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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Woodland Hills, CA as of Sep, 2019

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Deltaz Finest Lawn Services in Woodland Hills, CA

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The challenge to keep your lawn in Woodland Hills CA looking beautiful throughout the year is an extreme challenge. The intense heat of the summer and the lack of rain during the season make it challenging for people around the city to get their lawns to look beautiful. It is not always easy for people around the area to get the water that they require, what with the area being rather far off from sites where they can get water that is safe for use. Keeping your lawn maintenance plans in the area under control can be a challenge for you to handle. But the good news is that you can get your lawn in Woodland Hills serviced by us at Deltaz Finest. We are a Thousand Oaks-based group available to help people throughout the entire Woodland Hills area. We recognize that all homes around Pierce College, the Santa Monica Mountains, and other spots around Woodland Hills, are often susceptible to intense heat. That’s why we are available to provide a full irrigation plan based on how well a lawn is growing and how that space can drain. The checks that we offer will help with seeing how well your lawn is working and how comfortable the area is. Our service starts with a full inspection of your lawn. We can look at how well the lawn is growing and whether the soil is impacted and needs to be loosened up. After we check on your space, we can help you with aerating your lawn and testing how well the spot can take in water. We want to ensure that your lawn can utilize water and that it will drain accordingly. Specifically, we want to ensure that your yard will not flood when you attempt to water the space. The only thing worse than a lawn that isn’t getting enough water is a lawn that gets more water than what it can handle. We will also support your space with a full lawn mowing service. Our team will ensure that your lawn is cut to the appropriate standard based on the optimal height and for how well your yard can take in water. Our lawn mowing efforts will work with a proper pattern for your space as well. The pattern for your lawn maintenance needs will be figured out based on how well we can ensure your lawn will stay upright without the leaves bending or wearing out. Our team can help with all types of properties around Woodland Hills. In addition to serving basic home lawns, we also offer lawn services to people at apartment complexes like the Warner Villas. We also have full services available for commercial properties like the ones around the Warner Center. Talk with us at Deltaz Finest if you need assistance with keeping your lawn looking attractive. We want to give you the lawn that you deserve in Woodland Hills CA. Your yard will look great even when the conditions are hot in the summer when you contact us for assistance.

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The Boss Lawn Service Lawn Services in Woodland Hills, CA

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Anyone who has been around Woodland Hills CA knows that the area is filled with lots of rough dirt spaces. Look around Llano Drive, Sueno Road, Margarita Drive, or any of the other main roads around the city, and you’ll notice plenty of dirt patches. It’s not easy for people around the city to try and make their lawns look attractive in contrast. Some people let their surroundings spread over to their back lawns. But you don’t have to sacrifice your attempt to get a quality lawn ready. You can talk with us at The Boss Lawn Service to see how you can get the most out of your lawn in Woodland Hills. We want to provide you with the best possible service for keeping your yard looking its best. Do you have a home around Dumetz Hills that is surrounded by bare, deserted spots? You can make your property stand out when you contact us for assistance. We are available to serve people around all parts of the Woodland Hills area, including around Dumetz Hills, Poe Avenue, and all the other popular spots around the neighborhood that require assistance. Our experts at The Boss Lawn Service want to be The Boss of your lawn. We will check on how weeds are developing around your space if weeds are growing where you are, and if the grass is growing in unwanted spots around your landscape or other places around your home. We can help you with a safe approach for removing weeds that works better than just pulling them out. Our landscape maintenance plan will also help with clearing out ant hills and other spaces where unwanted insects might be found around. Another of the top lawn maintenance services we have to offer entails trimming the grass around spaces that lawnmowers regularly cannot reach. We can use our trimmers to safely clear grass growths around your foundation, mailbox, landscape, walkways, and other spots that might be hard for a mower to reach. Like with our lawn mowing process, we will also ensure that your grass is trimmed at the right height without exposing the lawn bed. We are available for all types of properties as well. You can contact us if you need help with cutting a lawn on Redwing Street or by taking care of a commercial green spot on Ventura Boulevard. Regardless of where you’re located, we will make the trip to your space in Woodland Hills so you can get the lawn maintenance services that you request at a time that fits your schedule. Talk with us at The Boss Lawn Service if you ever require help with making the most out of your lawn. We will help you with keeping the appearance of your yard in Woodland Hills CA looking attractive. Best of all, your lawn will look like an oasis when compared with the dry and dirty spots found around the region. Your home deserves only the most beautiful lawn that you can get in the city.

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Vicious Landscaping Lawn Services in Woodland Hills, CA

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People around Woodland Hills CA often focus on using native grasses and plants around their lawns and landscapes. Take a look at the lawns around Churchill Hill near the northern end of Woodland Hills to get an idea of how they work with such native items in mind. These places are green amid a bunch of brown park spaces because those lawns are cared for with materials that can persist in the harshest weather conditions. The intense heat and the dry air often make it tough for things to grow in Woodland Hills. But like with any other type of grass, a native grass or landscape will need to be cut and trimmed after a while. That’s where our services at Vicious Landscaping come in handy. We provide a full service at Vicious Landscaping where we can help you with your lawn mowing needs and your particular landscape maintenance demands. To start, we offer a thorough lawn mowing service. Our lawn care plan will help as we focus on mowing grass based on the appropriate height for your space. Our team will analyze your lawn and mow the space accordingly at a schedule that fits your needs. You can contact us to come to your space every two to four weeks as needed. We are also available for on-demand services if you have specific needs that cannot wait any further. As for our landscape maintenance plans, we will help you with naturally removing weeds without risking their seeds spreading. We can treat grub infestations and other pest-related problems. You can also ask us about our tree and bush trimming services. We’ve worked on many tree-related tasks around the area, including ones around The Met. We work our harder to keep the trees we work on looking beautiful while also ensuring the trees do not get in the way of any physical properties in a spot. The yard maintenance services we have to offer at Vicious Landscaping are very helpful for your space. You might assume that we will charge a fortune to help you get the lawn cut among other things. But you might be surprised as to what you would spend when you talk to us about our services. We will only charge you for the services that we complete. Also, you will get a free estimate for the services that you ask for before we start. Our no-obligation estimate will prove how affordable our lawn services are. You only have to pay when you tell us to start taking care of your lawn. Of course, you will find out when you do contact us for help that our services are above the rest in the area. Ask us for details on how we can help you with your lawn in Woodland Hills CA. Our team at Vicious Landscaping is here to help you make the most out of your lawn services so you can focus on everything else going on in your life while the real lawn care professionals help.

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Fieldmaxx Lawn Services in Woodland Hills, CA

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Are you looking for a lawn maintenance team that will give your Woodland Hills home the look it deserves? You’ve come to the right place. Our team at Fieldmaxx will do what it takes to keep your lawn looking green and beautiful. Our goal is to help you get your lawn to look as attractive as what you’d see around the more high-end properties in the area. The homes around Calabasas Lake look beautiful, but those are among the more expensive properties in the city. They’re also occupied by people who can afford to care for their lawns around the clock. But you don’t have to spend all that money to make your home in Woodland Hills look beautiful. You might save money if you live in the Calabasas Lake yourself. You could switch from whatever lawn care provider you have in the area to us. You will save money on your yard maintenance expenses when you talk with us for help. Your lawn will continue to have an attractive natural look that you want when you talk with us for assistance. We can care for lawns around all parts of the city. We serve large spaces along Calvert Street that have in-ground pools. We also cover the smaller spots near Capistrano Avenue. The efforts we put in for mowing grass are the same no matter what home we work on or where in the city that property is at. You can talk with us about getting the lawn cut at your space. You don’t have to stress out with trying to get your lawn cared for at a certain time of the week either. You don’t have to be on your property when we come to your space. We can come to your spot and leave you a text message when we get to your spot and another when we go. We do this to let you know that your lawn is being worked on. Best of all, you’ll find that everything around your lawn will be cleared off before you get back home. We will ensure that your lawn looks clean and ready for living and display after we are done. While we do clean up the grass clippings around your lawn after we are finished, we can also leave them in a secure spot for your private use if you prefer to have them for landscaping or lawn support needs. It doesn’t take much to schedule a time for us to come to your home either. You can call us by phone or contact us online to get a lawn care expert here at Fieldmaxx to get to your space at a time that fits your needs. See how our team at Fieldmaxx will help you with keeping your lawn looking unique and beautiful. You don’t have to be super-rich to afford our lawn care services. But if you are that rich, you can still save money when you talk with us about getting the lawn care support you demand.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

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Maria Adams Grass Cut in Woodland Hills CA
I have a lawn around the Girard Tract that has been bearing with lots of unappealing dandelions over the years. I contacted the people at Delta Finest for help with my yard maintenance needs, and they helped me with aerating my lawn and improving upon how well the space can be watered. More importantly, they provided me with a strategy for treating the weeds around my lawn. The team has done well with treating my soil and providing the right applications for keeping my lawn healthy while the dandelions are killed off. The team has done very well with killing off all those unattractive weeds.
Thomas Holden Lawn Mow in Woodland Hills CA
The Boss does very well with taking care of my lawn. The team members come by every month to help me with mowing my lawn on Alizondo Drive. They also serve me with regular trimming around my landscape. I can head to the tennis courts at the Sisters of St. Louis center and practice my shot while they work on my lawn. The team lets me know when they get to my space by texting me and then sends another message when they are done. They are very punctual and precise in everything they do for keeping my home looking beautiful.
Charles Daniels Grass Cutting in Woodland Hills CA
Vicious Landscaping was very helpful in giving me the support I needed for mowing my lawn. I don’t have much time to mow my lawn between my trips from my Forest Hills home out to Thousand Oaks for work. Vicious Landscaping comes to my home on the weekend once a month to help me with cutting my space. They measure the lawn every time and always use a proper mowing pattern to keep the grass upright. I love how my lawn looks green too, what with them ensuring that my lawn doesn’t take in more pressure than what it can handle.
Andrew Thompson Lawn Care Service in Woodland Hills CA
I asked the people at Fieldmaxx to get out to my property on Walnut Acres so that they could mow my lawn for an open house event. I needed to keep my lawn looking beautiful for all the guests that were going to come over. The team van came by about an hour after I called. The team checked my lawn, treated a weed spot, and trimmed the grass around the walkways so nothing would grow over the space. They were also very helpful in producing a good mowing pattern to ensure my lawn looked fresh. The service helped get people to be more interested in buying my home.

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lawn-maintenance-in-Woodland Hills-California-lawn-service Are you looking to find lawn care providers in Woodland Hills CA that you can trust? The good news is that several helpful providers around the area can help you with mowing grass, trimming tight spaces, removing weeds, clearing out pests, cutting bushes, and much more. You don’t have to jump from one website to another to find the best providers either. You can use the GreenPal app to help you find the experts that you can trust for your lawn. Our app will help you find the best yard maintenance teams in and around Woodland Hills. You can use the app by entering your address to see details on the nearest teams around you. Do you have a large lawn in Forest Hills? Are you in charge of caring for a commercial space around Warner Center? Let us know in the app so we can find a provider near you who will help you with the lawn care needs that you have. After that, you can reserve an appointment with one of the lawn care providers that you come across. You can get a review of what it would cost for you to utilize someone’s services through the app. You can use this data when finding lawn care bids to figure out who offers the most affordable service for your budget. The app also gives you the ability to pay for services online. You can send your money out to the appropriate provider after the team takes care of your yard and landscape maintenance task. You can always ask the service provider if you need extra help as well; the group may let you know about other charges for extra services that you might require for a home in Dumetz Hills or any other space you need help at here in the area. You can find specific price details based on where you are. The cost for services in Poe Avenue may be different from what it costs at Fountain Park, for instance. You can also rest assured that the teams listed on the GreenPal app are real entities that will provide you with the help you require. Our team includes groups that are supported by the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce among other entities around the area. Each group will provide you with the attention that you demand for keeping your lawn looking its best. You also have the option to switch between providers if needed. You can use the GreenPal app to move your lawn care contract to a different provider in your area. Don’t forget about the reviews offered on the program. You can use the review feature to find information on what other people who have used certain services have to say about what they offer. We at GreenPal want to give you the power to find a lawn care provider that fits your needs in Woodland Hills CA. Check out the program today to see how it can work for you.

About Woodland Hills California

Woodland Hills is a city in California, United States.

Woodland Hills CA is a neighborhood located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and around 15 miles east of Thousand Oaks. The neighborhood is in the San Fernando Valley and is situated near the Santa Monica Mountains. The Los Angeles Unified School District covers students in the area. There are three high schools in Woodland Hills plus two middle schools and seven elementary schools. There are also various private schools in the area, including the all-boys Crespi Carmelite Catholic High School and the all-girls Louisville Catholic High School. Pierce College is located around the northern part of the city. The community college has a botanical garden, a football stadium, and a large library. The city is home to various trails and paths that lead up to the Santa Monica Mountains. The Woodland Hills Country Club is located not far from the mountains. The Warner Center Park is around the northern end of the city and includes various play spaces for children.

Ventura Freeway or US Route 101 goes through the middle part of Woodland Hills. Topanga Canyon Boulevard or Route 27 is also in the middle part of the city with the road leading to the southern coast and the Deer Lake Highlands to the north. Woodland Hills CA is one of the largest neighborhoods in Los Angeles County with a population of about 60,000. The median age in the city is around 40 years, thus meaning that Woodland Hills has one of the oldest populations in the area. The region is noted for being one of the hottest areas in the county. Woodland Hills is known to have temperatures that can reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. A temperature of 119 degrees was recorded in the city in 2006. This is the hottest temperature to have ever been recorded in Los Angeles County. Woodland Hills CA was first settled by Europeans in the late eighteenth century. The area was home to a few Spanish missions and was eventually transferred to Americans in the mid-nineteenth century. The town was incorporated in 1922 and grew thanks to the extensive tree planting projects from Victor Girard Kleinberger.

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