeping your lawn appealing all year round.

Best of all, your lawn will look much more attractive than anything you might notice around Inglewood. Homes around Victoria Avenue and other long rows might have different fields with some properties looking healthier than others. The last thing you want is a property on one of these long roads where the grass is brown and dies after you step on it. Our team at Florentino Galicia will keep the grass in your space growing while preventing such annoying problems from getting in the way.

Get in touch with us at Florentino Galicia if you need help with all your lawn cutting or lawn care needs. We will help you with all the special grass cutting and lawn care functions that you need for your Inglewood CA home so your home will look more attractive and less dangerous or otherwise threatening. Best of all, our lawn care services will work all the way through to correct any problems with your lawn so your spot will stay attractive for years to come.


Juan Chavez Lawn Services in Inglewood, CA

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So you’re probably looking for lawn care providers in Inglewood CA that you can trust, and all of the sudden you come across a listing for some guy named Juan Chavez. But you’re curious about this fellow. You might ask, “Why would I trust this guy over all those other groups that have these professional-sounding names?

Well, I can give you some great reasons why my lawn maintenance services are the best in Inglewood CA. For the record, I did write about myself in the third person at the start.

But there’s more to me than just a slight sense of humor. While I enjoy a good laugh, I am genuinely serious about giving your lawn in Inglewood the best look possible.

I know that anyone who lives off of Arbor Vitae or La Cienega would want their lawns to look their bests so the planes taking off from or landing at LAX will be impressed with what they see. I get that people on Prairie Avenue and other roads around the Inglewood Park Cemetery want their yards to be green and beautiful because they want to be respectful of the memorial sites around them. My work is thorough and ensures that your property will get the help that it needs for looking more attractive and unique.

My services entail general grass cutting, but there’s more to my work than keeping the grass down. My work also involves a thorough approach to identifying how well your lawn grows and how short the grass has to be. I don’t want to mow it too short or else the grass leaves will die out. That point is a factor that far too many people in Inglewood forget about as they try to mow their lawns.

My work will help you with ensuring you’ll get more out of your home. I know that a well-groomed lawn will be a space that adds a classic look that can also add to the value of your home depending on how well the space can be maintained or renovated. I will help you with taking care of your lawn’s concerns no matter where you are in Inglewood or what those demands are.

I can even get over to the Heights At Ladera area to help with lawn care needs for residential and commercial properties. Just because that part of Inglewood CA isn’t connected with the rest of the city doesn’t mean that place can’t be helped. Of course, I am also available for lawns around LAX and the cemetery. Your yard will look much more beautiful than the lawns around the LAX runways. Then again, an untreated grass space might still look better than what you’d see at LAX, but that’s another story.

You can contact me, Juan Chavez, for anything you need surrounding your lawn care demands in Inglewood CA. I’m available throughout the entire city. I am specifically based out of West Hyde Park Boulevard near Rogers Park and I-405, so you know for certain I can get out to practically any property in the Inglewood area that needs help.

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Jason Kress lawn maintenance in Inglewood CA
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My home near Lennox Park has been bearing with lots of fatigue from there being hardly any rain around the area. But Luna Landscaping helped me with finding new irrigation set up for my lawn that is easy to handle without the layout being so complicated or tough. Their soil loosening and aeration services were helpful for me as these assisted me in getting my lawn looking green and attractive once again. The best part of the service is that the setup they offer at Luna Landscaping ensures my yard will not experience flooding when I try to water it again.

Neil Carey lawn maintenance in Inglewood CA
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My work at the pet care and housing center near the airport is easy for me to handle, but mowing my lawn is another story. It turns out that mowing my lawn isn’t as easy for me to manage as combing a cat’s hair. But I found that AP Gardening can help me with everything surrounding my yard and how well the space looks. I love how AP Gardening has helped me with mowing my lawn and keeping the area looking smooth all the way through. My lawn looks greener than ever, and it is at the point where the dogs I care for could safely roll around on the grass if they wanted. They're a great lawn care company!

Thomas Gregory lawn service in Inglewood CA
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I asked Florentino Galicia to help me with mowing my lawn on Queen Street not long ago. My yard is right near the Inglewood Cemetery, and I thought it wouldn’t be right if my lawn had lots of dead spots along its body near such a solemn place. Florentino Galicia has been coming by every month to help me with mowing my lawn and aerating the space so the area could be seeded well enough. I love how the team here helps me with every part of my yard so the space will look more beautiful and respectful all around.

Brian Talen grass cut in Inglewood CA
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I have been dealing with lots of stress with my home around Ocean Gate Avenue. My home has been dealing with pressure from the winds and smog produced from LAX next door. I asked Juan for help with my lawn, and he gave me a great solution for my space that has already made a difference. Juan comes to my yard every month and helps me with mowing my surface and with aerating on occasion. He has also helped me with trimming the spots near my driveway and foundation. I love how thorough and precise he is with the work he puts in.