Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Van Nuys, CA as of Jun, 2024

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Fieldmaxx Lawn Services in Van Nuys, CA

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How well is the grass on your Van Nuys CA lawn been growing lately? If you've noticed some lawn care problems surrounding how well your grass is growing, let our lawn care business help you. Maybe you’ve got a lawn in the Raymer area that hasn’t gotten enough water lately and has turned brownish. Perhaps your lawn at North Sherman Way has been watered regularly but isn’t growing at all. Whatever the problem may be, you can get the lawn care professionals at Fieldmaxx to help you. 

We offer an extensive amount of lawn care services and lawn mowing services. All of which help you maintain your lawn in the best condition possible. Get quality lawn care in Van Nuys without breaking the bank either. We'll provide you with the lawn care services you need in a timely fashion. We serve every property in Van Nuys with quality lawn service solutions. From the large greens off of Vanowen Street to the tight spaces around Victory Boulevard.

The lawn mowing services and lawn care services we offer include everything needed for keeping your home looking attractive. Everything from mowing your lawn to specific lawn service work and planning new irrigation setup. Part of this involves aerating your lawn or treating any pH irregularities in your soil bed. The key is to ensure your grass can take in the water it requires without drying up fast or possibly flooding. What we do all depends on the lawn service work you need.

Our lawn cutting service and ongoing lawn mowing services will also be to your benefit. We will help with the lawn care and lawn mowing effort by analyzing how well the lawn is growing where you are. The lawn care services include reviewing how high the lawn should be based on how much of a risk may appear on your lawn bed. Our goal is to ensure your lawn is cut appropriately and that you will not experience problems with the lawn bed being exposed and likely to develop weeds.

If you have other lawn care needs, we can help with that too. The long list of lawn service solutions we offer you can be done once or on a regular basis. 

But what if you have weeds at your property? This part of our lawn service and landscape maintenance service will analyze the quality of the weed and then with finding a solution for removing the weed.

The best part of our lawn service is that you can contact us for help as necessary. Our lawn care business is available to help people at any time of the year. You can also contact us for a regular bi-weekly or monthly lawn care appointment to help you with mowing grass. We are also available for on-demand lawn mowing services and lawn care services in cases where you need an extra bit of help at any point in the year. The thorough approach we put into caring for your lawn will go a long way in ensuring the lawn care treatment works right.

If you’ve got a pool at your property, we will ensure the mowing process and other lawn care services we provide will not put your pool at risk of possible harm to your space.

See how our lawn care and lawn service team at Fieldmaxx can assist you with all the lawn maintenance needs you might have for your Van Nuys CA home. We are available throughout the Van Nuys CA area and will assist you with anything at your house.

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Craftscape Creations Lawn Services in Van Nuys, CA

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What do you want to do with your Van Nuys CA lawn and landscape? You would surely want to make your spot look a little more unique than all the other places you’d find in and around the city. The good news is that Craftscape Creations will help you make your lawn in Van Nuys look different from everything else you might find in the city.

There are far too many homes in Van Nuys that look alike. Drive down Ethel Avenue or another spot along the aqueduct, and you’ll see many homes that look practically the same. Their lawns look identical, and the trees are evenly placed all around the spot. But you don’t necessarily have to bear with a yard that looks the same when you get quality lawn care services or lawn mowing services. 

Our lawn care team is available to come over to any home in the Van Nuys area to fix up your lawn. Maybe you have a yard in Vista Oaks that needs to be restored by having your weeds removed or with keeping any light spots looking greener. We will find a solution for your lawn based on what it requires for lawn care and lawn service treatment needs. We can help you with everything from mowing the lawn to aerating and seeding the space. Any weeds along your lawn can also be dried out so they will be easy to remove.

We also offer quality lawn care services or lawn mowing services that you can trust. Our landscaping and lawn care team will assist you with trimming any trees or shrubs around your space. We will also cut the grass spots near the landscape or remove weeds as they come along.

You can talk to us for lawn care work every few weeks or once a month as needed. We are also available for on-demand lawn care support as necessary. We want to ensure you’ll get the lawn care services or lawn mowing services you require right away when you ask us for help.

The most important part of what we offer is a sense of quality lawn care. We know that your lawn is essential to your property and that you don’t want just anyone to help you with maintaining your lawn. You can trust our lawn care and lawn maintenance team for ensuring that your yard will look its best all the way through.

Don’t forget that our lawn care team is available to help homeowners around all parts of Van Nuys with their lawn care needs. Maybe your house near the Woodley Park area or Victory Boulevard is a little larger than others. We’ll help you with caring for your lawn maintenance and lawn service demands. But you can also talk with us if you’ve got a smaller lawn in the area that needs a little more precise control over how well it is growing and looking.

Our lawn care work team at Craftscape Creations does speak for itself. Contact our lawn care team to learn more about the many lawn service jobs we’ve taken care of in and around the Van Nuys CA region. You will learn when you’ve seen what we have taken care of that we offer some of the best quality lawn care services in the neighborhood.

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AGS Gardens Lawn Services in Van Nuys, CA

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The lawn care team at AGS Gardens is available to help people around all parts of Van Nuys. We are based out of the Pacific Coast Highway area of Los Angeles and can get out to your space in Van Nuys no matter where in the neighborhood you are or how complicated or detailed your lawn might be.

Do you have a home with an in-ground pool in Valley Glen that requires an extra bit of support when you mow it? Maybe you have a Hart Street home with some bushes and trees lining the space. We’ll help you with your lawn and landscape maintenance needs regardless of what’s on your property.

We take pride in offering support for lawns and landscapes of all sorts. We’ve even provided lawn care services and lawn mowing services to many commercial island spots on Victory Boulevard. Whether it’s a full residential lawn or a small brim along with the local Arco, we will help with the lawn mowing and trimming needs that you demand.

The thorough approach that we put into mowing lawns around Van Nuys makes our service different from others you might come across. We will help you with mowing any lawn you have even if it’s one that is a little different from others in your neighborhood. We can serve greens that move up and down in elevation plus ones that have lots of curves all around. The lawn care routine will focus on producing an even height while using a suitable mowing pattern to keep the grass from sticking down or otherwise not being cut well.

We offer seasonal lawn care services for people to check out as well. We can clean leaves around your lawn in the fall and remove thatch and other growths in the spring. Our lawn service team can also aerate your yard after the winter season ends. The specific approaches we use for handling your lawn after the toughest times of the year-end will see that your lawn gets all the services it requires.

We can also come to your property even when you’re on there. You might have an appointment at Valley Pres and don’t have the time or energy after the doctor’s visit to take care of your lawn on your own. You can contact us at AGS to come to your home even if you’re right near the hospital. We’ll be sure to come out when you’re away and clean up after we are finished. We want to give you the pleasant surprise of your home being cared for as you get back from your appointment.

Talk with us at AGS Gardens if you need help with making more out of your Van Nuys CA lawn. We want to give you the support you deserve when finding a way to make your lawn look more appealing and unique. You can contact us for a free estimate and inspection of your yard to see if your space is looking great or if you need extra support for making your lawn attractive.

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Tony's Gardening Lawn Services in Van Nuys, CA

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You’ve got plenty of choices to look for when finding a yard maintenance team that you can trust. So what makes the services we have to offer at Tony’s Gardening so different from everything else in Van Nuys CA?

At Tony’s Gardening, we focus on a thorough and full approach for handling the lawn care needs that you have. We understand that a healthy lawn is more than just one that is cut down well enough.

It is true that lawn care efforts are significant, with a lawn that grows too long being a threat in many cases. But a quality lawn also has to be cared for with strict attention to detail. You’ve got to ensure your lawn is taking in the water it requires. The lawn also has to be resilient to the pressure and stress you impose on the surface.

Look at the cricket fields of nearby Woodley Park to get an idea of how well a lawn may look. It is true that there are some distinct effects around these greens from people using them for this unique sport. But in the end, the greens look beautiful and don’t have lots of dead patches on them. Naturally, the reason for this is that the people who operate Woodley Park can afford to utilize a full lawn service. But the good news is that our services at Tony’s Gardening will take care of your lawn, so it looks as beautiful as the cricket greens in Van Nuys but without the budget.

We offer affordable services people around Van Nuys from Vista Oaks to Encino Flats can afford. Our lawn care support services include everything from grass cutting services to aeration plans. We can aerate your lawn during the spring or fall and seed the space to keep the area growing. We’ll also help you with removing old weeds.

Our landscaping team can also help you with the shrubs and trees around your space. The trees around Saticoy are known for growing fast enough to where they could get in the way of your house. The concern could be an issue if you’re planning on using solar panels on your roof. But our services at Tony’s Gardening will help with trimming those trees and other green spots to ensure nothing gets in the way of your home, not to mention those solar panels.

Don’t forget that we are available to come out to any property in and around the Van Nuys area. We can reach homes in the Lake Balboa area if needed, for instance. We know that it takes a while for people to commute while in Van Nuys, but we have more than enough time to reach your space.

You need to ensure you’ve got the best lawn in Van Nuys CA. Talk with us at Tony’s Gardening today to learn more about our lawn mowing and landscape maintenance services. We’ll provide you with a thorough approach to lawn care that you will appreciate using.

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Edwardo Navares yard cutting in Van Nuys CA
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I needed help restoring my lawn during an extensive lawn care renovation project at my home in the Valley Glen area. Fieldmaxx helped me with maintaining my yard throughout the task. They assisted me with aerating and seeding my lawn and with ensuring the grass clippings were cleaned off after each lawn care visit. The lawn care team also did well mowing the lawn around my new in-ground pool space without dirtying up the water. The lawn care team has also helped me with keeping my newly installed landscape looking consistent without the area becoming too worn or getting lots of weeds all around.

Juanita Alvarez grass cutting in Van Nuys CA
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It takes so long for me to travel on I-405 from my home on Haynes Street to my job in Glendale that I don’t have much time to mow my lawn and take care of all that other stuff on my property. Craftscape Creations helps take care of all the lawn care needs and landscape maintenance support for me. The team does well with clearing out the weeds and other growths around my space. Their effortless and carefully planned work always gives me the help I deserve for making my lawn look attractive. Now I can focus on my work and other stuff in my life without worrying about the quality of my yard.

Charles James grass cut in Van Nuys CA
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My work at Valerio Street Elementary School is very complicated. I have to not only take care of bringing my kids to the school, but I also have to work on keeping records of all the students. The complex nature of my job makes it so I often forget about mowing my lawn and caring for my yard. But AGS Gardens does well with mowing my lawn every month and removing weeds among other things. I have a monthly contract with them, and the team always lets me know when they’re coming to my space. They give me detailed reports on what they have done for my lawn as well.

Wayne Harris yard mowing in Van Nuys CA
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I operate an apartment building off of Fulton Avenue, and my space often becomes crowded from the trees and shrubs in my area growing a little too much. Tony’s Gardening does well with providing me with the landscape maintenance services I demand. The team is constructive in identifying how well these growths are coming along. They also offer monthly lawn mowing support. The lawn services that they provide are detailed and work well for all the buildings I operate in my complex. They also ensure that they take care of their lawn services in moments without worrying about bothering the people living here.