Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Santa Monica, CA as of May, 2024

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Contreras Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Monica, CA

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It is intriguing to see how so many homes along the iconic roads of Santa Monica CA have different lawn care needs. The houses around Pico have beautiful trees all around. Meanwhile, the homes in Ocean Park have flat spaces and more open spots for mowing. It does not matter how these lawns are laid out to us here at Contreras Landscaping. What matters for our lawn care and lawn service team is that we can help with keeping any lawn looking as beautiful as it can. You can trust the lawn care professionals at Contreras Landscaping with taking care of all your lawn care and lawn service requests regardless of where in Santa Monica your home is or how large that property might be.

Our lawn care business proudly provides lawn care services and lawn mowing services to people in Santa Monica, California with the best lawn service around. We provide lawn service to small lawns in Wilshire Montana and the larger spaces in North Montana alike. Our lawn care and lawn service team always help our lawn care clients with keeping their lawns looking their best and most intriguing.

We want your lawn to look as beautiful as one of the golf courses located in the nearby area. We know that you’d probably be at the driving range at the Riviera Club right now. Fortunately, you can leave the lawn care processes for your home to us. With our lawn care services and lawn mowing services, we can make sure your property looks just as nice as those fancy places. Our trained lawn care team is precise and detailed in everything that we can do and handle around your space.

Best of all, our lawn service team works with an approach to quality unlike anything else you might find in the region. Our lawn care and lawn service team know what it takes to help you cover everything in your lawn. Our lawn care company will assist you with functions like aerating your lawn, watering the space, removing weeds, and trimming slim spots. You can even talk with us if you’re bearing any pests like ants or grubs around your lawn. The comprehensive approach that we put into mowing your lawn is designed to ensure that your space continues to look attractive.

We can visit your property and get the lawn cut at any time of the year. We can help you in the winter with clearing out debris from your yard and with any particular seeding practices you require. We will then come in the spring to aerate your lawn. You can also talk with us in the fall about leaf removal and with some final preparations for your yard before the winter season comes along. We work our hardest with keeping your lawn looking intriguing.

You can ask us to come to your space on demand if necessary for lawn care or lawn mowing. We work our hardest to ensure that your site looks appealing and that your lawn won’t grow any longer than it has to. Our regular reviews of your yard will help with identifying how well your grass looks and what it takes for the lawn to appear its best.

See how our lawn care team at Contreras Landscaping can help you with keeping your lawn looking attractive. We want you to have the best lawn in Santa Monica CA.

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Pete's Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Monica, CA

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Everyone in Santa Monica deserves to have a lawn that people can marvel at when it comes to how you are handling lawn care efforts. With so many people taking off in their charter planes from the Santa Monica Airport every day, you have plenty of opportunities to show your lawn off to people. A green lawn with well-groomed trees and shrubs will always look more intriguing than anything else in a spot.

Our lawn service team at Pete’s Landscaping is available to help you with giving your lawn that unique look you’ve always wanted. Our lawn service is available to help you with your lawn no matter where in Santa Monica CA you live. Of course, our lawn care services work particularly well for people near the airport, but that goes without saying.

We provide a range of affordable and quality lawn care services to homes and businesses near and in Santa Monica. We can work on trees and shrubs around the Santa Monica Business Park. We also serve homes around 9th and 10th Streets among other places closer to the water. We work our hardest at ensuring all lawns in the region are treated carefully. After all, each yard in the city is different based on factors like how much water they need, how quickly the grass is growing, and if these spots need extra seed on occasion.

Our lawn care business provides all the necessary lawn care services that your home requires. We will help you with everything from mowing your lawn to aerating the space during the spring. Our team can help you with checking on any dead spots around your yard to see if there are problems like the grass not getting enough nutrients among other commonplace concerns. Our lawn service team gauge the issues your lawn might be facing so we can fix them accordingly.

If you have pests around your lawn and need them cleared as part of your yard maintenance demands. We can clear out all old ant hills and other tricky spots that might keep your lawn from looking beautiful while keeping people comfortable.

The most important part of what we can provide for you for lawn service and lawn maintenance at Pete’s Landscaping is a personalized plan that focuses on the specific things that need to be done with your lawn in particular. We get that not every lawn in the city is alike. We know that you might need to get the lawn cut a little lower than what someone else might need based on your grass type and how well the grass is growing. Our lawn care and lawn service team will provide you with a full no-obligation review of your lawn so you can figure out what needs to work when taking care of your space. We will do everything we can to help you get your property to look attractive.

See how our lawn care team at Pete’s Landscaping can work for you the next time you need help with getting your lawn to look its best. We will give you the attention that you demand giving your field the exceptional style that you want. Call us today for a free review of your property so you can see what you need out of our lawn care services.

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Avila's Landscape Lawn Services in Santa Monica, CA

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Santa Monica, California is a beautiful place that is home to some of the most attractive lawns around Los Angeles County. You can get your particular lawn to look its best when you contact us at Avila’s Landscape for help with getting your lawn to look attractive.

Our lawn service team here at Avila’s Landscape will assist you with giving your lawn the most attractive style you could ever ask for. We will provide you with the support you require for getting your lawn to look distinct and appealing. Not only are our lawn care services and lawn mowing services affordable, but we also deliver the highest caliber of work too.

We cut lawns around all parts of Santa Monica CA. Among the yards we can handle here at Avila’s Landscape include the dense and detailed greens around Sawtelle and the high-class surfaces around North of Montana. We also serve lawns closer to the water, including many spots around the commercial properties near the Santa Monica Pier.

Our goal is to help you with getting your lawn care needs to be cared for without you having to worry. You can use the extra time you have to work out at Muscle Beach or to challenge people in a game at Chess Park. You could even use the money you save with us to attend Trapeze School if you’re the adventurous type.

Our lawn care crew will help you with getting more out of your space thanks to the quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services that we have to offer. We will assist you with mowing your lawn at the start. The process includes working every few weeks or once a month to cut the lawn at an appropriate height. We will help you with caring for the lawn as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Next, we will help you with removing weeds as part of a large landscape maintenance plan. We are experts are clearing out every major weed that may show up around your lawn or landscape. This includes any difficult dandelions that might be persistent around your space.

We will also provide you with a full aeration service. Many places that aren’t growing well experience this problem because their lawns are compacted. The soil is too tight to where water isn’t moving. Aeration helps with clearing out the rough spaces in the soil and loosening up the surface to allow nutrients to move through without any problems. We can help you with aerating your lawn at any time in the year, although this works best in the spring or summer season when your lawn likely needs it the most.

The best part of what we offer here is that we can come to your place at any time of the month. You can even ask us to go to your property when you are out of your home. We will clean up after we finish, although you can ask us to leave the grass clippings for you if needed for future lawn maintenance plans.

Ask us about our discounts for lawn mowing services and lawn care services. We want to be your choice for lawn mowing services that you can trust. Our goal is to give your property the style that you want to get out of it.

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JB Ruelas Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Monica, CA

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My name is Javier Ruelas, and I operate JB Ruelas Landscaping. My lawn care services are based in the city of Los Angeles, but I offer services to people around all parts of Los Angeles County. The coverage area includes the city of Santa Monica, a city home to some of the best lawns I’ve seen. Granted, many of these properties in the city are ones that I’ve worked on, but you have to admit that Santa Monica is quite a beautiful spot. You can get your lawn in Santa Monica to look beautiful when you contact us for help.

I recognize that you’ve got plenty of lawn care needs for your lawn in Santa Monica CA. It is true that there are many types of lawns out there that are not always easy to support. But the good news is that it will not be hard for you to mow your yard when you talk with us at JB Ruelas Landscaping for help. You can contact me or any of my team members for the assistance your lawn deserves.

Our lawn service maintenance team can work on any property in Santa Monica CA, including spots around San Vicente and Montana. We can work on apartment buildings and private lawns alike. You can also talk with us if you’ve got a lawn on Ocean Avenue. You need to keep your lawn looking attractive no matter where it is located. Our services will help you find the right strategies for making the most out of your spot.

We always look at your lawn and figure out a plan for mowing before we start. We will let you know about that plan before we mow for the first time. The goal is to ensure that what we will do fits in well with your home and what you require.

Your lawn will look its best when you allow us to work on the space. We know that you might want your lawn to look as appealing as what you’d see at one of the city’s public park spaces. The lawns around Los Amigos Park or Hotchkiss Park deserve to look as beautiful as the grass spaces at those parks themselves. Our services will progressively give you a greener and more attractive lawn that is different from anything you might find.

What’s more, is that you will always know how much you will have to spend on your lawn before we start working on your space for your lawn maintenance demands. The good news about our lawn care services is that we will not charge you for anything unless we complete the tasks that you ask for. After all, your money is precious to you. Considering how much gas can cost around Santa Monica, you surely need all that money.

Reach out to JB Ruelas Landscaping if you need assistance with making the most out of your space. We are available to give you the lawn mowing services and lawn care services that you require for your lawn while ensuring that you only pay for the services that you know you require.

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Elaine Francois lawn maintenance in Santa Monica CA
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My lawn near Colorado Center Park gets lots of passersby throughout the week. I’ve dealt with far too many strangers running along with me hard as they travel around. But with Contreras Landscaping, they’ve helped me to restore the green look on my lawn. Now those people are too afraid to walk over the lawn because they want to ensure it looks its best. I love how the team does well with cleaning off the grass after each service. They always communicate with me about their lawn mowing services and let me know if they spot things that need my attention.

Gwendolyn Higgins lawn mowing service in Santa Monica CA
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I spend much of my morning at a café that I work at in Mid-City, and I don’t feel much like mowing my lawn when I am done with my shift. Then again, it gets a little too hot for me to mow in the latter part of the day. Pete’s Landscaping always comes to my space when I am at work and mows my lawn for me before I get back. They clean up well and always provide me with a thorough approach to moving my lawn that is easy to handle. They do exceptionally well with keeping the grass at a height that is comfortable and safe.

Lynda Bryce yard cutting in Santa Monica CA
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I had one lawn at the Olympic Studios apartment complex in Santa Monica that was not growing as well as it should. I run some of the operations at the complex, and I was told by my manager to find a lawn care team that could get that worn-out lawn to look better. I called Avila’s Landscape, and they worked wonders with taking care of the space. Everyone at the workplace, including my manager, was impressed with how Avila could help with aerating the weeding the lawn and with planning a regular watering and mowing service. The grass turned green without much effort.

Lewis Shumate yard cutting in Santa Monica CA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Santa Monica-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Monica-CA lawn-maintenance-in-Santa Monica-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Monica-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Monica-CA

My mobile home near Gandara Park has a nice tree and a small patch of grass that is prone to weeds. At least, it was prone to weeds before I called JB Ruelas Landscaping for help. They reviewed the soil around my lawn and found that it was too acidic and needed to be loosened up. The team treated the yard and helped add new grass seeds to produce a healthier spot while also keeping those pesky weeds in check. The team was very useful in helping me to fix up my space and to get my grass spot and tree to look perfect.