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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Redondo Beach, CA as of Sep, 2019

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Yoons Landscaping Lawn Services in Redondo Beach, CA

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The quality of your lawn will say quite a bit about who you are. Let’s say you had a home next door to Dale Page Park and all the green spaces to the south. What if your lawn was filled with weeds and dead grass spots? The people at your park wouldn’t think all that much about you because your space doesn’t look as nice as the park itself.

What makes the situation worse is that you might not be fully aware of what you’ve got to do to help you make your lawn look attractive. That’s where our services at Yoons Landscape will come in handy.

You can talk with us at Yoons Landscaping for help with making the most out of your lawn. We want to help you with anything you need out of your Redondo Beach CA lawn. Our work goes well beyond handling essential grass cutting services.

You can ask our lawn service specialists at Yoons Landscaping to care for your aeration and soil treatment services. We offer a full soil service, including help for turning over any troublesome soil spaces that have become compacted. Our aeration services also include complete seeding solutions to treat any problems you might have with water not going through well enough.

We can work with bushes and trees in Redondo Beach as well. Do you have a lawn near Vincent Park with some trees or shrubs that are growing too fast and are crowding up an already tight spot? Contact us today, and we’ll review your space and find the right maintenance landscape service that you deserve.

We can also work with landscape maintenance services around the smallest properties in Redondo Beach. The spaces on Van Horne and Prospect aren’t all that large and don’t include much more than a few bushes or plants. But we’ll take care of your problems no matter where you are and even if you’ve got a small space. We will not only trim any surfaces at your space but also remove any weeds at your property. We use safe processes to ensure your trees and other features will keep growing and that weeds won’t be a burden.

You can talk with us for on-demand help with your yard maintenance needs, although we are available through regular contracts as well. You can have us come to your home in Redondo Beach CA every two to four weeks depending on your preference. We are very flexible on when we can come out to your space. You can even contact us for help with your lawn mowing needs or whatever else you require while you are out at school or work. Remember, we will clean up after we finish.

See how we will help you here at Yoons Landscaping the next time you need help with taking care of your lawn. We will help you with finding the best landscaping project that fits your home and the style you want to get out of that area.

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Martinez Landscape Lawn Services in Redondo Beach, CA

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The problem with trying to take care of a lawn in Redondo Beach CA is that you’re not going to get much rainfall except for during the fall and winter when your lawn isn’t likely to grow all that much. The concern is a good reason for why the athletic fields at Redondo Union High School are made mostly with artificial surfaces while the other school buildings use real grass while the natural grass fields at Entradero Park look like a few vehicles have run over them.

You won’t have to struggle with how well your grass is growing if you talk with us at Martinez Landscape for help. We will help you to resolve any problems that you might have with your Redondo Beach CA lawn.

We will help any homeowner in the Redondo Beach area with keeping their lawns hydrated and beautiful. To start, we’ve noticed that the challenge with trying to keep a yard hydrated is that the soil is too hard. All that dry weather can do this to a lawn. But our team is available to assist homeowners with turning and cultivating any spots on a lawn that might be too hard or firm. We also offer aeration and seeding services for controlling these troublesome spots in any lawn.

We are available for every home in the area, including spots in the Seaside neighborhood that are often impacted by the saltwater that comes in the city from the ocean. We can plan an irrigation setup that entails getting water out to a lawn so the grass will be hydrated and less likely to develop dead spots or weeds.

Our lawn service experts will also help with analyzing the pH levels in your lawn to see if they are safe or if something extra needs to be handled. Our work includes help for managing landscapes that need to drain accordingly too. By correcting pH and water issues around your lawn, it will be easier for your spot to feel comfortable without worrying about the area being dry or otherwise hard to maintain. We want to see that your lawn is treated carefully and looks appealing for you to have.

We’ll come to your Redondo Beach CA home as necessary, although you can schedule bi-weekly services if needed. We will also provide you with a no-obligation estimate to see what problems might have developed at your lawn. We want to see that your lawn is treated well the first time around while keeping you from spending more than necessary. We have plans that fit in with your budget and will ensure your lawn will look appealing.

Take a look at what we’ve got to offer at Martinez Landscape for when you need to get the help you need for your lawn in the city. We are available to give you the support you demand for your lawn care requirements whether you live in the northern or the southern end of Redondo Beach CA.

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Ap Gardening Lawn Services in Redondo Beach, CA

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Redondo Beach CA is a beautiful city filled with many things for locals to enjoy. Everyone in the town loves to enjoy hanging out at the beach or along the marina. A lovely dining experience at one of the fine restaurants at the Redondo Beach Pier will add to what people will look forward to on the weekends.

However, some people in Redondo Beach CA don’t have much to look forward to during the weekends because they’re too busy thinking about their lawn care needs. The struggles with grass cutting, weed removal, edging, and landscape maintenance are things that people from Palos Verdes Boulevard to Manhattan Beach Boulevard have to bear with on the weekends.

You should not have to be chained to your lawn on weekends. You’ve got plenty of things in Redondo Beach CA worth enjoying. Let us at AP Gardening help you with your lawn care needs instead.

You can reach us at AP Gardening to get help with your lawn maintenance demands on the weekend or any other time of the week. You could even ask us to come to your spot while you’re out of the house. You could also have us come over while you’re out at the pier or the South Bay Galleria or wherever else it is you want to be. We always clean up after we are finished and can even text you with updates on what we are doing for your space. The thorough work that we put into your lawn can make a real difference.

We serve all parts of the Redondo Beach area. Whether you’re on the northern or southern end of Artesia Boulevard or 190th Street, we will come to your home to help you with maintaining your lawn and taking care of the grass cutting work. We don’t want you to have to waste a minute more with the mowing process.

We are available to care for lawns around every type of property in Redondo Beach CA as well. We can work with larger lawns in the Ocean Villa area, for instance. You can also contact us if you’ve got a commercial property and you need help with getting the lawn on that property cut right. Maybe you’ve got a spot on Harbor Drive that lots of people who head to the pier will notice every day. We’ll water, mow, weed, and edge the commercial lawn even if it’s a small space. After all, the grass outside an In-n-Out is just as important to us as the lawn at a small home in the inland area.

You deserve only the best for your Redondo Beach CA yard. Ask us at AP Gardening for help the next time you need to get your lawn in the city cared for the right way. Besides, there are many things that you might instead want to do on the weekend than be stuck trying to mow your lawn right.

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Luna Landscaping Lawn Services in Redondo Beach, CA

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The exciting thing about lawns in and around Redondo Beach CA is that they can come in many forms. You’ll find greens that have curved landscapes all around and some smaller spots in Meadows and North Redondo that don’t have much room for anything other than a strip of grass. You’ll also notice many types of lawns with grass styles from Bermuda to bluegrass to ryegrass and everything in between.

Have you considered that the needs you have for taking care of your lawn will vary based on the type of grass you have or how well your lawn is laid out? We at Luna Landscaping know all the needs your yard may have. We’ll plan a lawn cutting service based on what your lawn requires and how the grass is to be laid out. We want to ensure that your yard looks its best the first time every time.

We know that some lawns are more sensitive to the grass cutting process than others. That’s why we work with an assortment of lawn mowing materials. We can get the grass cut with a small electric mower, but we can also work with a reel mower if you’ve got a space that cannot handle the stress. We know that homes around Golden Hills and Johnston Triangle often struggle with being too dry, which is why our variety of cutting tools will come in handy.

We will also support the watering needs that your lawn has. We can aerate and loosen the soil in your home to ensure standing water won’t be a threat.

Your landscape can also be cared for through our lawn service expects at Luna. We can work on anything from the beautiful palm trees at Ruhland Avenue to the symmetrical bushes of the Torrance Riviera. We will trim the growths in your area, review how the soil is built up in those areas, and even clean out the weeds that might be annoying the other features around your landscape. The best part is that we will ensure any problems surrounding your landscape, mainly your weeds, will be less likely to develop and become more of a threat.

The beautiful services we offer are available for your home even if you’ve got a low budget. We can help you with finding a useful service for your home without worrying about how much it might cost. We’ll talk with you about the cost for your lawn to be cut beforehand, so you know what to expect out of what we have to offer for caring for your space.

See how we at Luna Landscaping can help you with cutting your lawn the right way. Our team will see that your lawn is maintained well and that any space you have is cared for accurately and without risk. We will work with a unique plan for your lawn no matter where in Redondo Beach you live in or what type of grass you might have.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Ryan Palmgrade Yard Mowing in Redondo Beach CA

I usually bring my dog to the Redondo Beach Dog Park a few times a week so he doesn’t mess up my lawn. But even when we get back, he loves to roll around my lawn for a bit. The grass is comfortable to him because I’ve gotten Yoons Landscaping to help with maintaining my lawn and ensuring it looks its best. Yoons does well with watering my grass and removing old weeds. They also help with trimming the edges around my foundation and sidewalk, so the grass looks uniform all around. Thanks to Yoons, my dog enjoys lying in the yard after going to the park and never feels a need to tear it up.

Jason Armstrong Lawn Mowing Service in Redondo Beach CA

Martinez Landscape came out to my home near Franklin Park while I was at my job in Torrance recently. The team mowed my lawn, trimmed the bushes in the front of my house, and edged the grass spots near my landscape and mailbox. They also cleaned up after they finished and before I got back home. I appreciate how Martinez Landscape does well with detail and yet manages to keep everything clean after they are finished. The team has also done well with helping me to control weeds while ensuring they don’t spread or grow back stronger than they were.

Shannon Toms Grass Cutting in Redondo Beach CA

I work for the post office here in Redondo Beach, and the work we have to put in can be exhausting, especially during the Christmas season. The last thing I want to think about is having to mow my lawn! But AP Gardening does well with taking care of that task for me. They come to my space in the El Nido area once a month. They always mow my lawn and clean up before I return home. The team has also contacted me about their weed removal services and has helped me with clearing out the clover growths I’ve had around my front door.

William Friege Lawn Mowing Service in Redondo Beach CA

My home in the Lincoln region has been dealing with lots of pressure from kids running up and down the spot while they head over to Lincoln Elementary School. I asked Luna to come to my home on Plant Avenue near the school to fix up the area. They helped me with seeding my lawn, restoring the irrigation flow, and with cutting the grass with a safe and suitable cutting pattern. Not only does my yard look better, but the kids have stopped running all around it before and after school. They know that a beautiful lawn shouldn’t be touched.

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Our team at GreenPal is available to help you with finding the best lawn care team that you can trust in the city of Redondo Beach CA. You can see details on many great lawn services through our app.

Our app will help you with finding appealing lawn care services that you are bound to appreciate. We want to assist you with finding a team that can do anything for your lawn in Redondo Beach CA. From lawn cutting to landscape maintenance and weed and pest removal, you will explore many groups through our app that will help you with resolving anything you might be struggling to control at your yard.

You can enter your address and then find details on the best lawn care teams near your space. Do you have a home on Clark Lane that has lots of weeds? List details on where on Clark Lane your house is, and you’ll get information on teams that can serve the area.

Is your home up north near Manhattan Beach Boulevard? Is your home south on Herondo Street? Whatever the case is, you can find someone who can come out to your home when you list information on where you are through the GreenPal app.

After this, you’ll get details on everything a team has to offer. You will find information on each team based on things like their profiles and the reviews customers have left in the past. Each review you look at through the GreenPal app is from a person who has reserved and paid for a service through the app, so you know you’re getting in touch with people who have used these groups before.

The best part of GreenPal is that you can find information on how much services will cost before you reserve them and pay for them through the app. Maybe you need someone to handle your landscape maintenance needs on Artesia Boulevard. Your results will give you details on how much you are expected to spend for your lawn mowing needs based on how often you need help and how large your lawn might be. You have the choice to contact one of these lawn services directly for a personalized estimate or even for a free review at your home.

Don’t forget that the groups you’ll learn about through the GreenPal app are ones that have been listed by the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and many other local business groups. These are entities that have been independently reviewed and confirmed to provide you with the help you need. Of course, the reviews you’ll find through the app will give you a clear idea of what to expect out of any of these teams for your lawn.

You can use the GreenPal app to get all the information you deserve surrounding how well a lawn care team may work for you. Check out the GreenPal app today, and you’ll find that it is not all that hard for you to find someone you can trust.

About Redondo Beach California

Redondo Beach is a city in California, United States.

Redondo Beach CA is a city on the southern end of Los Angeles County. The city is along the beaches of the south end of the Santa Monica Bay and is a popular site among weekend tourists to visit.

The Redondo Beach Municipal Pier is a favorite part of the city. The area is home to a large beach, a marina for yacht rentals, and various high-end restaurants. Veterans Park is due south and is home to a library.

The South Bay Galleria is another unique site in the city. The shopping center is home to various retailers and also houses a large museum dedicated to dinosaurs.

The Redondo Beach Unified School District has multiple schools in the area. The Redondo Union and Redondo Shores Continuation High Schools are in the city alongside two middle schools and several more elementary schools. An independent study school for athletes and students with physical concerns is also in the city and is operated by the school district.

Redondo Beach CA is directly south of Hermosa Beach and north of Palos Verdes Estates. The city of Torrance is to the east.

The Pacific Coast Highway or State Route 1 goes through the central and southern parts of the city. Hawthorne Boulevard or Route 107 goes through the northern part of the town with the San Diego Freeway or I-405 not too far from here. The north area is also home to the end of the Green Line on the Metro Rail system.

Redondo Beach has a population of about 67,000. The largest employer in the city is Northrop Grumman with about 5,600 people working here in Redondo Beach. The aerospace and defense firm has an office in the city. Other popular employers in the city include the Cheesecake Factory, Nordstrom, DHL, Target, and Macy’s.

Redondo Beach CA is on a site that was part of a 1785 Rancho San Pedro land grant from the Spanish. The Chowigna tribe was situated around the area as well. The region was sold to a salt mining company in the mid-nineteenth century. The city would be incorporated as part of Los Angeles Country in 1892.

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