Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Burbank, CA as of Jul, 2024


Sparta Landscape Lawn Services in Burbank, CA

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Sparta Landscape offers some of the best lawn care services and lawn mowing services around. Our lawn care professionals can be spotted cruising down Alameda Avenue or Olive Avenue ready to serve our customers with excellent care from the start. Our growing list of happy customers has loved the lawn care services and lawn mowing services we've provided them. Many of our positive reviews from the lawn care work we've done throughout the Burbank, California is all thanks to our premium lawn care services. We offer some of the best lawn care services you’ll find in the county.

Our lawn care and lawn services team at Sparta Landscape proudly helps people throughout the Burbank CA area with their lawn care and lawn maintenance efforts. We can provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services to all types of properties, including some of the fanciest lawns in the Glenoaks region. Large spots around Toluca Terrace are easy for us to cover as well. No yard in Burbank is too large or small for us to work with.

We can also take care of private lawns as needed. Whether it’s a gated community, a business center, or a spot for a private film shoot, our lawn care, and lawn service team, can come out to your space and mow your lawn without getting in the way of anything you need to handle. We offer a simple lawn care approach to treating lawns without interfering with anything else.

Our lawn care team will also help you with other lawn care services dedicated to your landscape maintenance needs. We will help you with trimming any trees around your lawn or cutting your bushes to look perfect. We can take care of any tree and bush, including some bushes with some of the most elaborate or detailed shapes around.

The lawn care services and landscape maintenance services we offer are guaranteed to work for your requirements. Our lawn service and lawn care workers will always provide you with details on what you will spend on your services before you agree to what we have to offer. Also, you will not have to pay anything for extra lawn care services unless you ask us to complete those services for you. We want to ensure you’re satisfied and that you’re not spending more money than what you can afford to handle at a time.

The best part of what we offer for your lawn care needs is that your lawn will look like what a movie star’s got at one’s mansion in Burbank. But you don’t have to spend as much money as a movie star would for lawn mowing services. Speaking of which, you should contact us if you’re a movie star, as you’ll almost certainly pay less for our services than whatever you’re spending on something else right now.

Also, you can schedule our lawn mowing services or lawn care at any time in the month. You can call us over even if you’re out of your house and on the film set, at school, or any other place that you need to get to in Burbank. We’ll even help you if you’ve just left for a flight at the Bob Hope Airport.

You’ll know when you see our Sparta Landscape van outside your home that you’re getting a trustworthy and efficient lawn service dedicated exclusively to providing lawns around Burbank CA with the best lawn care efforts around. Talk with us about your lawn today, and you’ll find out want makes us outstanding.


RCH Gardening Lawn Services in Burbank, CA

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Burbank is home to a diverse array of lawns that need grass-cutting help. You’ll find plenty of large lawns surrounding Cabrini Drive and Fisher Canyon. You’ll also notice some big yards around the southern end of the city, especially around Warner Bros Ranch. Don’t forget about the various lawns in between, including many with some small yards that don’t spread out much. Here at RCH Gardening, our lawn care experts have taken care of many of these lawns in Burbank, California.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a property around East Bob Hope Airport and you’re on a budget, or if you’re a big-name movie star who has millions of dollars in the bank. You’ll find that our lawn care services and lawn mowing services are effective and precise while also being affordable. Reach out to us for a no-obligation estimate for any lawn care job. You’ll be surprised as to how much money we charge for quality lawn care services and the best lawn maintenance services in Los Angeles County.

What makes our lawn services at RCH Gardening unique? To start, we will help you with mowing your lawn every few weeks. You can ask us for a specific timeframe for when you want to get the lawn cut. We will always notice how well the lawn works for any desires that you might have.

We will then edge and trim spots around your lawn that might not be easy to reach with a traditional mower. We will ensure that each edge around your patio, driveway and other spot will be cut at an appropriate height.

Our lawn care and lawn service team can also remove weeds, aerate your lawn, check on how well water moves through, trim trees and bushes, and anything else you need help with when it comes to your lawn. We offer a thorough process that is not hard for you to handle. We will hold a full inspection of your lawn to see how well your space works and how well the grass is growing.

The most important part of what we offer at RCH Gardening is that we will take care of the mowing and yard care needs at your home on your terms. We only come to your property when you tell us to. Whether it entails once a month or just on-demand at varying times in the year, you can contact us about getting your Burbank CA lawn covered.

Don’t forget that we will help you with mowing your lawn even if it’s minimal. Homes around Magnolia Boulevard don’t have big lawns, but they mean more to us. Our lawn care and lawn service team are open to helping you with cutting your lawn and making it easier for your lawn to look appealing.

RCH Gardening can provide the most out of your lawn service investment. Our lawn mowing and lawn care team is available to help you with mowing your lawn in Burbank CA and anything else you might need assistance with when it comes to giving your yard the best look you’ve ever wanted from only the finest lawn mowing providers around.


Icare4homes Inc Lawn Services in Burbank, CA

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The name Icare4homes Inc is genuinely reflective of what we do for homes around Burbank CA. We care about every home in the Burbank area regardless of how small or large it might be.

The “I” in Icare4homes Inc refers to all of us working here. That includes me, Albert Lartey, the operator of Icare4homes Inc. I was inspired to help people around Los Angeles County after noticing many of the beautiful lawns around the country, particularly many of the high-end properties that big-name celebrities live at. I wanted to use my yard care skills to help people get their lawns to look as beautiful as what the big stars have. More importantly, I wanted to help people get the best lawn care services without having to spend lots of money.

Not everyone in Burbank CA has the salary of a movie star. Fortunately, my team offers services with rates that all can afford. Our prices for grass-cutting services are transparent with any charges involved directly listed.

We also serve people with all the necessary things that they require out of their lawns. Do you need us to cut your grass once a month? Let us know which time is right, and we’ll take care of the grass-cutting job for you. Do you have a bunch of trees around your property that need to be trimmed on occasion? We can plan a lawn care schedule for cutting based on how well your trees are growing.

You can even contact us for help on demand if you ever need it. We have vans that can come to your property at any time you see fit. Talk with us, and we’ll find a way to get to your space and take care of your lawn for you. Our lawn mowing support will always be worthwhile for your needs.

You can also talk with us if you’ve got a commercial property that needs help. Besides, homes aren’t the only places that we care for in Burbank. We also care for commercial sites that need help with keeping their lawns looking attractive. Whether it’s the big public lawns around the Deluxe Services building or a small parking lot island at the Burbank Empire Center, we are available to help keep these spots around the city looking they're most beautiful. Our comprehensive services can also help with caring for trees and shrubs of all sorts.

Don’t forget that you can call us at any time for affordable and quality lawn care services. Maybe you’ve got an urgent visit from someone coming, and you need help right away. We can come to your home as soon as you call us. We serve all corners of Burbank, so you can rest assured you’ll have someone coming to your property who can take care of your lawn mowing efforts for you.

See how Icare4homes Inc can help you with making the most out of your lawn care needs in Burbank CA. We are devoted to giving you the best lawn care services and lawn mowing services around. We care for homes around the city, especially your property no matter where in Burbank it is.


Campos Services Lawn Services in Burbank, CA

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My name is Angel Campos, and I operate Campos Services out of Los Angeles. I provide services to people throughout Los Angeles County, including around Burbank. People all around Burbank CA trust my lawn care efforts, and I’m sure you will feel the same when you see how well I can help you with your lawn. My team and I want to give you the services that your home needs for looking outstanding.

I recognize that every home in Burbank CA is unique and has certain lawn care demands. People around the Media District Central neighborhood have stringent standards for how they want their lawns to look, for instance. They want everything to look green and weed-free without having to resort to installing some unattractive artificial surface. That’s where my services come in handy.

Me and everyone else here at Campos Services can help people around Burbank CA with handling all their lawn care needs. We will get the lawn cut at homes of all sorts, including spots like the Media District. We focus on a deliberate lawn cutting practice that entails reviews of the height of the grass, the pH in the soil, and how loose the soil is. The comprehensive approach we follow ensures that water can drain well and that the grass can grow right without producing weeds. The proper height also ensures that the grass will rise to an optimal height so the grass bed will not be exposed.

We also offer tree services to homes and businesses in need. Every place from a small neighborhood cul-de-sac to a larger spot like the Los Angeles Equestrian Center has plenty of trees to complete the look. But a tree that isn’t cared for can look unattractive and potentially dangerous. We can assist in trimming and pruning spots around trees that could cause the balance of weight to tilt or spots that can get in the way of your property.

We cover lawns throughout the entire Burbank CA area and can get the lawn cut no matter how large the space is. We serve all roads from Cypress to Walnut to Olive and everything else. We can even head out to spots near the Bob Hope Airport. Besides, the people who fly into the city through BUR deserve to see how beautiful your lawn looks from up high. Think of it as a friendly welcome to the city of Burbank.

Don’t forget that we work with every type of grass. From Bermuda to bluegrass, we serve every kind of lawn in the city. Our team knows how each dominant type of grass grows, which is vital for ensuring that the grass is cut accordingly and that weeds are treated to get out and disappear if necessary.

See how we at Campos Services can help you with making the most out of your lawn and trees in Burbank CA. I am confident that we will provide you with the services you deserve for keeping your lawn looking its best. You don’t even have to hold a movie star’s budget to contact us for help.

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Michael Bragg lawn maintenance in Burbank CA
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I love how Sparta Landscape gives me the lawn mowing service I need every month. The team always reaches my home in Valley Park at the time I ask them to, sometimes a few minutes ahead of time but usually on the spot. The team is very helpful and gives me the support I need for getting a quality lawn up and running. The thing I like the most is that they trim my lawn all around the space. They do well with trimming around my foundation, my landscape, the trees in the front of my lawn, and so forth. They do well with cleaning up afterward too. This is a great lawn care company! 

Dylan Barnes yard mowing in Burbank CA
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA lawn-maintenance-in-Burbank-CA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Burbank-CA lawn-care-services-in-Burbank-CA

It takes a while for me to get from my home on Olive Avenue to my job at the John Burroughs High School. RCH Gardening does well with helping me to mow my lawn, so I don’t have to carve out precious time in my schedule for handling it. The team comes to my yard every two weeks and measures my lawn before they start. They also aerate the grass in the spring and fall. My yard looks as green as the baseball diamond on the school campus. It’s been years since I last had a week show up on my lawn too.

Wesley Walker lawn maintenance in Burbank CA
local-lawn-care-services-in-Burbank-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Burbank-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Burbank-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Burbank-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Burbank-CA

I appreciate how Icare4homes helps me with keeping my lawn looking outstanding. My income has been relatively limited since I retired a few years ago, so every penny counts for me. The good news is that Albert and the rest of the people there will let me know what their services will cost before they provide me with services at my Empire Landing home. I can schedule times based on my budget and what I need as well. They are very receptive to giving me the help I need without going overboard on the charges. They are very detailed in what they do for my yard too.

Amy Rangelo lawn care in Burbank CA
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Burbank-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Burbank-CA

I run a coffee shop on Tujunga Avenue that has a small public grass space nearby. I have Campos Services come by every month to mow the grass spot, loosen up the soil, and clear out weeds to create a grass space that makes my business look inviting. People are more comfortable in coming to my business as they see that the grass around my spot looks nice and creates a good spot for meeting up. I also like that the team is very gentle around the area and always cleans up after they are finished with their work.