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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Venice, CA as of Aug, 2019


Florentino Galicia Lawn Services in Venice, CA

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What makes Florentino Galicia Landscaping such a useful team to contact for your lawn mowing needs in Venice CA? The team at Galicia will provide you with the best lawn care services that you can trust.

We are available to help you with caring for your lawn no matter where you are in Venice CA. Do you live on South or North Venice Boulevard? Do you have a home near the Windward Circle? We’re available to help you regardless of your location in the city.

The best part of working with us at Galicia Landscaping is that we cover every aspect of your lawn. It is true that you need to get the lawn cut every once in a while to keep your Venice CA home looking beautiful. But you’ve also got to ensure that your grass is cut at the right height. We will measure how well your lawn is growing and figure out the ideal height for your space to ensure the area will look its best without going too deep. Besides, grass cutting efforts that go too short can be dangerous to the quality of your lawn bed.

After that, we will analyze how well the soil in your space feels. We may help you with things like aerating the soil to ensure the area will drain accordingly. Our goal is to keep your lawn from flooding or otherwise not getting the nutrients the spot requires. The point is especially important if you live along Dell Avenue or another space where the canals of Venice CA flow along. Your lawn needs to be capable of handling any excess bits of water it comes across.

We will also check on any unusual features around your lawn. Maybe you’ve got some annoying weeds that need to be treated in your space. These include weeds like dandelions or clovers. We will help you with a safe and secure process for removing weeds that ensures your lawn will not experience lots of stress. The lawn service includes seeing that the roots for your weeds are removed accordingly and that the seeds produced will not spread.

You can also talk with us about trimming and edging challenging to reach spots along your lawn. This aspect of our yard maintenance service is helpful to those on Pacific Avenue or Speedway, what with so many people being likely to see homes out there as they head to the boardwalk.

We will talk with you before we start our yard maintenance efforts to see what should work for fixing your space. We can provide you with an estimate for services depending on what might work in your spot. You will know what you will spend for services before we start working and before you pay us for the services we will complete.

See how our team at Florentino Galicia Landscaping can assist you with your lawn and landscape maintenance demands. We are available to help you with making the most out of how well your lawn may look.

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El Shadday Lawn Services in Venice, CA

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My name is Gustavo Vazquez, and I operate the El Shadday lawn maintenance company here in Los Angeles. My lawn service team and I are available to make the trip up Lincoln Boulevard to take care of all the lawn maintenance needs you might have at your Venice CA home. We can help you out with your help whether you’re along the Venice Canals or you’ve got a space a little closer to Penmar Park or Marine Park among other noteworthy sites in the area. We want to give you the help you deserve without worrying about your lawn looking too rough or unkempt. Best of all, we will help you with all the specific needs you might have for your individual space.

I know that people around Venice CA don’t want to spend too much money on their lawn care needs. I’ve seen plenty of people who spend hundreds of dollars on bodybuilding supplements so they can strut their stuff at Muscle Beach. I know that those people would rather spend their hard-earned money on whatever they can get to make their bodies look attractive. Besides, wouldn’t you want to show your muscles off to people on the boardwalk than use those muscles to get the lawn cut?

Besides, even the strongest person in Venice might not know the ins and outs of mowing a lawn the right way. That’s where we at El Shadday come in handy. Our team is here in Venice CA to help with mowing grass on all properties in the city. We can care for homes on Penmar Avenue near the Penmar Golf Course or homes on Oakwood Avenue near North Venice Boulevard and everything else in between. No lawn is too big or small for us here at El Shadday.

You can talk with us about your yard maintenance requirements and we’ll find a way to work alongside those demands. We offer lawn cutting services and much more. You can ask us for help with your grass cutting needs alongside other things like weed removal, landscape trimming, aeration, and irrigation support. We focus on every aspect of your lawn even if it’s rather small. Besides, a minor concern can become a massive problem if it’s not corrected soon enough.

Our team can help with treating any diseases along your lawn as well. We know that homes around the Silver Strand experience problems relating to salt water from the ocean or the area being too dry. We can help with fixing irrigation-related issues that are keeping your lawn from looking as it attractive as it should be. Part of this includes loosening up any compacted soil in your space. Elsewhere, we can help you with reviewing the pH levels of your soil to figure out if any materials need to be corrected or relieved.

See how our team at El Shadday can help you with your lawn mowing needs in Venice CA. Besides, you deserve to focus more on flexing outside the Venice Skate Park or Scooter Park than trying to take care of the complex lawn care needs you might have.

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Rch Gardening Lawn Services in Venice, CA

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Your lawn in Venice CA is a sum of many parts. You’ll find everything from a beautiful grass bed to plenty of spaces for trees, bushes, and other landscaping features. Don’t you deserve a lawn care provider who will take care of every aspect of your Venice CA and not just the grass cutting process?

We at RCH Gardening will help you with everything you need to have cared for at your Venice property. We can help you with mowing grass at your space, but that’s only the start of what we can offer for your lawn. You can talk with us at RCH about much more. We offer a full lawn mowing service alongside many others to assist you in correcting any problems that might grow at your space. The specifics that we put into managing your garden can make a difference in what makes your area look great.

Perhaps you’ve got lots of trees along your property on 6th or 7th Avenue. We can assist you with trimming those trees so your property will look beautiful.

Maybe you have some bushes lining your property on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. We will trim those bushes and edge the grass growing near those bush spots. We can also assist you with safely removing weeds or any other unwanted growths in the space. The thorough landscape maintenance service we offer will ensure your lawn will look attractive above all else.

You can also contact us for help with aerating your lawn. We can help you with this to keep the soil in your space from being compacted. Our team at RCH will check on your yard before we start the grass cutting process to ensure that the right lawn care approach can be handled.

Our team can also edge the grass around your foundation, walkways, and any other hard surfaces at your property. We can work along Dudley Avenue, Pacific Avenue, and any additional space in Venice where paved surfaces are prominent. The extensive service we offer ensures every spot looks great and that your lawn will not be cut shorter than necessary.

We know that the lawn maintenance process can be complicated. That’s why we at RCH will help you with every specific aspect of the lawn care process. You can consult us for a free estimate and at-home inspection to see how a lawn service will work for you. From grass cutting to weed removal and other landscape maintenance services, we will help you get the most out of your space.

See how we at RCH will help you with your lawn care needs. We are available to provide you with the solutions you deserve for keeping your lawn in Venice CA looking as attractive as it can be. Venice is a very picturesque part of Los Angeles County, and we want to help you make your lawn look as beautiful as anything else you might notice in and around the city.

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Luna Landscaping Lawn Services in Venice, CA

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The values of properties around Venice CA have been rising in recent time. Homes around the Oxford Triangle and the Venice Canals have become incredibly expensive in recent times with some homes nearly the million-dollar mark. But not everyone in the city is working well enough to ensure their properties look like a million dollars. If anything, some properties look the exact opposite.

Some homes around Venice bear with overgrowths that cover walkways, landscapes with lots of weeds, and lawns with dead grass patches. Those problems don’t look appealing on any property whether they’re near Ozone Park or Muscle Beach. The good news is that our lawn care team at Luna Landscaping is available to help homeowners in Venice CA with keeping their lawns looking attractive and perfect.

The processes we offer at Luna Landscaping are thorough and specific for your needs. We have a full lawn service that can help you with measuring your lawn based on how detailed it is and how well the grass grows. We know that every spot on a lawn can grow differently based on sunlight, elevation, and exposure to water. We will find a proper mowing pattern and height for your grass. We have different grass cutting tools on hand to work with specific types of lawns.

You can also ask us about your edging and trimming services. We offer this landscape maintenance solution to keep walkways from bearing with annoying grass overgrowths. We can trim grasses around sidewalks, patios, driveways, foundations, tree and bush beds, and other spots that you want to keep the grass separate from. We’ll ensure the grass is edged or trimmed at the appropriate height and that it matches up with the rest of the space.

We will also help you with removing weeds while keeping the grass and other spots in an area from experiencing fatigue. You can talk with us about loosening up any compact lawn spaces that have become too hard to maintain on your own. We want to keep your lawn looking as green and uniform as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that your space doesn’t look worn or fatigued. There are too many lawns around Venice CA that look tired and torn like what you’d see at the Westminster Off-Leash Park. But our lawn service team will check on what your lawn needs to ensure your yard looks beautiful all the way through. You don’t want your lawn to look like a bunch of dogs that aren’t yours ran all around the space and tore it up.

See how our team at Luna Landscaping will help you with your landscape and lawn maintenance demands. Our lawn service will ensure that your spot looks attractive no matter how big or small the space is or what problems you need to have corrected. You’ll find that your lawn will make your space look as valuable as you would expect it to be after you contact us for help with keeping the area looking great.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
David Donnelly Yard Mowing in Venice CA

I talked with the people at Florentino Galicia Landscaping for help with keeping my lawn looking beautiful at my home in Walk Streets region of Venice. They reviewed my yard based on how well it was growing and gave me a plan for how to mow different spots along my lawn. They determined that my lawn needs to be cut once a month for the best results. I appreciate the service as my busy live traveling to and from LAX for work makes it tough for me to have time to mow my lawn, let alone remember that I have to take care of it every week.

Charles Thompson Yard Cutting in Venice CA

My home on Rose Avenue near Ozone Park has been prone to weeds for years. I contacted El Shadday to see if they could do something to fix the problem. The team recommended some useful plans for keeping the weeds along my space from growing too much and being too hard to maintain. I love how the team worked hard to clear out the weeds from my bluegrass lawn while ensuring the lawn would stay healthy. The space looks beautiful and doesn’t have any bald spots. More importantly, my yard is finally clear and free of all those annoying weeds.

Richard Blume Lawn Care in Venice CA

My home is off Speedway and is not far from the Venice Fishing Pier. My lawn is often dehydrated due to the lack of rain in the area and the local water sources keeping the air dry. Fortunately, I can trust RCH with helping me to mow my lawn every few weeks. The team can come to my space while I travel out to the pier for a few hours. They will mow my lawn, water the space, aerate the area as necessary, and clean up before I come back. The team is thorough in what it does for my spot and always lets me know about what they’re doing for keeping the area comfortable.

Rod Sterman Lawn Maintenance in Venice CA

I needed to get a tattoo removed recently, but I knew that would cost a lot of money for me to have handled. So I looked around to find a new lawn care provider for my home that was cheaper than what I was using. Not only is Luna Landscaping less expensive than the other lawn service I had been using at my Brooks Avenue home, but they put in more attention to my lawn. Now I have more money to take care of my tattoo issue. I’ve got to make smart decisions from here on out; contacting Luna for my lawn needs is a start.

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The odds are you’ve got plenty of things going in your life in Venice. You might have to travel quite a bit from your home Rose Avenue or Venice Boulevard or another vital road to get to your place of work in Los Angeles County. Whatever it is you have in your life, you can trust the lawn care providers listed through GreenPal with taking care of your lawn.

You can use the GreenPal app to help you find the best lawn care team for your needs in the Venice CA area. We offer a full service that helps you to identify the best lawn maintenance teams in the city which are available to help you with your grass cutting needs. These include groups listed through the Venice Chamber of Commerce.

You can download the GreenPal app and then use it to find information on lawn care teams near you. Do you have a home in the Oxford Triangle region? Enter in your address, and you’ll find information on lawn maintenance providers near that area. You can review information on the services that those teams have to offer, from general lawn mowing services to support for your extended landscape maintenance needs.

There are many good teams to check out regardless of which side of Lincoln Boulevard you live on. You can even find organizations that will come out to your home if you’re in a more remote or tough to reach part of the city like Harbor Crossing Lane or another space near the already crowded marina space in the area.

Each lawn care provider on the app will give you full information on what it has to offer. You can learn about everything from the services a team has to contribute to the philosophies that a team has. You may be surprised at how unique many of these lawn care teams might be. You will also get access to reviews for each of these lawn mowing providers. These reviews have been written by people who have paid for and reserved grass cutting services through GreenPal, so you know these groups are legitimate ones you can trust.

The GreenPal app will also help you with reserving services. You can confirm that you want to get a grass cutting team out to your home through the app. You also have the option to pay for the service through the app. Don’t forget that you can switch between yard maintenance providers by using the program if necessary.

The best part of the GreenPal app is that it will give you the full control that you deserve when finding the best landscape and lawn maintenance teams in Venice CA. You can place lawn care bids on any of the groups that you see through the app.

You have enough on your plate as it is. The GreenPal app will help you get the lawn cut by helping you find a team that will assist you with this. Check out our program today to see who is available to assist you with your lawn mowing demands in Venice CA.

About Venice California

Venice is a city in California, United States.

Venice CA is a neighborhood located on the western end of Los Angeles. The area is located directly north of Marina Del Rey and is due north of LAX. The city of Santa Monica is also north of Venice.

The city is famous for its boardwalk region. The two-and-a-half mile Ocean Front Walk is a spot home to many attractions for people to visit, including a series of performing shows, a skate park, a series of public art walls, and an extended fishing pier. Muscle Beach, a popular place where bodybuilders come to work out, can also be found along the boardwalk. Several basketball courts are also situated around the boardwalk with many of these spots hosting 3-on-3 competitions throughout the year.

The city is also near the Promenade at Marina City Club. The attraction is outside the city limits to the south and is home to several high-end shops and dining spaces.

Students in the city attend classes at various schools like Venice High School, Amino Venice Charter High School, and the First Lutheran School of Venice.

The area has also been a popular site for shooting films and other entertainment vehicles of all sorts. Filming in Venice dates back to the silent era, including a 1914 production from Charlie Chaplin that marked the first appearance of his Little Tramp character.

Venice links up to the rest of Los Angeles County through Venice Boulevard or State Route 187. Lincoln Boulevard or State Route 1 goes through the city as well. The southbound part of the road heads directly to LAX.

The current population of Venice CA is at around 38,000 people. Nearly a quarter of the people living in Venice were born outside of the United States, with Mexico and the United Kingdom being among the top countries that residents in the city are from.

Venice CA was formed in 1905 as a resort town. Tobacco industry mogul Abbot Kinney established the resort town as a means of producing a site for entertainment. Venice gets its name from the Italian city of the same name. The city would be incorporated in 1926 as it merged with Los Angeles. The area continued to grow in the mid-twentieth century after oil was discovered nearby.

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